Christ and Christmas
an illustrated poem by Mary Baker Eddy

Verse 6 - 

For heaven's Christus, earthly Eves, 
By Adam bid, 
Make merriment on Christmas eves, 
O'er babe and crib.



Christmas Eve (part 2)

Make merriment on Christmas eves, 
O'er babe and crib.


Thy kingdom is come; 
Thou art ever-present.

from the Lord's Prayer


The above scene is a part of a larger scene that has two verses associated with it, which suggests that an inhered connection exists between the two elements that the scenes pertain to.

In respect of the Christian Science textbook, the scene is split between the chapter, Animal Magnetism Unmasked (for part 1) and  Science, Theology, and Medicine (for part 2). Part 2 is correspondingly divided into three parts, split between Science and Medicine, with Theology standing in between the two in the form of the old man with his back turned to us, addressing the masses.

The scene of Science incorporates a sexual element. The old woman in the rocking chair as general perception would render the application of science to exploring the spiritual nature of existence, or divine Science. Here the (impossible) old woman is seen cane in hand, but her hand on the cane is position at the exact spot where the boy's genitals are located. In the entire scene the boy is the only shown being intensely alive.

The Science of Truth inevitably touches the spiritual sense of mankind, elevating it, unfolding it, uplifting humanity to new heights of liveliness and loveliness, with a dimension far above the mortal and material, towards the realization of a 'third sex' that is neither male nor female, that is defined by spiritual qualities alone, such as by intelligence, art, spiritual beauty, joy, creativity, and so on and on. And mankind does respond to the reality of its being. Sex is thereby put on the borderline of a major transition of the way mankind regards itself, and Science is a key-element in this transition.

The boy is seen holding a book in hand that appears as if drawn from the woman's head. He raises it up. Theology takes note, but does not respond as yet, it hesitates until at length it has no choice but to acknowledge what is unfolding before its very eyes. The little girl at woman's side is the unfolding awareness in society that is taking hold of divine Science, we see the girl again in element 10 and in different phases throughout Christ and Christmas. In this case sex is metaphorically used types of thinking. The boy represents the advanced scientific concept of generic man, and the girl represents the advanced perception in society taking hold of it. We are not talking about a male and female qualitative differentiation here, but about different phenomena.

The woman representing Science is shown with a tablet in her lap, as if she had given birth to it. The tablet evidently presents the pattern of the logical scientific divisions that are critical to an understanding of her outline of the foursquare structure, which Christ and Christmas represents in visual metaphor. The foursquare structure is a unique structure with a unique outline that will be forever associated with Mary Baker Eddy's name as a pioneer of a pioneering science that is yet as old as the hills and has healed the sick in every age; but which is now becoming scientifically known to those willing to move with it.

Of course, moving ahead into the "unknown land" (which Science alone can bring to light) poses no small challenge, and one of these challenges evidently involves a new sense of sex. I have heard protests here, saying that sex is sin, sensualism, the forbidden fruit, with suggestions that the sexual metaphor that connects the boy and the woman is not really there, or is irrelevant, or not intentional. In this context, the layout of the tablet may be significant. It suggests that the foursquare structure functions as two halves, each pertaining to a unique purpose. Logically, if this duality exists, and sex is factor by intention, then one would expect to see the metaphors of sex being presented in the corresponding element position in the second half (element 13). This is indeed the case. So, we can't write the question off. 

The question has been written off tragically for millennia with the circumcision practice that has led to terrible results and is now effecting the whole world. The Jewish people who may have practiced the circumcision for the longest period in history have also been the most persecuted in history with supposedly a record of having been banished from various cities in Europe on 47 occasions in the timeframe between 1012 and 1891. This sad train of countless individual tragedies suggests that a healing is required. And what about the vastly larger tragedies that each ones own individual self-denial of sex brings, as if sex was a God-created evil that must be avoided, instead of it being a richly useful spiritual idea of God with a harmonizing purpose and effect?

One of the great healing postulates of Christian Science is that there exists no matter in reality, so that all reality is the product of Mind with a harmonizing Spirit in which the divine design is expressed. Mary Baker Eddy writes:

Question. - What is the scientific statement of being?

Answer. - There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.
  (S&H 468)

The above statement of a profound truth was a revolutionary statement in 1875. Now, with the latest advances in nuclear physics, especially with the recent discovery of the quarks, physical science agrees that there exists no a single speck of basic matter in the entire universe, so that every phenomenon that we see and are a part of are constructs of forces ordered in a complex array of harmonizing principles in a design that reflects an amazing intelligence at the heart of everything, without which there would be nothing at all. If a single of these harmonizing principles was missing or was counteracting, the universe could not exists, and simply would not exist. And so, all that exists is now coming to light physically the construct of Intelligence manifest as all-embracing Principle, the reflection of a Spirit that is good and in fact is Love. Of course one can recognize layers of qualitative expressions of Principle and and its Spirit. Some are expressed in the none-living world, such as the atoms and minerals and planets and stars. In the sphere of the living world, however, another vast new range of the expressions of Principle and its Spirit comes to light with vastly new complexities and capabilities. Mary Baker Eddy is said to have referred at one occasion to the hand of her secretary as, Spirit. That was a concept difficult concept to understand then, though scientifically totally natural and now increasingly logical.

Also her advanced definition includes everything. It includes the human body as a compound idea of Spirit expressing the qualities of Life in an all-harmonizing design. At the next higher stage through, as one might expect, we see Principle and Spirit expressed in non-physical form, in new spheres of wonder, such as unfolding as care, love, intelligence, creativity, productivity, a sense beauty that is purely spiritual, and so on. The sexual dimension appears to stand at the border line between the living physical expressions of Principle and Spirit, opening the scene to such higher powers of Spirit and Love that are expressed only spiritually, but which are needed to support the physical needs.

Sex stands on the dividing line as a symbol for the transition to the mental world, the world of intelligent volition, a metaphysical intention in the service of good. None of us would exist if it was for sex at interface to boundless Life in the sphere of intelligent volition, which also unfolds into ever wider spheres of creative responses in technological creativity to beautify existence, expand its dynamism with ever-increasing productive powers and energies, and so forth. Of course, when sex is sought for sensual entertainment, the focus isn't high enough whereby we run the danger that we miss the point of Spirit and drop below the line into the depravity of 'circumcised' or self-limited perception. On the tablet shown above, Mary Baker Eddy's metaphor to sex pertains to an element that is located on the dividing line (and this equally so in both halves).

Thus, we have work to do to explore sex as a critical factor on the upwards transition of spiritual perception as Mary Baker Eddy seems to have symbolically suggested is required. The scientific stage for this to happen is just beginning to unfold. Perhaps it should have unfolded sooner. Many problems and tragedies could have been avoided. But this is water under the bridge. We stand at the forefront today and have no real excuses to tarry, especially with the consequences becoming increasingly tragic the more the advancing footsteps are delayed.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, BC, Canada - (c) Copyright 2008 - public domain - Rolf A. F. Witzsche