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Without Love the Universe Would Not Exist

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 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche




Without love, the harmonizing quality of Intelligence, the universe truly would not exist. 

At first glance the above statement is hard to accept, and so is the evident fact that we too can't exist without love. But the more we look behind the scene at the underlying intelligence of the universe a harmonizing order comes to light that becomes evermore amazing and beautiful in its design the more we discover of it, bordering on the miraculous. So let's look at some of the amazing details.

An atom is empty space in which a miracle unfolds. Nuclear physics tells us that the entire universe contains not a single speck of matter, not even in the smallest part of the smallest atom, but is the construct of energy and its forces that have been arranged in a complex array of harmonizing principles without which the universe simply would not exist. 

At the center of the empty space that makes up an atom is a grouping of infinitesimally small 'particles' located that is surrounded by an orbiting 'swarm' of even smaller particles. Their movement is so fast that they appear to be everywhere at once, creating the appearance of a solid sphere. However, the so-called particles don't exist either as solid entities, but are themselves constructs of various types of what the physicists call quarks, which are defined as but fast moving points of energy.

Thus, there exists no such thing as basic matter or basic particles. Everything that we see hear or touch, even the world we live in, is but the construct of patterns of energy organized by harmonizing principles that altogether reveal an underlying arrangement of an incredible Intelligence. If one of the harmonizing principles was missing, or be antagonistic to the whole, the universe would have no foundation to exist, and so it wouldn't exist. But it does exist. It exists as the product of an incredible Intelligence and its harmonizing 'Spirit' that might be termed 'Love.' Outside of these there is nothing. The only basic building blocks in the universe are Intelligence and its harmonizing 'Spirit.' And ultimately, there remains but one, which is Intelligence and its 'Spirit' that is Love.

Can we really say this?

Let's look at the atom again with its tiny center called the nucleus. It is made up perceptionally of particles that have a positive electric charge, a charge of + 1. We call this kind of particle the proton.  At a 'large' distance from it another type of particle is found that has a negative electric charge, a charge of -1, which we call the electron. While the proton at the center remains stationary, the electron is in constant motion, orbiting around the center with such a tremendous speed that it appears to be everywhere at once, creating the appearance of a solid sphere where in reality there is nothing there but empty space and some particles so small that their 'size' defies the imagination. If the central proton was a baseball, the surrounding electron could be likened to an insect orbiting the surrounding space of the stadium, and this so fast as to generate the appearance that the stadium was encapsulated, or fully closed-in.

Here the question arises, why doesn't the electron that is moving so incredibly fast in its orbit simply fly away? We all know from experience that anything that is spun around a center wants to fly away by an effect called the centrifugal force. Since this effect reflects a universal principle, nothing is excepted from it, not even the electron. Indeed, the electron would fly away (in which case we would have no atom and no universe) if it wasn't for a harmonizing principle that keeps the electron in place, and thereby enables the atom to exist. The harmonizing principle that has been 'invented' for this purpose is the principle of electric attraction between particles of an opposite charge. 

The opposite charged particles in the atom want to get together. They attract each other. They have a hold on each other, just like the sun has a hold on the earth. In the solar system the attraction is by gravity. In an atom the attraction is caused by an electric force. Evidently this attracting force has been designed in such a manner that it balances precisely the centrifugal force by which the electron would escape. If any of these two principles didn't exist, or didn't precisely harmonize, we would have no atom, and no so-called matter, and no universe.

As you might already know, the atom comes in a hundred different sizes according to the different elements that exist, each containing a different number of protons, and correspondingly a different number of electrons.  A carbon atom, for example, has 6 of each, and uranium has 238 of each. Can you imaging how crowded it gets in the orbital space of an atom with 238 electrons? Would one expect some major collisions to occur? Indeed, one would, by which the atom would likely disintegrate. But that doesn't happen, does it? In order to prevent the collision the universe has 'invented' yet another harmonizing principle, the principle of electric repulsion by which particles of like charge repel each other so that collisions cannot occur.

