NAWAPA: Existentially Critical - Rolf A. F. Witzsche - Sept. 2010

An exploration in 3 elements

Signets of Failure,
Signets of a Renaissance,
 and Signets of Existential Danger 

Element 1: The Signet of a Failed Society

The signet of a deep error 
revealed by Lyndon H. LaRouche in 1995


The Signet of Error

Lyndon LaRouche created a triple curve illustration in the 1990s, originally as a part of his presentation at the Vatican. The illustration was designed to present graphically the state of modern society and its tragedy in a world choked with a fundamental insanity that the global society, subjected to the mysticism of economic sophistry centered on monetarism, was conditioned not to recognize. LaRouche's triple curve illustrates the result of a fundamental error by which society was actively collapsing itself. The failure is inherent in the artificial separation of the value of monetary and financial aggregates from the value of physical production by which all wealth is created. This isolation enables a neglect in the physical world while enormous profits are registered in the financial world, which profits are subsequently 'stolen' from the physical economy that is the only wealth-producing engine a society has. By supporting this processes, or allowing it, society is actively collapsing itself.

Registering profits with speculative paper isn't a process that creates wealth, but is a commitment to stealing from the wealth-producing engine. Since it is evidently impossible to create wealth for society by stealing from one another, the perceptual difference between the thereby collapsing physical values and the assumed financial values represents a factor of inflation that is draining the lifeblood out of society. Herein lies the tragedy. There exists no remedy under the sun to correct this devastating failure that is tearing society apart, except to abandon the underlying error. However, the underlying error is intentional. The looting of society is the game of empire. It always has been that, and always will be. Empire cannot exist without looting. Thus the correcting of the underlying error is prevented by the masters of empire with all means at their disposal. And so, society, unwary of its victimization, continues to fail.

Lyndon LaRouche updated his original curve several times over the years to reflect the continuing unfolding in the dynamics of this basic insanity that is ever escalating itself in an effort to avoid the collapse of that self-defeating system that empire has created and depends on.. 

LaRouche's illustrative curve always contained three elements. It shows two steeply rising curves that represent the growth of financial aggregates (investments on paper) and the monetary aggregates (new money printed to finance the paper), with the third curve showed the productive power of the physical economy that is correspondingly collapsing. 

The curve shown above is an updated version that was issued by LaRouche when the money printing (under the "wall of money" policy) exceeded the paper value it was intended to support. As the lower curve shows, the physical economy collapsed thereby even more rapidly. 

The space between the two sets of curves is the effective inflation that is a built-in element of the monetarist system that, by its very intention is designed to loot society and to allow nothing to hinder this. As the looting has grown to such huge proportions in recent years that the empire's looting machine (the fictitious financial aggregates system) is itself rapidly collapsing, LaRouche found it necessary to update his triple curve once more to represent the ongoing collapse that opened the door to the bail-out demands for rescuing the swindlers who were fast loosing their game. 

In proportion to which the masters of empire became evermore efficient in looting society, one by one all the safeguards that were historically created to protect society against the looting by empire, were legislatively repealed by the society's own representatives in its legislature. Such is the outcome of corruption not prevented from the outset, enabling the 'disease' to fester and become grand corruption. On this path of all the protective firewalls becoming removed the collapse of civilization took on a new intensity, a new dimension, a ferocity never before seen on this planet - with an intensity of the resulting tragedy that is almost impossible to fathom realistically without the aid of poetry and the power of music. (See my further study along this line)

One example of how the great depth of the modern tragedy was created, is found in the repeal of the Glass Steagall legislation of the Franklin Roosevelt era that had protected society's banking deposits for many decades, by simply preventing the banks from using the depositor's money to gamble with in the financial derivatives casino. All of this was reversed with the takedown of the simple basic protection of society's bank deposits, which the Glass Steagall legislation had enforced. Now with the protection removed the nation's bank accounts were legally converted into gambling chips played in grand casino called the financial market, and the conversion of deposits into gambling chips was applied with a huge and escalating multiplier that was built into the system the eventually leveraged the casino betting (derivatives contracts) into the range of countless quadrillions. 

Of course, since the casino is also the bank, the governments around the world, especially in the USA, have been coerced (with the 'purchase' of corrupt and brainwashed politicians) to bail out the banks who were loosing their betting games. No one should be surprised by this since the casino in this case is rigged to be highly profitable for the masters of the monetarist empire who call the tune on this show, who created the show in the first place. 

