this page is part of a literary art project exploring the wide landscape of love
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - December, 2007

No turning back!

"You can not heal what you have killed; 
You can not fix what you have already destroyed
Lyndon LaRouche

The path ahead should be mapped out by the Principle of Universal Love
a path towards a New World built on truth
far from the mists of mysticism

Part 1

Truth and Economics
Rolf A. F. Witzsche - December 2007

From a certain point onward 
there is no turning back possible.

Mankind cannot return to its cradle of 2.5 million years ago, or even to its recent primitive stage at the end of the last Ice Age that gave us a world population of only 5 million. We are a 6 billion population now going on to 10 billion and the FORCE behind that is not rooted in the earth or in the climate, but in the spiritual nature of our humanity, which is a force of great intelligence. And I might add, intelligence is love.

Nuclear physics tells us that the basic element in the universe is energy, that everything is the construct of fast moving points of energy. I disagree. The most basic element in the universe is evidently intelligence, the one force that organized the universally harmonizing principles that
have constructed the universe out of virtually nothing. Without that force and its harmonizing effect, the universe would not exist. But isn't that harmonizing effect basically love?

What we call civilization is the construct of love. If we scrap love as a force, civilization disintegrates. That is where the world is at today: determined to scrap love, the one force by which we exist. But we can't turn back from what we've become without loosing everything. We have lost too much already. We can only move forward, towards understanding more of the principle of universal love. 

Indeed, why should we be turning back? Back to what? Back to empire? Why? The imperial age is over. The rulers of empires have discredited themselves. Their wars of "empire versus civilization" are failing. The profit gauging private imperial monetarism has bankrupted itself beyond repair. It cannot be saved, only civilization can be saved. And civilization will be saved as society slips out of the yoke of empire and moves forward on the basis of harmonizing, real, universal principles.

America was born as a republic, not as an empire. Its economy was created on the platform of a federal credit society with directed financial credit for the building of infrastructures and industries and whatever else is required for a rich, efficient, and healthy society. The principles for doing that have all been established. Society only needs to move forward with what is has already built, instead of looking back to empire that has never befitted society, but has been destructive to it in the most deep reaching monstrous fashion as the video below (Storm over Asia) brings out to some degree. But before that becomes relevant one needs to go further back in time to the most devastating genocidal project in history that was launched in the early 1970s and serves as a surrounding frame for everything to come. This project imposed a deep reaching perversion of science to serve a fraudulent dogma that became a major keystone in the war of empire versus civilization.

The Dogma of Manmade Global Warming:
A Dogma for Genocide.

Contrary to the major myths, there is no manmade global warming, nor has there ever been a scientific consensus in support of the dogma but a worldwide opposition against it, and on top of all that, whatever natural warming there was has ended in 1998. These are physical facts, but the dogma continues. But the dogma is murderous. It kills, and it continues to kill on a wide front of genocide that has likely already destroyed more human lives than all the wars of the last century combined. The genocide is carried out on two fronts. One front is focused on the destruction of industries and the prevention of industrialization, catering to the most potent killer of mankind, which is poverty. The other front is the destruction of mankind's food supply infrastructure by the destruction of farming. This happens in two ways, one, by placing the food supply into the hands of cartelised imperial food monopolies; and two, by taking vast tracts of agricultural land out of food production for the cultivation of bio-fuel crops as has been mandated under the global-warming doctrine. In both cases the genocide is carried out in the name of reducing carbon emission which the doctrine defines as the only way to save the world from global warming. 

It was for this genocidal swindle that the doctrine of manmade global warming was imposed, and it was imposed in the same timeframe when all the other genocidal swindles were imposed, like the CFC ban, the DDT ban, and NSSM200. In this way the 1970s became the decade when mankind was beginning to loose in a big way in the now explosive war of empire versus civilization.

Storm Over Asia- (Video-Download Only)

The video "Storm over Asia" produced in 1999 is almost a classic by now for its stunning accuracy, produced by the world renowned American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche. The man is recognized around the world as a pioneer for many decades, fighting for scientific honesty, scientific and technological progress, the principle of constitutional government and its principle of the general welfare, and of course his focus on worldwide economic development, including the development of nuclear power. When speaking in the video, LaRouche speaks from his long-term background in his personal commitment to the fight for protecting and advancing civilization.

In the above video he presents an amazingly accurate forecast of the world we now live in, warning of the then onrushing strategic/economic crisis and its potential to explode enormously, which has now become our modern crisis that has the potential for the greatest political/economic disintegration in civilization of the last seven centuries, if not of all times.   

In his classic video, Storm over Asia, LaRouche presents an overview of how the world financial system was being wrecked starting in the 1960s in face of the ever widening circles of financial speculation and looting, often by force, and how in the course of this process President Nixon demolished the postwar Bretton Woods fixed-exchange-rate international financial system in 1971. He also points out that the developing financial crises typically lead to war, and how the Balkan War was set up in this background to enable the USA and NATO to gain a foothold in the region in order to expand their military adventures into the Middle East, Trans Caucasia, and Central Asia. All of this was openly stated at the time, including that the bombing of Yugoslavia was done for this purpose, advancing the imperial purpose, the war of empire versus civilization, instead of solving any existing problem in the region. LaRouche's video also gives us a glimpse of how deeply Russia was destroyed economically in the early post-Soviet era, and how the economic development of Germany was forcefully prevented in the post-communist world unfolding there, and how the economic development of the Middle East was purposely wrecked for which the Iraq wars were started.

It was all planned, and as it was planned, it happened. Economic development did not occur anywhere in these targeted areas, or by the same token anywhere in the world, and whatever had been developed was rapidly disintegrated in a course in which the American wars expanded and became a fire storm across many parts of South Asia, reaching all the way into Central Asia. 

