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What is God
that Man is an Expression of?

The Hubble Space Telescope


God is Truth, but what is Truth?
Truth is knowable!


All that is real is Truth 

If this is so, a singular Truth is expressed in all aspects of the Universe, for the Universe evidently is real. While religions have mystified the nature of God, science has increasingly uncovered countless interlocked aspects of an underlying universal truth. Ironically, it is the science of nuclear physics that recently has made some of the most profound contributions to the discovery of the nature of God, far beyond what most of the religions have achieved so far.

Nuclear physics tells us that all that exists is the product of an immensely intelligent construct of harmonizing principles, expressed in expanding orders of creative power, without which nothing would exist, so that we would have no Universe. In the eyes of nuclear physics the universe is physical, but is not a material thing. In its recognition, taken to its smallest detail, no such thing as basic matter exists, from which a universe may be formed. Even the smallest basic particles that nuclear physics has been able to recognize, do not exist in themselves, but are scientifically recognized to be but constructs of organized, fast moving points of energy that respond to certain underlying principles. In nuclear physics these basic organizations are called quarks. Nor do the quarks exist by themselves. They are bound by a higher-order nuclear force into creative forms of organization, resulting into the basic parts that atoms are made up, such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. These basic parts (which are but organized forms of energy) are themselves subject to higher order principles of organization that are mutually harmonizing towards certain basic constructive ends. 

For example, a specific organization of quarks can produce the nuclear protons that form the atomic core, and give them a positive electric charge. Similar organizations of quarks can, by different forms of organization, produce also the atomic electrons, which thereby receive a negative electric charge. These various qualities, derived from organization, by their created nature become responsive to still higher-order principles, such as those that are expressed in the forces of electric attraction and repulsion. 

By these principles and their forces, the atoms receive their shape. In an atom, the negative electrons are electrically attracted towards the positive protons at the atom's nucleus. The attraction is powered by the controlling principles of the electric forces that cause particles with an unequal electric charge to attract each other. The electrons are thereby attracted to the atomic nucleus. However, they don't crash into it. At very close distances another electric principle enters the scene, by which the unequally charged particles suddenly repel each other. In this dynamic interplay of harmonizing principles the electrons are kept constantly in motion, by which a construct is created that is 100,000 times larger than the sum of its parts. The construct is called an atom.

All the atoms in the Universe exist not as static constructs, but as intelligently arranged dynamic organizations that reflect a large array of harmonizing principles, each of which is essential for the functioning of the whole. If a single one of these harmonizing principles did not exist, or would act contrary in nature to the whole, then not a single atom could exist, and consequently we would have no Universe.

The question of terminology

The challenge in dealing with advanced concepts is that one has to use familiar terms for defining the unfamiliar, like putting new wine into old bottles and adding new labels.

When it must be said therefore that the most basic element in the Universe, without which nothing would exist, is the Intelligence that is expressed in the vast array of harmonizing principles, which interact for a constructive purpose, what terms then should one use to describe the motivating force? Perhaps it can be said, on this basis, that the most basic power in the Universe is the force of Intelligence and Intention. God would then be defined as Intelligence and Intention. But perhaps a clearer term would apply here that combines both. The closest term then, that would apply to both, would be Mind. One might say then that the most basic power in the Universe is Mind. By the same token, one might recognize the harmonizing quality of it, as (its) Spirit. And since the outcome of every basic aspect in the Universe is meticulously constructive, one might also apply the term Love to define its nature. These then become descriptive terms for God, because if one could take away a single aspect, the Universe could not exist. Mind, Spirit, and Love, therefore combine as One, without which the cosmos would be an empty black void. 

The Apostle John had an inkling of the essential element of Love in the Universe, when he stated that without love being expressed one cannot 'see' God. (I. John 4) Ironically, mankind insists that it can exist without love. It has gone a long way in trying to live without love, only to discover that this is not possible. Society has gone on rampages of hating, and stealing, and killing, and making war, and is now in the process collapsing the very foundation for its existence on this course of trying to exist without love, thereby committing itself to the horrors of dark ages and worse. 

Inversely, whenever love for God and man became raised high in the past, in the human domain, periods of renaissance erupted that overturned their respective dark ages with unprecedented creations of beauty and prosperity. 

No, we cannot sidestep the operation of the creative, harmonizing Principle of the Universe that is Love by rejecting its essence in the human realm with the arrogance of brutal will, and not suffer the consequences for our withdrawal from the creative power of Principle that incorporates the Intention of good. Good is the final outcome of the intention of the creative force of the Universe.