However, this principle of repulsion of equally charged particles, which maintains harmony in the orbit would create a catastrophic crisis at the core of the atom where numerous protons must exist side by side to form the nucleus. In order to prevent them from pushing each other away the universe has 'invented' still another type of particle, called the neutron that has no electric charge at all, which acts as if it were an insulator that fits neatly in between the protons to keep them out of each other's hair so to speak, so that the core of the atom can exist in peace and not fly apart. In real terms the 'insulator' acts more like a 'glue' of amazing complexity. 

The resulting atom thereby becomes a stable entity that functions literally forever. It doesn't wear out or ever looses its energy without external causes acting on it. The electrons in this equilibrium just keep on swirling around for billions upon billions of years by which the universe remains intact as a conglomeration of shapes created out of empty space by a tiny group of swirling electrons and a tiny central core that keeps the electrons in place, but which doesn't really exist either in solid form.

 Just like the perceived solid atom doesn't really exist in solid form, the perceived solid particles don't exist either in a solid form. They are themselves the construct of fast-moving points of energy which the physicists call quarks. In real terms, there exists nothing solid at all. Even the electrons are merely a type of quark made up of fast moving points of energy, and even these don't always exist, but become a wave at times and then reappear in a different orbit.  

The protons and the neutrons in turn are made up of two different types of quarks that become assembled in different combinations. There are "up quarks" and "down quarks." The "up quark" has a charge of +2/3, and the "down quark" has a charge of -1/3. The sum of the charges of the quarks assembled make up a perceived nuclear particle's effective over-all charge. The protons thus contain two up-quarks and one-down quark each (+2/3 +2/3 -1/3 = +1) which results in a total charge of +1 as was stated earlier for a proton. The neutrons contain one up-quark and two down-quarks (+2/3 -1/3 -1/3 = 0) which results in a total charge of 0, which is the identified charge for a neutron. 

In this infinitesimal realm of quarks -- of 'dancing' points of energy -- the construction of the nucleus is actually held together by something much stronger than an insulating effect that also acts like glue. That 'something' is called the "strong nuclear force" which is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, such as gravity, the electromagnetic force, and the nuclear 'weak force.' The 'strong force' is the 'glue' of the atomic nucleus that is acting in such a manner at the level of the quarks that their combined effect counteracts the positively charged protons repelling each other. The strong force is also said to hold the quarks themselves together that make up the protons and the neutrons.

Of course quantum physics takes us still deeper into the subatomic world that from a point on can no longer be perceived in diagrammatic terms, or in terms of the existence of any concept of matter. As I said, in real terms there is not a speck of matter in the entire universe. Everything that we call matter exists entirely as patterns of quantums of energy in motion, all intelligently arranged according to harmonizing universal principles. Even the electrons that give the physical universe its shape are but quark-like structures of energy in motion that fulfill an all-harmonizing purpose as they interact with electrons from other sources or other atoms to create the world of elements, isotopes and chemical molecules, the stuff that the stars and the worlds are made of and all life. 

It is infinitely more correct, therefore, to say that the universe is a universe of Intelligence, than a universe of matter. The universe is a construction of extremely intelligently arranged harmonizing principles, without which nothing would exist. There would be no universe. 

We also know that this same 'Spirit' of harmonizing principles that we find in the atomic and sub-atomic world is apparent at every level of the universe in ever-widening spheres all the way to the functioning of entire galaxies. Thus it also reflected in us, with us being a part of the universe. It stands to reason therefore that this all-harmonizing and all-pervading Intelligence that powers the universe, or which actually IS the universe, must also be reflected in mankind and in mankind's humanity. If it wasn't so, we wouldn't be a part of the universe. If the universe, therefore, is a construct of Love (the harmonizing effect of Principle), then, in order to perceive ourselves correctly, we must also see ourselves in the same light. 

