Christ and Christmas
an illustrated poem by Mary Baker Eddy

Verse15 - 

No blight, no broken wing, no moan, 
Truth's fane can dim; 
Eternal swells Christ's music-tone, 
In heaven's hymn.



The Way

Eternal swells Christ's music-tone, 
In heaven's hymn.


For Thine is the kingdom,
 and the power,
 and the glory,

from the Lord's Prayer


With this element begin the second part of the Christian Science textbook, the part called, Key to the Scriptures. The sexual dimension that the previous element (#14) has put on the table is now given a scientific dimension in biblical history. The link takes us back to the very beginning of this history, to the story of Jacob and his children, which was likely contained in orally perpetuated stories that were kept alive until a written language existed to give it a place in history. 

The story of Jacob, whether it is real history or merely a tale of historic fiction, is important as a window into the earliest era of the circumcision (the male sexual mutilation) as a spiritual identity. This seemingly unimportant factor was so horrendous in the story of the children of the circumcision that this factor all by itself caused the destruction of a city. (Genesis 34)

The fact the Mary Baker Eddy used the exact same text twice that contains references to something called the "key of David" - once to introduce the second part of her textbook, and once to introduce the glossary - suggests that she recognized a critical element of great importance into which the sexual factor is intertwined, but which is far greater in its import and more fundamental to the flow of healing that needs yet to be accomplished. This aspect for which much healing is required, as it unfolds in the last column, should logically be an aspect that is related to the deepest sense of impotence and inner poverty that has ever been encountered to the detriment of civilization. It related to the poverty that stands behind the lie, as "in lies we trust," but it goes deeper. It comes to light as the greatest scourge ever. It becomes expressed as the supremacy syndrome in its countless different forms, such as the dream of racial supremacy, ethnic supremacy, sexual supremacy, religious supremacy, financial supremacy, national supremacy. Each of these dream castles are lies designed to plaster over a sense of inner impotence and poverty, but they remain what they are, dream castles.

In Science God alone is supreme: the Intelligence of the universe; its all-harmonizing Spirit and the power of its Principle; its all-supporting universal Love and Life and Soul. God is the one supreme Truth. And man reflects God, and with it man reflects the supremacy of God, which makes man supreme over disease, limitations, appetites, fears, passions, lack, poverty, and yes also the sense of impotence. But this is not what the various supremacy movements are focusing on.

The supremacy movements turn reality upside down and superimpose this inverted image onto society. These movements render one race as superior over another, or one religion over another, or one nation over another, and so on, and renders the other as scum or excrement, creating division and the gross inhumanity and genocide that have become the hallmark of the supremacist movements. From the Aryan-Brahmin invaders that had turned ancient India into a prison continent for over two millennia, to the Aryan supremacy doctrine that had turned Europe and beyond into a holocaust scene at the hand of Hitler in Germany, the supremacy dreamscape has led to countless forms and genocide, murder, and brutality throughout all the ages in between from Genesis to the Apocalypse, to put it in Bible language. Nevertheless, no matter how high the arrogance of supremacy lifts its voice, it cannot escape the consequences of the lies that stand behind it.

Hitler's boisterously arrogant racial supremacy doctrine, a fascist doctrine through and through, brought upon Germany a holocaust within in which the entire nation became lost. Germany lost its culture, its soul, its humanity, and this long before it became physically destroyed in the grinding of its war. The trail of the supremacists movement goes back far into history, apparently to times before the existence of the written languages. As the fireside stories tell us, which were later deemed real history, a pact was forged with God, even suggested by God, that the people that the stories were about were given a superior status over all other people in the world in exchange for their sexual self-mutilation in the form of the male circumcision. Out of it grew the tragedy of Genesis 34, and the inverse and greater tragedy of the Nazi holocaust against the Jews.