The photograph below is symbolic of the nature of our modern tragedy and society's failing. The picture shows the 'gilded' citadel of the 'empire of thieves' hiding behind the American flag, and being proud of its accomplishment in deceiving an entire nation and much of the world.

The New York Stock Exchange

The bailout tap (that pays for the casino winnings) now flows at the tune of tens of trillions, with the flow increasing at a rate that threatens to collapse civilization as a whole into a new dark age with a density of misery that 80% of the world population will not be able to survive. This is the face of a failed society, which is our modern society that is still failing.

The Failure Behind the Signet of Error

What LaRouche has documented, and has put onto the plate of mankind to consider, is merely the modern image of a failure that has been recognized to some degree throughout the history of empires. We see it reflected in Aeschylus' tragedy, Prometheus Bound, and in more recent times in the great classical tragedies of William Shakespeare and Friedrich Schiller, end even in still more modern times in the perception of these tragedies. 

LaRouche has pointed out recently that there are no heroes in these plays of classical tragedy. The plays present with naked honesty the 'dried up desert' of a failed Society. LaRouche suggested that the intention in the plays of classical tragedy is for the audience to rouse its humanity in real life and become the hero in the real world, who is missing in the play. 

In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, for example, no hero saves the day. The underlying failure was well illustrated in the 1913 stage design by Edward Gordon Craig for act one, scene two, of William Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Moscow Art Theatre. He presents a scene of a towering oligarchy, and a society as pathetic underlings. (see my further study: The Common Aims of All Mankind)

This scene too, stands a signet of error. It signifies an error that has not yet been resolved to the present day, and which is fundamental to all the errors noted above.

The scene is also fundamental to the modern political struggles that are waged to role back the grossest of these errors in order to prevent the global collapse of civilization. 

There is an escalating fight now going on, spearheaded by the LaRouche Political Action Committee under the leadership of Lyndon LaRouche (LPAC) to reverse the repeal of the Glass Steagall legislation and reinstate the original legislation in full that had once created a firewall between empire and society. (See LPAC's 80 minute historic documentary: The Takedown of Glass Steagall - issued in the fight is to restore it). 

Coupled with the fight for the restoration of Glass Steagall is LPAC's campaign to inspire society to remove the current U.S. President, Obama (as a 'purchased' agent of empire) from the nation's high office, for reasons that he actively prevents the nation from rescuing itself as is evident by his fierce opposition to the restoration of the Glass Steagall firewall. Had the restoration succeeded years earlier when LaRouche had first demanded it, it would have prevented the doom that is now unfolding, that has already cost countless millions their homes and their employment, and other means to exist. 

As far as all the key factors are concerned, America has become a failed nation by its failure to act on its behalf. This tragic state is evident by society not having yet achieved its most basic political necessity, which is to remove a 'traitor' from high office who fiercely opposes the restoration of the firewall legislation against empire that is needed as a first step towards a bankruptcy reorganization of the entire empire-oriented financial system in order to stop the bleeding of America into the bailout trough for the thieves and swindlers at the tune of tens of trillions of dollars.  Nothing can save America from its impending doom until the protector of empire who dooms America, is removed from the nation's presidency. And this action is urgent. It must occur before the dynamics of doom overpowers the nation.

The overcoming of society's failure on this count is absolutely essential for assuring the continued existence of civilization, and with it society's own existence to a large degree.

The overcoming of a failure of long standing in the political arena, against all opposition, is not an easy uphill battle as the Sept. 7 (2010) cable-TV  primary election debate between long-time incumbent Barney Frank, and the newcomer, LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown, illustrates. However, it is possible to achieve a victory over the dynamics of error with an honest commitment to basic humanist principles that are incumbent in every human heart, as the  Rachel Brown campaign also illustrates. (see the historic cable-TV debate: Rachel Brown and Barney Frank).

A dialog between different worlds

The Brown-Frank 'debate' was not really a debate in the standard sense, it couldn't have been. It was a dialog between two opposite worlds. 

Barney Frank, the long time incumbent, represented the old, failing, monetarist world - the world of thieves vs. society, in which civilization is fast collapsing under yoke of empire that he was proud to be a part of and was defending during the 'debate' including his role in its processes. He defended his actions, such as in blocking Glass Steagall, by saying in essence that defending society against the thieves is an outdated idea and is actually unjust to the thieves, and would not have solved the crisis anyway in which the nation was dragged into (with his help) to pouring its living into the bailout trough. 

