Global Warming?

The deadliest fiction ever written

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The story of manmade global warming reads like a far-flung combination of badly written novels all rolled into one, covering everything that stirs the imagination from crime investigation, to double agents in international intrigue, including the far out fantasies of bad science fiction. And surprisingly, somewhere in all of that appear a few traces of reality, except those appear more fictional that the fiction does, while the fiction of the story of manmade global warming is desperately hyped up in a mighty effort to give it the appearance of reality that it does not have. 

Are you confused yet? 

Well, a good fiction writer never gives the plot away on the opening page. That's reserved for the last page. In between unfolds a tale that is intentionally written to keep the reader confused and 'spell bound' with fantasies that keep the story under wraps until the final piece falls into place. However I won't treat you as badly. I have divided this report into three parts. I takes the suspense away by giving you right of the bat a sweeping overview of the massive opposition and protest declarations against the global warming hoax within the worldwide scientific community.

Part 1: The worldwide opposition movement in the scientific community

Part 2 continues here:

The fantasy story opens with the proverbial cries, the sky is falling: the earth is 'cooking;' the polar ice is melting; the sea levels are rising, flooding all the low-level areas. In real terms we are in the boundary zone to a new Ice Age. Already the Greenland Ice Sheet is getting thicker, and the ocean levels aren't rising as criers predict (as per Sea-level Expert Dr. Nils-Axel Mörne with the facts plainly visible). Instead, the earth is getting colder. But who cares about reality when fiction is on the table?

In order to be able to fully appreciate the magical insanity of the global warming fiction, a brief look at reality might be in order. The basis of the fiction is that our Sun operates with unvarying consistency, so that all changes in global climate are the result of local effects. This, of course, isn't true. We have seen two major steps towards colder global climates in 'recent' geologic history that are so large that nothing on Earth could have caused them. The first down-step occurred five million years ago. This single down-step caused Antarctica to freeze over, which has remained frozen ever since.  This step was so large that it started a totally new epoch, the Pliocene Epoch. The second down step occurred two million years ago. It started the Pleistocene Epoch, the Ice Age epoch that we are currently in. The Earth had suddenly become radically colder once again. The colder climate spread glaciation over much of the Northern Hemisphere and added to the ice mass of Antarctica. Fortunately for mankind, the Pleistocene glaciation is periodically interrupted for brief epochs lasting app. 12,800 years in which the Earth is 'bathed' in extremely warm climates, like the current one that we are in, which has already run its course. In other words, the dreaded Ice Age conditions are actually the normal state of the Earth, and have been that for about two million years, with the interglacial warm spells being the anomalies.

We have also seen large temperature changes occurring over shorter timeframes. For example 14,700 years ago, the Ice Age deep freeze has been interrupted with an enormous warm spell. In the brief span of only 50 years the climate warmed up by a whopping 22 degrees. Then, a few decades later, just as abruptly, the climate reverted back to Ice Age conditions for another 3000 years until it warmed up again, just as abruptly, to usher in the current interglacial period. We are talking about huge changes here that could not possibly have happened if the Sun had remained a constant factor. 

Of course we know that the Sun isn't a constant factor. When the Sun's activity decreased in the 1600s so that the sunspots almost disappeared for 30 years, the Earth went through a little Ice Age (a less then two degree cooling). We have evidence associated with that, of a strong interconnection between the solar activity states and the terrestrial climate. What we don't have, is an equivalent type of record of solar activity that goes back into the Ice Ages. However, the pattern of the solar-terrestrial interaction has been well established by the few records that we do have. They tell us unequivocally that climate changes on earth are responsive effects of solar changes.

Since the Sun has thereby been proven to be constantly changing, it is not unreasonable to assume that the long-term climate changes are effects of  similar, major, long-term solar activity variances. Modern plasma physics defines such variances as the most natural occurrences in the universe, with the Sun being electrically powered by the same plasma currents that power the galaxies, which also have their own associated  'weather' patterns, which the Sun and therefore the Earth are invariably subjected to. (See: The Electric Climate)

See a major background report: The Electric Universe

Against this background of an ever-changing universe in which enormous fluctuations are normal, we find the fear-illuminated theatre of manmade global warming being staged. In this fantasy play the Earth is literally taken out of universe in such a manner that the galactic influences that determine our climate, are blamed on human activity. This monstrous fantasy play would be a comical one if the consequences of the play were not so intensely devastating to economic activity and the welfare of mankind. In the flow of this fantasy theatre, large parts of mankind's economic activities are being viciously curtailed and in some cases shut down altogether, all under the hype of saving the planet. In fact, the greatest imaginable genocide had been demanded during the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in the form of a global population reduction to less than two billion people to be allowed to live on the planet to save the planet from the manmade carbon gases that supposedly overheat the Earth.

