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The (real) Principle of Economics

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The article presented on this page is designed to accomplish the following objectives:.
  1. to illustrate the fundamental principle of economics;
  2. to illustrate that there exists only one such principle, not two or three;
  3. to illustrate the financial aspects of this principle;
  4. to illustrate that the present world-financial and economic system is doomed beyond repair;
  5. to illustrate how the breakdown of civilization can be prevented by preempting the disintegration of the doomed world-financial and economic system.
Actually, the real goal lies beyond this. The goal is not just to illustrate a principle, but to do this in such a way that the reader comes to the conclusion, based on an understanding of this principle, that our present economic system is hopelessly doomed. Then, perhaps, the reader will be motivated to take action towards rescuing society and protecting human civilization. If this goal is not achieved, then please forgive the author of this article for having failed, for then your life is in danger, and the danger continues to be hidden from you.

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