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The frontier beyond 'consensus science'

Science Deception?
Nuclear-fusion power?
Profit monetarism?

Nuclear weapon test Mike (yield 10.4 Mt) on Enewetak Atoll - Operation Ivy was the first hydrogen bomb ever tested
a nuclear fusion bomb


Is nuclear-fusion power real?

No! It is a deception!
There is no such thing as nuclear-fusion power
- still, there is abundent power that causes fusion


Nuclear fusion is not a power producer, but is a power drain. However, in the process of fusing two atoms together, one of the fusing atoms fissions into smaller parts. In the process of fissioning the nuclear bond is broken that normally holds the nucleus together. The breaking up of the bond causes its energy to be rebound, resulting in a large energy flux as the built-in energy dissipates. 

So, it is not the nuclear fusion itself that produces energy, but the nuclear fission that results from it. The fissioning always produces lighter elements, not heavier ones. To create heavier atoms, huge amounts of energy must be input into the system. In a nuclear breeder reactor, for example, a significant portion of the nuclear energy that is produced, is consumed in upgrading uranium-238 into uranium-239 (plutonium). Less nuclear energy is available for actual usable output in a nuclear breeder reactor (the breeding is a process of fusion), because some of the fast neutrons are 'consumed' in the breeding process. The breeding is not an energy producer itself, but requires energy to happen. It merely activates U238 into a fissionable state (U239). 

Wherever in the Universe nuclear energy is produced, it is produced by the fission of a larger atom into smaller parts, whereby the binding energy rebounds and is carried by the fissioned products. In the hydrogen bomb, heavy hydrogen (deuterium) is fissioned into a neutron that carries free energy (14.1 MeV), and a proton that the even heavier hydrogen isotope (tritium) absorbs to become a helium atom. The absorbing of it consumes most of its rebounding energy, so that the accepting atom (now helium) gains only a small net energy increase (3.5 MeV). 

The significant thing is that it is only the fission of something larger, into something smaller, that causes atomic energy to be released as the breaking up binding-force of the fissioned nucleus rebounds and is carried away with its parts. 

The point is simple. If you want to have power back from a battery, you have to have a charged battery. The hydrogen atom is not a charged battery. It is energy-empty. One cannot fission a hydrogen atom to get power out of it. A hydrogen atom is as small as an atom can get. And since the process of fusion does not produce power (that's a basic universal principle), but 'consumes' power to create larger structures, then the entire model of a hydrogen-fusion powered sun is scientific quackery. It's a deception.

The evidence is in the cosmic rays

Cosmic rays are a side-product of powered, creative nuclear fusion. Energetic nuclear fusion is an intensely powered process that creates larger atoms in the power stream that powers a sun. The universe is not empty space, but is richly inhabited by plasma particles that carry an electric charge (negative electrons and positive protons), which are the particles that atoms are made of. When bound into atoms these particles neutralize each other's electric charge, but in an unbound state their electric fields extend over large distances. Also, the protons are 100,000 times smaller than the atoms they create, though they carry the same mass, with the electrons being a 1000 times smaller than that again. This entire mass is attracted by the sun's gravity and accelerated by it. In the process, the plasma becomes concentrated and a charge separation takes place. When the separation exceeds a threshold, electric arc discharges occur that become sufficiently violent to heat the outer atmosphere of the sun where the reaction occurs (the photosphere) to 5,800 degrees. In the process of the violent interaction of the fast moving particles, collisions do happen. The protons that normally repel each other, because of their equal electric charge, on 'contact' can become fused together when the immensely powerful nuclear force takes over that hold's together an atomic nucleus. In this manner protons can fuse into lumps. However, their combined electric potential now repels them away from the sun's generally positive electric background, becoming the solar wind. The wind becomes self-accelerated in this manner to as fast as 1000 km per second.

