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Ending the Art of Monetary Thievery

Waddesdon Manor
one of numerous manors, castles, and 'palaces' owned by the Rothschild family of the biggest financier empire in the world


The Rothschild family (known as The House of Rothschild, or more simply as the Rothschilds) is a European dynasty of German Jewish origin that established European banking and finance houses from the late 1700s. Five brothers of the Austrian branch of the family were given hereditary baronies of the Habsburg Empire by Emperor Francis II in 1816. The British branch of the family was elevated into the nobility by Queen Victoria. During the 19th century, the family possessed by far the largest private fortune in the world, and by far the largest fortune in modern history. Although family financial records have not been preserved, at its height in the mid-19th century, the total family worth spread across Europe would have been, in today's terms, at the lowest estimates in the many hundreds of billions ($US), if not in the trillions. (Statement by Wikipedia)

The process that powers the monumentally magnificent manor-mania, is thievery.

In a process where vast profits are squelched out, of what is called an economic system, by which nothing is produced, is a process of thievery. It is a new form of robbery where the thief no longer comes in the dead of night and climbs through the window to rob his neighbor while he is asleep. There is no need for that anymore. It is done now legally with clever schemes that enable 'profits' to be bagged as loot at the expense of society, in processes that produce nothing, which exist entirely for the purposes of stealing from one-another. 

The temples of this thievery have many faces, many of which used to be honorable institutions, but which now serve the men of the manors and the engines of financial thievery.

The wealth that builds the manors, which have become as numerous and diverse in nature as the temples of thievery, which is stolen from the living of society, is represented in the above illustration by the difference of the physical economy of society that the wealth is stolen from, and what are termed the financial aggregates, which is the immobilized wealth of society that no longer produces anything for its benefits. Obviously, in the days when the above-shown manor was built, the thievery was 'modest' so that its weight on society was relatively small, by which the burden could be born without it collapsing the entire system of thievery itself, though it came close to it in the dark ages. The historic dark ages were times when the men of the manors were reaching so deeply into society's pockets that the process of thievery collapsed society's physical production, which is the only source of any real wealth, and collapsed it to the point when nothing worked anymore, by which society itself collapsed. In the last Dark Age in Europe the collapse became so deep that a third of the entire population of Europe perished.

The above illustration was created by the American Economist Lyndon LaRouche in the mid 1990s for a presentation at the Vatican to illustrate the process that is leading to a New Dark Age in our time. He pointed out, however, that the collapse will be worse this time, because the engines of thievery have become exceedingly efficient, and far more numerous and innovative. The temples of thievery have become vast circuses in which games are played that play the whole of society with the harp strings of deception.

Games that play the people

The games are word-games that play on the people's perceptions to guide them into their assigned roles as willing fools who sacrifice their living to the various profit engines, such as the stock markets, investment houses, commodity speculation, derivatives speculation.

The New York Stock Exchange

The stock markets used to be places were people pool their resources to create productive enterprises whose earnings they would share in the form of dividends. This has long been superceded. Profits are now drawn from trading the stock certificates for ever-higher prices, leveraged up artificially in a processes by which investors steal from each other, as nothing of intrinsic value is being produced by the process of trading certificates. 

A circus game 

not people playing games
but games playing the people

The NYSE trading floor in August 2008


Entire 'industries' now exist that are serving this process of legal stealing. Nor is the game of stealing from one-another any longer dependent on the existence of physical assets to be traded. With the dawn of derivatives a player can now play with 'assets' that don't actually exist, or which anyone ever intends to own, but which can be traded via contracts in a manner as if they were real. By this innovation, playing with virtual assets, the game has be expanded without limits. The game has become a monster that is no longer just measured in trillions of dollars of instruments traded in the grand process of gambling. It is now measured in quadrillions.

vast infrastructures for the thieveries have now been built

The center of our cities have become studded with great castles of thieveries of countless descriptions, which exist for no other purpose than to garner profit. They consume not only the living of society, but also the very life of people as well, by tying up the productive capacity of the individuals of society into non-productive pursuits.

Thousands of people now enter the great glass castles every day - the great modern manors - and spent a large portion of their life there  to earn a living in a process but which nothing of any intrinsic value is produced, so that nothing ever comes out of these citadels of folly. Nothing is produced there that benefits society. 

The great engines of thievery don't benefit anyone, including the thieves themselves. Even the few services that by their nature actually benefit people, such as the services that provide healthcare, have become engines for profit, engines of thievery, to the point that fewer and fewer can afford the services.

