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Economics of the Sublime:
The American System of Political Economy
and the future of mankind

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Shouldn't we all be called traitors to our country and an enemy of mankind? Perhaps we should. This is a disturbing assessment, but it might be true. It is so easy to be fighting on the wrong side in the war of empire versus civilization.

"The war of empire versus civilization?" you may ask. "We are not at war. World War II has ended decades ago. The Iraq War officially ended. The Afghanistan War also ended."

Yes they have, but the 'real' war that threads through all history, the war of empire versus civilization, has never ended. It began in ancient times and has been maintained by every empire that ever was. Plato understood this. The war of empire versus civilization had destroyed the Greek Classical Culture. Athens has had its own Thirty Years War by which it lost everything. Plato probably discovered that the war of empire versus civilization is designed to diminish the human being, to make the human being small, weak, dumb, and easily defeatable by an empire in order that society will never become a threat to it. Apparently Plato understood this and worked to bring the lost Greek culture back by promoting a greater and profound recognition of the greatness of the human being. Some call him for that the precursor to the unfolding of Christianity.

Plato was a great man, but the war of empire versus civilization continued nevertheless. After Athens fell and Persia destroyed itself with its madness until Alexander put an end to it, Rome carried forward the torch of empire to burn down civilization. It nearly succeeded in destroying it, before it destroyed itself. Islam rose out of the ashes and brought the dignity of the human being back into view and with it the renewed development of science, and of course Plato. 

Plato coming to life again rescued Europe when the war of the Lombard banking empire versus civilization had created a disaster in the 14th Century that had wiped out a third to half the population of Europe in the aftermath in which the black plaque played a devastating role. Plato, having been revived by the Islamic Renaissance, brought the perception of the value of the human being back to Europe, which set the stage for the Golden Renaissance.

The Renaissance nearly succeeded in closing the door to empire, possibly forever, but the Pope intervened and kept the door open. The Venetian Empire survived and started a subversive religious war to destroy the Renaissance that had threatened its existence. It took more than a hundred years for Venice to destroy the Renaissance completely. The devastation was so great that Europe lost once again a third of its population, especially in the latter part of it, the Thirty Years War. Nevertheless a spark of the original Renaissance-spirit survived. It was brought back to the foreground by a few pioneers who inspired a renewed recognition of the value of the human being reflecting the principle of agape and "the advantage of the other." Out of the resulting advanced recognition the greatest peace treaty in history was born, the Treaty of Westphalia. 

While the Peace of Westphalia didn't last, the renewal of the Renaissance that had created it gave rise to the founding of the USA as a Plato-type republic in which the human being was recognized as of great value. Thereby the USA became the guiding star for the world and the hope of mankind.

The founding of the USA was the most daring large-scale breakout ever attempted by society to free itself from the rule of empire. However, once that was accomplished it also posed once again a serious threat to the existence of empire. For this reason the war of empire versus civilization was put into in the high gear towards destroying the USA and all the intellectual elements in Europe that stood behind the American republic and had helped bring it about. The empire's French Revolution, which Napoleon rose from, accomplished the desired intellectual destruction in the intensified war of empire versus civilization. While Napoleon failed in his largest assignment, to take Russia, the empire succeeded eventually through the back door. The empire created communism as a Trojan horse that succeeded subversively in what Napoleon had been unable to accomplish with military force. 

Of course the biggest thrust in the war of empire versus civilization has always been directed against America as the chief threat to the very existence of an empire. The British Empire tried several times to win this fight on the battlefield to recapture America, and failed. It also failed on the high seas. Later it tried the old divide-and-conquer trick, drawing the American people into killing one another in civil war, which had nearly succeeded in destroying the USA. But the empire  failed there too, as it had failed on all the other fronts. The American people seemed invincible since they were evidently fighting on the platform of a sublime idea that gave value to the human being -- something that they evidently felt is worth fighting for.