Economically, the world has never recovered from this intentional destruction of its economic structures. Also, it never will be able to recover until a new foundation is erected for a new structure. A dead horse cannot be ridden nor can it be healed. 

LaRouche made it repeatedly clear that the destructive imperial looting system by which so many of society's achievements have been destroyed, must be buried and be replaced with a sovereign national credit system, and that the international floating-exchange-rate system (a speculative looting system) must be replaced with a new Bretton Woods type fixed-rate system in order to enable long-term international agreements.

The dire necessity for such steps lead to LaRouche's famous historic economic-policy speech in March 1998 in Washington D.C.:

Towards a New Bretton Woods

  (there is also a video-download available)

As LaRouche's policy proposal fell on deaf ears the crisis deepened. With the physical economy collapsing evermore steeply and the financial values increasing astronomically, the value of money itself was fast disintegrating as it no longer represents anything real, even while the 'printing presses' were turned on to print evermore money as during the hyperinflationary collapse in Germany in 1923. LaRouche issued the triple curve diagram below to illustrate the interrelationship in the ongoing systemic collapse of financial values in terms of physical values that is a built-in feature of the imperial private monetarist system that is centered on looting.

On July 18, 2000, LaRouche offered an escape policy for getting out of this trap as an emergency measure while the world-financial system is being rebuilt. He put forth an innovative idea for a world in which the supposed value of money no longer means anything, which he called:

Trade Without Currency

Since money was fast loosing its representative value, LaRouche proposed a new value equivalent for trade, which is to be determined by the actual value to society of a basket of hard commodity goods. The proposal should have shut down the vast arena of international currency speculation that has drained the resources of many nations. Of course that wasn't allowed with the silent war of empire versus civilization being maintained in full force.

In September of the same year (2000) in which the "Trade Without Currency" proposal was made, LaRouche issued as repeat of the "Storm Over Asia" warning. This time he was focusing on the now explosively expanding crisis, literally saying, "I told you that this would be happening." See:

Storm Over Asia, Take Two:
I Told You So, and Now It Is Happening

He presented a more detailed history here, of the crisis, with the call to society to wake up. But since society chose to remain asleep, as a consequence nothing constructive happened so that the crisis is today far more severe.

Today, seven years later, the U.S. dollar has lost nearly half of its value in the vast currency casino. And even at that, the dollar's actual value is a mere fraction of the perceived. The value of a national currency typically reflects the productive power of a nation's physical economy. If nothing is being produced, the greatest stacks of money won't buy anything. Thus money looses its value. The value of the U.S. dollar, in that respect, is extremely low. The USA has wrecked most of its once productive industries that gave its dollar a high value. That's all gone. The USA wrecked its shoe industry, it textile industry, its steel industry, its machine tool industry, its shipbuilding industry, its automobile industry, its aircraft and space industry, and what is left is hampered by the lack of efficient infrastructures. There is little being produced that gives the U.S. dollar its value. Most products that are consumed are imported. 

How dead the dollar is in real terms is illustrated by the collapsing welfare of the general society, the wide-spread poverty, homelessness, hunger, unemployment, slum living, and the collapse in education, culture, health care, and affordable clothing, housing, and heating. The U.S. dollar is so stone-dead in real terms, that if it were traded by its actual value, that value would be so low that the entire world economy would collapse, which is deeply linked to the dollar. The only hope for mankind is that the U.S. economy will be rebuilt and the dollar will recover to something close to the presently assumed value.

Against this background LaRouche issued another major policy initiative in April, 2005, under the title:

Recreate our Economy

The dead engine needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, with the building of new infrastructures, new power systems, water systems, efficient transportation systems, and a vast new platform of nationally protected industries. Without imperial looting standing in the way this goal can be reached. And it must be reached. It may take 50 years to built the world up to the kind of functional economy it should have by now. Even though this process isn't even started at the present time, no other option exits. In time though, even America will recognize that it gets nowhere attempting to ride a dead horse. Of course it might kill itself while insisting on the impossible, thus leaving the achievable undone.

In the face of the presently collapsing empire, which is getting nastier as the imperial age is drawing to a close, Lyndon LaRouche proposed a vital piece of legislation to protect society from the disruption of civilization by the now near-death insanity of the collapsing imperial world.

His emergency proposal at this late state in the death spiral of empire is the already famous:

"Homeowner and Bank Protection Act,"  (HBPA)

which countless people are now promoting among themselves as the only possible means for stopping the home foreclosure evictions that have become an epidemic in the U.S. and worldwide in the face of evermore intensive financial looting. In this particular case the increased looting is achieved via adjustable mortgages, which in some cases have increased to, and exceed, credit card interest rates, leading to the eviction of families from their homes by the millions as the looting demands can no longer be met by society. LaRouche proposed a stop to that, to erect a firewall of reason, designed to prevent a social catastrophe, which is then followed by a just settlement that can be worked out with the focus fairness. LaRouche also proposes that this emergency firewall must prevent the collapse of the banking system that a modern society requires. 

LaRouche's prposed HBPA is an example of a step moving forward. The proposal is not put forward for repairing the dying imperial system so that society can step back unto onto platform that has never worked for its advantage. Instead it is a proposal to scrap the old and build a new system on well established, proven, harmonizing universal economic principles. 