We have now reached the point that almost nothing is real anymore. The real physical economy that supports society's living is fast disappearing. It has been largely looted out of existence, while the assumed value of money and financial aggregates is not real anymore either. Its assumed existence is held up by fakery. There was a time when it was assumed that the immensely intensified money pumping - starting with the great Bank Bailout from 2007, would keep the fictitious system afloat. However, the newly created money was not channeled into productive enterprises, new infrastructures, industries, and physical economic development. The bailout money merely strengthened the thievery. It strengthened it to the point that money-pumping is no longer sufficient to keep sky-castles of the financial aggregates afloat. Sure, exotic mathematical processes have been developed that show that the fakery is actually productive and that a recovery is in progress. But that is pure fakery. If one ignores what is actually causative in an economy, what causes the productive processes that supply society's needs, then the real economic system is collapsing that all the financial and monetary aggregates are a claim against, which are thereby also collapsing. We are now at a point where the whole house of cards is threatening to blow away with the wind, as nothing real exists anymore, leaving in its wake a New Dark Age in which far fewer will be able to survive than did in the times of the last Dark Age when a third of Europe perished in indiscernible agonies.

Lyndon LaRouche had upgraded his triple curve (example above) in recent years, the curve that represents the system of imperial monetarism. He upgraded it, to show that the acknowledged values of the financial aggregates are already collapsing, as no game of perceptual gimmickry could hide the reality any longer that the entire value system is fake, and that the whole system is bankrupt. 

It is plain to see that when the productive physical economy has been bankrupted by destruction and looting, which is the only real wealth-creating engine in economic terms, then everything that has been leveraged up onto the back of it, by massive fakery is likewise bankrupt. When the real is destroyed, then all the fakery, no matter how fancy and mathematically elegant it appears, represents nothing, as nothing of real value remains.

The fakery is impressive, but it is misleading.

Price Profit Ratio

In the above graph of stock value ratios, huge gains are indicated. However, in this presentation the collapsing physical economy has been left out of sight. Nevertheless the illustration, which represents actually perceived market values, reflects in principle the exponential rise of perceived values that we see in LaRouche's triple curve, with which LaRouche was forecasting what would inevitably happen by considering the actually causative factors in real economic terms. 

Considering that today's stock market represents less than 1/100th of the world's financial gambling arena the actual increase in the intensity of the financial thievery is correspondingly 100 times greater.

How big really is big?

Let's make a comparison with something that is comprehensible in terms of actual physical living. Let's take the lifetime earnings of the average family in the USA, in the lower 80% of the income bracket. The lifetime earning for an average worker is roughly a million dollars. Some earn less, some more. This average lifetime income thereby adds up a stack of thousand dollar bills that is roughly 4.3 inches high (.0043 inches per bill). But in the world of the big casinos the players don't talk in terms of millions anymore, they talk in terms billions of dollars. 

A billion dollar stack would by the same ratio be 4,300 inches high, or 358 feet. It wouldn't quite have reached up to the height of the first sky lobby of the World Trade Towers in New York, before the towers were 'bombed' into the ground for various forms of profiteering. Still it would have been more than a quarter as tall one of these towers, and all in 1000 dollar bills.

World Trade Center in New Your City prior to 9/11/2001

Of course, in today's world a billion dollars isn't an outstanding amount anymore either. For example the Mayer of New York City is reported to have amassed a private 'fortune' of roughly $40 billion over the course of a decade, which qualified him to become a presidential contender in 2009. The forty billion that he had so assiduously earned would be equal in size to a pile of thousand dollar notes stacked 14,320 feet high (nearly half as high as Mt. Everest) or more than ten stacks of thousand dollar bills, each one as high as the World Trade Towers had stood. 

However, $40 billion are small potatoes in the world of high-finance thievery. Too many billionaires and multi-billionaires now litter the landscape of the brave new world of bold-faced grand thievery.  And with this massive thievery come debts. In order to survive under the thievery, society goes into debt. It has to. Only a few accept the fate and roll over and die. The rest take on debt and keep on living. Even the governments themselves find themselves forced into this mode as the thievery system is collapsing their income. A collapsed economy is lean of paying taxes.

On this road huge amounts of debts have been forced onto society by its subjection to thievery, typically as a means for supporting their living. The U.S. national debt has thereby risen to $13.7 trillion (2009), or 94 % of the nation's gross domestic product. This debt is so large now that a stack of thousand dollar bills laid on its side face to face, would stretch across 950 miles to represent the size of it.