Still, the empire succeeded eventually. What it had failed to achieve on the battlefield it won subversively. This tragedy happened on the day before Christmas in 1913. America was destroyed on that day by traitors in its midst. By their action America also betrayed the whole of mankind. The traitors surrendered to the empire the very soul of the American republic's existence. It shut down its 'republican' system of economics that was founded as the pinnacle of the collective intellectual achievements of the greatest pioneers in European history spanning millennia all the way to the beginning of the Greek Classical Era.

"I'm not a traitor," the average American might say to that and raise his a hand with a gesture of protest. But can anyone name the one fundamental difference that had set the USA apart from any other nation on the planet at the time when it was founded? And I mean with that something that is as distinctly different as black is from white, and is something so profound that it became known in many parts of the world as "the American System." I wonder how many can answer that question. In today's world America is the world leader in many types of systems, but to one of these is so profound that it defines the very character of the American republic, and so distinct from anything else to be called, "the American System."

"The general ignorance in society to its defining heritage proves the American public to be society of traitors, not by choice, but by indifference. Few people recognize that there are two types of economic systems in the world and that they are both central to the war of empire versus civilization. 

One of the two is the private monetarist system of so-called economics that every empire must maintain and defend at all cost as it is the very core of its existence. The monetarist system is the liberal system of private money estates. The system is a bastion of liberal, unrestrained power to loot society by all means possible. Under this system, anyone who has the financial power to rape the world is free to do so and reap 'profits' galore by any means possible. It functions on a similar basis as landed feudalism once functioned. Liberal monetarism is essentially a private system of looting, of stealing from society in cleaver schemes. It thereby expresses the dictum of empire that aims to diminish the value of the human being and the very increase of it that is the natural result of every renaissance. The private monetarist system causes society to put value on money, which the rulers likely know invariably takes more than the equivalent in value away from the human being. This inverted value system says that human productivity has little value. It says that money invested for making money makes society rich. Thus, be greedy and speculate! Of course the empire runs all the 'casinos' in which money is given value so that only the empire gets rich in the process, stuffed flush with stolen loot, while society becomes poor and diminished, even while society is actually the creator of all real wealth there is. The entire imperial private monetarist system is thereby built on a lie that enables the looting of society. 

The American system is the opposite. It is not a system of private banks and private money estates, but is a system of banks owned by the nation for the benefit of the nation. On this sovereign basis the national bank utters to the nation financial credits that are specifically directed to such enterprises that improve the general welfare, like productive industries, national infrastructures such as railways and power systems, and so on. On this platform the wealth that is produced by the productive processes that improve the living of society and uplift civilization, the nation's currency gains a corresponding value that is not fictitious as in monetarism, but reflects the value of the tangible physical improvements that are valuable to any society. The general welfare is the principle driver for this value system. Thus it becomes the principle driver for national economic policy that acknowledges the value of the human being and society's commitment to itself to develop its greatest asset, the human being, to the greatest possible extend. That's the American System of Political Economy. 

The American System is basically a focused credit system that functions specifically to improve the general welfare from which its currency derives its value. All this makes the American System of Political Economy the only system ever established that rests on the sublime basis of the scientifically recognized and acknowledged value of the human being. Contrary to the imperial private monetarist system that diminishes the human being, the American System is designed to develops the value that is inherent in our common humanity. 

That's the platform on which the USA stood as a pioneer for all of humanity. Of course most people in society wouldn't know anything about that since the American System was destroyed on the day before Christmas in 1913 with the founding of the Federal Reserve System that recreated in America the rule of empire that the American republic was created to get society away from. This deeply traitorous act happened long before most people living today were born.  A bunch of traitors acted fast  on this day in 1913 and replaced the American System with the old private monetarist system of empire. As the result the old private monetarist system of empire is essentially the only system that most people ever knew. Nevertheless it must be said that modern society is a society of traitors, because people didn't make it their business to discover what the historic pioneers of mankind had accomplished with the founding of the American republic for the universal welfare of all humanity. 

