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Urgently Needed
An Ice Age Renaissance

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The day after I completed my novel, Roses as Dawn, before I had a chance to submit the completed files to the printer, the computer crashed, and in spite of backup copies, two months of work was lost. It seemed as if a teacher had looked at the work said, that's nice dear, but you can do better, and then ripped the work up. The idea came that something was missing, but what? Then as someone had spoken the words, the Ice Age came to mind. I was shocked. Weren't we threatened by global warming? We were all told to conserve energy in order to save the planet from becoming too hot. Dire prediction were made if we didn't follow through with curbing greenhouse gases. We were told by the world's scientists to shut down our industries, drive less, heat our homes less, and so on, all to protect the climate of our planet.

I made some inquiries. It turned out that a huge worldwide opposition exists in the scientific community to the entire global warming dogma in the range of 17,000 to 20,000 scientists, including over 100 actual climate specialists and close to 40 Nobel Price winners (See: Global Warming). Another thing seemed equally as surprising, namely that this huge opposition is rarely ever mentioned. Instead the impression is conveyed that manmade global warming is unassailable fact, supported by a universal consensus in the scientific community. The opposite appears to be true, suggesting that the dogma is a carefully crafted lie with imperial Malthusian motives, if not outright genocidal objectives, standing behind the lie. The evidence is found in the timing. The dogma of manmade global warming was conjured up in the mid-1970s, which happens to be the same timeframe in which several other genocidal dogmas were also put on the table of mankind against scientific opposition, such as the dogma that "man is cancer on the earth" resulting in the DDT ban; and the NSSM-200 policy that was promptly followed with the emergence of AIDS; and the start of the ozone hole hoax that eventually resulted in the banning of the CFC refrigerant. 

The only scientific consensus that seems to exist on the global climate issue seems to be centered on the cyclical return of the Ice Age. Anybody seems to agree that the earth has gone though many Ice Age cycles during the last two million years, interspersed with interglacial warm periods, like the present one, which is coming to an end. (See: The Coming Ice Age) A second consensus appears to exist in which the scientists generally agree that no one can predict with any degree of certainty when the coming transition to the next glaciation cycle will take place. Suggestions have been made that might happen in 10,000 years, or 1000 years, or 100 years, or that the transition might have already begun. However, hardly anyone is concerned anymore as to what the potential return of the Ice Age in the near future means in terms of present policies to prepare ourselves for the impending possibility of radically colder global climates, especially consider the impact of global cooling on the world food supply. A strong concern of this type had existed in the mid 1970s. This concern seems to have evaporated in the shadow of the global warming dogma as if mankind had been gently put to sleep.

So where does this leave us?
The Ice Age is coming. 
Our food supply might be in danger. 
What can we do?

There are certain things we can't do. We can't prevent the next Ice Age cycle. We simply don't have the means to negate the cosmic rays that trigger cloud formation on earth. Nor do we have the means to effect the cycles of the Sun, which moderate the cosmic radiation to which the earth is exposed. The bottom line is, we simply don't have the means to hold back the return of the Ice Age. 

However, we do have a lot of control over ourselves in how we respond in preparing our world for the coming climate change. The Ice Age is coming. We can't hold it back. That much is certain. It could begin next year, or in twenty years, on in a hundred years, or in a thousand years; and the transition could be as quick as a single year, or it might take fifty years. But it's coming. Many researchers suggest that the transition is likely "near," meaning that it might happen within the next 100-150 years or sooner. So, how should we respond to that? How must we change our world in order that our food supply would be assured regardless of when the catastrophic changes in climate might begin?

The one thing that we can reasonably do, would be to put as much as possible of our current agriculture into controlled indoor facilities. This would involve a project on a truly gigantic scale that would dwarf anything that has ever been attempted, that would goes beyond even the scope of science fiction dreams. It would be hard to accomplish, to be sure, but it could be done. In fact it must be done if we value human existence. If we were to fail, most of humanity would not survive. Considering the current wars that are fought over oil and imperial power, which might seem puny in the face of the potentially ensuing food wars, it is quite possible that no one would likely survive long enough to even get into the next Ice Age.

All considered, we face an enormous challenge, technologically, economically, politically, and socially.

Can we meet the technological challenge? It seems the the answer is, YES! We do have the resources available to carry out such a massive project. We have the energy resources available on our planet, and enough on the moon for an interim step that could last us 100,000 years. Of course with large scale nuclear power, we would also have the necessary building materials available. This means that the technological challenge can be met. Nuclear fusion power is achievable. We have come a long way already during the few years in which research had been pursued. A great deal of progress has been made in spite of the constant sabotaging by budget restraints and other undercutting. With a proper crash program in education, funding, and global cooperation, the development of nuclear fusion power is virtually assured. It will all happen. If fact it would happen rapidly if society was recognize itself being in a war-situation right now, fighting to save its existence. If this 'war' to save our existence was implemented, it would be the most crucial and the most massive war that mankind would ever be fighting. This would also be a 'war' in which not a single person would die of the billions of people that would otherwise die if mankind did nothing to save its existence, or did too little to win the fight. 