Barney Frank is right, of course, in saying that erecting the firewall at the time of the collapse would not have affected the collapse (however it would have prevented the collapse had the firewall not been repealed years earlier with his aid - a repeal that he had praised at the time as a good idea, though not radical enough). On this line Barney Frank was essentially debating himself, justifying himself, praising the thieves, calling one of the country's most far-flung financial gambling casinos, a respectable institution, while at the same time urging the reduction of the Federal deficit that has grown in giant leaps with the bailout actions that he supported.

Rachel Brown, a young woman of nineteen, was representing an entirely different world. She represented the real world that lies outside the boundary of the Washington D.C. Beltway. She represented the world of people living their everyday life, struggling under the conditions of deprivation and crisis that the Barneys of the world have created, where many millions lost their jobs, their homes, their income, and increasingly their social safety nets and access to healthcare. Where Barney speaks of cutting the deficit (a euphemism for more austerity and deprivation), Rachel speaks of a new age of producing and creating the real wealth that people live by, the wealth of their own creation with new industries, advanced science as NASA represents for utilizing the moon and Mars towards advanced discoveries; and in the terrestrial world with increasing agriculture, such as with the NAWAPA project for greening the deserts and empowering the biosphere with infrastructures and with an advanced sense of mankind's relationship with the biosphere that all mankind depends on. 

Rachel was speaking of a world that Barney couldn't even imagine, as it didn't fit into the thievery world of the inside-circus, thus he found himself justified in ridiculing the New World. He referred to the NAWAPA idea as something utterly ridiculous, and brushed it aside as not even worth considering, and likewise the space-faring focus, which he laughed at and called, impossible. He said, sending little unmanned probes into space, doing things in the small, is efficient. In the beltway-world it is inconceivable that the high-technology way is the efficient way, and that mankind being a component of the high-technology world is the most efficient and 'cheapest' way in getting results.

Evidently, being weighed down with the gravity of monetarism, the honored representative of the beltway world forgot, or never knew, that America's moon landing project gave the nation a 14-fold return for its investment in the form of advanced economic and technological processes that were thereby created. That's a rate of return that the financial pirates can only dream about. And that's just for starters. It was evidently not noted inside the beltway that mankind's hands-on presence in space is vastly more powerful than that, in a direct way. For example, during the moon-landing days the Soviet Union had sent numerous automated probes to the moon for exploration and to collect samples. While many of the automated probes crashed or failed to get back to earth, six of them did return with slightly over half a pound (0.66 lb) of samples. In comparison, America's small number of manned missions that brought 12 people to the moon, brought back 2,415 itemized samples of the moon's rocks and soils that were hand picked for a wider variety, weighing in total 842 lb.. This adds up to a 1,275-fold advantage in results for the manned missions over the robotic missions, just by weight alone (see: A Wasteland a Treasure). And as for raising the cultural optimism that resulted from the moon landing missions, nothing comes close to having that effect than great manned missions demonstrating what the human being can accomplish. (see: Rocket Trip to the Moon - Saturn V)

In terms of benefits for mankind from future manned missions to Mars, the potentials are so vastly greater that they are are barely imaginable, such as utilizing Mars for example, as an advanced biological laboratory in a higher-density cosmic-ray environment, may enable the development of types of plants that are so well balanced in their nutritional content that mankind becomes freed thereby from having to eat animal protein as a critical part of the human sustenance.

When Barney Frank spoke during the 'debate' he had nothing to offer that offered the slightest hope for a richer world. In contrast, when Rachel Brown spoke, a child would be able to recognize that she was speaking of a different world, a renaissance world where the concept of 'hope' is fast becoming redundant in the light of the universal welfare of mankind. Hope there takes on a different meaning.

Hope becomes a factor in the new world that is there exclusively related to boundless discoveries. As Mars offers us an environment that is more exposed to cosmic radiation than we experience on Earth, so that a mission to Mars engenders a natural hope in this context that the unique property of cosmic ray particles may give us an open door there to a riche biosphere, considering that cosmic-ray particles may have been a key element in the development of life on Earth, especially the development of intelligent life that we human beings have become, that gave us a great intellectual and spiritual quality that we have, second to none. With Mars offering a more intense environment of this potentially vital cosmic influx, who knows how far we might yet be able to advance the productive power of the biosphere? Here hope is connected with the potential to find a way to create new types of  plants that give us all the nutrients we need to be able to bypass animal proteins in our diet, and which we can then make suitable for growing on Earth.