The tragedy of the Nazi holocaust that the Jewish people suffered was probably the greatest tragedy in their entire history. Many millions were murdered, often with the greatest imaginable inhumanity and brutality as is typical for a fascist supremacist environment. The dream of supremacy is typically kept alive with the imposition of horrific brutality against the helpless as a sign of power. When children are called out of their houses and lined up and shot dead in the 'sport' of the games of supremacy the emptiness of the claim of supremacy shines through. The emptiness cannot be hidden. One of the hallmarks of every supremacy movement is that it manifests itself in the 'sport' of 'shooting' children - the helpless - with irresistible force such as in the bombing of living cities. In historic terms the bombing of Hiroshima, the pinnacle-act under the supremacy doctrine, may some day be recognized as the first step in America's national suicide.

Christian Science healing demonstrates the supremacy of God, good, over disease and all what limits life and love. This actual demonstration of the supremacy of divine Mind and its harmonizing quality becoming manifest in human living, proves every social, racial, ethnic, religious, national, or economic supremacy doctrine to be a lie either by intend or self-delusion. It unmasks the lie and proves its baselessness. Here we may find the "key of David," the key to intelligent perception that David as the king of a nation eventually could not ignore. The great challenge to modern society is to find the "key of David" in its heart to end the social, racial, ethnic, religious, national, or economic supremacy doctrines that invariably lead to universal 'suicide' and the collapse of civilization that the Nazi holocaust provided a foretaste of. 

But more devastating perhaps than the massive killing spree against helpless people that the holocaust became, may be the dawning thought that the whole dream of Jewish supremacy doctrine that society responded to with countless persecutions throughout history, was an empty dream from the start. For the Jewish people the Nazi holocaust stands as a double defeat. These horrors that have been inflicted should not have been inflicted onto a chosen people standing tall in a national covenant with God. For millennia the Jewish people had kept their pact with God and had mutilated themselves sexually to fulfill their obligations to be called the supremely chosen people before all the people in the world. Had God betrayed their trust? Had God betrayed His own covenant? No logic supports such a notion, the notion that the Intelligence of the universe betrays its own Principle and thereby itself. Against this background the natural reality inevitably comes to the foreground that any and every racial and national supremacy doctrine was and is essentially nothing more than a tragic mistake on the part of society, a monstrous lie by the people upon themselves. While for most of mankind the Nazi holocaust recedes into the back pages of history, the holocaust won't be easily forgotten by the Jewish people, perhaps for the unavoidable realization that it has put into doubt the very core of their long-cherished national, racial, and religious supremacy doctrine that goes back to the fireside stories of historic fiction related to Jacob and Abraham and so on, from the early ages before written languages existed.

For the time being, according to all evidence, the national, ethnic, and religious supremacy doctrine remains still standing tall in the world, as the Israeli Prime Minister (1977-1983) Menachem Begin  had pointed out in a speech before the Knesset, saying in essence, "Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are the divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are as kettle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as slaves." This kind of speech is the standard kind of speech that has been heard from every supremacist movement that ever was. Pericles of Athens spoke in this manner, and with it Athens fell. Adolf Hitler spoke in the same manner, and so did many other supremacist leaders sing this kind of song, including those that stand the in the halls of empires and its houses of international financial looting, and the terrorists in high places that unleash terror to create chaos as a platform for ruling the world.

The age of the 'shooting' of 'children' has not ended, but it appears to be drawing to a close. Every supremacist empire has pulled the rug out from under itself and is collapsing, disproving the doctrine of supremacy. The tragedies that overshadow the supremacist claims prove the claims to be lies that were conjured up to hide the gnawing notion of a deep inner impotence. The evidence demonstrates that there is no truth in the song that sets aside the lateral divine reality with boasts of supremacy of one over another, which is a song inspired by impotence.

When John the Baptist was in doubt about Christ Jesus' mission to speak the divine truth to mankind, he sent a messenger to inquire of Jesus if he was indeed the promised savior of mankind. We are told that Jesus set the messenger back, saying to him in essence, just tell John what you have seen happening here. The sick are healed, the lepers are cleansed, the blind receive their sight back. The evidence will be sufficient to answer John's question. Isn't this the measure we should apply again in this age? Every supremacy movement that has raised itself above the universal quality of man and God's image has so far collapsed itself into tragedy, and continues the collapse wherever the supremacy doctrine rules. Germany, as a fascist force, once raised itself above the man in God's image, and thereby it committed national suicide. History if full of such examples. America that has terrorized the world with the nuclear bomb, now finds itself strategically impotent and a fool despised by many. The British monetarist Empire, likewise, that with technical force drained the lifeblood out of many nations is facing its own immanent total collapse into bankruptcy. 