In the course of its flight, the wind-protons collect some electrons and become atoms. When this happens, the excess protons transmute to become neutrons according the principles that govern an atom. Deuterium is a typical end product of a fusion of two protons. Helium-3 becomes the end-product of three protons. The evidence that these types of processes are happening is found in our oceans that contain large amounts of deuterium, and on the moon where large amounts of helium-3 have accumulated. Of course, when greater numbers of protons accumulate very quickly before they become an atom, their collective repulsion becomes great enough to overcome the nuclear binding force so that the entire collection fissions apart again with the combined force of electrostatic repulsion and the rebounding of the nuclear force. The end result is a fast moving high-energy proton, a cosmic-ray particle. Over 90% of the cosmic-ray particles are fast moving protons, which are accelerated and redirected by the myriad electric and magnetic fields that pervade the galaxy.

The evidence that every sun is electrically powered from without, is found in the cosmic rays. While cosmic rays can pass through a human body without colliding with anything, they are stopped by tens of meters of concrete or rock, or thousands of feet of water. For this reason the Baikal Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope (BDUNT) is situated 3600 feet deep in Lake Baikal to prevent cosmic rays from interfering with its readings. This tells us that nuclear fusion at the 'center' of the Sun could not have produced cosmic rays since they would have been long stopped on their 400,000 mile journey to the surface. The cosmic-ray phenomenon is only possible resulting from surface-powered nuclear fusion and subsequent fission. Our galaxy's vast field of 200 to 400 billion suns produces thereby a highly 'homogenized' steady intensity cosmic ray flux.

Nor are the surfaces of the suns the only places in the Universe where high-density electric-current concentrations occur. Electric currents adhere to electromagnetic principles by which they are self-organized into 'long-wave' filamentary structures that under certain conditions become hyper-concentrated into z-pinch zones, where atom-creating fusions would likely also occur. Nebulas, contrary to consensus opinions, are evidently phenomena of this type of high concentrations of electric power, and more so is the galactic center where the creative functioning is so intense that star-creating processes are continually in progress. A vast portion of our galaxy's cosmic-ray flux evidently originates there, where the largest interactions of the electric currents in our galaxy occur. 

That these zeta-pinch zones of high current-concentrations are not imaginary, is clearly visible in the amazingly organized alignment of galaxies into long strings of regular spacing, as one would expect according to the properties of the Birkeland-Current phenomena that are actually observable in the laboratory. (see: The Capodimonte Deep Field - picture of 35,000 galaxies) 

Consensus science regards cosmic rays as remnants of the super-nova explosion of stars. The observed cosmic ray evidence however contradicts this quackery that originates in the royal institutes, for if the royally promoted perception was true, the cosmic ray flux and its intensity would consist of pulses with wildly fluctuating intensities. But this is not happening. The opposite is happening. The observed cosmic-ray evidence is amazingly steady. Their steady consistency proves that they are not the result of exceptional happenings, but result from continuously happening processes. 

In this manner the nature of the cosmic rays proves that our Sun, and every other sun in the Universe, is not 'passively' powered by a nuclear-fusion furnace at its center, but is actively powered from without by plasma-electric currents, which its gravity and electric potential continuously attracts.

Naturally, a wide variety of nuclear fusion and fission operations do happen in the high-power surface reaction zone of our Sun, as in any other sun. More than 60 elements have been recognized to exist in the surface reaction-zone of our Sun, where constructive nuclear fusion and some corresponding fission evidently happens in abundance.

Why is this significant?

It is significant, because this simple recognition of universal principle turns the fusion-sun model upside down. Our Sun cannot be a fusion furnace, for reasons that energy is only produced by fissioning heavier atoms and nuclei into lighter ones, or completely into their parts, of which the cosmic-ray phenomenon is a fringe effect. 

There is no energy gained from fusion. This perception puts the cart before the horse. It is in fact a deep deception. Our Sun is said to be a fusion furnace that burns hydrogen and in the process of it produces the heavier helium, producing energy out of nothing. That's at best, science-quackery. The principle of nuclear physics doesn't work that way. 