If the universe wouldn't exist without Love, consequently we wouldn't exist without love either. While we go to great lengths to test this theory and are determined to prove that we can exist without love, our historic experience along this line has been correspondingly catastrophic. One day we will stop that insanity and accept the Spirit of the universe as our spirit and build our civilization on the Principle of Universal Love. It is not unreasonable to say that this is inevitable.

The kind of reasoning that results from all that puts a face on mankind that supersedes the brightest image for mankind yet imagined, and it puts a future before us that is not encumbered with historically accepted limits, but reflects the nature of infinity that is the nature of the universe and its continuous and harmonious unfolding that we are a part of.

Thus, we are the image of Love.

The American pioneer of the science of universal Spirit, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910; the renowned discoverer and founder of Christian Science) presented in her textbook on Christian Science in 1884 (and probably in earlier versions going back to 1875), a profound new concept of God. She wrote in 1884 in the glossary of the book under the term God:

"GOD. I AM. All-knowing, All-seeing, All-acting, All-loving, All-wise, and eternal. Principle. Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Substance, and Intelligence."

At some point before 1901 she added the term, Mind, to the defining. Her final definition as she left it in 1910 is:

God. The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence.

She also adds to the definition of the term God in the chapter Recapitulation the elements of "incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite." And in her glossary definition for the term "Good" which she defines as an element of "God Spirit," she adds four addition profound concepts, the concepts of "omnipotence; omniscience; omnipresence; omni-action" - a four-fold profound resource, a light for the human sphere.

In addition to these 25 terms she also referred to God as: All-in-All; Father-Mother; I; Ego (see Glossary: I or Ego); Being (see S&H 466:1); Word (see S&H 480:27); Creator (Glossary term); perfect (see S&H 587:12); immortal; eternal. Mary Baker Eddy built on this vast 35-fold concept of God an equally vast structure of divine Science, complete with a vast pedagogical structure that literally opens the gates to the infinite. All of that, of course is of great significance to understanding ourselves and our vast potential as human beings, as the unfolding leading-edge expression of God on the earth. 

Mary Baker Eddy gave us a glimpse of what she saw of the divine expression in man. The following, still dawning concept is from her 1884 glossary definition for the term, Man:

"MAN. The infinite idea of infinite Spirit. The spiritual image and likeness of God. The full representation of Mind; hence the idea of Principle, not person. The compound idea of God including all other ideas. The generic term for all that reflects God's image and likeness; woman is the highest term for man. The conscious identity of being as found in science where man is the reflection of God, Mind, and therefore is eternal. Which hath no separate mind from God. That which hath not a single quality underived from Deity. That possesses no life, intelligence, or creative power of their own, but reflects all that belongs to their Maker.... What is incapable of sin, sickness, or death, insomuch as it derives its esse from God, and possesses not a single original or underived power; hence cannot depart from holiness. Nor can God from out of Himself, whence man was involved, engender a capacity or freedom to sin. In divine science, God and man are inseparable, as Principle and its idea...."

This text was written long before before nuclear physics came to the conclusion that the entire physical universe contains not a speck of matter, but is the construct of a vast array of harmonizing principles and their expressions, ordered by an all-embracing incredible Intelligence. Thus, Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit are the primal elements of the universe. The science of nuclear physics didn't really come into being until the Curies opened the door to it in 1898 with the discovery of radioactivity. Einstein's contribution is made relatively late in the timeline. He is best known for his theory of relativity in terms of  mass-energy equivalence, E=mc2 for which he received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics together with his other contributions to Theoretical Physics. And even these were just starting points. The first evidence for the existence of quarks was not discovered until 1986 which was honored with the 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Mary Baker Eddy already understood the essence of that back in 1875, based on spiritual evidence demonstrated in scientific mental healing. She termed the all-embracing Intelligence, Mind, and described her divine concept of, Mind, as:

"MIND. The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, Principle, Substance, Life, Truth, Love, -yea, the One God. Not that which is in man, but the divine Principle of him, of which man is the full and perfect expression. Deity which outlines, but is not outlined. That of which there is but One, because there is but one God, and if we claimed none other, sin would be unknown. The only exterminator of error is the great truth that good, God is the only Mind; that His opposite -called evil, devil- is not Mind, is not Truth, but error without Intelligence or Truth. We can have but one Mind if that one is infinite. We bury the sense of infinitude, when admitting that good, God, is infinite, but evil has a place in this infinite; for it could have no place, where all space is filled with God, except in Him. We loose the signification of Omnipotence when admitting that God, good, is omnipotent, has all power, yet there is another power named evil..."

These are concepts that existed back in 1884 when the above quotes were published. The concepts might have been recognized a couple of decades earlier. The book in which the quotes appeared was in its 9th Edition in 1884. Before hear death in 1910 the book evolved through several hundred editions and became generally known as her textbook on spiritual science. While the wording has changed significantly in the modern editions, the underlying concept remained necessarily unaltered.

Mary Baker Eddy had utilized her discovered concept of an all-embracing Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit. It became the primal root of her platform for metaphysical healing. While the practice of metaphysical healing has drifted into the background in today's world its platform has remained effective and demonstrable from her days to the present and may continue so for all times to come whenever the platform is understood. In doing so she gave the dimension of our 'third sex' -- the creative and causative intelligence that is reflected in the human being -- another 'quamtum' advance. With her scientific work she contributed to human culture a significant extension of it that might yet close the door to the dark ages of a multi-polar divided world and its correlative in the oligarchic practice of empire and its resulting wars against mankind.

While she stood alone with her advanced perception that first came to light in 1866, nuclear physics now confirms that she was right all along, which puts a proven, powerful platform back onto the table as a sufficient answer for healing today's many cultural failures reflected, economically, financially, politically, socially, and the deeper failures of a sexually divided world, 

In spiritual terms she created a renaissance that for a season blocked the advance of oligarchism. As one might expect great efforts were made to discredit here work, and continue to be made. As the result a lot of it has become dysfunctional and has vanished. The very idea that there is an in Intelligence underlying the universe is being fought by all means possible, even to the point of perverting science itself. This anti-intelligence crusade is prominently carried forward in astrophysical science, presently reflected in the Big-Bang theory of the universe. It is the new Sarpi-type "Enlightenment" movement that as in the olden days puts everything into the cradle of accidental accretion. It denies the very existence of Intelligence and harmonizing principles. In the Big-Bang theory everything originates from a giant cataclysmic explosion in which the universe is deemed to sort of fall into place in such a manner that everything miraculously functions harmoniously with the end result of a universe coming into being. Here, everything happen by chance. The vast array of harmonizing principles that we see reflected everywhere are deemed to simply appear by chance in the bang of an explosion, falling into place for no cause and without an ordering Intelligence, and without a purpose and an expanding development.

If the Big-Bang theory wouldn't be such a blatantly obvious political project to deny the existence of Intelligence, Harmony, and Purpose, it would be laughable as a badly written re-play of the "Enlightenment" movement which was born in the stalls of empire to crush the Renaissance spirit that acknowledges the incredible intelligence of the human being, reflected in creativity, scientific cognition, and ever-expanding physical productivity; which has altogether attributed to the human being an amazing worth. This renaissance-recognition of the amazing worth of the human being had cut to the very core of the existence of empire and its oligarchic foundation that requires a society of slaves to exist. The "Enlightenment" movement was created as an element of the war of empire against mankind in an effort to continue its enslavement of it. Consequently the "Enlightenment" proclaimed that there is no such thing as fundamental Intelligence expressed in mankind, or cognition, science, creativity, or worth. The Big-Bang theory is a crude replay of the same thing, concocted for the same purpose, a lie financed by the empires' money, supported by its propaganda machine, and all its stooges and prostitutes. But as with the "Enlightenment" the lies tend to wear thin, because no matter how thick the lies are spread across the mental landscape they cannot hide the truth that mankind is an intelligent being and that the universe itself is the product of expressed Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit. Since these are the primal elements of the universe, and mankind is a part of the progressively unfolding universe, the renaissance spirit of mankind cannot be forever trampled into dust. Just as peace inevitably resumes after war has concluded its madness, so the renaissance spirit of mankind will inevitably become dominant. This will happen not because the oligarchic system destroys itself by its own emptiness. It will happen because the intelligence of mankind, reflecting the Intelligence that is expressed in all parts of the universe, without which it would not exist, cannot forever remain hidden behind the smoke-screens of successive "Enlightenment" movements built on retrograde theories.