Many science fiction stories have been written about planets becoming tera-formed for mankind's colonization. But what would we gain by creating what we already have here? Mars offers us more. It offers us a chance to step forward, beyond what we have, and pull up the Earth with it. For this, NAWAPA and NASA might melt into one. NASA would get us there and NAWAPA would give us the focus to come out of this effort richer than we may yet dream as being possible. That's the potential that stand's behind Rachel's comment about the basic ideology of colonizing Mars. 

Barney Frank denounced this potential as not possible. Indeed, anything of this nature (other than tolerating poverty) is not possible to be even thought of in the beltway world. When President Kennedy dared to step outside the confinement of the beltway world, into the real world, and set up a stage for mankind to raise itself up off the ground to a higher level of self-perception, the masters of empire who own the beltway world, intervened, and killed President Kennedy, who with his focus onto cultural optimism had stood in the way of the empire's war-project, the Vietnam War, that was designed to start the destruction of America from within for the greater advantage of empire. Nevertheless, mankind did go to the moon, even while the war commenced. We went to the moon till the end of 1972 until the war-madness finally terminated the missions (see: Liftoff - Shutdown).

Today, with the nature of hope reduced to a hope for freedom from a desperate poverty, the failing of society to realize its human potential has reached so deep into people's thinking that a growing doubt is now being raised by many bloggers on the internet who are suggesting that mankind never actually did go to the moon. They insist that to go there is physically impossible, and that all the evidence in support that we were there, therefore, has to be fake. 

This mentality too, evidently came out of the beltway circus, or from whoever controls this circus. The real physical evidence that we were on the moon is still there on the moon, available for all who own a good telescope to take a look at (see: Proof of Ownership ). To even think that the immense scientific and technological effort and achievement to get us there on a routine basis was not real, is an insult akin to a crime against humanity. Sure, in today's monetarist mud pool, what we saw and did back in the 1960s is incomprehensible. Just take a look at it. A penny pincher (except for the bailouts) wouldn't spent a dime for any of that. Sure, in the light of modern technology those efforts were antiquated, but they were immensely impressive for what we had to work with, and are still an inspiration for this reason to the very day:

The Adventure Begins - Moon Rise

Earth Rise

Space Power - Man Power

The Eagle Descending

Stepping off - Stepping up

Reaching for the Sky (NASA) 

NASA - Space Infrastructures

When Rachel Brown 'debated' Barney Frank as a part of their respective campaigns for U.S. Congress, the two candidates were mentally not in the same world. Hence no real debate unfolded. What unfolded instead was a change in focus that the contrasting dialog thereby put before society. Herein lies an achievement that is of a historic magnitude that will shape the future. Whether Rachel Brown wins the Democratic Party nomination, or not, a new die was cast with this dialog between the two worlds. A potential has thereby been created, in this one single hour, that has delivered a public statement from the two words standing in contrast, for the new legislative effort to begin to reinstate Glass Steagall, or at least start a discussion of it in Congress, and thus to create the conditions that will inspire the relevant people in the U.S. administration to 'inspire' the president (who forceful opposed so far all efforts to reinstate Glass Steagall) to step aside and vacate the office of the President, so that the New Age may commence. How fast the shift towards the New World will develop, of course, depends on how deeply the presented glimpse into the New World will inspire society to step away from the Old World that is failing. The ultimate responsibility lies with society itself.




Element 2: The Signet of Sanity

LPAC banner illustrating the NAWAPA mission orientation 


The Signet of Sanity - NAWAPA

The LaRouche banner of the NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance) mission orientation must be seen in the context of the above described tragedy that has currently reached critical proportions as the result of destroyed industries, millions of families having been evicted from their homes in foreclosure actions, and millions more having become classified as permanently unemployed, whose employment-security benefits are now expiring in large numbers, and so forth, unfolding into a wave of social chaos that has no precedent in history, even during the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

Lyndon LaRouche has put the NAWAPA banner up as a focal point for a rescue mission on a scale that is substantial enough to match the dynamics of the unfolding crisis. The original 1960's NAWAPA plan involves the largest infrastructure project ever imagined, to divert rivers from Alaska and Northern Canada over the hump of the high elevation Nevada Great Basin into the low elevation deserts in the south, to green the desserts there as far as Mexico. LaRouche said nothing less than a project on this scale will suffice, with a mission so big that it inspires a renewed cultural optimism in society, and which is physically so big that it can absorb the millions of unemployed who have been written off by the oligarchic system and have been put on the scrap heap, whose families are increasingly subjected to catastrophic tragedies. 

