A Picture Worth a Thousand Words - by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Attempts to Silence Civilization


Is it militarily possible
to disable China, India, and Russia
without a direct attack on their territory?

The answer appears to be in the affirmative,
and the event evermore likely. 

Now that the imperial system of worldwide monetarist thievery is in the final phase of its bankruptcy collapse, from which it may never rise again in a world of advancing civilization, the masters of empire appear to be rushing towards one last final all-out attempt to crush the key components of the 'threatening' advance of civilization that has the power to disable empire forever.

The world renowned American economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, has long identified the key power-components that must come together for saving civilization on this planet from the fate prepared for it by the masters of empire. He identified four nations that together have the power to overrule empire and shut down it impositions. He identified these four powers to be Russia, India, and China, standing together with the USA in a cooperative union committed to ending the scourge of monetarist thievery in the world and whatever goes with it, and to replace it with their cooperative economic redevelopment as sovereign nations in a civilized world for the common welfare of all mankind. 

Under this banner LaRouche developed the now famous "4-Powers" proposal as a bulwark against empire and for a cooperative commitment to world development.

Only Four Powers Cooperation Can Avoid Mid-East Trigger for WWIII
Thu, 12/31/2009 - 2:00pm

It is not surprising therefore, in this context, that the already far-flung economic cooperation between India, China, and Russia, is being attacked by the masters of empire who are fighting for the survival of their already dead monetarist system that no sacrifice in the world can ever bring back to life while a new renaissance is looming on the horizon. (see: The New Economics - ending thievery...)  

As has been stated many times before and in many ways, the masters of empire see their only hope in the global eradication of civilization - the one universal force of humanity that at last stands against them in their final hour. With the collapse of all aspects of imperial monetarism now fast progressing, one sees the masters' desperately plotting of an end-game evident everywhere, from terrorism to new opium wars. It becomes evident thereby that the masters hope to come out on top at the end, as the ultimate rulers of the world with the ability to enforce their thievery without opposition and in perpetuity. Consequently the stakes are high.

These are therefore truly desperate times for the masters of empire. They have everything to loose. This very fact also makes the time ahead a dangerous period for mankind, a period that requires great vigilance, because desperate men tend to resort to desperate actions that in normal times would be unthinkable. The recently greatly intensified threats for attacking Iran fall into this category. 

Officially, the once again promoted attacks, are being hyped up as a necessity in order to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, as if Iran would need such a weapon or could ever use it. However, if one looks past the smoke and mirror dance, it becomes apparent that the nuclear issue is not what the boisterous threats for attacking Iran are about. Considering the timing of the renewed threats, the evident focus is to blow up civilization as a whole, and especially so the essential four-power alignment on the Eurasian continent of Russia, China, and India. Since the numerous attempts to break these nations have so far failed, war appears to be now on the agenda.
(see: Brits and Israelis Escalate Drive for Armageddon - 04/18/2010.)

A large volume of explorations have been presented over the years, conjecturing about what the economic consequences would be for the world if an attack on Iran would be carried out, and would lead to a retaliation that would disable the flow of much of the Mid-East oil that many parts of the world depend on. 

CHAOS would likely be spelled in capital letters then, and for a long time to come. But this chaos might also be only a part of the intention, and might merely serve as a cover-up of the real intention, which has always been to disable Russia, India, and China. The new war focus appears to be to disable all three of them together, which can actually be accomplished without these nations' territories becoming physically attacked. 

This potential for this to happen is quite real in the new age of radioactive gas warfare. The use of very large quantities of uranium components in weapons of war, such as in the deep-penetrating weapons like the new bunker busters that can 'flow' through 200 feet of concrete, would leave in the wake of these weapons a gas-like wave of particles of uranium oxide that disperse into the air and are carried with the air currents over large distances. 