Nuclear energy is only derived from breaking the bond held by the nuclear binding force. Nuclear energy can therefore only be derived from fission, which is a process that gives back the energy that has been invested in the nuclear building process in the first place, for creating the larger atoms. It is elementary that one can't start the fission chain with the lightest element there is, which is hydrogen that contains only a single proton for its nucleus. No matter how much pressure the Sun's gravity then exerts on its hydrogen atoms, no energy is produced by this squeezing of an 'empty battery' that a hydrogen atom is. 

Fusion is not an energy-producing process. This is elementary. No matter how hard one squeezes an empty battery, one can't squeeze energy out of it. It can't produce what it does not have.

The political significance

The science-deception of a fusion-powered sun is highly significant in the political world. Political ideology requires a fusion-powered Sun, because if the reality of the Universe as an actively and electrically powered system should become known - powered by electric currents flowing in plasma - then the door would be half open to mankind tapping into the vast power-flows that powers its Sun with externally derived power - with electric power. The evidence for this external electric power is amply visible, almost everywhere, and has to some degree been a part of mankind's experiences that have merely been 'scientifically' mystified to hide the vast power resource that mankind has at its door to plug into. See the studies below.

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The Electric Universe

Once the recognition is made that the Universe is actively powered (not passively with a fusion-sun), it becomes evident that inexhaustible energy resources that are powering the Universe, including our Sun, are readily available for mankind, by which all the empire's control over energy resources for the strangulation of mankind, would vanish, and empire itself would vanish.

The equivalent economic deception

Yes, there is an equivalent of this inversed-model deception in economics. It is presently killing mankind. The equivalent is monetarism. Monetarism is an empty battery that one can't get any profit from no matter how much one squeezes the process. Whatever is called profit in monetarism is stolen loot, not profit.

Monetarism is equivalent to the process of squeezing an hydrogen atom, the smallest atom in the physical universe, to get energy out of it. There is nothing there (in the hydrogen) to get out, in terms of atomic energy, much less to power a sun. The Universe does not operate that way. Monetarism as a profit (energy) machine, is an axiomatic deception. There is nothing in it, that one could get out. It is economic quackery to propose that profit can be derived from money. The principle of economics does not operate that way. 

In the Universe power flows for the process of building. Yes, powered fusion happens at the surface of the sun where more than 60, of the over 90 basic elements of the periodic table, have been detected. A very effective powered-fusion is happening there in the background of the electric processes that power the sun. It is a constructive fusion. A building fusion. It is the fusion product, which is the Universe's profit. A great deal of energy is expended by it, to create it. 

In real economics, civilization is the profit that is created, and a great deal of energy is required for creating it. In the Universe, energy is used for constructive purposes, likewise in economics. The principle is the same in both cases. Hydrogen-fusion power production is science quackery. The hydrogen atom is energy-empty, an empty battery so to speak. Hydrogen fusion for energy production is not possible in the real world, and therefore it does not happen. 

By the same token is monetarist profiteering, economic quackery. In the real world, monetarist profiteering is stealing. Monetarism has never produced any real profit in the entire history of the world, but only caused destruction whenever 'profits' were stolen under its guise. Monetarism is like an empty battery. Money gains its value by the investment of humanist energies for constructive purposes, which it enables.

Both forms of quackery, monetarism and fusion-energy, are imposed by empire. An effective stepping away from empire requires the correct recognition of the reality of the Universe in both cases, physically and economically.

The political deception

The science deception of the hydrogen-fusion sun has perhaps its most devastating equivalent in the political realm where this kind of deception is essential for upholding the claim of empire, that it has power. 

Empire claims to have sovereign power over a vast realm of "dominions" that it dominates in willing subjection to an autocratic "sovereign" that is itself but the tool of an oligarchy. This claim is a deception. 

