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 - a literary art project for civilization by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

a free online literary art project by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
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Of all the forces that shape our civilization there is one force that shapes us more than all the others, and that one force, ironically, is invisible except for the patterns that unfold while it shapes our lives and our world. That force is love, a force that stands against chaos.

Sadly, our love for one another as human beings has become smaller over the last centuries instead of deeper. It has become more confined instead of more expansive and universal. It has almost faded from view except in the smallest sense. How then is an artist 'paint' that living garden in the landscape of love to nourish its growth, where the vistas are largely invisible shapes, such as the freedom unfolding from love, or even the freedom to love? 

For nourishing the invisible, an artist is restricted to a medium that fits into the complex domain of the mind where our humanity and civilization are rooted. Here the artist chooses the canvas of words, creating vistas painted in stories, poetry, novels, even science. However, the landscape is necessarily unconventional. Most conventional novels are built around conflicts, the great struggles of good fighting evil. But when the landscape is love, these conflicts become invalid, don't they? Love, and the fighting against others, are contradictions. In the landscape of love the struggle is with oneself and the unfolding of it, is our acceptance of it. As an element of the Sublime, love simply is. The challenge is to acknowledge it in celebration as in a great temple, the Temple of Life.

The shape of the art garden

The 'garden' unfolds as a series of novels presented completely free online and as free e-books. The series bears the title: The Lodging for the Rose. It is a series of 12 novels with a single epic story being threaded through it that offers an ever-changing focus. In this changing pattern each novel has its own color, texture, romance, and dimension. 

Isn't that how the universe of love is unfolding in the real 'garden' in which our living 'flows' day by day and determines the shape of civilization and how we live in this world?

All the novels are fiction,  situated in the 1980s and onward. They are dedicated to universal love.

Twelve Healing Novels 
Twelve rooms in the gallery

 - the complete text of the novels is accessible for free online and is available for free as e-books -
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free online novels and e-books by Rolf Witzsche of the series The Lodging for the Rose Room 1, Discovering Love  
Room 2, The Ice Age Challenge
Room 3, Roses as Dawn in an Ice Age World
Room 4, Winning without Victory
Room 5, Seascapes and Sand
Room 6, The Flat Earth Society
Room 7, Glass Barriers
Room 8, Coffee Sex and Biscuits
Room 9, Endless Horizons
Room 10, Angels of Sex in Queensland
Room 11, Sword of Aquarius
Room 12, Lu Mountain


Portals in the lobby

introductory novels and poetry - free online

The first portal (a novel) poses the question: Can't we move instantly in the mental domain to wherever we want to be? Doesn't this question also apply to love? 

The second portal (a novel) poses a related question: Isn't love its own light, a light that becomes brighter when all the other lights fail and the world becomes a dark place?

The third portal is poetry.

free novels online and e-books and poetry designed for healing by Rolf Witzsche Novel 1, Flight Without Limits

Novel 2, Brighter than the Sun

Poetry 1,  Portals to Our Humanity

Poetry 2,  Mountain Love

Poetry 3,  Love Poems


The Chatter Station 

of the lovescapes gallery

You can 'hear' things here related to the lovescapes that you won't hear on any other grapevine.

lovescape articles on science, civilization, sex, and spirituality as background to the novels

Five Forms of Deadly Global Pollution

Cultural Climate Dynamics

The World Food Crisis

 Manmade Global Warming?
 The Electric Climate
 The Electric Universe 
The Coming Ice Age
An Ice Age Renaissance

1: An amazing love-story of a different kind
2: The Human Being: A Creature of the Sublime
3: To KNOW Absolute Truth
4: Born into the Nazi fascist world: I was there! 
   ** Without Love the Universe Would Not Exist
   ** Sex versus Greed
   ** Universal Love and Our 'Third Sex'
   ** Sublime Science

   ** Sexuality in the Sublime
   ** Natural Government 
   ** Healing the Collapsing Heart
** all of part 4 above printed as: Living in the Sublime
5: Love is Life
6: Financial Value is in the Sublime
7: Love and Sex
8: Homosexual versus Heterosexual Love
9: Why the series of novels was created
10: Love versus the sexual hate campaigns
11: Love countering the death-wish society
12: Economics of the Sublime: ...and the future of mankind
      Part 1: No turning back!
      Part 2: From the Biosphere to the Noösphere to the Sublime
13: What's in the name Lyndon H. LaRouche?
14: The War of Empire vs. Mankind

The Science Basement

The science of the Sublime must include such topics as peace, healing, and religion,
 even religion becoming Science, thus opening the gateway to higher forms of religion. 
All science volumes are free as e-books.

My living gallery of invisible shapes is open
you are invited from my heart and soul 
to enter and explore its spaces
the text of all the novels
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Rolf Witzsche, researcher and author

Rolf Witzsche
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