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Universal Action

- Part 3 -

Celebrating the Inevitable Destiny of Mankind
Freedom from Empire

one empire latching onto another

Queen Elizabeth II and George Bush (2007) 
by an employee of the Executive Office of the President of the United States,


 in the 'twilight of the gods'
celebrating an era that, 
unknown to them, is already ending
doomed by the nature of empire

in the service of empire not even the 'gods' are free
and the freedom of the world is doomed with them

Who rides so late through the night dark and drear?
The father it is, with his infant so dear;
He holds his boy tightly, clasp'd in his arm,
He holds him safely, he keeps him warm.


Orphanage, School, and Mosque destroyed in Rafah, January 12, 2009

"Oh, come, thou dear infant! oh come thou with me!
For many a game I will play with thee;
In my world lovely flowers unfold,
My mother shall grace thee with garments of gold."


home foreclosures


"Wilt's go, then, dear infant, wilt 's go with me there?
My daughters shall tend thee with sisterly care
My daughters, by night on the dance floor, you'll lead,
They'll cradle and rock thee, and sing thee to sleep."



"My father, my father, dost thou not see,
How Erl King is showing his daughters to me?


Starved girl in Africa


"Oh I love thee, I'm charm'd by your beauty, dear boy!
But, lad if you aren't willing, overwhelming force I'll employ."


War in Afghanistan


"My father, my father, he seizes me fast,
Sorely, Erl King has hurt me at last."

President Obama Signs Death Care Legislation Into Law - March 23, 2010.


The father now gallops, with terror half wild,
He holds in his arms the shuddering child;

Empire's Objective - Depopulation

He reaches his farmstead with toil and dread,—
 In his arms, the child, motionless, is dead.


The Erlking  - by Albert Sterner - based on a Ballade von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  
music by Franz Schubert, his Opus 1 (D. 328)

The story and the music of the Erlking (Empire-King) was written a long time ago
in today's world it tells the story of depopulation - the relentless policy of empire

The Erlking

Click the title to play it -- or right-click to download

link to details about the poem and music
Elio Battaglia, baritone - Roberto Cognazzo, piano -   The Lieder Sound Archive


Some typical news item of the policy of force:

Wahhabi-Trained Chechen Suicide Bombers Kill 38 in Moscow Subway



- doom for empire or doom for all -

This destiny of doom is well expressed by Tchaikovsky in the last movement of his last symphony, as if he had given up all hope. This may have been the case in his life. It is said that he committed suicide soon thereafter. If this was so, it is easy to see why. He found himself boxed in by the smallness of society, with little hope for an escape. He might also have died of one of the many diseases that flourish in the background of a small society. However, when he wrote the ending to his sixth symphony, he also wrote thereby the music of the inevitable doom of the system that fosters and feeds on the smallness of society. However, by the resulting darkness and society's collapse, the doom of empire is also assured, and thereby the dawn of the freedom of mankind. 

If Tchaikovsky  had understood this connection, the higher-level dynamics that move mankind to express its underlying rich qualities and power, he would not have let his music end as he did, but would have given it a bright ending and lived with it accordingly. 

This is a lesson that mankind has yet to learn. At the present, mankind has resigned itself to the same ending that Tchaikovsky wrote the music for.

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 - 4th movement

click on the above link to play - right-click to download

more details about (C) and the music
 (C)Peabody Concert Orchestra

However, there is a new music already unfolding as the natural dynamics demand, the dynamics of mankind recognizing itself, its strength and potential, and its powers for standing tall.

Empire is doomed by its own nature, because its platform is stealing from others, rather than producing. In order to be able to do this, empire has doomed itself. It is doomed by its determination to keep mankind small, impotent, and undeveloped, to whatever degree this is possible. Towards this end it inhibits science, creates chaos wherever possible, destroys the infrastructures for living, and murders society.

In this context, and for it alone alone, the masters of empire seek the world-population to be reduced to less than two billion. By such a commitment to massive genocidal destruction, has sealed its fate. Its destiny is assured. Nothing can save it from its grave. 

But is mankind is doomed with it? Yes, it is doomed likewise to the degree to which it keeps itself locked into the environment of empire in which it surrenders the power of its profound humanity, and gives up its life. 

Still, the future of mankind is not locked to this destiny. Mankind has the power to unlatch itself from empire and let empire have its doom alone. No power in the universe forces society to spend its life-blood in trying to rescue what cannot, and should not, be rescued - and has no right to be rescued.


Unlatching from empire means Standing Tall

Harley Schlanger Interviewed on the Glass-Stegall Act!!!

Mon, 05/24/2010 - 10:50pm
The New America
built on Glass Steagal

Letting go of empire requires "The Glass Steagall Firewall" for society's self-protection

Protected by the firewall, while empire dies,
society is able to live again and stand tall on all its fronts

real economic development, 
advanced science - not deception
 nuclear power - not the dreaming of it 

unlimited galactic power, 
high-speed travel,
 manned space missions, 
developing Mars for food-production towards the coming Ice Age.

a NASA image


Standing tall means survival with prosperity, 
with a beautiful culture,
 and a focus on science for the general welfare of mankind.

Ludvig Von Beethoven knew what it means to stand tall. He has incorporated the meaning of it in the last movement of his last symphony - the choral movement of the 9th Symphony with the Ode to Joy.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 - 4th movement

click on the above, to link to a video recording of the historic performance of the choral portion,
- the ending of the last moment of Beethoven's final, culminating symphony  -
by the LaRouche Youth Movement in Germany
download MP4 file for the above

here begins the dawn of a new age - the age of humanist renewal in the form of a profound cultural revolution

O Science, God-sent message
To tired humanity,
Thou art Love's revelation
Of Truth that makes man free.
Thy kingdom, God, within us
Shows forth Love's sweet control:
Thus God's idea, man, rejoices,
Celebrating the reign of Soul.

(from a hymn)

When Beethoven composed his last symphony, with the above ending, he was totally deaf. He could not hear a note of it, except in his mind. But even in his debilitation, he was beginning to understand what a human being is, and what life is. Thus he ended his last symphony (in total contrast to Thaikovsky's ending of his last symphony) with an ode to joy. more details about the music

LaRouche commented on this this type of the essential question of human existence in a morning message (without a reference to Beethoven), instead focusing on the modern world and the meaning of our living in it as an expression of uplifting joy giving meaning to our being alive in the world.

LaRouche's comment

source link - 
OTC: PM Report Tuesday March 30, 2010


Stand Tall!

Spheres of Political Action
Freedoms and Responsibilities

#1 Individual


#2 National


#3 Universal

(British Empire)

#4 Scientific



The above four parts of this presentation are focused on:


Part 1 - The Common Aims of all Mankind

Part 2 - Dynamics of Revolution and Betrayal

Part 3 - Celebrating the Inevitable Destiny of Empire

Part 4 - A Dawn for Mankind is Unfolding - the New Song

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