The tragedy is that when the champions of an imagined supremacy commit their inevitable acts of national suicide, on the road to their doom, a great tragedy befalls society that gets caught up in the madness. Only a few nations have so far escaped the fate of national suicide. The earliest of this happening occurred in 1648 when a profound spiritual idea was put on the table, a rational idea that all nations subscribed to, which ended the supremacy madness. This world-shaping profound spiritual ides was the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, it established the principle of the sovereign nation state as a foundation for civilization that still stands today, though being severely challenged by the supremacist forces of empire. A similar thing of profound recognition happened when the Soviet leadership in Russia recognized its mistake in perception that was founded on a supremacist ideology that simply didn't work. At this point the Supreme Soviet convened and voted itself out of office and annulled the entire Soviet Union. In the case of America, the imperial Articles of Federation were similarly voted out of existence, in order that they could be replaced with a platform for a more perfect union under the rule of universal principles enshrined in its Constitution.

The old historic supremacy doctrine in its many forms is nearing its end, even though the story of the circumcision that is deeply intertwined with it has not ended to the present day. The sexual self-mutilation of society is presently debilitating 3/4 of a billion people worldwide, creating an evermore isolated world that continuous to be wrecked with wars and destruction in the shadow of the lingering supremacist doctrine that stands as a front to enslave all mankind. Thus, the sexual factor that is intertwined with the deepest rooted supremacy movement remains a critical one to the present day, which ultimately nothing short of major advances in the science of the spiritual nature of man will be able to resolve and bring a healing to.

Jacob's story, with which it all started, is therefore still playing itself out. Mary Baker Eddy presented this challenge symbolically at the center of her final painting in Christ and Christmas in the form of a cross that is surrounded by nine dark birds. Mary Baker Eddy has defined nine of the names of the children of Jacob in her glossary of the textbook. The definitions for these names reflect the mental state of Jacob's two wives in their struggle to secure Jacob's love in competition with each other in the sexual dimension of the time that had been mutilated by the circumcision on many layers for supremacy objectives.

The mutilation might have been accepted also under the perception that the sexual sensitivity of a person is a 'poison' to it in its relationship with God, for which the sexually sensitive tissues are surgically removed in the circumcision. The nine birds represent nine dimensions in terms of Jacob's wives attempting in their struggles to live with the debilitating tragedy.

We see however in the painting a white dove entering the sexual scene, which is historically a scene centered on a platform of mortals creating mortals and relating to one-another with the spiritual sense excised. A white dove now enters this scene that has not yet been healed to the present day, which still stands in the background to the great arenas of war and conflict that darkens the world and is reminiscent to those dark periods in biblical times as we find one described in Genesis 34. Here the light that touches the base of the cross is significant. It emanates from a point far above that scene.

The light flows through the center of a crown. This crown belongs not to any king, but to mankind to wear it. The crown appears to be symbolically the foursquare city of God presented in Revelation 21, the city that John beheld as descending from God out of heaven. This city has become her city, her foursquare structure of divine Science. In this sense the crown of divine Science, the science of the spiritual dimension of man, focuses the light of the divine that is reflected in mankind. 

The crown that we see in the painting has been uniquely designed by Mary Baker Eddy. We find the crown contained in a book of metaphors, which renders its design obviously symbolic in all its dimensions. And in its symbolism it actually does represent the foursquare city of God. The frontal view in the crown presents to us 9 jewels. If the image is mentally extended globally, it can be seen to contain 16 jewels. Thus the crown carries in its design the 9x16 dimension of a foursquare structure that contains 144 elements, which is the measure of the city foursquare that is specifically mentioned in Revelation 21. In the same numeric context Mary Baker Eddy provides in the glossary of her textbook a comprehensive complex of terms, including dual definitions, which scientifically perceived become resolved into 144 unique definitions of terms that altogether match the requirements that Mary Baker Eddy has set forth in the crown as a part of her outline for the "city foursquare" that she made all of her major works contributory to.