However, the inconvenient truth about this fantasy play is that the planet is not in danger by the climate conditions that the universe is imposing on it, which mankind has no effect on, while mankind itself is the one that is very much in danger by tying itself into knots over a fantasy play, while it ignores its urgent need to prepare itself for the coming next Ice Age cycle that might have already begun. The fantasy play, of course is a political one that the ruling powers know to play well, and has been immensely profitable for them, though the fraud behind the game has been amply revealed during the Copenhagen conference, for which it failed. The danger inherent in the resumption of the next Ice Age glaciation cycle, however, is real.

See a major background report: Healing the world for the coming Ice Age

By all accounts the hyped-up story of manmade global warming is an extremely clever one that puts many a fiction writer to shame. But it is of a slightly different type of cleverness that may yet kill us all, in that it is intended to encourage the reader to throw the book away long before the final page is reached, in order that the fiction, is taken away and is 'consumed' as reality. And this, unfortunately is already happening to a large degree.

See a shocking background report: Green Genocide or Nuclear Power

Now that I have provided some background for the story, let's continue with the story itself. It is after all, from its very inception, a story intended for entertainment, to put you to sleep. 

The opening pages tell us of a world in crisis, a crisis. The crisis is called global warming, not that there actually is such a thing. Nevertheless, this none-existing global warming is said to be the result of mankind living on this planet. The villain thereby becomes man itself. Man, living on this Earth, has been described as a "scumbag," "a cancer on the Earth," "a irresponsible fool" who uses energy to make human living more efficient, even "a criminal who pollutes the world with CO2." We are told that "CO2 is the most powerful greenhouse gas in the universe."  "It must be prevented," and "it must be collected when produced and be pumped under ground, to keep it out of circulation." And so 'justice' looms on the horizon in the story, as the punishment for the crime is said to be an overheated planet in which the ice caps melt and raise the ocean levels to flood much of the world.

Of course the fact cannot be totally ignored by the global warming fiction writers that people do have eyes and ears, and a mind that is able to reason. They need to consider that those who live outside the box have long ago debunked the CO2 myth and its mythical connection to the global climate for which the sun itself, together with other astrophysical factors, are the real controlling agents, which are also affecting the greenhouse efficiency that is presently up to 97% the result of water vapor in the atmosphere and less than 3% the result of CO2, of which the manmade portion is a mere 3/100th. And even that minuscule amount hasn't essentially changed for hundreds of years, except in the heads of those who omit known phenomena when analyzing ice core samples, which some call an act of 'treason' that enables the masters of the treason to meet the criterion of predetermined objectives that are required by empire, for which for the global warming doctrine exists. Thus the fiction writers 'adjust' the global warming story by vilifying the truth in case the reader thinks outside the box that's been carefully created by  the global warming fiction writers.

In this manner the truth becomes hidden like a criminal hides a crime when this is required by the objective of the script for the story. In like manner are the 20,000 signatures of real scientists from around the world hidden who have placed their name on protest statements, in protest of the manmade global warming story, which of course are not allowed to stand, which have been carefully edited out from the story the public is told, just as they have been kept off the agenda at every climate conference that ever was.

Naturally, when situations arise where it is not possible to hide the truth, such as the coincidence of the last Little Ice Age with the lowest sunspot activity on record, the Maunder Minimum, the answers become a hysterical no, no no!  We don't go there!  At this point the 'Sherlock Holms' of the story get into the act and take the reader into the far north of today's arctic where the ice sheets have been melting faster than ever before. Of course the hired 'Holms' never put their magnifying glass onto the mobile polar anticyclone that draws cold air down across the North American Continent into the Gulf of Mexico, flowing it back across the Atlantic drawing warm air up into the arctic, which is a large circulation system that flows faster the colder the climate gets over the continent.  The hired 'Holms,' as traitors to the name would do, never puts their magnifying glass onto anything that is not supportive of the intent of the story, since the intent behind the story is what counts. Nor do the hired 'Holmes' ever mention who foots the bill, who is not even mentioned in the credits, whose name must never be spoken as it would sour the outcome. T

he one person who dares to speak those names is the 'magnificent detective' who is so precise that the masters of the plot despise and slander him in fear. He is none other than the international statesman and expert economist in real life, Lyndon LaRouche. He speaks the names that must never be spoken, the names of empire. He was instrumental in putting on record Where the Global Warming Hoax was born.