The reason why I am bringing this up is the amazing coincidence in historic time of the unfolding of Mary Baker Eddy's leading edge scientific work, from 1866 to 1910, with the only major period of general peace in the world going back quite a few centuries, which is mirrored only in periods of renaissance. History tells us that in her time the train of horrors had suddenly stopped. It didn't get rolling again until a few years after her death. 

I am bringing this up, because this rare period of peace coincided with the introduction of a high-level scientific perception of the Sublime nature of mankind. In modern times both peace and the spiritual image of mankind are fading into oblivion with no end presently in sight. Maybe history is trying to tell us something, hinting that we have lost sight of something that civilization depends on.

That Mary Baker Eddy's concept of "Christian Science" as she called the application of her discovery, was revolutionary in her time. That the the focus of her scientific work was not limited to the healing of disease where it was most prominently reflected in her time, is evident in her final project for the continuous renaissance-advancement of mankind. At the age of 86, long after most people have retired, she gave up her beloved country home and moved her entire household to Boston for the sole purpose to establish an international Newspaper with the mission "to bless all mankind and injure none." 

One of her most profound statements is that "God is Love." In this statement is encapsulated the very nature of universal Intelligence. In her days as a pioneer she stood alone. Now we are saying the very same in the physics lab. The harmonizing ‘Spirit’ of the Intelligence of the universe and its continuously developing nature or 'purpose' is best described as Love. Thus we’ve merely discovered anew in the science lab what the early pioneers have always known as far back in time as one cares to take the exploration of it. Except we now realize, which might not have been realized before, that without this universal Love we would not exist at all and that the universe itself would not exist without it. Thus, love defines the highest aspect of our humanity, or 'third sex' so to speak, our spiritual identity. 

I find it interesting to note at this point that the universal sense of reality is also the spiritual sense in all aspects of the divine reflection so that the terms spiritual and universal can be understood interchangeably. This interchangability was pioneered by Mary Baker Eddy. For example in  her "Scientific Definition of Immortal Mind,"  up to 1901, Mary Baker Eddy defined "Man" as "God's universal idea, individual, perfect, eternal." In later years she defined "Man" as God's spiritual idea, individual, perfect, and eternal." (emphasis added) Thus our concept of love, and the expression of it, must necessarily be universal or else it looses its spiritual dimension and thereby looses its divine nature and becomes a small concept that has lost much of its divine character. Thus, without the universal sense of love, we loose sight of what love really means. The Principle of Universal Love is one of the great principles that need to be explored and expressed in the human realm.

The highest aspect of our being, therefore, has to be Love. Thus the ancient wisdom suddenly makes sense now, as when the Apostle John declared two millennia ago, "Without love we cannot see God." (I. John 4) John night add today, "neither can we see ourselves, without love." Thus, every step away from universal love is a step away from ourselves, towards emptiness and want. And by the same principle, every step towards universal love is a step in healing the growing emptiness and want in the world, and a step towards ourselves and our roots in infinite Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit and everything else that the term "God" includes. 

The steps in divine Science that put us on track towards understanding the divine reality, the universal reality, the spiritual reality, put us into a skyward flight and not merely as passengers in an airplane, but as divinely conscious beings standing on the wings of the plane facing the infinite with confidence and freedom.