Under normal conditions low-level radiation is harmless. Natural uranium emits only alpha radiation by its normal decay process. Alpha radiation is considered "weak." The radiation consist of a nucleonic cluster of two protons and two neutrons resulting from natural nuclear fission. For reasons of the clusters being quite 'large,' they don't penetrate far. A heavy piece of paper can stop them, or the outer layer of a person's skin. However, when the emitting uranium particles are vaporized into particle sizes smaller than the wavelength of light, which they are by the impacting weapons, and thereby become carried in the airstreams and become a part of the air that people breathe, their alpha radiation then becomes exceedingly dangerous. When these sub-microscopic particles are carried deep into a person's body and enter there into the intimate domain of its cells, the short range of the alpha radiation is no longer a factor. In these intimate places the alpha radiation can cause immense damage, causing havoc with DNA chains to the point that when the damaged cells reproduce, they are no longer 'team' players as the would be in the natural system, but do their own thing, starting cancerous growths and a long string of biological disruptions. This has been the tragic experience of countless people in the previous wars in which uranium weapons were used.

Fortunately, in previous wars the uranium weapons included only relatively small quantities of uranium to be vaporized, such as in the tank-penetrating weapons that cut through just a few inches of steel. However, even then, their devastating effects have been felt great distances away from the theatres where the weapons had been used, thereby affecting large segments of the populations. The vaporized uranium particles that have been released in the Iraq War, for example, were detected in filters in far off England within a short period after the start of the war.

The wide-spread debilitating effect of uranium weapons on human health and birth defects has been amply explored and reported. While it is impossible to produce any smoking-gun type evidence that implicates vaporized uranium as a cause, statistics do show dramatic increases in cancers worldwide since the use of uranium weapons began, and more so in diabetes. Type-2 diabetes, for example, increased from 30 million cases worldwide to 230 million cases. Ironically, the wide reporting of these effects, proves the uranium weapon to be a potent anti-civilization weapon. Nor would a targeted nation need to be attacked directly, for the weapon to be effective. It would sufficient for an attack that the weapon is used nearby. For example, the large increase of diabetes in India, that has been reported, may well have been caused by the nearby massive uranium bombing that Afghanistan had been subjected to during the early phases of the Afghan war.

See: Depleted Uranium

Against this background, the once again hyped up proposed American attacks on Iran take on a new and ominous dimension. Iran appears to be singled out as a sacrificial staging ground for a massive uranium gas warfare attack that is intended to disable Russia, India, and China, without the the USA needing to cross into it's target's territory. 

Iran is perfectly located for such an asymmetric warfare project. The northern-hemisphere jet streams typically pass over Iran, flowing east which are also spreading their out flowing air northward. The uranium fallout could in these airstreams easily cover all of China and southern Russia, and the southern out-flowing air streams similarly covering much of India. 

While in previous wars the use of uranium has been kept relatively small. The cutting through the armor of tanks doesn't require huge amounts of uranium for this to be accomplished. But now, with the dawn of the deep penetrating weapons that can cut through 200 feet of concrete, a whole new environment begins in which the uranium use in weapons could easily be increased a hundred-fold, such as with the new "Massive Ordnance Penetrator" (the GBU57 bomb, weighing 30,000 pounds - potentially ten tones of this uranium). This huge uranium 'powered' penetrator appear to have been developed especially against targets in Iran and North Korea as convenient staging grounds for attacking the actual targets - Russia, China, and India - with the most deadly form of gas warfare ever devised, because of its long-term persistence. It is highly effective in killing people and crippling the new generations. It appears to be even effective for the destruction of mankind's food supplies. 

The reported  six-fold increase in lung cancer in the USA, (on CNN on March, 8, 2006) coincides precisely with the disappearance of bees worldwide, that didn't raise many eyebrows then, but is beginning to do so now as the dying has reached alarming proportions, in the 30-60% range per year, which the two links below indicate. Both phenomena started in 2006.