The American System was the hope of mankind, and the achievement of mankind. It is thereby a distinctly humanist system that gives great value to the human being in every nation where it is applied. It raises the general welfare. It defends mankind in the war of empire versus civilization. It is the light on the hill that mankind once looked up to. In fact its light was so great that quite a few nations emulated the American System to whatever degree their structure of government allowed. The Bismarck Reforms in Germany were an example. Russia was inspired by it, and also the advance guard of China. Great economic development projects were being planned, with rail connections spanning Eurasia and a rail line connecting the European networks with Baghdad, the historic intellectual center of the Islamic world. All of this was doomed on the day before Christmas in 1913 when the seed for its destruction was planted.

The American society, in an act of traitorous indifference, gave its greatest gift away that had been bestowed on it by the pioneers of mankind for the intended welfare of all people throughout the world. This gift was demolished when America intentionally joined the empire by accepting the rule of empire in America at the machination of private imperial monetarism. America became thereby a traitor against its own birthright and the welfare of the world that is linked to it, when it quite literally joined the enemy of mankind. 

Is it any wonder then that World War I broke out less than a year after the greatest republic on the planet gave its birthright away? 

Modern society universally is indirectly a society of traitors against their country by not fighting to claim their own country's inherent 'birthright' which is rooted in the pioneering example of the American System when the American republic was founded on the shoulders of the leading pioneers of mankind. The American example stands for all people as an obligation for their humanity to acknowledge its Sublime elements and to implement them, as once almost happened. Now, however, instead of doing this society is quietly abetting the enemy of mankind that diminishes the value of the human being and is now evermore demanding the mass-depopulation of the planet. The banner headlines of empire still proclaim in many different ways that "the world has cancer and that cancer is man." If society's indifference to that doesn't make every person a traitor for not tearing down those banners, but singing the song of the banners, what would qualify one for being a traitor? This is the deepest treachery imaginable. With a world of traitors singing the song of empire, what hope is there left for mankind? 

What hope does anyone really have that is not rooted in the hope that is expressed in the founding principles of the American republic as the hope of mankind? The American System of Political Economy is uniquely American only in the framework of it having been established first in America, in a world far distant from the sewers of the European empires, and it having been fought for in America by countless patriots who laid their life on the line to defend it against overwhelming odds, and who had won.

The deeper difference

The difference that sets the American System fundamentally apart from the imperial system of private monetarism is its deeper root that defines it as something fundamentally greater than just being the pinnacle of the humanist achievements of the pioneers of mankind. This deeper difference is totally reflected in the diverse nature of the two opposing system, because it is located in the fundamental difference between a human being and any other form of life, including the highest form of animal life. 

The imperial system of private monetarism reflects the 'intellectual quality' of animal life that comes with a near zero rating on the humanist scale. The imperial system of private monetarism  is a system of primitive reactive responses that have become so instinctive over time that much of the world now follows its dogmas as an inherently natural thing to do. The imperial system of private monetarism is nevertheless primitive and makes it its highest virtue to be reactive. It caters intentionally to the primitive and reactive, the monkey way of living, and falsely declares this to be a human quality. But it isn't that. It has no quality. The system reflects a subhuman characteristic, and in many ways even a sub-animal characteristic. A monkey would likely feel insulted by the suggestion that the imperial private monetarism is monkey-business, should the monkey be capable of feeling such emotions. The fascism that rules in the realm of imperial  private monetarism is often of a form a depravity that is far below what is seen in the animal world. It makes the animal world appear civil in comparison. The philosopher Hobbes put the imperial system on a platform from which love has been fundamentally banned, on which love is deemed a crime to be prosecuted, and if need be with the death penalty. That is what the French Revolution was arranged to implement, and did implement on a massive scale.

The American System is rooted in the very opposite to Hobbesian ideology. It is rooted in the fullness of the Sublime that sets the human being apart from any other form of life on the planet. From Solon of Athens to Nicolas of Cusa, a developing sense of 'agape' or 'universal love' for man as a profound being defines the leading edge of human development. This defining sublime trend became reflected in the Peace of Westphalia as "the advantage of the other." And it became reflected more profoundly in the founding of the USA. But love (agape and "the advantage of the other") is not the only element reflected in the American System of Political Economy. The American Systems also acknowledges the creative genius of the human being and promotes it to the greatest possible extend. It promotes mankind's creative capacity that improves the power to human labor, and it promotes the science for creating resources for living that do not exist naturally. In short it promotes in principle everything that defines the human being as a Sublime being.