What fuel do I use to power the plane? Is God the fuel?


The plane; the pilot; the engine; the fuel; they are all essential elements that are expressed together in a productive process. If one of them is missing, nothings results from the process. - God is reflected in all of the various aspects and not just in the fuel.

The pilot for the plain has always been the Christ -- but Mary Baker Eddy said to herself in essence "while I know of the Christ and what Jesus had accomplished by expressing it, I must also know the science that is involved, which enables the Christ-healing process. That is how divine Science began to unfold. Divine Science was a revelation.

Mary Baker Eddy built the plane, She established The First Church of Christ Scientist (the institution that affords proof of its utility), and she became an expert pilot for it (she called herself its Pastor Emeritus). Her message to the world is: I can take you up into the blue yonder. I can give you wings. But you have to enter the college and learn from me many things -- I invite you to take a course in Divine Science. 

The plane, or course, is useless without fuel. The fuel is Divine Science. Learning the process of scientific discovery, of knowing what God is, what the Truth is, and to learn it scientifically, will make the airplane fly. 

Mary Baker Eddy has amply demonstrated the capability of the plane and also of the fuel to power it.  The plane is The Church of Christ Scientists. Its fuel is Divine Science. But the power that makes the plane fly isn't in the fuel. The power is in the combustion process, which the fuel merely facilitates. The power is in the principle of combustion, reflecting the power of divine Principle. Still the concept of fuel is important as a metaphor. The question as to what is divine Science is not an easy one to answer. Even Mary Baker Eddy had evidently struggled with it as can be gleamed from her own developing concept of it. She presented the following in 1884 as a part of her glossary definition for the term "Veil:"

"The martyrdom of Jesus was the culminating sin of Pharisaism; and it rent the veil of their temples, revealed their false foundations and superstructures of religion, tore from bigotry and superstition their coverings, and opened the sepulchre with divine Science -- immortality, Truth, and Love."

In 1901 the same text appeared as follows:

"The martyrdom of Jesus was the culminating sin of Pharisaism. It rent the veil of the Temple. It revealed the false foundations and superstructures of superficial religion, tore from bigotry and superstition their coverings, and opened the sepulchre with Divine Science, - Immortality and Love."

Note, the term "their temples" became "Temple," and the terms terms "divine Science" and "immortality" became capitalized, and the term Truth became omitted. Then, sometime after 1901, the capitalization of the three terms was dropped again, as shown in 1910 version (the final version) shown below:

"The martyrdom of Jesus was the culminating sin of Pharisaism. It rent the veil of the temple. It revealed the false foundations and superstructures of superficial religion, tore from bigotry and superstition their coverings, and opened the sepulchre with divine Science, - immortality and Love."

We see a developing concept here that appears to be of crucial importance. When I was searching for a cover image for the book Living in the Sublime that these articles are a part of, I had been searching through a variety of abstract images to represent the nature of spiritual ideas. But Mary Baker Eddy seems to tell us a different story. She seems to say that it easy to say that God is Immortal and All-knowing. While this is scientifically correct, it leaves out the human dimension. It renders God as a distant concept, as an abstract image. The great Example of Christ Jesus  -- which Mary Baker Eddy brought back to the foreground in the modern age -- is that God is not an abstraction but is fully reflected in man and in human action that reflect the divine. She brought Divine Science out of the abstract world to the human world, as divine Science unfolding in the highest strata of mortal thought "the only error of which is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity." (from the glossary definition for Euphrates.) She writes in the chapter on Science: "Divine Science, rising above physical theories, excludes matter, resolves things into thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas." (S&H p. 123) By the same token, spiritual ideas can be metaphorically presented with 'every-day' objects, because God's nature, creativity, and power is reflected in man and human activity. Thus, by searching for a cover image the airplane picture came into view. It was chosen as an image that reflects the Sublime Being; that reflect the coincident of human and the divine -- the freedom and power of spiritual ideas, ideas reflecting divine Truth.