And as for the building materials that we would need, we would have more than enough of them, more than we could possibly want.

One of the finest building materials on the planet is basalt. It is a stone that melts like glass at 1400 degrees; it's so finely grained that can be extruded into micro-fibers; it's almost as hard as diamonds; stronger than steel by weight; non-corrosive; non-abrasive; more insulating than asbestos; and is so widely available that it could be cast in great quantities to form industrially produced building modules, houses, or structures of any kind. There exist app. 700,000 cubic kilometers of it in above-surface deposits, enough to cover the entire land-surface of the planet several feet deep.

 So, why do we fight wars over shortages of raw materials? Sure, we have shortages already in many areas, but only because we starve ourselves voluntarily on a sea of abundance. Fossil fuel power is archaic. It should have been replaced with nuclear power and hydrogen fuels ages ago. But this didn't happen, because the endless wars of empire versus civilization have repeatedly disabled this vitally necessary development.

The same holds true about metals. Right now we dig metallic ore out of the ground that rarely gives us more than a five-percent yield. We celebrate when the yield goes as high as ten-percent. And even then we have to do a lot of digging to find the ore in the first place. How much more would we celebrate if we could find ore that gives us a full hundred-percent yield in usable products and could be found consistently right around the world? Well, that's what we've actually got available! We've got a layer of this ore extending right around the Earth, several thousand kilometers thick. The entire mantle of the Earth is a homogenous high-grade ore of orthosilicates of magnesium, nickel, iron, and possibly some other metals as well. With the availability of infinite energy and high fusion temperatures in nuclear reactors, these vast material resources can be readily developed. This means that it is really up to us as human beings to get the ball rolling. Our future existence actually depends on us creating the capacity for this kind of development. This means that if we were to care about the future of our children and mankind, this work would be done and would be on the 'front-burner' right now.

So, what would we have on hand then when this initial development of the needed material and energy resources was completed? We would have infinitely available energy resources. And we would have infinitely available high grade building materials of the most useful types, from magnesium, to stone, to glass. We would also have high temperature plasma technology available to disassemble the most ordinary rocks of the earth into whatever other minerals we need. There is simply nothing lacking on this planet that we would need to build the structures with which we could save our existence. This means that it is physically possible without the slightest miracle to shift most of the food production of the world into efficient, self-contained indoor facilities that would likely be build fifty stories high and thousands of acres wide in base area. With a bit of extra effort we could easily get this job done before the next hundred-thousand-year Ice Age begins. 

Of course, nothing will ever get done if we don't start

Right now, none of the above will be possible, even to start the project, if we don't stop the imperial' genocidal plans, the globalized looting for profit, the violence for power, and the wars that are intentionally staged the destroy nations and disable the normal development of mankind, including the modern environmental wars centered on poison viruses, uranium bombs, and nuclear bombs. The combined forces of the whole of mankind are required to make its survival in an Ice Age possible. Ten billion people would likely be needed to develop the technologies, build the infrastructures, provide the needed educational and cultural platforms, efficient transportation, health care, and widely available relaxation.  Ten billion people are needed, because there is a lot of work to be done in what will have to become the largest education, research, development, and construction project in all of human history. We will need far-reaching education system, vast research infrastructures, and all of that just to develop the fusion technologies that are presently within reach. 

So far, we have only tinkered around a bit, with just a few serious efforts to our credit, and even those projects always had their funding pulled out from under them. Thus, in order to survive, the whole notion of private for-profit financier funding will have to be abandoned and be replaced with national financial credits. Likewise globalized threats and looting will have to be replaced with global cooperation. Nothing less would be sufficient to get the work done that needs to be done. 

I am confident that all of this will be done, because people want to survive, and want to see their children and grandchildren survive. People have accomplished far more heroic acts fighting in the world wars in the past, than this little bit of heroism that would be required for the few bold initiatives to succeed that must succeed for us to rebuild our world into an Ice Age Renaissance. The project would create a kid of paradise that would outshine the petty little things the imperials of the world presently dream of, and would bring them into the project. I am certain, the imperials too, have no interest in descending into the kind of hell that a new Ice Age would bring if the needed Ice Age Renaissance project would fail.

Of course, once nuclear fusion becomes established as a technology, we need to build the electric energy industry up, which is presently so vastly underdeveloped that it practically doesn't exist in comparison with the real need. The same must also be said about the current transportation infrastructures, mining infrastructures, materials processing infrastructures, and the necessary manufacturing industries, and health care institutions, and research institutions for indoor farming. In all of these areas we are 'miles' away from where we should be, as if we had stood still for a century, which in a way he have by having set a century aside for war.