The U.S. President, Obama, has recently offered a 50 billion "crumb from the master's table" to fix potholes in the nation's roads etc, and even that, as vastly insufficient as it is, is only slated to commence in 18 months time while the crisis is raging in the present and is fast exploding.

The 1960s NAWAPA plan has the potential to meet two of the critical requirements. The plan is inspiring and it is immensely big. LaRouche states that a plan on this scale is so essential that without it civilization might not survive. He sees it as an existential issue. He also acknowledges that the plan as it was developed in the 1960s is "not practical." The above banner suggests that the infusion of technology can provide the potential that can make the underlying NAWAPA mission practical.

One of the chief factors however, that makes the 1960s NAWAPA plan insufficient, is illustrated in LaRouche's "Dual Curve" (a companion set of curves that Lyndon LaRouche had published earlier in conjunction with his triple curve presentation). In this presentation, of what might be termed "Economics in the Noosphere" the curve representing the physical productive output of society is steeply rising, trailed by financial credits that a society extends to itself for its self-development. 


Here the focus is totally on physical production for the welfare of society to meet all of its needs. The curve is rising steeply, because the more productive a society becomes, and the more efficient it becomes in its productive processes, the stronger becomes its productive power and its wealth in living. This factor, of producing rapid benefits to increase the productive power of society, is missing in the 1960s-developed version of a NAWAPA plan that would take 30-50 years to implement before the direct benefits from this development effort can be realized. This underlying inhibiting factor of a potentially 50 year cycle before the labor for this effort bears fruit, makes the 1960s plan unsuitable for large-scale economic development, especially when the critical need is to pull society out of a deep economic breakdown crisis in the fastest and most effective manner possible. Thus, Lyndon LaRouche promotes primarily the NAWAPA "mission orientation" as an essential answer to a critical crisis, leaving it up to society to fill in the blanks in terms of accomplishing the mission in the wisest, most expedient, high-technology fashion.

Obviously, a project that bears results with a productive density that corresponds with the dual-curve function, cannot be based in the mud-pool of monetarist thievery that has become the general world financial system. It can only be accomplished on the basis of a sovereign national credit system with fixed exchange rates between nations. 

The fixed exchange-rate international system, organized by Franklin Delanor Roosevelt near the end of WWII, is the Glass-Steagall equivalent on the international scene, by design. It was that until 1971, when traitors from the house of empire wrecked it, and the world with it. Today, all the currencies of the world are in effect gambling chips that are traded for profit on the currency 'commodity' markets. Their values thus are no longer set by the nations, but by the pirates that toy with them and claim from their piracy immense profits for themselves that are leached out of the living of the targeted societies. Under those circumstances nothing can be built, while the world sinks deeper into poverty and impotence. 

LaRouche pointed out for several decades already, numerously repeated, that nothing less can rescue the nation (and the world) from its status of a failing society than a return to the credit-society principle as pioneered in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and later by U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton (see: The Historic 'American System' of Economy). Mr. LaRouche reiterated this point most strongly, as strongly as anyone can, in his his recent paper "Money or Credit? - Aug. 26, 2010".

A leader is not a dictator

Unlike as in the fascist world, where leader are dictators, in a human world a leader is a pioneer who presents society with critical choices for protecting and advancing its civilization. In this context a leader does not spare society the task to act responsibly and efficiently to maximize its wealth in living, and to protect its civilization, and beyond that to build towards the future for the benefit of future generations. 

In all classical literature of tragedy this one critical factor is glaringly missing, which demands society to act responsibly for its general welfare. Herein lies the root of the tragedy. The classical tragedy defines a failing society that has not a single hero standing on the scene to inspire society to rescue itself from its self-conditioned doom. None of the heroes in the great tragedies are sufficiently qualified to be heroes, and this is likely due to the fact that society was not looking for any true leadership at this time (and rarely is today).

The situation was different during the days of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt. At the time of his presidential election campaign society was in the dumps. The incumbent offered it a "chicken in every pot" while Roosevelt simply offered a whole new world, build on sound economic principles: the credit society principle, and the advanced technology principle. At the time Roosevelt made the offer, society responded with an overwhelming support. He spoke of the principle of the general welfare, a language that everyone wanted to hear, and society rallied around him.

