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The dividing line

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Rembrandt - Susanna and the Elders




The moral line is also the 'zero' line in the scientific sense. It cuts through the center of civilization.  It is not a line of power, but a dividing line. Above the line unfolds the human dimension in an upward flow of spiritual and scientific development. Below the line we drop into depravity, the subhuman. The line itself is a fine line, and it it easily crossed, especially when universal principles seem infinitely distant from the immediate scene, too distant to matter. Mankind is vulnerable, there, at the zero-scientific stage. Caution is urgent.

Susanna finds herself surprised by two elders while preparing for a bath, demanding sex with her. But she would not comply. She held out even in the face of threats. Rebuffed the elders make the threats come true. They accuse her of adultery, which carries the death penalty. During her trial before the community she is convicted, and the elders are believed. Alas, Daniel comes to her aid. He questions each of the elders is isolation, about details they had to invent fast to make their case stick, and as expected each one told different lies, by which the elders convicted themselves and Susanna was restored her freedom. The fine line was crossed in many ways in the story. The truth was precious here. It still is.

The Susanna story appears to have helped swing the tide against the Thirty Years War as it discredited the lying stories of the war philosophers of that time. The war ended in 1648 with the Peace of Westphalia, a peace that became the foundation for modern civilization, built on the recognition of the sovereignty of individuals and nations, tall or small, mighty or weak.

The principle of Westphalia is presently challenged as never before, by the forces of empire, and once again the banner reads: In lies we trust!

The Susanna story has evidently changed the world in ways by which empires feel themselves deeply threatened, so much so that the story has been censored and removed from the Bible. The chapter Daniel 13 no longer exists, except in the Apocrypha, a collection of 'expired' biblical stories.



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