That's what stepping forward means. It also means doing this before all the essential pillars of civilization become totally destroyed. It means moving forward on the platform of universal love, which society has barely begun to understand and apply. In practical terms the Principle of Universal Love adds up to making a commitment in scoiety for moving towards a new renaissance in our time. While for most of society the vast arena where this principle applies is virgin territory and only a few have dared to cross its borders, the borders which have been closed off by empires for many ages, their numbers of those 'testing' the borders are now increasing. The few who have dared to cross the barriers have raised a new light in their days, a light that has constantly gown brighter as LaRouche and his movements amply exemplify, with more yet to come.

I've worked on this fundamental problem for 25 years, to discover what is involved in breaking the fetters of worn-out concepts that stand in the way of the Principle of Universal Love and the discovering of its truly wide horizons, embracing in the process the one force that is the most basic force of the universe - the force of intelligence unfolding as love, or as one might call it: the force of the  Principle of Universal Love. 

Thus, in very real terms, love is life,
and the landscape of love is immense and wide.

Today's world is becoming a new stage with a new platform that is still barely seen, a stage that is a turning point itself, staging a discontinuity, a threshold that closes the door to any going back to the slavery platform of the imperial world of globalized looting. 

While the imperial world is nominally still in control, in real terms it is already disintegrating as its practices are evermore brutally destroying the host society that the imperial world is feeding on. For example, the current mortgage foreclosure storm that is in process of increasing to hurricane force is a predatory insanity that threatens social chaos on a huge scale, together with a corresponding economic chaos resulting from the collapse of the banking system. Nor can the  hurricane be prevented on the imperial platform that causes the hurricane. This platform, simply put, is a world without love, a world that is no longer functioning, that is in a sense burying itself.

Imagine a family that barely scrapes by, that devotes three quarters of its income to mortgage payments. Suddenly the interest rates go up, illness strikes, or unemployment interrupts the income stream. The payments fall behind. People can't pay what they don't have. In this crisis, often at the same time, the foreclosure notice arrives, demanding that a huge increase in payments is being committed to for which the income does not exist, which is then followed up by the people's eviction from their home. The family that is already in crisis is thereby forced into an ever-deeper crisis. Those who struggle to save their home by seeking Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, find themselves suddenly hit with an avalanche of fraudulent demands by the lenders and their agents, such as falsified accounting and thousands of dollars in fees that are altogether pure theft amounting to millions in profits for the lenders, while they leave little room for the protection of the people in crisis, including virtually no protection by the legal system unless more huge fees are being paid. 

The predators laugh at this and gleefully excuse their looting of society by saying that private business exists exclusively for profit and not for social welfare. The  financial fascism that results from that has become evermore brutal. It is actually quite similar in style now, if not much worse, than the financial fascism that had turned the world into a hell in the 1930s and had opened the door to Hitler and World War II.

We are in a boundary zone

We truly have reached a discontinuity in this respect. We cannot turn back to the kind of environment that existed in the 1930s and expect to survive the outcome.  World War II was like a child's play in comparison with the modern terror of war. Also World War II was never really won. World War II was a contest between two killing machines in which one eliminated the resources for the other by which the war ground to a halt. Not the slightest victory over fascism was ever achieved by this war. Fascism was allowed to survive. It became the New World Order and it soon started killing again, monstrously, all around the world, and hasn't stopped. Its new killing machines have become huge monsters on their own, nuclear monsters, biological monsters, that ultimately no one can survive. We cannot turn the clock back to the kind of world that is ruled by monsters and war and hope to have a civilization on this platform that has only brought destruction in the past. 

That gate is closed. We are in the boundary zone now, a zone of a discontinuity where a new reality unfolds with new parameters, in which we can only step forward. The new parameters are those of the wide landscape of love. Society is looking for love. It haó tasted enough of the world without love. It is sick of it. It is looking for universal love, not the universal absence of love. The Principle of Universal Love will define the future Humanist World Order or mankind won't have a future. That's the dimension of agape.

Right now we are close to a world without a future as the war of empire versus civilization explodes into huge and evermore ferocious battles on a wide front with civilization being put under enormous pressure everywhere. Also, this widening war is now entering vital eras in which we cannot afford to loose. If we kill the most vital aspects of our humanity on which our existence depends, we literally kill ourselves.

 I have put together a series of articles, presented below, that pertain to the various fronts where civilization is immensely challenged and may be destroyed, which we cannot afford. Thus a new fight is being launched in all of these areas, and this fight must not fail.

I have chosen the most able researchers that I could find on each of the vital fronts, who have distinguished themselves by their in-depth work on the various aspects where civilization is under attack.

The Noosphere vs. Blogosphere:
 Is The Devil in Your Laptop?

Under the above heading a frontline group of youth has compiled a multifaceted work of research to expose a deep-reaching imperial project of cultural warfare with the policy of intention to literally steal the life of the youth of society by means of 'empty' pursuits, giving them nothing in return in terms of skills and intellectual abilities for maintaining a civilization, much less advancing a civilization, or even maintaining their own existence. The age of the joy of discovery is fast drawing to a close for many tens of millions of young people all over the world. The age is being turned into a age of entertainment, violence, and an unfulfilling so-called 'culture.'

The 'Doomsday Seed Vault' in the Arctic

This above article is written by a long time researcher in the arena of food warfare for profit, which is an extensively used element in the war of empire versus civilization. LaRouche has warned about this war decades ago and continues. Of course, fighting against empire, his voice was squelched.  But the truth has a way of making itself heard. The voice that spoke in the wilderness was heard by enough who carried forward the fight on their own and have become a considerable fore to impede the war of empire against civilization. The above article is an example of an 'avalanche' that LaRouche set in motion more than thirty years ago. LaRouche got the ball rolling. Now society is running with it, at least to some degree.