Empire has no power. Empire is an 'empty battery.' Whatever power it wields is nothing more than the willing response of society to do its bidding. Power rests in society, the only creator and producer. Empire has never been a producer or creator of anything in real economic terms in its entire history. It is not a power. Far from it. It is, and always has been, a thief. Its nature has always been recognized as that, which is exemplified by the term, "the whore of Babylon." The whore still asserts her bidding, but her promise is empty.

The fact that empire is an 'empty battery' is illustrated by its arrogant demands to be bailed out by society whenever its empty financial facade is imploding by the force of its thievery that destroys the economic power of society that it feeds on, as LaRouche's triple curve amply illustrates, which illustrates the experience of a society subjecting itself to an empty claim.

What profits human society is the power of reason, science, and technology, expressed in creativity, productivity, and the utilization of physical energy for its creative and productive processes. Without the power of reason, science, and technology being poured into the system of human civilization, nothing is ever derived from it that profits society. Empire is not an element in this equation of power, because it is totally devoid of anything that represents real human power. In fact it counteracts every element of real human power, defying reason, diminishing science, slandering technology. It seeks its power in destroying the power of mankind, hoping thereby to gain dominance over society without power. It even seeks to depopulate the planet to a large degree, claiming that this must be so, since a society that has destroyed itself at the bidding of empire, no longer has the creative and productive power to maintain its physical existence, so that depopulation is proclaimed as a solution.

In spite of all its claims, empire has no power. It is an 'empty battery' that by its nature cannot be charged, because if it was to align itself with the principles of power and thereby promote what enriches society, it would cease to be an empire.

A hydrogen-fusion powered sun is not possible, because there is no power in the smallest form of an atomic structure. Only when its nucleus is enriched by the principle of the investment of external power, can hydrogen-fusion produce a fission that gives some of this invested power back. However, by applying this principle, of the investment of external power into it, the hydrogen atom takes on a totally different form and becomes deuterium, or tritium, or helium-3. By the same token it is possible for an empire-society to enrich itself with the power of reason, science, and technology, expressed in creativity, productivity, and the utilization of physical energy for its creative and productive processes. But by doing so, it would leave its nature as empire behind in the dust-bin of history and become a constitutional republic that enriches society with the power it invests into its civilization. No other form of investment is possible in the human realm.

It is essential therefore to be precise in our recognition of how the power is derived in what is loosely termed "nuclear fusion-power," because the political equivalent has far-reaching implications.

The equivalent in metaphor

The perception of what is termed "the nuclear-fusion powered sun" is an empire-directed axiomatic deception imposed on science. It's parallel in economics is the deception that one can squeeze energy (profit) from monetarism, since what profits society is the product of its building for which energy - both physical energy and human energy - needs to be poured into the process. The fusion-powered sun, and profiting monetarism, and power in empire, are all delusions of the same kind, resulting from cleverly orchestrated, and linked, deceptions.

There actually exists a rather revealing metaphor in music and poetry that illustrates the nature and effects on individuals and society of axiomatic deceptions accepted as truth. A ballade by Germany's poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "Der Erlkönig" (the Erl King, or simply, Erlking) set to music by Germany's composer Franz Schubert, presents the nature, the effect, and the tragedy of an axiomatic deception, as a warning to beware. In the ballad the equivalents of the scientific, economic, and political deceptions are imaged in an eerie ghostly scene of mist, shadows, and rustling noises that are perceived by an unwary child crossing a dark forest as images of a scene of the Erlking reaching out to claim the life of the child, first with promises, then with force.  Listen to the music.

The Erlkönig 

click on the link to play - right-click to download

source info and poem
 Elio Battaglia, baritone - Roberto Cognazzo, piano - The Lieder Sound Archive

In the ballad, the child's self-deception built on mythical axioms kills the child out of fear. In the real world, we are the child, unwary, drawn by deadly illusions that we cling to and imagine to be real, which stem from deception in science, economics, and politics that form the consensus opinion in society. 