It appears that is there no such a thing as a basic principle, because Principle itself is the outcome of the Intention of Intelligence, which shapes the nature of Principle. 

So, what then is God when seen in such terms?

America's most advanced scientist in the spiritual realm, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), the renowned spiritual healer, had struggled with this question for four decades after she made her initial discovery in 1866 of what she called "the divine Principle of scientific mental healing." In 1884, she defined God in the following manner (in the glossary of her textbook of the science she had discovered and was developing, which she later called Christian Science - a science focused on spiritual healing):

God: I AM. All-knowing, All-seeing, All-acting, All-loving, All-wise, and eternal. Principle. Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Substance, and Intelligence.

As she progressed, she must have recognized that there is something wrong with this definition. In 1901, in the 214th edition of her textbook, the prefix "All" no longer appeared capitalized, as the attached terms reflect an essential quality, rather than an aspect of identity. In the same context she changed the phrase "I AM" to "The great I AM" and added the term "Mind" behind "Principle." 

Then in the years following 1901, by 1910, after further revisions, the terms "Substance" and "Intelligence" no longer appeared capitalized either, so that in the end only the terms, "Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love" remained capitalized, and "The great I AM" as a qualitative title.

By presenting the terms "intelligence" and "substance" in the non-capitalized form, she defined them likewise as qualities inherent in all the other aspects in which God is manifest in the Universe. 

Since the non-capitalized group of terms match in number the capitalized group, it is interesting to put the two together side by side, with latest non-capitalized terms as headers for each group; which results in the following:

substance  intelligence
The great I AM














The end result is by far the grandest definition for God that I know to exist, a God that is a reality that is reflected in the Universe on every level, from the smallest to the greatest, including man. 

Mary Baker Eddy presents the following as if to summarize, under the topic: Ideas and identities

The infinite has no beginning. This word beginning is
employed to signify
the only, - that is, the eternal verity and
unity of God and man, including the universe. The creative
Principle - Life, Truth, and Love - is God. The universe reflects
God. There is but one creator and one creation. This creation
consists of the unfolding of spiritual ideas and their identities,
which are embraced in the infinite Mind and forever reflected.
These ideas range from the infinitesimal to infinity, and the
highest ideas are the sons and daughters of God.

Can we really see this reflected in the Universe

Nuclear physics, for example, tells us that some principles become expressed differently in different environments. In large atoms, such as in the case of the higher-order elements on the periodic table in which numerous protons must exist side by side, the principle of the repelling electric force of the equally charged protons would drive the atomic nucleus apart and thereby prevent the forming of large atoms, without which we would have no Universe. In order for the required formation to become possible, the changing environment within an atom changes the organization of the quarks in a fundamental way by which the protons are created. The principle that creates the protons responds to changes in the environment in such a manner that some of the protons within the forming nucleus loose their electric charge and become electrically neutral, which is again a necessity for an atom to exist. They become "neutron" particles thereby that prevent a nucleus from forcing itself apart. In order for this to happen, the resulting changes in the atomic environment cause deep transformations to take place at the most intimate interaction of the nuclear forces in an atomic nucleus. The resulting changes thereby enable the strong bonds to be formed that would otherwise not be possible. The end result is, that it enables amazingly large nuclei to be created, without which we would not have a Universe, much less life in it. The outcome points to a quality of intelligent intention for a creative purpose that may be termed "good" that subsumes even the expression of principles. Thus God truly is Love, Spirit, Mind, Truth, Live, Principle, and the Soul of the Universe.

While we see this happening within the environment of an atom, we also observe the same when the neutrons are forced outside of the environment of an atomic structure for which the neutrons are formed to fulfill a purpose. It has been discovered that outside of that environment where they serve a purpose, the neutrons cannot exist. They decay back into protons in such cases, as their purpose for existing as neutrons no longer exist in the external environment, where instead a need exists for them to carry an electric charge. The action of the governing principle in this case, thus becomes the direct function of an underlying organizing Intention. Principle thereby becomes synonymous with the force of Intention.