Fortunately we appear to have enough time left to make up for missed efforts in the past. With a serious hundred-years global crash-program, starting immediately, it appears that it is possible for the currently large and still growing world population to survive the coming transition into a new Ice Age, and all the way through the coming 100,000 year Ice Age itself. Also let's pray that the recurring Ice Age will no come upon us until we are ready, because it will likely take us a hundred years to get this point. 

With all this considered, there is only one luxury that we cannot afford to wallow in, which is indifference and apathy. We simply cannot afford to delay the start of this effort, maybe not even one single day. 

Nor would this project ever really end. Knowing us as human beings, we wouldn't actually stop once the project is completed. We wouldn't be satisfied with just finding a way to survive in a potential Ice Age environment. The ensuing dynamism that would grip us along the way would uplift our civilization in all respects, beyond anything we can even dream about now. We would just create an Ice Age Renaissance, but one with the kind of sensitivity to life and culture as we have never seen before. We would for instance create vast indoor zoos and botanical reserves to perpetuate otherwise endangered species. 

It is also not unreasonable to assume that at some point in the far future, perhaps even before the end of the coming Ice Age cycle, mankind will yet learn to control the earth's climate and make our planet Ice-Age free for all times to come. This ice-free world might be achieved no matter what the long-term cycles of the Sun have in store for us, which is presently far beyond our reach. When this point will be reached in the far future the zoological and botanical reserves that would likely be created before the coming Ice Age begins, would then be utilized to repopulate the newly restored habitats.

Am I dreaming too tall a dream? Is such an Ice Age Renaissance truly a vain utopian hope?

Maybe so. To be realistic in terms of what is happening on the planet today none of the above appears to be within reach. The war of empire versus civilization that has been ravishing mankind for more than four millennia is still intensifying rather than diminishing, without as much as even a hint of an end in sight. The talk is now about genocide in the order of billions of lives to be eradicated for imperial objectives. As Bertrand Russell had pointed out, wars, even big wars, are disappointing to empire in that they don't kill enough people. He suggested that biological warfare, a new black plaque in every century, would be more efficient. Some imperial circles want the planet depopulated down to two billion people, or to even below the one-billion mark. And we do have the atomic bombs to do it, and bio-weapons. It is reported that the USA has all by itself well over 200 biological labs engaged in developing new biological warfare agents, like highly infectious diseases for which no cure exists or is possible. On the financial front the empire-for-profit has been looting the world and wrecking the economies of almost all the nation on the planet, and has reviled the very notion of technological progress, while it destroyed viable industries with the pen and entire countries more powerfully than Hitler ever dared to dream of at the very height of his war. Education is being also being wrecked. It is being wrecked with empiricism, and with fascism tearing the cultural fabric with brutality, the politics with insanity, the sciences with lies, the entertainment with violence, the morality with depravity. How is one to build a renaissance on that kind of foundation? Right now, food has been added as a weapon for genocide. Food is being turned into a motor fuel and being burned in cars as a weapon to inflict genocide by starvation, Everything possible is being done to destroy civilization and kill mankind in an ever-widening scene of horror, as if the Ice Age Challenge wasn't series enough. We are in an Ice Age already in this sense, a mental Ice Age in which every normal aspect of humanity appears to be frozen solid.

Considering that this train will likely continue on its present course since the empire controls all the money in the world and with it owns all the politicians, governments and institutions, the present rush to hell effectively disables any chance for creating an Ice Age Renaissance. In this case when, when the Ice Age resumes the seven to ten billion of the human world population (provided that no nuclear war has occurred) will likely collapse back to the 1-10 million mark, according to the world population that had come out of the last 100,000 year long Ice Age. This minuscule population is evidently all that the earth by itself can carry in an Ice Age world. 

In this case, assuming that anyone services that kind of collapse, after a hundred millennia when the Ice Age ends a new civilization might arise and fulfill the promise that we have before us today, but which we turn our back against. So, who is the big looser on the present course? It won't be the universe.

In that respect the universe is patient. After twenty ice ages in mankind's past, what is one more? It is but a moment? The universe won't be cheated by mankind's present insanity, and its indifference, apathy, and stubbornness. However, it will make a great deal of difference to us as to how we respond to the challenge before us at the present time.

Of course, we could also have a nuclear war happening, which almost nobody is making any serious effort to prevent. Such a war, in the worst case, might wipe out mankind completely. And even then, the universe wouldn't be cheated by us out of its ultimate success in the development of life on this planet. Out of the 2.5 billion years of the development of life on this planet the journey of mankind from start to the present was accomplished in but a flicker (the equivalent of a few seconds out of a day). Considering that the earth will likely remain inhabitable for quite a few billion years yet to come, the entire process of the development of mankind could be repeated hundreds of times, with time to spare. So, in the universal context it makes very little difference as to what we do today or not do. It only makes a huge difference to us. Our future could be the hell indeed, which we are presently determined to create. The earth could also become a place for us with a culture so brilliant that it outshines the heavens. Which it shall be is really up to us. No one outside this planet is forcing our hand.

In this context the Principle of Universal Love suddenly comes to light as a vital factor, doesn't it?

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