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Our Road to World Peace


Peace is inevitable. War is not! 

Rolf Witzsche author and researcher: the power of love in civilization

Rolf Witzsche


When the nations at war have exhausted their resources, peace resumes inevitably. 

However, for peace to prevent war it needs to mean much more than merely the absence of war. It needs to unfold as an active quality of our humanity, rooted in the nature of our being. This active peace is urgent, because war becomes increasingly unendurable. Who needs a world of peace without a human voice in it?

Peace, as a powerful, active quality unfolds naturally when we begin to embrace and celebrate our humanity.

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novels about love and civilization by Rolf Witzsche

novel by Rolf Witzsche about love and nuclear war

a novel

War is NOT inevitable, Peace is!


 Brighter than the Sun
(playing with nuclear matches)

This novel has two opposite centers. One reflects the tragic domain of our nuclear armed world, and the second the domain of spiritual freedom where old axioms become discredited and fall away while love unfolds its universal face. Will the latter prevail?



Peace through scientific and spiritual development

The (real) Principle of Economics


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peace, spirituality, humanity, war, economics


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