Advancing levels of intention

We can experience the force of Intention on a daily basis. When an apple falls out of our hand and hits the ground, this happens by a force that we call gravity. However nuclear physics can detect no physical reason for gravity to be exerted. No physical link seems to exist by which the Sun, for example, has a hold on its planets that determines their orbits, or which attracts the apple towards the ground. The force is known by its effect. It can be measured and be calculated, but nobody knows by what physical cause it exists. It's simply called gravity. Nobody has yet found a physical link by which masses have a hold on each other. This hold, called gravity, simply exists. Nor is there anything that is known to be possible to prevent it, or to shield the attracting masses from each other. The obvious answer then is, that it exists as purely the outcome of Intention, because the Universe would not exist without it. Therefore it exists.

The same can also be said about all the other basic forces, such as the electric and magnetic forces, and the strong nuclear forces. All these simply exist, evidently by the force of Intelligent Intention, as a means for a purpose, because the Universe would not exist without them. Their power, thus, is the power of Mind, which by the force of Intention, powers the Universe. In a very real sense the Universe exists as a construct of Intention, for no physical cause can be found for its creative forces. One might call this motivating Intention its very Soul, as no physical term applies.

We can find countless examples for the characteristic of expressions of Principle being determined by the force of Intention. All living processes are examples of it.  In non-living processes a vast array of molecules are formed by principles of atomic interaction, such as by electron sharing between closely aligned atoms with mutually attractive qualities. By these molecular formations all the metals, rocks, gases and liquids are formed that make up the stars and the planets as non-living worlds. Rocks have no life in them and are rather primitive in their composition. But in living processes a whole new horizon opens up for molecular creations with a vast array of complexities that simply have no equal in non-living processes. The principles of the Universe are suddenly given a new dimension in the living world. The living environment creates a new dimension for the principles of atomic interaction and for molecular creations, such as can be found nowhere else. 

No chemist, for example, has ever created the molecular miracle that comes to light so naturally and beautifully, and delicately, as we see it happening in the growth of a flower. 


In this case, Principle itself becomes a living thing, responding to still higher orders of Intelligent Intention that dynamically shape it.

But the creative process does not stop there. 

The higher orders of Intelligent Intention expressed in living processes

At the leading edge of the unfolding Intention of the Universe we find that the outcome of Life itself becomes intelligent, self-cognizant, self-developing, in a chain of progression that the human being represents the leading edge of, on our planet and in the solar system as a whole as far as we can determine this. At each step along the way from the non-living processes, to the living processes, and all the way up to the self-intelligent processes, forms of creation became possible that are not achievable with lower-level processes. For example, the biosphere, in its billions of years of history, has never created a space telescope, which requires a self-intelligent platform to be created.

With our intellectual capability we have created countless such marvels that have opened up a dynamic dimension in creative achievements that have never existed or been possible on this planet until a new level of Intention unfolded by which a form of life developed that became self-intelligent.

Countless arguments have been raised, suggesting that this breakout in the development of life resulted from long-term evolution. However, like in the case of gravity no physical link can be found to connect mankind to lower forms by evolution. Universal Intention, therefore remains standing as the only credible force that uplifted the face of life itself unto a higher plane, just as the face of life has previously been uplifted above the non-living world, which thereby enriched it. 

Thus we have become creators ourselves, reflecting increasingly more of the self-creative and self-intelligent nature of the Universe. And so it is in us that God becomes defined at the leading edge, at least to some degree, as a product of its Intention coming to light. 

Defining God

God is defined in our scientific perception by the outcome of its Intention that is summarily reflected in all of God's expressions throughout the Universe, including in the highest expressions of the creative processes that are reflected in mankind's leading edge achievements, such as the famous Hubble Space Telescope (top image) that enables us to see and explore what no living entity on Earth has ever seen before, or possibly never even dreamed of. We ourselves are a proof of this definition by being able to exist on this planet with a population that is 1000 times larger than what the primitive Earth would be able to support without our productive and creative power as a self-intelligent species. We literally became creators of our own world by scientific and technological means.

There is no linear path discernable between all three of the advancing stages. Each stage represents radically different types of intention, each with a different type of world unfolding around it, and each with its own purpose for which it exists. Mankind's purpose evidently is to enrich the Universe with the unique creative and productive capability that we have been able to develop, whereby our living and developing on this planet has a unique purpose. 

A simple example of the human purpose would be to enact technological processes that for example can prevent the ever-recurring ice age cycles that for the last two million years have turned our planet repeatedly into a widely frozen desert with large consequences for most living species. We now stand at the threshold of being able to change those pattern and create our own environment on Earth, with dominion over it in a qualitatively uplifting sense. 
No Ice Age Allowed - we can block it)

However, while we have these vast capabilities at our disposal, we are nevertheless bound by the principles that operate in the Universe. We cannot scrap Love as a principle that we are bound to, to reflect in all of our motives and acts. Any attempt to step away from universal principles has invariably become the doom of those who pursued this course. That is why all empires, being fascist in nature, and existing by stealing instead of creating, are doomed to collapse, and society with it, if it allows empires to exist. 