We see the same thing happening in respect to global warming. When the global warming doctrin was first enacted LaRouche and his movement protested and fought against it in a big way and was ridiculed for it. But it continued the fight. The fight was escalated all the way through the 1990s. Now society has begun to self-organize itself around the issue of scientific honesty and demonstrable truth, the issue that LaRouche has put on the table consistently. Against the background for the resulting movement for truth the global warming doctrine is essentially dead. The carcass may linger for a while, but it has no life and no credibility left.

It is the same with the DDT ban. The LaRouche movement fought this ban right from the beginning, and the genocidal insanity driving it. Now society is slowly coming around to recognizing that the truth is the truth and that there is no substitute available in countering malaria that is as harmless and as effective as DDT in countering malaria. Thus, after countless millions have needlessly died of malaria the ban has finally been lifted. The above article is an example of society beginning to wake to the fact that the truth is the truth, which is an acknowledgement that opens the door to corrective action.

What is involved in above case of food warfare, is the intentional collapse, at the bidding of empire, of the world food supply system that has stood for countless millennia on the platform of self-perpetuating harvests. This platform is under attack. Food warfare has become big business with an eye on controlling and collapsing civilization. 

The age of food sufficiency is about to end with the mass-introduction of terminator seeds, seeds that by intention no longer produce fertile harvests so that the world becomes depended on the seed companies. The age of the world's food sufficiency is about to end, affecting hundreds of millions, if not billions of people who can no longer cultivate their own seeds, and whose very existence is thereby controlled by forces far beyond their reach. Once the present platform of the self-perpetuating biology has been killed it cannot be easily 'healed' again. However, the fact that the above article has been written and many others by many people suggests that the food war of empire against civilization is about to loose its footing in the not-so-distant future and fall by the wayside.

World Peace through World-Development

The above series of articles is related to the subject of infrastructure and industrial development, centered on a project to turn the world away from the imperial war for depopulation and deindustrialization towards a worldwide economic renaissance. This particular project was put on the table by Lyndon LaRouche shortly before the Soviet Union collapsed. The world stood at the crossroads with a perfect opportunity for rebuilding Eurasia, even saving the Soviet Union. 

Now, since nothing has been done along this line, the world collapsed deeper into economic chaos portending a New Dark Age. However, more and more countries are beginning to support the proposal as mankind's only way out of the deepening quagmire. The above series of articles starts with a focus on the 2007 international conference on the Eurasian Land-Bridge and its extension across the Americas, held in Ottawa, Canada, organized by the Canadian LaRouche Youth Movement. 

While the age of industrial prosperity is about to end around the world by the force of policies of intention, in the war of empire versus civilization, a new movement is stirring on the horizon that promises to turn the world towards a new future with a complete breaking away from the imperial world and its commitment to poverty.

Our U.S.A. Needs A Real Candidate:
 Let There Be a Time of Thanksgiving

The above article is the kind of article that only LaRouche would write, with a far reaching exploration of the imperial war of private monetarism versus the principle of sovereign national credit creation and protection of industries. Without moving forward again with the principle of national financial sovereignty via a New Bretton Woods type system, not just the USA is doomed, but the world as a whole is doomed. The challenge for creating the leadership that can rebuild the world-financial and economic platform before society physically disintegrates, however, is primarily an American challenge. 

As the historic world-leader with an Constitution designed as a firewall against empire and an innovative structural design in government, the USA has an obligation to pave the way for the world out of the current world crisis. We are in the boundary zone towards the greatest collapse of civilization in history, but also with the greatest opportunity to built a new humanist future for all mankind. The tragedy that we face here in this boundary zone, is that not a single declared Presidential candidate standing for election is qualified to meet the challenge that the survival of civilization depends on. Can this challenge be met, and a tragedy be avoided? Perhaps it can be met by looking at our own strength rooted in the principle of constitutional government that gives society the power to close the door to everything that presently endangers civilization. In this front each individual has the responsibility to be a leader to assure the survival of civilization. The principle of constitutional government is likely a greater power than anyone cares to acknowledge.

Civilization in Danger - Love fighting Estoppel Litigation

This above article is not directly related to my novels on the Principle of Universal Love, as many of the other articles above are related to some degree. Its connection stands in the background as it were as just another example of policies of intention by which long established processes that have proven their worth for society, are being set up to be wrecked for profit. 

The wrecking of all that is valuable to mankind has become the general tragedy of modern society in which nothing which serves the welfare of mankind remains sacred and secure from the wrecking ball for profit. In the above case the policy of intention is to eliminate a long-standing church, its structure, and with it its religion, all in the pursuit of its assets and to wreck its future potential. The religion in this case is America's pioneering contribution to Christianity that combines the leading edge of science with the timeless Christ and brought back on that platform the lost element of Christian healing on the basis of far reaching universal principles. The religion, Christian Science, became world-renowned for its healing in countless cases where medical practice has failed. It was also one the few institutions whose internal function was firmly placed on the principle of constitutional government, the very principle that is presently under attack worldwide to be eliminated wherever it is found.

The nature of constitutional government

The USA was founded on the principle of constitutional government. The idea of constitutional government was not totally new even then. A Constitution Act was voted up in Canada as early as 1791, and there might have been earlier constitutions in existence. But to my knowledge no Constitution, apart from the U.S. Constitution, as ever been designed to function as a firewall against imperial rule, the intention by which the U.S. Constitution became the greatest firewall ever erected for the defense of individuals, institutions, and nations in the war of empire versus civilization. Few governments in the world, if any, are built on that kind of platform by which the globalization of empire is fundamentally impeded. In this sense, the U.S. Constitution became a model for the world and gave a new meaning to the principle of constitutional government. It defined a minimal standard for a society's self-government that keeps it above the reach of empires, below which it should not regress to avoid dire consequences. 