 However, this amount is still small, because it does not include the cost of the recent and still ongoing bailout packages that the U.S. government has heaped onto the backs of the taxpayers, of which the TARP program alone amounted to over $24 trillion in new debt, as reported in 2009 by the comptroller of the TARP program. Since the FED has also been handing out by its own volition over $12 trillion in 'loans' in addition to the bailouts, the total debt burden to the U.S. tax payers likely adds up to something in the neighborhood of $50 trillion, and that's a stack of thousand dollar bills almost 3,400 miles long. This stack would stretch from Los Angeles to New Your City, right across the country, coast to coast, and continue on for 500 miles out to sea on both coasts.

That this huge debt will ever be repaid by a nation that currently cannot even hold its own, is self-evident. But this estimated $50 trillion dollar debt, is still small, as it does not include the outstanding corporate debts, credit card debts, and consumer and private debts. However, all of these figures, no matter how large they might be, still pale in comparison with the global derivatives gambling casino, that has been variously estimated to be on the order of $1.5 quadrillion. This means that the stack of thousand dollar bills that is riding the dice would be over 100,000 miles long. It would stretch four times around the world. That's a lot of thousand dollar bills that the high-roller thieves are playing with, though they don't actually play with real money.

The trouble with the derivatives casino is, that it runs a game for profiteering that has no longer any physical assets attached to it. This has been set up in order that the gambling game can be made as large as the gamblers want it to be, without it being limited by anything real. However, when it comes to the winnings, that gamblers expect them to be paid out in tangible assets that can stand as an additional claim against the physical economy. That's when the troubles start. And that's, in essence, what started the big bailout rounds from 2007 onward. The gamblers who have played with huge stakes in virtual money, suddenly wanted real money for their winnings. The banks and investment houses didn't have the funds to satisfy their contract, so, the governments were obliged to step in and bail out the banks' obligations to the high-stakes gamblers.

Officially the public debt has now become so large, that the nations' living has to be sacrificed for it, forcing austerity on the population, vast cuts is social entitlements, and the elimination of all but the most minimal social safety nets, including even the elimination of health care, to the point that a few non-elected commissioners have the power under the imposed austerity regime to decide who gets medical treatment, and who is left to die. 

However, the official story doesn't add up, because no amount of cutting and sacrificing can salvage the dead and bankrupt system that the grand thievery machine has become. This means that the austerity dictates have evidently a separate objective. The objective simply is, now that the USA has been bled dry, to irradiate the USA as a nation in the manner in which an empire typically treats its arch enemy, which the USA has been to the imperial machine since it split itself off from the British Empire with the declaration of its independence.

 And that is where we stand today. With its vital productive industries nearly all shut down, its financial system overloaded with debt, its skilled workforce thrown onto the scrap heap, its energy system decimated, its farming stretched to the limit by price cutting and under-funding, the path is at last clear for the masters of empire to implement the kind of depopulation that they have always desired, the reduction of the population of the USA by 90% so that the renaissance spirit on which the USA was founded will never challenge the masters of empire again to hinder their quest for world domination.

But it may not come to that, because there is a way out. The way out of this trap is simple: to start a new economic system that actually works, that is productive and wealth creating, and is not self-collapsing. The process for getting there is simple:

To let go of the thievery system
in favor of real economics

In real terms this means, putting the entire worldwide monetarist thievery system into bankruptcy reorganization as Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized on numerous occasions. It means, dropping the debt creating by thievery, and to rebuild the world on a platform of national directed credit creation for productive purposes, and to re-regulate all banking functions to a Glass Steagall standard that limits the banking activities to those functions that serve the nation. On this platform the world can be rebuilt, as LaRouche also emphasized on numerous occasions.

With national credits becoming poured directly into productive activities, inflation is never possible, because the wealth produced in physical production gives a nation's currency ever greater value through the productive process. It thereby gives a nation ever greater wealth.

 Currency speculation for increased thievery would become a thing of the past on the road of universal wealth creation. Indeed, who would think of stealing then when the real wealth of society lies in its common good? 

LaRouche's understanding is that in a well-developed economy the physical output will eventually grow so fast that it will far supercede in value the financial inputs for creating it. This would be the natural result of the ever-greater creative power of a well developed economic system, based on the most leading edge technologies, honest science, and automated production methods powered by nuclear power.

The principle for this accomplishment is not a new one.

This principle has been at the heart of every renaissance. It ended 80 years of war with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, when it was called then "the principle of the advantage of the other." This principle at this time became the great light that gave Europe its life and its dignity back, and in the course of it had motivated the founding of the USA. This principle, which is also called the Principle of the General Welfare on which the USA nation was founded, can become the nation's heart once again and become the beacon that will draw the eyes of the entire world to it, and also its hands in cooperation. 

The LaRouche proposed 4-powers cooperative union
as a minimal platform to end the thievery system of empire
and its main driving force, the old British Empire.




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