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the series "The Lodging for the Rose" 

The series combines twelve novels into a single story of six families interacting against the unfolding background of the great renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love. 

Novels designed for healing in politics and economics, romance, and civilization. - Free on-line, e-books, and MP3 audio books

Volume 1: 
Discovering Love

A novel of social fiction with a revolutionary freedom in loving to heal a fragile world 

Volume  2a:
The Ice Age Challenge

A novel of political fiction with a social correlative in struggling for freedom in a small-minded world.


Volume  2b:
Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

Freedom in loving is not easily won, but when it is, a new world comes to light. This is extremely challenging social fiction.

Volume  3:
Winning Without Victory

On the stage of empire, our world is dying. But when we set a new stage, on the platform of universal humanity, 'Carmen' is being resurrected in astonishing ways. 

Volume  4a: 
Seascapes and Sand

The Soviet landscape, like in the West, trapped by deadly ideologies where love is banished, is a sea of sand, though hope and grace remain.

Volume  4b: 
The Flat Earth Society

The present world, from economics to the social scene, is built on so many illusions that reality is pushed out of sight. Still we can reach for reality with astonishing results, linking living back to reality.

Volume  5a: 
Glass Barriers

The universal marriage of human beings sharing a common humanity may remain a dream for some time to come, but being real, it can be acknowledged today. 

Volume  5b: 
Coffee Sex and Biscuits

Healing history, healing the heart, healing the future - are these but dreams? Dreams can come true, but not without a fight to overcome barriers.

Volume  6a: 
Endless Horizons

In the wide landscape of universal unity we built on established foundations, which we strengthen by building on them in a wonderful process that diminishes the challenges.

Volume  6b: 
Angels of Sex in Queensland

Sex is one of the grandest achievements of the intelligence of the universe. It is a complex web of interlinked threats without which civilization would not exist, nor would we.

Volume  7: 
Sword of Aquarius

The cup-bearer pours its deadly poison onto the world, a biological warfare poison, but who aided the bearer? And by whose prayers can the tragedy be healed?

Volume  8:
Lu Mountain

Freedom means, universal freedom. No other form of it is possible. Freedom is built at the leading edge of humanity, with society gaining the mastery of its innermost riches - its love, creativity, productivity, joy, peace, and power.

the author's story behind the writing of the novels Journey into a Hidden World

Lead-in novels and video, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Flight Without Limits

A science fiction novel of a space flight without limits especially in the mental realm where no true limits exist.

Brighter than the Sun

The fictional tragedy of a 'small,' conspired nuclear holocaust to shake the world to its senses - illustrating the dimension of nuclear war.

a video poem about the novels

Fantasia in Poetry and Prose

what stands behind the novels

Story books from the novels

Rolf Witzsche Research

  My research Books

the series
  Discovering Infinity
designed for being in love with our humanity 

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Introductory volume:  
Roots in Universal History

The pilgrim on his quest seeks enlightenment, his path traverses Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, mapped out by Dante. 

Who will guide the seeker? Will it be Science?
Our roots are in universal history, but our future will be Science. 

Volume 1a:  
The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System

When the 'giant' becomes an empty shell, the inevitable happens. But the hell inside this shell can be a place for discovery.

We can find an exit from the hell of horrors, even while the light is still dim. 

Volume 1b:  
Crimes Against Humanity

When Saturn devours one of his sons he does so not with 'greed' to nourish him, but out of fear.

The giant cowers in fear, fearing the poet, and reacts in rage. 

Volume 2a:  
Science and Spiritual Healing

Does healing the soul furnish the healing the body?
Is there a God, Christ, and divine Spirit, and a divine Principle of scientific mental healing?

What had healed mankind in distant ages?
Was the medicine, Mind?

Volume 2b:
The Lord of the Rings' Metaphors

When the future determines the present with love,
we discover the heart of our humanity. Thus we discover the emptiness of the 'fire' that would destroy it.

We also discover a brighter 'fire,' a flame that glows with the light of universal love? 

Volume 3a:  
Universal Divine Science: Spiritual Pedagogicals

The Science of the Sublime 
- of Peace, Joy, Power, and Healing

Unknown to the world, Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, created a scientific monument in the form of a vast pedagogical structure for discovery and scientific and spiritual development. All of her major works come to light as but parts of this single structure.  She poured ten major constituent structures into one, single, seamless pedagogical structure. The book presents an exhaustive exploration of it.

Volume 3b:
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Divine Science

Mary Baker Eddy's book, the textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, was first published in 1875. It documents her understanding of what she termed, "the final revelation of the divine Principle of scientific mental healing." Since it is a part of her pedagogical structure, a special edition has been prepared that incorporates that linkage.

Volume 3c:
Bible Lessons in Divine Science: 1898

A collection of 26 Bible lessons is presented in this book, each fully printed, one per week to cover half a year. The biblical texts are interspersed with corresponding elements from Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The historic lessons from 1898 are uniquely edited with an extensive scientific overview that links them to Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure.

Volume 3d:
Living in the Sublime

The science of love to heal the world of fascism and society of its smallness in thinking, based on advanced concepts by Mary Baker Eddy

Volume 4:  
Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness

Is evil a power 
or a negation without power?

Is darkness substantial,
or is there substance only in light,
against which darkness cannot stand?

Volume 5:  
Scientific Government and Self-Government

Our bread comes not from the sky,
nor does it come from the Earth.
It is the product of the human mind,
drawn from the discovery and application of universal principles.

Here unfolds our infinite dimension.

Volume 6a:  
The Infinite Nature of Man

"Woman is the highest term for man."
(Mary Baker Eddy - 1884)


Volume 6b:  

Is our goal victory,
or to raise the standard of achievement?


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