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The Moonfarer's Evidence...

luunar rover, NASA, Apollo 17, autronaut Cernon
Schmitt took this picture of Cernan and their lunar rover's umbrella-shaped high-gain antenna 
near the beginning of their third and final excursion across the lunar surface. (NASA)


...evidence that will change the world

it already has


The evidence is on the ground. 

Unaware, the moonfarers stood on this evidence. The ground on the moon is rich in helium-3 (a fusion fuel that doesn't fuse well, but may yet aid us in space travel). It evidently comes from the Sun. But how did it get there? With the solar wind? But what is the solar wind? What accelerates the solar wind to several million miles per hour? These are some of the great unanswered questions - that 'consensus science' cannot answer. The key to a possible answers lies on the ground. It also appears to answer the questions of how cosmic rays originate.

Helium-3 is an atom of two protons and a neutron. Evidence suggests that it is the product of electrically powered nuclear fusion occurring at the surface of the Sun. All plasma particles carry an electric charge. Space is not empty, but is a sea of plasma. Its particles have mass. The gravitational force of the Sun attract all mass. By the immensely powerful interaction of the incoming electric plasma streams, the Sun is surface-heated. 

Plasma is basically made up of protons (positive potential) and electrons (negative potential). It would be a miracle if some of the protons and electrons would not combine in the intensely violent interaction, and form new atoms in the process. But where do the neutrons come from that are found in most atomic nuclei? 

A basic fact of nuclear physics is that there exist no free neutrons in the Universe. Outside of their atomic structure, all neutrons decay quite rapidly into protons. Since they are required to exist in an atom, 'excess' protons become transmuted into neutrons, inside the atomic structure, according to the requirements of the atomic structures. In other words, they have their beginning in the creative process of the fusion of protons, creating atoms, in which the excess decays into the required neutrons.

Thus, the helium-3 that is littering the moon, likely started out as a fusion-combination of three protons. While the transmutation of a proton to a neutron takes time, the instantly resulting strongly positive electric concentration causes the fused product to become electrostatically repelled by the Sun's large positive electric field. With the electric force being 39 orders of magnitude greater than the force of gravity, the electrically charged fusion product becomes thereby accelerated away from the Sun, counteracting the force of gravity, gaining in the process very high speeds in the order of several million miles per hour.. 

During its high-speed travel as solar wind, the fused plasma collects electrons and becomes an atom in which the excess proton (or protons) transmutes and becomes a neutron. The resulting atom thereby becomes electrically neutral and the acceleration ends. The combination of three protons thereby yields a helium-3 atom. 

Some of the manufactured helium-3 impacts on the moon where a mass of it has accumulated over time. The same process also happens with the fusion of two protons in the solar atmosphere, some of which likewise become propelled away from the Sun as solar wind and become transformed in the process into atoms, in this case, deuterium. Large amounts of deuterium have become accumulated on Earth in the oceans.

This means that the evidence that our Sun is NOT fusion-powered from within, but is electrically powered at its surface from without, is massively found on the Moon and in the oceans on Earth. Significant amounts of both helium-3 and deuterium should therefore also be present on Mercury, which is between 2 and 3 times closer to the Sun than the Earth, and is 40% larger than our moon. With a strong magnetic field for its size, Mercury is somewhat protected and retains an atmosphere, though a thin one, which happens to contain 22% hydrogen (likely deuterium) and 6% helium (likely helium-3). It would not be surprising if the hydrogen (deuterium), and the helium (helium-3) in Mercury's thin atmosphere is constantly being replenished by manufactured products from the sun flowing in the solar winds.

Is this a far fetched story?

Oh yes, it is a far-fetched story, alright? But it is a possible one, and a far better one than the "consensus theory" produces, which has no answer at all for the phenomenon of the accelerating solar winds moving contrary to the force of gravity. 

Nor does the consensus theory have an answer as to how cosmic rays are born, some of which are known to come from the Sun. 

X-rays and helium-3 appear to have the same basic origin

What then is it that accelerates the free protons to near the speed of light (which make up over 90% of the cosmic rays)?

The answer is evident, isn't it? The same fusion process at the surface of the sun that forms atoms from plasma and fuses protons together in an elementary fusion process, is also fusing clumps that are too big. When the fused clumps become too large, they fission. This happens at a point when their mutual electric repulsion exceeds the nuclear force that holds the clump (nucleus) together. The force of the electric repulsion then overpowers the binding force and the fissioning of the protons occurs, in which the rebounding energy of the breaking bond, and the electric repulsion, combine to accelerate the expelled protons to the cosmic speed limit in an intensely energetic acceleration. 

The energy source for nuclear power

In is exclusively the rebounding energy from the fissioning of an atomic nucleus that is harvested in nuclear power reactors, including in the so-called nuclear fusion reactors. In the nuclear power-reactors (fission and fusion types) a nuclear fission takes place by which neutrons are being expelled. The density of the energy flux that invested in the neutrons in these fission processes is therefore significantly lower than it would be for the expulsion of protons as in the case for cosmic rays. The energy intensity that is carried by typical cosmic-ray particles has been measured to be roughly a million times greater than that produced by the fission processes in which the electrically neutral neutrons are expelled. Nevertheless, the principle is the same. 

The evidence for this is laying on the moon.

The evidence tells us that the cosmic rays and helium-3 have their beginning in the same process.

The evidence is immensely significant for us on the Earth. 

It is telling us that we have no need for nuclear power production to generate electricity on the Earth, since the Earth is afloat in the same sea of electric energy that powers the Sun, and causes atom-building fusion there, of which a minuscule portion erupts into cosmic rays. 

Each person living on our planet is bombarded with several million cosmic ray particles every day. Some are coming from the Sun, while most of them originate in the atom-building processes that go on in every one of the 200 to 400 billion suns in our galaxy, and in the still more powerful processes that are going on at the center of our galaxy, and other galaxies, where the stars are born in the first place.

The Universe is flush with plasma-electric power

We are all touched by the combined action of the operation of the galaxy, and of universe itself, which is a Universe that is flush with electric power. The cosmic rays are messengers that tell us that we haven't seen anything yet until we start to recognize their source. 

Some day it will become more recognized that the cosmic rays also affect our climate on earth by effects of their ionization of our atmosphere, causing our cloud formation and subsequent rain, without which we would not exist. They are also known to be causing the Ice Ages. 

We are not impotent pawns tossed by forces of the Universe

The cosmic rays also give us mental power, as the children of the Universe. With these we become co-active and co-creative with all the vast dynamic processes that make up the Universe itself. No species of life stands taller than mankind stands in that. 

see: Mankind: Children of the Universe
cosmic rays and mental development

As we unfold in this role, we will find out, and possibly sooner than we may yet imagine, that we have no need of our current nuclear power reactors for electricity production. Why would we have them, in a universe that is flush with power. We will then recognize that we have far greater power resources available to us by simply taping into out galaxy's all-pervading power stream, and utilize its boundless abundance. 

That's what we didn't see when we stood on the moon in 1969, though the evidence was right under our feet. 


Obsolete! - Not needed - Too feeble

Susquehanna nuclear power station

Nuclear power
- the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, a boiling water reactor"

 Vanishing relics in future history

That's what the cosmic-ray evidence is telling us every day!
One day we will take note and switch to cosmic power.

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