There is no point in crying then to God, to please save us, when the principles are ignored that enable us to live safely. There never existed an empire that did not collapse and take society down with it that had tied itself to it. By the same token there never existed a renaissance in the world that by its dynamism did not create a richer life for the society that had created this renaissance.

Nevertheless mankind stands not alone in the world, self-existing. The ancient notion of a mothering God has a reflection in the physical Universe.

Mankind and all life is actively nourished

The spiritual idea of the motherhood of God does have a credible physical equivalent. In science we can recognize numerous equivalent physical expressions of spiritual ideas, representing aspects of Truth. The least recognized of these is the apparently 'nourishing' phenomenon of the all-pervading high-power cosmic radiation. 

Cosmic rays are not rays in the standard sense, but are high-energy protons and electrons moving at close to the speed of light. Each person on the planet is exposed to 50,000 of them each single day. However, the cosmic ray particles pass right through us without impacting with anything in our body. And why would they? Being made up of protons, they are 100,000 times smaller than the smallest atom of our biology, which they pass right through without ever coming near to anything. And even if they did come near a nucleus, which may happen on rare occasions, the intruding particles are powerfully repelled and diverted by the action of the electric force, so that collisions simply don't happen. But, even as the cosmic-ray particles pass right through a person without impacting with anything, they do leave their mark. And this appears to have a constructive effect. 

The cosmic-ray particles are electrically charged, and whenever electrically charged particles are flowing, they create a magnetic field in their course, which produces secondary electric induction within the biology of the body. Long-term pattern of history seem to suggest that this electromagnetic type of induction is beneficial for the development of life and its complexities, including cognition.

It has been demonstrated that the intensity of cosmic radiation reaching our planet varies greatly over long periods. During major glaciation periods, for example, such as the Ice ages, cosmic radiation is known to have been at least twice as strong than it is today, and might have been even stronger. It has been noted in this context that the greatest advances in plant and animal species typically coincide with major glaciation periods when the cosmic radiation is more intense. The emergence of mankind on this planet may have been triggered by this process. The dawn of mankind happens to coincide with the deepest major ice age epoch in 'recent' geologic history, the Pleistocene Epoch. The resulting environmental changes may have activated the higher-level principles in the development of life, by which life became self-intelligent.

Observations of this type suggest that the emergence and development of mankind resulted from a process of active 'nourishing' rather than the long-believed passive responses in the flow of natural selection. Thus, the concept of the 'mothering' quality of God is well justified by observations in nuclear physics. For all we know, the 'nourishing' effect of cosmic radiation may be essential for our very existence, if not for all life on the planet. 

(see: Mankind: Children of the Universe)

This means that we are not passive creatures, isolated bystanders in the Universe, but are actively at one with the Universe itself, and with its universally powering dynamism. In other words, to put it bluntly, we cannot exist without God. And by the same token, the journey of our powered development as a leading edge phenomenon on the unfolding horizon of intelligent life has just barely begun. Evidence suggest that in terms of our future self-development we haven't seen anything yet. Nor have we seen anything yet in terms of our corresponding developing concept of God. 

Thus, whenever we are tempted to measure our potential future with yardsticks from the past, we are cheating ourselves, because in real terms we live in an unbounded universe and are a part of it, or more correctly, we are an unfolding part with it.

The environment of Mind

In expressing God we have the power to shape the environment in which we live, which in turn shapes ourselves, including the mental environment that shapes our civilization. 

Yes, we have power to affect entire nations - power to uplift them, protect them, enrich them - power to love and be loved; and to envelop one-another in Love. Even nuclear physics now recognizes (as indicated earlier) that changing environments channel the unfolding of principles to match the higher order creative dynamics that advanced environments enable. The same happens in the mental realm. Enriched cultural and spiritual environments have an enormous effect on the dynamics of civilization.

History gives us a profound example of the effects on civilization that flow from an enriched spiritual environment. The 44 years of spiritual work by America's scientific pioneer in mental healing, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), leading up to her discovery of Christian Science in 1866 and its subsequent founding as a practical impetus for healing, coincides with the only major period of peace that the world had experienced since the days of the Golden Renaissance. 

