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Truth versus Guns

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The Globalization of an Active Peace
Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - April 2006

An exploration of mankind's search for peace built on truth



 Introduction: The Globalization of Peace

To tell the truth for every lie is the key to global peace. What causes war, terror, hate, looting, poverty, and slavery is not rooted in our humanity. It is an acquired 'mask' that can be laid aside. Peace is an active principle that unfolds with mankind's universal love for one-another as human beings, manifest in our universal kiss. Peace, like a kiss, can never be  passive.

 Part 1: The Fascist Zoo

A zoo is a place for captive animals. Sometimes that concept applies also to society when a nation or a part of the world becomes fascist in nature, invaded by the disease of fascism that holds society captive. Our universal love for one-another as human beings, our universal kiss, can heal that disease called fascism. But without this kiss, the disease becomes fatal.

 Part 2: The 9/11 War For Terror in (Fascist) Perspective

The terror event of September 11, 2001, was not a human act, but an event of chronic fascism. The seekers for the 9/11 truth fail to see this perspective and tend to pin the blame the American government. Thus the nation victimizes itself and nothing is healed. The 9/11 wound can only be healed when it is seen as a coup against the nation and the world by universal fascism. The healing requires not guns against an imagined foreign enemy, but the kiss that heals the fascism within.

 Part 3: Depleted Uranium Wars, the Ultimate Crime 

The war against terror is an unseen terror that may kill us all. The waste product of the nuclear power and weapons industry that should be turned into new fuel is turned into bombs. So far the equivalent of half a million atom bombs of the stuff has been dumped into the global environment, followed by a six-fold increase in lung cancers (a million a year) in the USA in 2006. Can we survive the planned 20 to 50-fold increase? Without a profound universal kiss for our humanity our long term future looks grim, especially for future generations.

 Part 4: Don't open the Pandora's Box of Nuclear War!

Actually the box is already open. With the nukes now put on the table by America, one wonders if they would add much to the horror of the already ongoing and planned uranium bombing, and might not in fact hide the deep failure in society, the lack of its kiss, that already endangers us all.

 Part 5: Private Armies, Captive People

The principle of society's self-government "by the people for the people" is being overturned by a universal privatization to create the neo-feudalist world of private force that holds society captive. This has become a universal movement in every arena of society from finance to defence, with everything in between including science and the government. Society is being disowned. It is loosing itself freedom to determine its future. It has been robbed of its kiss.

 Part 6: The Boundary Zone

We enter the boundary zone when the insanity of society's actions put its civilization and its future existence in doubt. We have entered this zone in the sphere of economics, militarism, and the return of the Ice Age. In each one of these spheres the future of mankind is extremely precarious so that we can only escape from this zone with a profound kiss (rather than the pathetic inaction that has crippled the nations parliaments, houses of congress, and chambers of senate). 

 Part 7: The Universal Marriage of Mankind

Are we not all one people, a single humanity of human beings? By the singularity of our humanity we are more deeply married to one another little marriage that we socially consummate and sanctify. This deeper reality needs to be actively acknowledged with a universal kiss. We inhabit this world together. This is our world, the world of human beings. And it is our task together to make this world as rich and as beautiful a place as we possibly can, which we have all resources to do within the dimension of the human genius. Shouldn't that be the outcome of our universal kiss?

 Part 8: The Case for Universal Love

The case for universal love has no boundaries. It includes every aspect of civilization and ever human being, since the civilization that we have created is our life. The Earth is too primitive to support six billion people without a universal civilization, and much less so in the coming Ice Age without a universal renaissance. In a very real way, we live by the virtues of our universal kiss. 

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About the series

 "Truth versus Guns" 

presented Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The series is presented supplemental to the author's exploration in novels, of the great principles of civilization: the Principle of the General Welfare; and the Principle of Universal Love.

All evidence points to the fact that today's monumental challenges that are greater than any that mankind has ever been facing, stem not from natural catastrophes over which we have no control, such as the coming Ice Age that is inherent in the dynamics of our planet, or the depletion of certain energy resources and so forth, but stem instead from our neglect in recognizing the principles of civilization -  the Principle of the General Welfare, and the Principle of Universal Love. 

The suffering in our world is primarily a manmade tragedy that could have been avoided, but is allowed to happen and to escalate, which now threatens to shut down civilization altogether. Thus the entire travesty of tragedy is secondary to society's neglect of the principles of civilization. For example, the unfolding energy crisis is nothing more than the result of society's neglect to develop the vast energy resources of nuclear power, such as thorium power, in a timely fashion, including nuclear fusion

With the principle of civilization being rooted in the Principle of Universal Love, as the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia illustrates, and what resulted from it, one wonders why the Principle of Universal Love should be so hard to implement that it is almost universally neglected.

 I have written a series of novels - The Lodging for the Rose - to explore this weighty question. The dimension of the Principle of Universal Love may be wide, agonizing, deep reaching, and most challenging in many ways, but it imposes no impossible hurtles. Mankind has made many attempts in history to implement the principle to some degree, beginning for example with the Renaissance and later with the Treaty of Westphalia and the resulting founding of the USA as the first true nation-state republic on the planet. While these historic footsteps have often been brilliant and profound in many ways, their outcome has always been crushed again under the imperial boot. Nevertheless, the successive steps that have been taken along this line have generally been brighter than the steps before, and more certain. The long-term trend of our unfolding civilization thus opens up the potential for us today to achieve a brightness in our future that supersedes anything we have seen in the past. All we have to do is care enough to implement its principles.

About Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of 14 novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history, with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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