This means that in order to wreck the USA as one of the few remaining bastions in defense of civilization against the war of empire, its platform of constitutional government that makes the USA unique in the defense of civilization will have to be destroyed.  That's the key pivot in the war of empire versus civilization. At the present time society's case in this war is going badly, as the U.S. Constitution itself hangs in the wind in shreds and tatters, being regarded by hardly anyone in government and in the public as worth anything, whereby it is reduced nothing more than just a piece of paper. The people who fight for it and its principles are presently slandered and ridiculed in the worst way possible.  And so, civilization might become lost around the world for this reason. Nevertheless with the efforts of those few a force remains in the fight for these principles, and that force is moving and gaining strength.

The details of the above court case against a church that is under attack are secondary in their technicality, while the intention in the case to wreck the church with an attack on the principle of constitutional government is of universal importance. The attack makes a mockery of the principle of law and constitutional government and abuses the courts to justify this mockery, so that the forces of the war of empire can mock society in an ever wider sphere to treachery, looting, and destroying its institutions, towards destroying society as a whole.. 

While the fight over the church's assets is of little significance to society, the case is of great significance since any case that is built as an attack on the principle of constitutional government is an attack on the most vital support structure for civilization that society has. If that principle is lost to society than one of its most valuable support structures are being destroyed, which may in fact be presently society's last remaining firewall against the rule of empire in the destruction of civilization. 

The above referred to court case is also highly significant in that there no defense being offered that can be seen as a defense of the constitutional principles, as if these principles no longer meant anything. This makes the court case a case in which the very existence of constitutional principles is on trial and virtually no defense is being offered in support of these principles. This makes the case symbolic of the greatest danger we face in the modern world.

Isn't that what LaRouche's Thanksgiving message is focused on? The constitutional principles of the USA are now being violated by governments while literally nobody is standing up in defending these principles. In fact, as LaRouche indicated in so many ways, very few people in society are even aware what the most basic universal constitutional principles are, which the USA is founded on as a republic. There is virtually no defense being offered against the ongoing widening attack on these principles. One sees almost no defense forthcoming, either from society, or from institutions of government, of from any one of the candidates standing for election as the President of the nation. 

Few dangers are greater than the danger to society that rests in this single tragedy. If the process of government by constitutional principles is lost, the nation is lost. The healing has to happen before the USA dies, and the world dies with it as it is already in the process of dying.

For example, the Bretton Woods principle of fixed exchange rates between national currencies is an element of the General Welfare Principle that is a keystone in the U.S. Constitution. The Bretton Woods principle was pioneered by an American President (FDR) as a reflection of his commitment to the principle of constitutional government. The wrecking of the Bretton Woods accord for imperial profits was a broad-fielded attack on the principle of constitutional government, which by its design sets up a firewall that protects society from the firestorms of the rule of empire (see Storm over Asia). But if the design is ignored, the principle mocked, and society stands silent in indifference, tragedies flood the realm, even the world.

The Bretton Woods accord was a bulwark of the principle of the general welfare that is a keystone of the U.S. Constitution. Enormous harm was done to America and the world with the wrecking of the Bretton Woods accord, which is typical for any wrecking of the principle of constitutional government in any form (and always in the name of profit). The intended wrecking of a church in the above court case, on the wings of attacking the principle of constitutional government, is symbolic of the type of warfare that has become a common pattern in the ever-widening war of empire versus civilization.

LaRouche's Thanksgiving message is hitting the very core of this ever-widening attack by alerting society to the fact that the principle of constitutional government has been designed by the Founding Fathers as an effective firewall against the war of empire against civilization. When this firewall is wrecked, civilization is lost. All of LaRouche's policy proposals were, and still are, not arbitrary inventions, but lawful bugle calls to society to reinstate the principle of constitutional government, and with it reinstate its principle of the general welfare. His call for a New Bretton Woods; for the economic development of the word via the Eurasian Land-Bridge; for nuclear power, for infrastructures, for worldwide food sufficiency; for the Home Owner and Bank Protection Act; and for his fight against the destruction of culture and the youth of the world; to name just a few examples, is a single call with many faces for reinstating the principle of constitutional government, which mandates society's focus on the principle of the general welfare. 

The demand for constitutional government 
and the honouring of its principle of the general welfare.

Society's lacking response is evidently the reason why the world is now in a crisis of leadership, as LaRouche warns in the Thanksgiving article, especially in the USA. We are in this crisis of leadership, because the principle of constitutional government has largely been lost sight of, both in the nation, in government, and in the minds of the candidates for President. On this count the world is in immensely great danger. The worldwide financial and economic collapse is but a systemic symptom of this systemic danger.  The entire world is in danger, and not merely the USA, because there are few governments in the world built on a Constitution that is designed as a firewall against the war of empire versus civilization. In this regard the USA stands quite alone with a responsibly for civilization that few, apart from LaRouche, even acknowledge or take seriously. That is also the reason why LaRouche is so viciously under attack by all the empire's stooges and all the empire's worms.

The reason why the masters of empire hate LaRouche and command their servants not to utter his name except in slander, or touch his proposals, is not a reflection on himself on his policies, it is a reflection of the masters' fear of the power of constitutional government that LaRouche represents. They are enraged with fear. Thus, every word of slander against LaRouche is really an attack on the principle of constitutional government that LaRouche represents. Every ill word thrown at him, derogatory remark, or rejecting gesture is in real terms an attack on America's fundamental platform of government that his policies are based on. His proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act is a policy that is demanded as a constitutional imperative reflecting the principle of the general welfare. It is unconstitutional to do anything less, and to reject his proposal as a minimal platform is an act of contempt of the constitution itself, because there are no other policies possible on this platform. All counter proposals that have been brought forward stand in contempt of the constitution as they mock the principle of the general welfare and promote the welfare of empire and the further looting of society. The sad part is that by their lack of response to LaRouche's proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act the entire Congress and Senate stands in contempt of the Constitution that they have all sworn to uphold.