The fusion-sun model and its economic and political equivalent is the Erlking of today. These models have been invented, and are upheld, for the needs of empire. They speak to each one individually, whispering. "I want you to believe in me my child and give me your life. I promise you anything your hart could ever wish for, to gain your compliance. Just let go of your little humanity, my child, and join me. Your life will be so much richer - not small, useless, and impotent as it now is."

It is interesting to note the poet's choice of the term "erl" to denote the nature of the king. The term is related to the German world, erlangen and erlauben, which translated, mean: to obtain, and to allow. The poet who is sensitive to the meaning of words would have used such a metaphor in the key phrases. Otherwise he might have named the ballad, the Willow King, instead of the Erl King. Indeed, the poem speaks of the "shine of the old willows so gray." Evidently the title, Erlking, has a much deeper meaning.

The king's power is vividly described as dependent on obtaining the child's consent and its allowing itself to be dominated. The term "erl" as related to erlangen and erlauben describes the nature of the king as a beggar (an 'empty battery' that has no power in itself).

In order to at last compel the child, as the ballad nears its end, the Erl King threatens the use of "force," as we are told. The child laments that, indeed, it has been harmed by the king. However, the ballade never asserts that the king actually has the power to use force. The threat to use force is merely the final deception. In real terms the child exerts force against itself, since the Erl King existed only as a figment of its imagination.

Thus the poet gives us a mirror in which to observe our own reaction in the modern world, that still remains largely the same towards empire and its many machinations. Empire always threatens to deal with force when deceptions fail, and history would tell us that the force is all too often real, because countless millions have been murdered at the hands of empire over the millennia. However, in every case society itself has exerted this force against it, by fighting one another at the Erl King's bidding. The king doesn't wield the sword itself. It doesn't have the power or a need for it.

Deception is the deadly tool that invites society to defeat itself. It invites impotence. It invites poverty. And it invites scientific blindness, especially when it comes to its available power, even its available physical power. Our planet is afloat in a sea of physical power, electric power, the very power that powers our Sun and the Universe itself, while society is evermore bidden by its king to fight wars over oil and wreck its economies with energy starvation, always being frightened by a belief in depletion, to the point of society killing itself.

Empire imposes many such deceptions that lurk under the cloak of science. Monetarism parades itself as economics, as if stealing from one another could ever make a society rich. Austerity is another deception, parading itself as a solution to economic collapse, as if starvation could be cured by withholding food, or poverty could be cured by depopulation, and terror by fear.

It appears that Goethe was correct in his ballad, that whenever the king whispers into a child's ear, the child is invariably doomed by its latching itself onto deceptions that have become the politically correct consensus-science of the day, such as what has become public opinion about economics today, and energy systems. The doom that is tied to the deceptions won't be lifted until the false perceptions imposed by the deceiving quackery, are lifted. Of course, if deception fails, the masters of empire don't hesitate to order their victims to use force against themselves.

In the Erlking ballad the child dies. It dies in spite of the father's attempts to get the child to recognize the reality that its deceived mentality does not allow it to see. The father's attempts are shallow. The father is gripped by fear himself. Mankind is not far from this stage of universal subjection and dying, with its economies already largely wrecked, and with it now becoming pressed into energy starvation and similar blunders, while the return of the Ice Age is not too distant, in which outdoor agriculture becomes disabled by the typically massive ice-age cooling, when snows pile up in such vast amounts that the ocean levels eventually drop by 200 feet.

"Wake up my child!" says the father while the child still lives. He says this to us all. Are we willing to look at the reality that surrounds us? Are we willing to awake from the deceptions that seem as real as a dream? Will our civilization hold together long enough for us to tap into the power that powers the universe and find in it the metaphor for what powers our own humanity? When the answer becomes a resounding yes, then we speak with authority and say to empire and its monetarism, you have no power for anything.


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