The NASA Nation


By what shall America be known in future times?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



Shall America be known in future years by the name of its greatest leaders
- the land of Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy -
or will it be known as the NASA nation?

Who is the greater: The priest, the scientist, the politician, or the common man?

The priest speaks of God and gives mankind a noble name as the son of God.
The scientist discovers the principles of the God that the priest merely hints at, and thereby give substance to mankind's noble name.
The politician establishes the environment in which the priest can speak, and the scientist can discover truth.
But the greatest tribute belongs to the common man who wears the crown and becomes a creator.

And so a nation cannot be correctly known simply by its highest ideal, its greatest scientists, its ablest leaders, but will ultimately be known by its greatest achievements for the advance of all mankind, which stands tall on the shoulders of all of the above. Here, NASA stands at the forefront. It isn't just an organization funded by Congress to fulfill an assigned task. It had become the face of a nation that responded to a challenge and rose up to become engineers, scientist, explorers, educators, - discovering principles that were not known before; creating industries that didn't exist before; developing processes that weren't know to be possible before. When challenged by Russia that had put a satellite into space, the American nation committed itself to respond on a higher order and land a man on the Moon, which it never fulfilled, it landed two men on the first mission. NASA pioneered space telescopes, explorer satellites, space stations. NASA had its name on these missions, but it was the creative power of the nation, its productive commitment, its discovery of what it means to be human, that stood behind the name, which the name merely symbolized.

 President Eisenhower proposed the legislation for a national civilian space agency, Congress drafted the bill and passed it, and the President signed it, thereby creating NASA. But this was just the beginning. The real NASA was created afterwards, in school rooms, laboratories, pioneer workshops, and even in kindergardens where kids we beginning to see themselves in new dimensions. And it wasn't in vein. NASA became the most wealth-creating endeavor ever undertaken by the nation, both in terms of it economic spin-off benefits, and in the benefits derived from cultural optimism.

If one was challenged to describe the real America a few defining phrases invariably come to mind: apple pie, the automobile, the airplane, and NASA. NASA is an element of a progressive spirit; a pioneering spirit - and the common denominator is, humanity, power, and freedom. NASA is all of these. Whoever thinks that NASA can be peeled off and cast aside bit by bit, doesn't know what America is. NASA has become synonymous with the U.S. nation. What it pioneered may ultimately become synonymous with mankind itself.

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Published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, BC, Canada - 2010  Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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