In the late 1800s the American genius of the science of the Sublime dimension of mankind put seven synonymous terms on the table with which to define the concept of God, and thereby the Sublime nature of mankind. The terms are, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind. Those are Sublime elements that are greater then ourselves, which Hobbes can never overturn, though he can get us to close our eyes to them. Of course, if mankind is to be understood as the fullest representative of the "Sublime," or God, a scientific exploration of what constitutes the Sublime is required in order to develop a more-rigorous understanding of the nature of our humanity and to defend it. While mythology has muddied these waters, science tends to cut through the mud and brings to light some of the basic elements. 

It is evidently no more possible to contemplate the nature of the human being without considering those concepts that only a human being can understand, than it is possible to consider nuclear physics without considering the various 'invisible' forces that give an atom its shape, such as electric forces, electromagnetic forces, the weak forces, and the still weaker forces of mass. These forces are expressed in an atom, but they reflect something greater. They reflect a variety of harmonizing principles that are incredibly intelligently arranged in their interaction without which the universe would not exist. Nuclear physics cannot be understood without a consideration of the universally harmonizing principles that are expressed in the atomic structures, but which are greater than the structures themselves. Likewise the human being cannot be understood without a variety of aspects that we see expressed in our humanity, but which are greater than ourselves and which can nevertheless be scientifically explored in order for us to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our own Sublime nature. 

Since the Sublime qualities of our humanity are immensely wide in scope, Mary baker Eddy singled out three terms in such a manner that all of her compliments flow towards them as the core issue of our universal humanity. She selected the terms Truth, Soul, and Love. Don't we see their essence reflected in the American System of Political Economy?

Truth is knowable, but only to a human being, reflected in created efficient physical processes that uplift the quality and power of human living and the strength of civilization. The term Soul defines our mission, a mission that only a human being with its creative capacity can fulfill. One part of this mission is to create freedom, end slavery, overcome limits, enrich the earth, enrich the human being qualitatively, enrich culture, and ultimately enrich the universe with ever brighter expressions of life. That's a never ending process, but the starting gate, the starting policy for it, is defined in the American System of Political Economy. The term Love, of course, is reflected in the core policy of the American System that reflects the Principle of Universal Love in the policy of the general welfare as an expanded outgrowth of the Westphalian policy of "the advantage of the other." These qualities most fundamentally define us as human beings. Thus we cannot choose sides in the war of empire versus mankind. This determination is built into us by what we are, unless we choose to become traitors against ourselves.

We cannot choose sides in the war of empire versus civilization that is run to impose imperial private monetarism on mankind for the looting of it, which is designed to defeat the Sublime that underlies our humanity. We must fight for the protection and advance of civilization or else we will loose the platform of our existence and perish by failing to honor ourselves as human beings. In this fight for our survival the American System of Political Economy stands as the basic platform for our defence. 

This profound fact is well illustrated by what we have already lost around the world of our civilization as the result of America's surrendering to the rule of empire by replacing the American System of Political Economy with the imperial system of private monetarism, a system that exists for looting and diminishing the human being.

The loss is staggering. The world is awash with poverty, chaos, terror, disease, war, destruction, and an intensity of globalized looting by which the entire world-financial system has been driven to the point of disintegration. Re-establishing the American System of Political Economy is not a matter of choice, really, it is a matter that holds they key for the survival of possibly 90% of all human beings on the planet. Depopulation is an element of the war of empire versus civilization that has grown to become a war against mankind as a whole. Without going back to the Sublime ideas and related principles that are reflected in the policies of the American System of Political Economy, we have nothing with which to defend ourselves and our existence on this planet. LaRouche's proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act and his calls for a New Bretton-Woods-type world financial system with fixed exchange rates between national currencies, are critical steps towards society's self-protection on the platform of the American System of Political Economy. Nothing less is able to offer any defense for society in the war or empire against mankind.