In its design, the crown also unfolds as an image of five distinct clusters of jewels, which may be representative in the scientific sense of five distinct aspects of principle for recognizing dual definitions for terms or concepts, which are all valid and are in fact essential for a more profound perception of the vital spiritual concepts. Mary Baker Eddy presents examples of five of these essential types of dual definitions in her glossary. And she highlights this factor She simplified the design of her symbol of it and unified the five elements, and replaced the jewels with a single 7-pointed star for each of the 5 elements. This crown, shown below, thereby became the center of her personal seal (not shown in full).

The redesigned crown of five stars may be symbolic of the key of David, the unifying dimension that divine Science unfolds for humanity. That the factor of five is significant in this element that is associated with the crown may be gleamed from the previous painting, Truth versus Error, where we see the representative of universal science shown with her right foot (with five toes) placed at the location of the square in which she stands that corresponds with the element-position that has the metaphor of the crown associated with it.

Mary Baker Eddy suggested in her message to her church in the year 1900 that Jesus was one who had the "key of David" (who understood it and illustrated it.) The unified design of the crown suggests a dimension that Christ Jesus had begun to present to mankind, but which remains yet to unfold manifestly. It is possible that the unified design of Mary Baker Eddy's crown symbolizes the unity of all religion on the unifying platform of Science - the supremacy of divine Mind - since reality is after all the construct of but one Truth. Mary Baker Eddy presents five elements in her crown. This may be respective of perhaps the five great religions of the world ("what the Spirit says unto the churches"), beginning with the impact of Science on the Hermetic concepts of early Egypt; the development of Hinduism; Judaism; Christianity; and Islam, all universally uniting under a seven-pointed star that refers to a reality that is so fundamental to mankind universally that it cannot be denied forever. Here we have Science, unfolding Truth, has a unifying quality. Here, in the conscious, scientific acknowledgement of divine Truth, we may at last find that symbolic "key of David" as a key to open the door to the universe of reality in which God is All and man is God's reflection, a unity of all standing laterally side by side in the light of universal Love.

Nicolas of Cusa, one of the scientific founders of the Golden Renaissance, used a simple story to illustrate this profound reality. In this story the sages of the great religions gather in one place to ask the divine Wisdom why it is that they are experiencing the bitter division by which they are fighting each other, often to the death, in the divine name. The divine Wisdom replied that they, being wise men, should know that there is but one Truth. "But why are we fighting each other in the name of that one Truth?" they asked. The answer was given that they do this because they have all mistaken the words of their prophets for the Word of God. 

Without divine Science the divine Truth remains an enigma, and without the spiritual dimension of Science, the divine Truth or knowable Truth, remains unknowable and conflicts result in this ignorance that are manifested biologically, psychologically, socially, economically, religiously, and politically, and are even reflected in the world of the physical sciences that are fast collapsing their own credibility today under the song, "in lies we trust!" Christian Science opens the door to the empire of universal divine Truth and Mind, bringing healing to the troubled world, and with it the power to live through the coming Ice Age as divinely supreme beings, mastering with one Mind even the most severe challenges in the physical world that would otherwise spell doom.

Mary Baker Eddy does not reveal what the factor, five, in her Cross and Crown seal stands for. She makes numerous references in her writings to the "five physical senses" or personal senses, the false guides that Science enables us to see through and deal with. It is hardly likely, however, that this mortal factor has a place in the design of the crown of Divine Science. It is vastly more likely in this context that the divine qualities of our humanity are represented in the crown that give us dominion over personal sense. These are qualities worth celebrating, which are forever intact - forever present, forever powerful - which personal sense tends to block but is overruled in the light of Science. These five divine factors are the great renaissance factors in the crown of our humanity. They are our sovereignty; prosperity; honesty; generosity; sublimity. Each one of these is itself unfolding under the seven-sided star and thereby signifies the unity of God and man, a unity that lights up the spiritual heaven on earth, the "crowning ultimate that rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance - the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness..."

Published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, BC, Canada - (c) Copyright 2008 - public domain - Rolf A. F. Witzsche