When LaRouche commented that of the current line-up of candidates for the Presidency not a single candidate is qualified for the job, he would not have said this if even one of them would not have declared himself to stand in contempt of the Constitution, but would have stood in defense of it by virtue of fighting with LaRouche for the implementation of the proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act on which the welfare of the nation and the world as a whole depends. 

Does this mean that the USA is invariably doomed by this lack of leadership? No, not by any means.

There are a great many people active in society today, in communities, local governments, state governments, in the LaRouche Youth Movement, even in the Democratic Party, who have put themselves squarely on the line in a big way towards implementing the proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act. Any single one of them would be more qualified than the entire lot of candidates who stand for election for the Presidency on a platform of contempt of the Constitution. Considering the large and expanding base of people who have the minimal qualification to be a candidate, a declaration of thanksgiving is certainly in order. The thanksgiving is in order, because it might come to the point that a qualified candidate will yet step forward, or that one of the declared candidates rouses himself or herself to meet the minimal qualification, shedding his or her contempt of the Constitution, thus to begin to minimally stand at par with the electorate on the long road to becoming their leader. All of these options are possible if we, society, cares to make them so.

Here one more important element enters the scene, which is the core issue of the devil in the laptop studies presented above. 

The principle of constitutional government needs to be taken one step further and be applied individually to one's self-government under the 'constitution' of ones humanity as a human being. In a very real sense, those who voluntarily allow themselves to become trapped into the devil in the laptop environment do stand by their doing so in contempt of their humanity as a human being.

 That's a harsh thing to say, but the consequences of this contempt justify the saying it. In real terms our humanity is our universal constitution which is not without its own imperative principles such as the principle of agape, the principle of universal love and self-respect, which are all related to the constitutional principle of the general welfare. When we stand in contempt of our humanity and its principles, then we stand to suffer the consequences that come with that contempt, which are as harsh as the consequences for a nation that stands in contempt of its Constitution and elects leaders to its offices of government who by their actions openly proclaim their contempt.

 Fundamentally the two constitutions, the Constitution for the self-government of a nation and the constitution of our individual humanity for our individual self-government, are one. The maintenance and advance of civilization requires both constitutions, which are mutually supportive, to be upheld together and to be honoured together. Failing that, we will loose whatever civilization we still have and allow it to be destroyed and ourselves with it.

Am I overstating the case? 

That's hardly possible. The constitutional principles of the general welfare and agape go to the very heart of civilization, affecting everything from the highest top of finance down to the most intimate grassroots level. The war of empire versus civilization (in the name of profit) has already been astonishingly devastating at all levels in society. As many have already experienced that the many paths imposed in this war lead directly to the 'graveyard .' The paths may be starting at various gates, the gates of deindustrialization, unemployment, homelessness, slum-living, meaningless education, the loss of culture, the loss of humanity, the loss of integrity, and so forth, but all the paths have one thing in common, they all lead to an early 'grave.' 

While those paths to the grave are often short for the individual victim, they are immensely expensive to society. The greatest asset that a society has, or can have, is its people, its own human potential, its productive capacity, its rich intellect. For society to throw that away, its most precious, is utter folly. To waste its most precious on the unemployment lines, for example, is enormously expensive to society in terms of the resulting lost potential for the well-being of society as a whole. Homelessness, deindustrialization, slum living, meaningless education, mindless or even destructive entertainment, are similarly among the most expensive pursuits that a society and individuals could allow themselves to be inflicted with, and they are all inherently a part of the war of empire versus civilization that society has been drawn into and needs to mount an effective defense against. 

The principle of the general welfare as a principle of constitutional government is designed to prevent this waste, and so is the principle of agape of our humanity. 

If one was given the opposite task to the one before us, if one was given the task to protect empires and eliminate all dangers to them, one would have to begin with attacking the principle of constitutional government in the USA, and individually, and wherever else it is found, even in the churches. In today's world this attack has taken on vast, new, and hidden dimensions, including cultural warfare in the schools to destroy education and institutions. More recently it has been stepped up into cyber warfare to destroy the individual and the youth of society as a whole. Then we see food-warfare added to destroy the poor; and atomic warfare being threatened daily to destroy those nations that defend their national sovereignty; and so on and on. The goal of empire remains always the same, which is to eliminate the support structures of civilization as these threaten the rule of empire. That's the foe we face, but we won't survive long against it if we through our defences into the winds and stand in contempt of them.

For as long as that contempt remains, and the resulting indifference is not overturned at least in principle, civilization is doomed. The case in defense of the principle of constitutional government therefore comes down to one question, the question of our universal love for our humanity as the one thing that unites us all as human beings, the humanity that we all share. Hopefully this still silent 'giant' that is lodged in our humanity is becoming awakened in our time and soon, so that it will be said one day that our age was the age of the wakening of mankind to the Principle of Universal Love, the age of agape, that age in which indifference was put aside and a new renaissance was put on the table and doom was buried with the carcase of empire. 

Once that transition is made, the rest is easy. The principle of constitutional government gives society the tools to erupt a new renaissance. And the love for our universal humanity powers that vital transition that already appears to be on the horizon.

Love also is peace.