Today's case is more complicated. For more than half a century the Noosphere has been gradually disassembled by the masters of empire, and had its vital components thrown into the trash can. The general welfare principle has become discarded in favor of the "my money" orientation, and the leader who presents the critical choices today has been slandered repeated into political impotence. Thus society faces a double hurtle.

LaRouche responds in a remarkable manner to this crisis. He provides the mission orientation and says to society in essence: YOU must do this. This is your responsibility. No one can take this responsibility from you. 

His first defined mission orientation for society is to remove a U.S. President who has become a 'traitor' against the vital interest of the nation by virtue of his acting as a stooge for empire. With a 'traitor' in the high office, LaRouche recognizes that a rescue of the nation is not possible. LaRouche does not spell out in detail how the vacating of the office of the President is to be done, whether by impeachment, legal action, or persuasion to resign. He only states that the result needs to be attained if the nation is to have a chance to survive. With this said, he places the job  into the court of society's responsibility where it belongs, entrusting the details for getting it done to the 'craftsmen' for the task, those who have the means to accomplish what must be done.

LaRouche's second mission orientation for society is to accomplish the restoration of the Glass Steagall legislation as a protection of society against speculative looting, coupled with a bankruptcy reorganization of the entire banking system and the reclamation of the bailout floods of money, including the nationalization of the Federal Reserve system into a Third National Bank, in order to enable the nation to once again create its own development credits for its self-development, rather than having to go begging. Here too, he leaves the steps towards the end in the courts of society, especially in hands of those who have the means to do what is required to be done.

His third mission orientation for society is to implement the NAWAPA objectives in terms of the great infrastructure projects that are needed on a scale that can absorb the millions of unemployed, and is of a quality that inspires the nation with a new optimism, such as greening the deserts, which is at the same time so powerfully productive in real physical output that it jumpstarts the nations' economy for a recovery that will inspire the world. Here too, he places the footsteps for getting there into the court of society's own responsibility. 

The only detailed demand that he makes on behalf of the nation, on all three counts, is that that the task be accomplished by October before the crisis becomes so explosive, militarily, politically, and socially, that a recovery of the nation might no longer be possible. He states that by October the replacement of the President, the restoration of Glass Steagall, etc. has to have been accomplished, and a NAWAPA project been put in place to get the first spate into the ground before the nation falls into great danger. He warns of a potentially great danger if the protection of society is not accomplished soon, a danger that is far greater than any in the nation's entire history, greater than 9/11 and its aftermath, which is potentially on a magnitude that society might not recover from for generations in the future.



Element 3: The Signet of a Great Danger

In March the world was still relatively sane and clean and free
of wars, mass killing, terror, torture, brutality, looting, destruction,
and light on unemployment, homelessness, desperation, evictions, etc....


The "Guns of August" - a warning

When the masters of empire see their house of cards shaking, their response is traditionally the unleashing or war, violence, terror, and the creation of chaos on as wide a scale as possible. Those conditions prevailed in 2001, when early in the year, LaRouche warned of "the Guns of August." The world has not recovered from the earthquake when the two towers were brought down that ushered in the age of fear, terrorizing the nations, and started the dawn of a new fascism that brought upon mankind a flood of war and utter inhumanity that is still expanding. It took two hours on that tragic day to change the world. While the tragedy was unfolding LaRouche was a guest on a radio talk show and suggested while the event was happening that the tragedy was an inside job as no foreign power has the means to circumvent the nation's air defenses that ranked among the best in the world.

In comparison with today's fast-moving economic collapse, the world had been in a state of paradise in early 2001. Tens of trillions of dollars have recently been poured into the bailout trough to rescue the collapsing world monetarist system, but to no avail. The tremors are getting stronger. Nor was this collapse unexpected, really. In the typical empire fashion, a new flood of chaos is evidently in the preparation stage, considering the growing chorus that is now rising against the nations and the people of Islam. A strong anti-Islam phobia has been whipped up around the world, in conjunction with also an anti-Jewish phobia that is brewing in the background, intermixed with cries for the bombing of Iran and North Korea, and even for the expulsion of the Islamic people altogether from some countries in Europe, stirred up by organized hate groups operating there. 

Interethnic hatred is a perfectly explosive soup that can be detonated at will whenever the masters of empire so desire, or feel themselves urged to do, in order to restage the world to their advantage. And once the fuse is lit, the chances for restoring sanity are infinitely smaller than they are today. This defines the tragedy on the horizon. Unfortunately, there are countless slaves in the hands of the masters of empire, who for a few jingles in their pocket, or by being 'inspired' to defend religion, or being under pressure, threat, or terror, can be trusted to do almost anything, as for example the insane pastor of a church who aims to burn a stack of the holy Koran on September 11 as an act of revenge for 9/11 or whatever, not that Islam had anything to do with 9/11.