Billons Of Bee Colonies Die Worldwide

Bee Catastrophe On US Crops - Shocking Figures

The bees would be intensely affected by the uranium gas warfare as the bees primary food, the pollen of flowers is soft and sticky and thereby more likely to attract airborne uranium particles, which the bees then ingest and also feed their hive with. 

It probably does not take a large dose of radiation to disorient the bees, disrupting the homing ability. However, the services of the bees are essential for the pollination of a wide range of plants that are a key-component in our food chain. Now look at this already shocking effect resulting fro the Afghan and Iraq wars where relatively small amounts of uranium were used (2-3 million kilograms), and multiply this in your mind 100-fold as the present intention by the masters of empire appears to be.
 (See: Policy of Intention to Cause Depopulation )

North Korea appears to have been chosen as a secondary staging ground for the uranium gas warfare, because of its location close to China. When the attacks on Iran begin, corresponding attacks on North Korea cannot be ruled out. Such attacks are more likely than not, considering that several million pieces of uranium ordnance has been pre-positioned as far back as 2003, in South Korea, for exactly such an eventuality, adding up to over 60 million kg of uranium weapons sitting ready on the ground. (see: Uranium gas-war related links)

 "Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission"

While these potentially possible uranium gas-warfare scenarios for the disabling of civilization appear to be totally ridiculous in a rational world, they become increasingly likely in the irrational landscape of an empire that has ruled for centuries, but is now loosing its existence, and which has advocated the massive world-population reduction down to the 2-billion mark or less, as has been preached by it for several decades already as a means for assuring the survival empire. 

The mass-depopulation objective had been a serious frontline item on its policy agenda only as recently as the December 2009 Copenhagen Conference where depopulation had been argued as a means for averting global warming. An environment of the absolute irrational has in the course of its ruling been increasingly thrust upon the world, while society appears to be slow in reacting to it since the Copenhagen objectives were ultimately not accepted. But the intention for depopulation is still on the front burner, and the uranium gas-weapon is a perfect weapon for this sinister purpose, far worse than anything Hitler could have even imagined. And this gas-warfare weapon spreads its deadly load with the wind, without any means possible to stop it once it has been unleashed, as the wide range of the 2010 volcanic-ash distribution from an eruption in Iceland indicates.


volcanic ash cloud spanning 14–25 April 2010

In comparison with the minuscule size of the uranium gas-particles, the volcanic ash is made up of huge particles, yet it spread with the wind around almost half the planet within days, and remained suspended for many days. With Iran (blue) being in the path of the general airflow flowing east, India, China, and the main centers of Russia can become crippled from a single point and form outside of their territory. And this is scene that the push is on for with an ever-greater momentum happening now that the foundation of empire is collapsing in the now ongoing financial meltdown. The above was a natural event with minute consequences. The below is an intentional event now being prepared for, with consequences to huge to image and total, global reach. This massive depopulation intention is a part of the end game of the now dying empire that aims to save its existence by means of creating chaos and destruction around the world on a scale that goes far beyond its master's capacity to comprehend.


For as long as empire had ruled, the irrational was on the agenda, and thus will remain on the global policy agenda until empire exists no more. In like manner, for as long as the Presidency of the USA lends itself as a obedient fool to carry out the objectives of empire, immensely dangerous strategic objectives being carried out by it, cannot be ruled out. Nor can it be ruled out that the targeted nations will respond with whatever means are necessary to halt the threatened uranium bombing campaigns should they materialize, to save their existence. These responses may quickly become nuclear war, for once the war begins, time is of the essence.

Back in December 2005, when the massive stockpiling of uranium ordnance in South Korea was reported, it became rather plain that a uranium gas war was being considered, with both North Korea and Iran serving as flash points. Within weeks then, a response came through the internet that was detailing then China's newly developed DF31 mobile ICBM system that was designed with a capacity to reach the U.S. West Coast, carrying either three 90-kt warheads or one 3-mt warhead per missile. The parading of the new missile system at this time seemed to indicate a willingness on the part of China to pepper the U.S. West Coast with massive nuclear blasts, producing enough fallout that would be carried by the jet streams east to disable the entire country as a means for stopping the American gas-warfare attacks on it. 