Thus the global warming story unfolds in real terms as a story of a psychological war for inflicting genocide as a part of the age-old war of empire versus mankind, a war that is not rooted in governments, monarchies, or public institutions, but is a private war by a "slime-mold oligarchy" according to its 'business' practice and effect on society, as Lyndon LaRouche describes it, which is rooted in a square mile of the City of London, the heart of the financial district that is inhabited by some of the worst sewer creatures found anywhere on the planet: the masters of fascism, the masters of empire, -- a creeping fungus uttering genocide for profit. 

LaRouche says the slime mold used to be called the British Empire when it was small. It's history is located in Venice, the Venetian Empire, and later on in the Netherlands. Afterwards the slime mold invaded England where it set up the world's largest completely private profit-centered financial world empire. But like a dry-rot fungus, the slime mold spread far and wide, across the Atlantic via the infamous Atlantic Alliance, engulfing the USA. And individually too, every person who cuddles up to the slime mold to share in the looting gets eaten alive by it. The slime mold eats their humanity and destroys it, and turns the invaded victim into a servant of empire. The world is full of these servants of empire, acting as the strong arm of empire, the looting financiers that feed the empire, the mouthpieces of empire that are spewing forth sophistry, and so forth. They even recruit the polar bear into the act, claiming the the bear will become extinct. In reality their numbers (20,000 to 25,000) are actually slightly increasing (Source). The hyped-up dire fate of the cute bear is used as a tearjerker to prevent the development of the fast energy resources of the North Polar Region in order to curtail global economic development. In the same breath the masters of empire cry about energy shortages and demand that food be burned in automobiles via the hidden agenda of the ethanol hoax. The reality is that it takes more energy to produce the ethanol than the ethanol gives back while the process actually increases pollution. But the key is that it uses up vast agricultural resources, which increases food prices, food shortages, hunger, and death by starvation. Depopulation is one of the Malthusian objectives for which the global warming doctrine is exploited in the war of empire versus mankind. The doctrine certainly has nothing to do with the truth.

Thus, as the story of empire unfolds with its real face in the background as a tower of Babel and a tower of babble -- the babble of the sophistry that is essentially a flood of sophisticated lies, society sings the song: 'In Lies We Trust!' Right!  

Sophistry is the babble of empire resulting from the 'art' of the intentional sophistication of lies as an efficient means to hide the truth. Sophistry is one of the most powerful weapons ever developed by empire for its cultural and physical warfare against mankind. 

All of this becomes the background to the fascinating, badly written, global warming story, a story that is already wrecking developed industries under the long-debunked CO2 scare. It is also preventing the development of Africa (read depopulation by poverty) to preserve its raw resources. In addition it is wrecking the world food supply under the ethanol hoax as a means for imperial control. Thus, the story that reads like a joke, which would have many laughing if its consequences were no so severe, is finally getting a few scientists angry who refuse to see the good name of science dragged into the mud. Four hundred of them have submitted detailed reports in 2007 of their stand against the manmade global warming doctrine, issued to the U.S. Senate (shown below). 

Indeed the scientists should protest. The global warming story is not only fiction through and through, but is such bad fiction in science related issues that it would capture an award for the worst science fiction ever attempted. And it actually got that award. It qualified for the Nobel Price in 2007. 

We have seen many bad science fiction fantasies with not a shed of real science in it or even the slightest hint of a potential physical possibility for them. But those have all been honest as no attempts were made to suggest that their possibility exists in the real world. The global warming story is dirty in that it claims to be real science and turns it upside down viciously, shaming the scientific world. Of course this too, falls right in line with everything else in the war of the slime-mold against mankind. Unfortunately that's the war we are presently loosing. We are rushing towards a new Dark Age, acting out a badly written story, and we will die there unless we change course soon, and this completely, and rewrite the whole story with an eye on honest science and demonstrable truth.

Part 3: Here the truth begins:

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