The 1648 Peace of Westphalia was built to a large degree on the Principle of Universal Love. It became the platform for a new civilization, the precursor for the principle of constitutional government. This beginning, the historic Principle of Westphalia, still stands tall as a ready-made platform that could serve mankind anew  as a foundation for rediscovering its worth and for moving forward, a platform of love that unfolds as peace and promises a humanist renaissance such as has never before been seen on this planet.

Indeed, there is no going back on the road of progress, not even to restore what was lost. Progress means that we latch onto the great achievements in mankind's past, the greatest discoveries of universal principles, and move forward with them to their főller implementation, thus opening the door to still greater discoveries and ever greater forms of civilization.

Love is joy!

In response to comments by Lyndon LaRouche

I had asked Mr. LaRouche to comment on a portion of the above text between the subheading "The nature of constitutional government" and "Love is joy."

In response to LaRouche reply, I agree, there is a need of going further with this. This need exists for several reasons, not the least of which is that joy is not something passive, but is an active dynamism that reflects the unfolding in consciousness of an active principle that is intrinsically good and is enriching one's life, making the process of living bright and worthwhile.

 For example, a constitutional principle can be regarded as a passive demand, a minimal standard that one should not fall below. In real terms, this is not enough as our current situation indicates in which the constitutional principles are largely ignored. This wouldn't happen if the dynamics of the ideas that stand behind the principles was understood and be brought to life in an active manner.

The current failure in politics is best illustrated in the general failure of the Mosaic Decalogue. The Decalogue contains a collection of passive demands, basic constitutional principles, like for example the demand "Thou shalt not kill." While this rule establishes a certain minimal standard for civilization as a kind of constitutional principle, the killing of human beings has continued and continues to the present day. However, behind the passive demand stands an active dynamic principle, which, when it unfolds, assures that there won't be anymore killing happening. 

For example, when it becomes recognized how valuable and precious our common humanity is in terms of it being the pillar of civilization and the essence of one's own identity, then the unfolding recognition of human value will not only assure that this "precious" won't be wasted, but that it will also be protected to as much as that is humanly possible, and be developed further for the greatest realization of its beneficial effect in terms of civilizational power. The outcome that we will see from that, is that the passive demand, "Thou shalt not kill," becomes fulfilled without fail. In that sense it comes to life as an element of the principle of the general welfare, and this again not as a passive demand that is enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution, but as an active dynamic expression of the precious value of the human being that is enshrined in our humanity that the constitutional principle merely represents.

Many years ago I had developed the idea of the Decalogue as a platform of active dynamic principles. It became the center of the first volume of my 12-part series of novels, "The Lodging for the Rose." The perception of the Decalogue as a platform of active dynamic principles was developed as a foundation for moving forward with exploring the dynamics involved in the intentional unfolding of the Principle of Universal Love. However, I never extensively related this process to the political process of implementing a form of democratic government powered by constitutional principles, which is really the same dynamic process. 

While it is essentially correct to say that opposition in the U.S. Congress to LaRouche's Home Owner and Bank Protection Act, which is designed to protect society from the onrushing effect of a global systemic financial breakdown, is in essence a contempt of the Constitution and its principle of the general welfare, it must also be recognized that this recognition of contempt is not enough. Recognizing the contempt is one thing, but it doesn't heal the cause of it. A further recognition is required, the recognition of the process by which the built-in dynamics of active universal principles power their own unfolding. This concept puts us a step forward and into the arena which sets us apart from the animal world. A monkey can be trained not to engage in a certain act, but the monkey cannot be taught the active dynamics of the principle involved.

I was alerted by Lyndon LaRouche that politics cannot be exempted from this process in which the power our humanity begins to unfold. 

The following is Mr. LaRouche's reply:
 -- December 24, 2007 (12:55pm) ECT


 Broadly, the formal aspects of your propositions are
correct. For the rest, the whole matter has to be restated in the
following respects. The seriousness of your argument requires an
appropriate quality of response by me.

 My own scientific contributions to the needed clarification
of what is implied in your argument are derived, essentially,
from the view of the implications of Leibniz's argument which I
adopted, in favor of dynamics, against both Euclid and Descartes,
et al., during my mid-adolescence, my adoption at later points of
adulthood, my adoption of the thesis of Riemann's
Habilitationschrift in my maturity, and of the standpoint of
dynamics as represented by Einstein and Vernadsky during the
1970s and 1980s, respectively.

 This overlapped my "political conversion" to FDR during my
late adolescence and throughout military service and later during
the 1940s: especially the increasingly precise and intense nature
of my fear, from the moment of my first hearing of FDR's death,
of the contemptible role a Truman would play as a successor to

 These are the principal relevant elements reflected in
defining my present response to your proposition. Essentially,
experience has led me, over and over, from adopting and
developing these views as merely in opposition to contrary
principles, into proceeding to opposing ("self-subsisting")
affirmative principles.  That is to say, from the standpoint of a
self-subsisting, positive outlook, rather than simply negating
that which is wrong.  It is the difference in the nature of my
outlook, as rooted in that "self-subsisting, positive
standpoint," which I would hope you would understand, and adopt,
in assessing my standpoint.

 A few statements in the nature of an exposition are required
for this purpose, as follows:


 1.   The General Principle:


 The notion of a general principle of dynamics from which all
of my important views are derived, is typified by the implication
of Kepler's discovery of that principle of organization of the
Solar system, called "the general principle of gravitation"
(i.e., relativity).  The very notion of an experimentally
validatable general principle requires, as Einstein came to
emphasize, the positive notion of a principle which, in effect,
encloses (e.g., "bounds") our universe, and defines that
universe, thus, as finite in those terms.