All the wars had suddenly stopped at this time and had remained stopped until a year after her death. Even the Spanish Inquisition had come to an end just a few years prior. The 44-year period of her scientific spiritual work became a profound period of healing in many parts of the world, especially in scientific spiritual processes for the healing of disease. It is also known that some of Mary Baker Eddy's scientific spiritual work was intentionally focused directly towards the healing of the world.

Was the resulting peace that had had uplifted the world at this time a coincidence? Maybe it was. Most likely, however, there was a connection by which the advanced spiritual environment had an uplifting effect on civilization. 

After her death in December 1910 the uplifted environment was no longer maintained. The movement that she had started began to collapse and society as a whole became small again with the resulting subsequent collapse of civilization. In the collapsed mental environment all the previously experience hell then broke loose once again. America itself collapsed into a deep economic depression and the world into war. The train of horrors that started to roll again in those days after her death hasn't stopped again to the present day. While there was a brief revival happening during the Franklin Roosevelt period, the collapse of civilization resumed after his death. 

In today's world the spiritual environment has collapsed so deeply that the most basic principles of civilization are no longer deemed worth anything. Thus grand theft, murder, terror, violence, lies, fraud, poverty, and inhumanity abound, which now threaten to sink the entire planet into a New Dark Age that promises to be worse than the previous one, so much so that few in today's world will likely be able to survive the outcome if the presently collapsing mental environment continues to collapse. The consequences won't be pleasant, especially now that the next Ice Age cycle is on the not so distant horizon.

The Universe is not a dictator

The Intelligence of the Universe that is reflected in all Life and in intelligent living is not a dictator. Its product is built on enabling creative principles. These principles are not unknown in our time. They have long proven their worth. But if they are scrapped in a collapsing mental environment where things of real value no longer matter to society, the collective physical experience will necessarily reflect the dynamics of the collapsing mental environment. Of course the already fast-expanding void can be reversed, should society care to do so. Indeed, how many candles would it take to bring light into a dark room? If the intention takes hold in society to reshape and uplift its now prevailing dark environment, then a new Renaissance could well be within the range of the practically achievable.

There really is no such thing as a destiny of doom, or a divine intervention to save mankind on its path that leads it to suicide. In the 'divine' environment mankind is always safe, while outside of it nothing supports its existence. This comparison includes economics. 

In a creative, productive, and spiritually rich environment, society invariably prospers and finds safety and wealth in it. Right now, the trend is in the opposite. Society's historic creative and productive pursuits are currently being shut down at an accelerating rate, while the printing presses are put into high gear to issue evermore money in an effort to cover up the resulting void, as if money was intrinsic to wealth. In this type of now advancing process of delusion, in just two single years (2009/10) more than $35 trillion in newly printed bailout money has been thrown into the trough of the money mongers to keep them from squealing, while society is increasingly starving to death on all fronts. And even this vast sum, while the presses are still running, is already deemed to be not enough so that a new round of bailouts is being rammed through the parliaments or congresses in the world to strengthen the flood of blood into the trough.

Of course, there exists no principle in the Universe that demands this insanity, and much less demands it to continue. The harmonizing principles that reflect the Intelligence of the Universe is always available as a viable option to society, to be reflected in its civilization. Once this available option becomes acknowledged, the presently destroyed currencies can simply be replaced, and the broken industries be recreated, while the production of weapons of war can be stopped. Poverty, starvation, homelessness, unemployment, crime, are all 'mentally environmental' diseases that can be healed with the simple intention to create a new renaissance environment for which the principles have been well-established with corresponding results.

The dynamics of Prayer

The dynamics of prayer therefore needs an uplift into the sphere of reality. Where ancient religions had people to grovel on bended knees before their God, with petitions for mercy on their lips, the scientific dynamics demands society to get off its knees and raise itself up, to stand tall, and to actively assert its dominion with the power that is available to it in the form of universal principles that have long proven their worth. Sure, for this to happen, the ancient perception of God needs to be uplifted. The God concept needs to be redefined with the terms that reflect the qualities that are universally reflected throughout the Universe, without which the Universe would not exist. On this course we gain a solid foundation, while the concept of prayer becomes redirected towards oneself - from it being a petition, to it becoming an affirmation of a profound reality that is already real and only needs to be implemented and experienced.

Try it out - see my web page: Morning Hymns.

Rolf Witzsche

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