But here the imperative only begins. The Home Owner and Bank Protection Act and the New Bretton-Woods-type world financial system aren't merely efficient options that one might choose because the foundation for them has been established by the greatest intellectual pioneers leading up to the founding of the American republic, in which they are reflected. The imperative to move forward on this platform is more deeply rooted as the ideas and principles that the USA is founded on, that the American System of Political Economy became a part of, are an integral part of the American identity, a Sublime element that the founding pioneers fought for, and many put their life on the line for. Simply because an act of traitors in 1913 sold out the nation to the rule of empire doesn't mean that its founding identity and principles has been erased. A mistake once made doesn't impose the mandate that the mistake must continue to be honoured. The truth needs to be honoured. And the truth is that the Home Owner and Bank Protection Act and the New Bretton-Woods-type world financial system are elements that fundamentally reflect the founding identity of the nation and the inherent identity of each citizen within it. To reject these initiatives without offering improvements on the founding principles amounts to nothing less than an act of treason to the nation and oneself. Since the founding principles have also been established as a New Platform for a New Identity of mankind, it becomes an act of treason universally to counter any initiatives based on these principles. Thus the The Home Owner and Bank Protection Act and the New Bretton-Woods-type world financial system are not mere options, but imperatives that are rooted in the highest acknowledged identity of mankind, the denial of which becomes an act of treason against oneself.

The concept of treason typically becomes paramount in times of war. Well, we are at war. The war of empire versus mankind has been the longest-lasting and most devastating war in history, spawning all military adventures that we name war.

The fact that society and its governments all across the world stands indifferent if not defiant to the essential platform for its existence, and thereby supports the war of empire against mankind -- a war against themselves -- speaks of a traitorous society. But this can be corrected by a renewal of the scientific concept of the Sublime identity of the human being that is to some degree reflected in the founding principles of the USA as a beacon for a brighter humanity. 

Yes, we see chaos erupting all over the world in modern days where the signature of the war of empire versus mankind is clearly written on the wall, primarily the well-known signature of the old British Empire. In the January 8, 2008 issue, Exceutive Intelligence Review magazine presented a list of no less than 26 hotspots around the world where the destabilization of nations is currently in progress. Society complains bitterly about the chaos that is thereby intentionally stirred up, not knowing the source of it, and then protests against the human tragedies that result without realizing that the fundamental traitor in each case is themselves for having made virtually no effort to end the war of empire against mankind by eliminating the rule of empire -- by taking away the core support structure of empire; its private imperial monetarist system; putting it into bankruptcy and shutting it down; then reorganizing the world on the platform of the American System of Political Economy that was developed by the pioneers of mankind as a gift to the world for its freedom and prosperity.

We truly stand at the crossroads today. One path is wide and easy, but it leads to the precipice. The Sublime path leads to freedom. LaRouche has been fighting for the sublime choice for over thirty years. The choice is a critical one that will determine the face of civilization for many generations to come and the physical existence of much of mankind. Let us choose wisely. Let us not be traitors to ourselves, but live as Sublime beings.


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During the above webcast (July 25, 2007), after warning the international audience that Vice President Dick Cheney was going ahead with plans for a military attack on Iran, unless stopped, Lyndon LaRouche delivered the following assessment of the world-finical crisis that is at the root of the war-threats: 

"The world monetary financial system is actually now currently in the process of disintegrating. There's nothing mysterious about this; I've talked about it for some time, it's been in progress, it's not abating. What's listed as stock values and market values in the financial markets internationally is bunk! These are purely fictitious beliefs. There's not truth to it; the fakery is enormous. There is no possibility of a non-collapse of the present financial system--none! It's finished, now! The present financial system can not continue to exist under any circumstances, under any Presidency, under any leadership, or any leadership of nations. Only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general, immediate chain-reaction type of collapse. At what speed we don't know, but it will go on, and it will be unstoppable! And the longer it goes on before coming to an end, the worse things will get. And there is no one in the present institutions of government who is competent to deal with this. The Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives is not currently competent to deal with this. And if the Congress goes on recess, and leaves Cheney free, then you might be kissing the United States and much more good-bye by September.'' 