LaRouche doesn't predict what specific dangers society is rushing into by not protecting itself by means of shutting empire down in bankruptcy. This is a question for society to answer, for itself, including the detailed footsteps. LaRouche suggests that October is always a critical inflection point as it follows the quarterly accounting cycles both for the governments and empire alike. When the bottom-line numbers don't add up, desperate measures by desperate people become increasingly likely, and the numbers won't look good this time as the system is fast coming down.

Nor is the situation looking any better for the victims in society who lost their houses, their jobs, their businesses, with no place to turn. Desperate situations typically engender desperate acts with unpredictable consequences, especially when the flames are stoked by the agents of empire for the creating of chaos. Such was the tragedy that had led to the Russian Revolution, especially the Bolshevik Revolution that was financed by the masters of empire, which was subsequently betrayed by different stooges of empire and turned into blood bath in which roughly twenty million people perished and the country was torn apart from the inside out, and was nearly destroyed thereby (See my study: Dynamics of Revolution and Betrayal).

It takes great wisdom and empathy in society to defend itself against the dark and hidden machinations of empire and its madness. The general welfare principle is one of the cornerstones in society's defense. Nothing can bring back sanity into a collapsing civilization as rapidly and easily as a powerful economic development with a real and highly visible commitment to the principle of the general welfare encompassing the entire nation and the whole of the world. The general welfare principle has to become society's rallying point against all odds.

And the odds on this count are stacked against society, because here another factor enters the scene that appears to be deeply linked to the development in society of the general welfare focus. It is also a factor that most people would rather not talk or even think about. The factor however is widely prevalent and has been incorporated into nearly all regions of the world. It is also a factor that is coincident with low economic development and with a high degree of violence wherever it is prevalent. 

This is an old factor that may have its roots in Early Egypt going back more than 4,500 years. Evidence suggested that sexual circumcision had been imposed onto the slave population at the time, possibly in order to prevent the male/female bonding and the resulting care for one another with a general welfare focus that is dangerous to any empire. 

In the animal world sex appears to be strictly for procreation, while in the human world it is an element that is more extensively intertwined with the bonding process that is essential for a highly developed society to exist, that depends increasingly on cooperative enterprises for all its needs. In order to develop a culture of 'better' slaves, the breaking down of the sexual bonding process appears to have been chosen as one of the early methods of empire to exercise social control. The circumcision may have bee adapted for this reason, and had then been copied by other empires, including religious empires old and new. In later years the circumcision may have been politically promoted, especially within the religions that are doctrinally inclined towards it. 

The circumcision has become huge over time, and presently inflicts roughly 750 million men worldwide, with the USA being the latest newcomer (in the 20th Century) to the club of the circumcised, with a 100 million victims estimated (see detailed numbers).

A person who had chosen the circumcision later in life described the result of it, as living in a world without color. Numerous psychological illnesses have been attributed by modern researchers to the circumcision, too many to list here, which all have a generally detrimental effect on the general welfare sense in society, and so on, as appears to have been originally intended. (See more on the subject)

The point here is that the quality in society no longer exists that did exist during the days when Franklin Delanor Roosevelt stood for election as president. He interacted with a society that naturally rallied around the general welfare principle. This appears to be no longer the case. The underlying point is important, because by the American society recognizing its deep victimization (up to. 70%) it would be able to consciously counteract some of the effects in terms of the general welfare sense and respond with empathy towards one another, and thus diffuse the now unfolding extremely dangerous anti-Islam and anti-Jewish phobia that is stirred up in modern times and is directed against many a nation, and against entire regions of the world. 

There lies a certain irony in seeing three equally victimized (circumcised) cultures (Islam, American, and Jewish) facing each other off in the Middle East with great violence and threats. The healing of this situation is not in the courts of the politicians, but in the courts of society, which of course is also the ultimate victim by intention. 

It takes a conscious stepping up to a higher platform of humanity, coupled with extensive cooperative economic development, that promotes the higher platform of humanity that is able to diffuse this particular powder keg that can blow up the whole world, and which threatens to do this if the situation remains unhealed. It certainly puts a great deal of weight behind the urgency to get all the lesser problems cleared out of the way (impeaching a president, restoring Glass Steagall, restoring fixed exchange rates, and enacting an economic recovery both to meet the physical need, but primarily as a driver to achieve a new sense of humanity that is located far above the merely biologically driven sense perception). 