 This is a notion of dynamics which was implicitly that of
Thales (and, also Heracleitus), as we must conclude in treating
Pythagoras as a pupil of Thales, and, therefore situate, both,
the notion of dynamis (dynamics) as adopted by Plato and Leibniz,
for example, and the Heracleitus referenced by Plato's method in
the Parmenides dialogue.

 The prevalent error in defending nominally correct general
principles today, is to assert them essentially as a relatively
primitive sort of an experimental form of negation of the
contrary view, rather than, as Einstein does in recognizing
Kepler's discovery of universal gravitation as a self-subsisting
positive principle which defines the universe as intrinsically
"finite, but not externally unbound."

 In politics, this matter of science is expressed as the
notion of mankind as expressing the essential principle of the

 For me, since my adolescent conversion to the standpoint of
Leibniz, this positive conception of human nature, as that is
expressed by the distinction of human creativity per se from that
of animal species, became the essential principle of my political
outlook.  (This, was, incidentally, emphasized for mankind by

 This same principle has a profound implication for all
social theory and study of political-historical processes: i.e.,
the Classical principle of tragedy, as opposed to the sickly
alternative, that of the now academically customary Romantic


 2. Society


 To a very large degree, it is a necessary pedagogical
practice to treat the three keystone principles of Nicholas of
Cusa (Concordancia Catholica, De Docta Ignorantia, and De Pace
Fidei) as if they had been the first perception of such ideas.
(When we peer into the deeper past of mankind, through the
aperture of that  Classical Greek expressed by the work of the
followers of Thales. we see the shadow of a more ancient,
"pre-historical" root for these conceptions.)

 Rather than seeing the conception of personal immortality as
a product of mankind-the-apparent-animal with added higher
pretentions, we must, first, see the no‰tic essence of the human
mind as self-subsisting, and, thus, see mortal man as a product
of this self-subsisting, ontologically higher quality, rather
than the reverse.

 We must see society as a predicate of that higher existence
of man, rather than man as a predicate of society, and see social
processes as subsumed by the higher nature of man, rather than
the nature of man as, ontologically, a product of social
processes.  It is the development of the "original principle"
which distinguishes man from the beasts, which defines the role
of social processes.  God is not a product of animal sociology.

 This distinction is expressed, to conclusive effects, by the
demonstrated role of human creativity in anti-entropic
developments within the universe, even the relatively simply
distinction, in effects, of anti-entropic characteristics of a
decently human society, as opposed to those of a bestialized one
under President George W. Bush, Jr., or a Democratic Party
dominated by inherently evil creatures in the likeness of "the
children of Satan," of the type allied to Felix Rohatyn.


 3.   Conclusions


 The nature of the appropriately lawful quality of both man
and his universe, is the true origin of that which was reflected
in the development of the American System of political-economy,
and of the constitutional conceptions contributed by Leibniz
("human happiness") and the reflection of that same principle
"sociologically," in the Preamble of the Federal Constitution.
 The promotion of the general welfare is to be regarded as an
expression of the requirements subsumed by such universal
principles, rather than by some pragmatic, purportedly
sociological explanations.

 It is the passion of those individuals who approach a more
or less efficient comprehension of the conception of mankind and
his individuality, which generates the principles expressed as
good approximations by those principles which set the
Constitution of the U.S.A. absolutely (morally, intellectually)
above those parliamentary or kindred adaptations to oligarchical
traditions prevalent in Europe still today.  With the expressed
intention of our constitutional law, European civilization rose
above the level of the liquid of that sewer which was
oligarchical tradition.

The kind of leadership our republic requires, if it were to
fulfill its constitutionally avowed mission, must spring from
leaders whose minds are colored by an apprehension of the
principles to which I have referred here.

 In conclusion, your views are correct; but there is also
this matter of the much deeper principles upon which virtue of
our constitutional design has depended. We have entered a period
of global crisis, in which the distinctions to which have
referred in my reply to you here, become matters of crucial
practical importance.

-- Lyndon.

As for "rewriting" the text that Mr. LaRouche suggest should be done, referring to above mentioned section on this page, I cannot presume to do this and be correct in interpreting Mr. LaRouche's statement. The individual reader must do this. I can only state the way I see things in response to his reply which uplifts his role in the political fight for maintaining civilization and advancing it to a much higher level, from the level of merely passively complying with constitutional demands to the active implementation of the dynamics of those active principles that unfold into the advance of civilization.  

I see his response as telling me in the case of the "devil in your laptop" that it is not sufficient to recognize that a contempt of one's humanity results by allowing oneself to become trapped into the vast array of cyber games that are robbing our youth of their humanity. I hear him saying further that beyond the contempt lies a tragedy which can only really be healed by recognizing the rich dynamics of our humanity that unfolds as an active principle by which a person is free to live as a human being; free to discover, free to create, free to contribute to the welfare of society, and free to experience the joy of it.

In this sense, the people who stand in contempt of the Constitution, are not only cheating their nation, but are also cheating themselves by denying themselves the joy of being actively involved in the dynamics of the processes that bring the constitutional principles to life in ever wider active expressions. 

Since this is the native domain of the human being I see a time of Thanksgiving before us. Our humanity is after all the most precious thing that we have as human beings, and the most powerful force for the advance of civilization. No matter how black the world might become, this force remains and stands ready to unfold in harmony with the 'progressive' nature of the universe itself.

But why should this unfolding be delayed? We live today. Why should we slumber and leave to future ages what we an accomplish today and thus experience with joy the sheer dynamism of good? There is no reason for us to terry, still we terry because the profound aspects of our humanity are not as clearly understood that would otherwise empower us to move ahead without hesitation.


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