LaRouche had also issued a public call for an immediate freeze on home foreclosures, across the board.
The Home Owner and Bank Protection Act was formally proposed by Mr. LaRouche on Aug 22, 2007. While the war danger that he warned about had been temporarily avoided by the intervention of patriotic forces in the institutions, the underlying danger of the financial disintegration remains unaddressed and thereby continues to increase. The proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act continues to be rejected by the members of Congress, even in the face of the growing numbers of State-Legislature resolutions calling on Congress to implement the proposed act. 

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January 19, 2007 (LPAC)--

The global financial collapse is accelerating with such speed and severity that the U.S. will be faced with the necessity of declaring a national financial emergency, an unnamed European financier told EIR. He said that the financial crisis has deteriorated significantly since the beginning of the year, with multiple crises feeding off of each other, pushing the system out of control.

LaRouche Warns of Imminent Hyperinflationary Blowout

January 22, 2008 (LPAC)--

The fevered efforts to save the financial system, typified by today's panicked three-quarter-point interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve and the Bush/Paulson stimulus plan not only will not work, but will backfire spectacularly, and soon, economist Lyndon LaRouche warned today. The financial system is dead, and any attempt to save the fictitious values of the trillions of dollars of worthless financial paper will not only fail, but will destroy any nation foolish enough to attempt to do so, LaRouche said.

The global financial system, emphatically including the United States, is entering a period comparable to that of Weimar Germany in the Autumn of 1923, but on a far larger scale. Whereas the damage from the runaway hyperinflation in Weimar Germany was largely restricted to Germany itself, the current crisis is global in scale. No national system will survive its effects, and the nations might not even survive the present year, he warned.

Under the Versailles Treaty ratified at the end of World War I, Germany was hit with war-reparation payments so high as to make it impossible for the nation to function. To meet its obligations, Germany began printing money, funding its reparations payments and the needs of its economy at the cost of debasing its currency. The monetary stimulation soared to such unprecedented heights that the term hyperinflation was coined to distinguish its debilitating horror.

As the German economy began to shut down, the government responded by printing more money as a stimulus, and the value of the Reichsmark began to plummet. During the 1913-1915 period the Reichsmark was in the range of four to the dollar, rising to some six to the dollar in 1917 and 1918. The situation began to deteriorate badly thereafter, from 20 Reichsmarks to the dollar in 1919, to 63 Reichsmarks in 1920, and 105 Reichsmarks in 1921. Then the bottom fell out, jumping to 1,886 Reichsmarks in 1922 and an astounding 535 billion Reichsmarks to the dollar in 1923. During that same period the cost of living index soared, from 100 in 1913 to 1,019 in 1920, and a staggering 657 billion on Nov. 23, 1923, according to the German Statistical Office.

The world is now approaching a Weimar-style hyper-inflationary collapse, for similar reasons. The actions of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, as well as other central banks and the governments themselves, their determination to try to stimulate the dead corpse of this financial system back to life, their blind refusal to recognize the truth, is the making of a classical tragedy. Gripped by fear, these modern-day Hamlets are choosing to destroy all they hold dear, rather than break with their belief in failed monetary policies.

The nations of Europe, under the sovereignty-killing Maastricht treaty agreements, have abandoned their capabilities to react to this crisis, so it falls to the United States, under the powers and responsibilities vested in it by the Constitution, to lead the rescue of not only itself, but the world as a whole. Rather than continuing the foolish attempts to stimulate the corpse, the United States Government must use its sovereign powers to put its own financial system through bankruptcy proceedings, setting a precedent and providing the context in which other nations can act. The crucial first step is the passage of LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, which will erect the fire-walls necessary to protect the public and essential aspects of economic infrastructure to keep the economy functioning as the damage is sorted out.

Lyndon LaRouche and his political action committee will have more to say on this vital issue in the coming days, as the scope of the disaster now engulfing the nation begins to sink in to the public's consciousness.



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