Mary Baker Eddy's definition of the term God has similarly been changing to reflect the wider concept that puts mankind into its profound coincidence with God. In her 1884 definition for God seven concepts for God appear capitalized (see below) which later were un-capitalized (see above).

God.  I AM. All-knowing, All-seeing, All-acting, All-loving, All-wise, and eternal. Principle.  Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Substance, and Intelligence. (note: the term Mind was not included)

By later removing the capitalization for the terms all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, all substance; intelligence, she emphasises the coincidence of human and the divine -- the immediate relevance of God to humanity. Removing the capitalization does not narrow the field of God, but heightens it, and so does her adding the term, Mind.
We can see the same widening of the concept of God in her glossary definition for the term, Good, which she equates with God.

Good (1884): God, Spirit, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omni-action.

Good (1901 and onward): God; Spirit; omnipotence; omniscience; omnipresence; omni-action.

With all that considered Mary Baker Eddy asks every one of us, "are you now ready to stand on the wing of the airplane? Do you trust the pilot? Do you trust the fuel? Do you trust the power of Principle? Do you trust them with your life?"

Most likely you will trust them only after having 'lived' with the pilot? The pilot might ask you, are you a complete person as the result of your experience of knowing what it means to 'fly?' Have you taken a CSD (Christian Science Doctor) degree in the College? Are you honest about it? Do you understand your relationship with the divine? Do you recognize yourself as the son of God in the spiritual context as a month was once called in Hebrew text "the son of a year?" 

This train of questioning involves much. 

As for the CSD degree, it can only be taken. No one awards it. You alone carry the responsibility for your life and your 'flight' in life. By taking the CSD degree off the table in Mary Baker Eddy's Massachusetts Metaphysical College you acknowledge to yourself that you have done the work, that you have pondered the numerous aspects of divine Science, that you have experienced its potential. Once this is done, walking on the wings becomes a natural thing.

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you can stand on the wing and face the open sky and celebrate fully your spiritual and divine nature in the great temple of the world. You can do this confidently, because you will know then from experience what is required to have sufficient fuel in the tank, to have it always full to the brim with immortality and Love, which facilitates the power that powers the engine. 

Most likely, though, you won't stand on the wing on the first flight. Most likely you will sit next to the pilot many a day until you discover the freedom of the process. Your pilot, the Christ, is the manifestation of God that sets the stage of divine Science for you. "Christ Jesus was the most scientific man that ever trod the globe," said Mary Baker Eddy. Your challenge is to earn the same ticket. The College is open. Go to school. Take the CSD degree in the College. Mary Baker Eddy remains its President to the very day.

If you have taken your degree honestly, the Christ will open the top hatch to the wings. Nor will you ask the pilot, do you have enough fuel for the entire flight? You will know that the tank will always be full, and be kept full to the brim, because the fuel is "divine Science, -- immortality and Love" that is the essence of one's being. That's the root of civilization. Without it there would be no civilization, just as without the all-harmonizing divine Principle (its Spirit that is Love) there would be no universe existing.

And so, God is the fundamental element in every single element that is expressed in the process of human 'flying' as the expression of divine Principle. Even before the 'airplane' was even envisioned, as Mary Baker Eddy had said about it in retrospect, God had been graciously preparing her over many years for the final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing. And even then, years later, after the science that she had searched for had been fully established, she stated emphatically that she still finds herself standing at the 'desk of the divine reality,' --  "a willing disciple at the heavenly gate waiting for the Mind of Christ." (S&H ix:18)

Yes, God, Intelligence, Sprit, Love, (with all the etceteras that these terms include), constitute the universe. But they also constitute man and mankind. Without them, nothing would exist, nor would civilization exist, and this reflection in man necessarily includes mankind's expression of universal Love. Taking flight on the wings of a great Science we put ourselves into the universe of universal Love.

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