The biological sense enslavement, and also the amputation of its natural function as a means to open the door to imperial slavery, are both historic gates to hell. Imperial slavery in its most subtle form that engenders its self-enslavement to unnatural ideals is a silent form of terrorism of the worst sort that is historically intertwined with the Dark Age collapses that the masters of empire excel in creating. This is what the present world is facing below the precipice it now stands at, that is promising a more intensely-devastating tragedy. If you want to see what the terrorism of utter hopelessness looks like for a society without the inner resources to pull itself out of the train to hell that it is riding, you may wish to consider the LPAC feature video: The New Dark Age

The terrorism of Vote Fraud

According to the widely-evident on-the-ground response by the population interviewed on election day, Rachel Brown had the overwhelming vote, but the official result was in the opposite. Election fraud is an effective tool used by the system of fraud to prevent a failing society from rescuing itself. This is how traitors become presidents and the nation is gradually destroyed from within, while the citizens find themselves by this fraud unable to do anything about it. This is terrorism against the soul of a nation. 

But why would one be surprised? The citadel that the monetarist system is centered on, is fraud. Why would one expect that this citadel won't spread and gobble up the nation's institutions? The citadel has spread. Indeed, why would one expect a deeply victimized society, as the American society has become, to be able to counter this terrorism as the society had its general-welfare sense amputated, and itself, thereby, turned into better slaves for monetarism?

This kind of hidden terrorism that has become exceedingly effective in the recent decade, which can only be countered with society building itself a higher platform of humanity that stands on the spiritual foundation of truth that exists far above the mud-pool of lies that the citadel built on fraud stands on. The tragedy here is not a tragedy of technicalities, but a tragedy of a society living as impotent underlings. The NAWAPA orientation is an example of what a society looks like that no longer lives with its dead bowed, but stands tall on its profound human potential, in an air of freedom.

LaRouche commented on the election results. "The Boston Vault intervened to make sure Rachel Brown's vote was suppressed. It's not Barney's doing, this is over Barney's head. He is now officially used up. His usefulness is finished, Rachel Brown and her campaign has really destroyed his political career.

Rachel Brown is now a figure of national influence. It's not a question of a head-to-head fight with Barney Frank. Barney is just a tool of the Vault, and it's they who have to be destroyed. This is the fight for Glass-Steagall. They are weak. They can still pull dirty little tricks like vote fraud, but they can't rig the financial system to keep it together. This thing is falling down around their heads, and we're the only ones left standing.

Rachel Brown and her campaign did exactly the right thing, she forced them out in the open, and made them play all their cards, as you saw with the debate. Now is the time to keep up the intensity, and realize how much has been accomplished with what has been done."


In Summation

Ultimately there is only one option available to society, which is to exist as a renaissance society - the normal state of humanity. On any lesser platform of attainment, society renders itself a failed society - a society that has failed itself in living up to the human potential. A failed society is, by it very failure, invariably, in great danger. 

If the NAWAPA mission orientation, as a crash program for raising the status of society and its self-perception as human beings, fails to aim in its implementation all the known renaissance principles that define a normal, caring, cooperative, creative, and productive society that is staged on the principle of the general welfare and the power of scientific and technological progress, then the NAWAPA orientation too, would be failing and the resulting outcome would be of little value or none at all. 

By putting the NAWAPA orientation onto the plate of society, Lyndon LaRouche raised a tall challenge for society to ennoble itself in the pursuit of this mission. The power of its orientation is not located in the thing that is to be built, or in its objective, nor in the magnitude of the task, but is located primarily in the development of the humanity of society and its creative scientific and technological power as human beings as it uplifts itself and the world around it. It is by this development alone, that the success of any human endeavor becomes defined.

If the NAWAPA orientation becomes defined in its implementation processes as a renaissance project in the highest sense possible, then the human society all over the world is set on a path towards the brightest future imaginable, on the tallest platform it can create for itself - a truly human platform. Then, and only then, will its future be secure. Failing that, the current trek towards a New Dark Age will by the nature of its dynamics continue until the lights go out in the world, and civilization sinks to very low levels where only a few would find the resources to survive. This contrast that now lays before us, makes the LaRouche-inspired NAWAPA mission-orientation towards a new renaissance the most critical existential issue of today for all mankind.


Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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