Russia, of course, has long had sufficient nuclear missile forces available to eradicate the USA and England many times over, though it continued to modernize its fleet. Against this background it is unlikely that Russia would allow itself to be destroyed by any attacker, without a response from it to stop the attacks. 

The bottom line is that a massive attack on Iran would likely trigger a nuclear war that the USA would most certainly not survive, if indeed anyone would. Such an insane war, as empire is now pushing, would be done with in the space of a coffee break, but with consequences spanning millennia. This insane kind of war from which civilization might not return for a very long time is becoming increasingly immanent, and the more so as nothing is being done to avoid it, which should have been done eons ago.


The bottom line therefore is now, Impeachment!
this line becomes increasingly urgent as the war cries become louder.


Any leader therefore, anywhere in the world, who advocates war, is playing with genocide on a massive scale, who for this reason alone needs to be removed from office, including all those who advocate policies of genocide for the countless political purposes expressed in the depopulation ideology. The world has become too small for the leaders of war and advocates of genocide. Thus, the movement for the impeachment of the American President is moving forward. Whether this impeachment movement is moving fast enough, as fast as the drive for war is being escalated, remains yet to be seen. However, time is running out. Time to tarry is one luxury that mankind has no longer. Every hour of delay is making the consequences more severe. The need for actions in defense of civilization has become critical. The question that each one must ask therefore, is what I am doing, enough?


LaRouche's warning is:
Sat, 04/17/2010
USA & Russia: Collaboration Now



The Dynamics of Change

It is possible to change the world with the discovery of profound universal principles, or the rediscovery of these principles. The unfolding of profound ideas and revolutionary recognitions is not the end product of organic accretion as is the accumulation of corruption that resulted from a 'cultivated' loss of focus onto the substance of profound principles. This 'dying of civilization' or "the sleep of reason" and the "death of truth", as the Spanish painter Francisco Goya (1746-1828) had put it in his artwork, appears to be the result of an 'organic' accretion of errors that foster other errors in a chain-reaction of insanity that collapses civilization. 

However, Goya also seemed to have recognized that profound ideas do not really die, or universal principles become invalid though they are deemed unfashionable for a season. He saw his beloved Spain collapse into dust before his very eyes, being destroyed by the Inquisition, the brutality of Napoleon, the fascisms of Sarpi's false enlightenment, and the sword of the ever-lingering, lurking, arrogant 'nobility' of oligarchic privilege and control that was even then playing the people as children play with toys. Still, behind this dark facade, which became the subject of many a dark painting, Goya saw the beauty of the human soul and the power of profound ideas. Thus he could see a new rising of the truth and the dawn of a new era of a full-orbed humanity, and see it as a certainty when all visible signs had faded. He saw that profound ideas and universal principles are not subject to the rules of decay and accretion, because they can never really die or become invalid. The sleeper can awaken. The heart of humanity is the truth. It is here today, and here tomorrow, and ready to change the landscape when society decides to give it a voice. From it flows civilization.

an etching of Goya of the 3-part series - "Truth is dead"

She is to be buried. The funeral of the truth is presided over by the priesthood while justice bides her eyes.

"Will she rise again?"

The creatures of insanity surround her as she sleeps - the creatures of the night, the creatures called oligarchy and their servants. But the truth remains a light that invariably pierces the darkness, even while she is deemed dead, thus giving hope to the hopeless in a dying world, with the recognition that a new dawn of reason is possible.

"This is the truth"

She speaks to the farmer, the man of the physical economy, the creator of wealth, the supplier of the nourishment of the nations, the man who wields tools, who is closest to the truth and deals with its substance on a daily basis, who thus beholds in glad recognition her full-orbed promise of good that the culturally desensitized world in its folly wishes to bury.

Civilization is Truth
Truth is Civilization

This definition is scientific


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