Climate Dynamics

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Nov. 21, 2009

Are the needs of the future determining
 the economic dynamics of the present? 

 The above question may be the most important question ever asked. It is a huge question. The answer will determine if mankind will have a future. But it cannot be answered lightly as, it requires rigorous scientific honesty that challenges some of the most dearly held perceptions regarding the principles and the nature of the physical Universe. Since the question covers a wide range of phenomena and related principles, I will address the question in a top-down sequence, as outlined below, focusing on the logic arising from known physical principles that simply cannot be ignored, though it is convenient to squeeze one eyes shut when consensus-reality is challenged, regardless of rigorous scientific facts, as far as those can be determined. 

The sequence of consideration here, begins with the meteorological climate of our planet and what causes it, all the way to the factors that determine the Ice Age cycles, and the effects of glaciation temperatures on global agriculture that is near totally keyed to the present warm interglacial climate. 

While it is possible to protect mankind's global food supply indoor agriculture, the scale of this infrastructure, both scientific and economic, is so large that a hundred-year crash program may be required to implement the process. But will we do it? Will we listen to the warnings of competent scientists who suggest that the transition to the next glaciation cycle may only be 100 - 150 years distant, or that we might be already in the transition zone? Or will we continue to dream that historic patterns no longer hold true, or might be delayed by a thousand years?  Are we prepared to gamble with the very existence of mankind, since it is far more convenient to live with our eyes squeezed shut, than it is to face the Ice Age Challenge with an appropriate renaissance by which the Ice Age cooling would be of no consequence? 

These questions become questions of moral dynamics, the dynamics that impel scientific progress. To sweep the entire demand imposed by the future dynamics of our planet, under the rug, is by intention synonymous with the worst fascist genocide in history according to what is known today about the near term potential of the cyclical resumption of the Ice Age glaciation. We have two options therefore before us. One is to act and to protect the common future of mankind. The other option is the default one, hoping, possibly against hope, that the Pleistocene Epoch that caused the formation of the vast ice fields has miraculously ended. But what if reversal isn't happening? What if the current cooling trend continues, and the weakening solar activity trend doesn't reverse itself? How much of a buffer have we got left in preserving agriculture? Shouldn't these questions determine the nature of economic activity all across the world? Shouldn't they be the key factors?

In order to consider these questions, which really affect the very dynamics of being human, the question of scientific honesty comes to the foreground. Fortunately, the factors that one encounters here are not way out of the realm of rational perception, though many of these factors have been obscured by the mediocrity of consensus in science, rather than the daring of touching the truth. So let's begin with poking holes through the mantle of the mediocrity of consensus opinion, no matter how dearly cherished they may be.

1 - The Earth's climate is determined by cloud formation... 

Contrary to long-cherished perceptions, the over-all climate of the Earth is not determined by the cyclical orbital variation of the Earth around the Sun, theorized as the Milankovitch cycles. The orbital variations affect sunlight imbalances between the northern and southern hemispheres, but they do not affect the overall solar energy received by the Earth as a whole over the course of a year. However, the white and highly reflective cloud cover, significantly determines the amount of incoming solar radiation that is reflected back into space. It thereby determines the amount of solar energy that is absorbed. The global climate reflects the variations of this factor. It has to reflect them. There is no way of getting around this effect, because the energy that is reflected away from the Earth and back into space, diminishes the global energy budget. 

2 - Increased cloud formation reduces the global greenhouse effect... 

The little disputed fact here, is that the global greenhouse effect is 97% determined by water vapor under optimum conditions. Cloud formation happens when atmospheric water vapor is condensed into cloud droplets. The tiny molecules of water vapor, which by their physical characteristic absorb a wide band of solar radiation, are diminished in density with cloud formation. The resulting effect is, that the greenhouse function of the atmosphere, and its moderating influence on the global climate becomes diminished. The outcome is a climate of colder winters and hotter summers. The reduced greenhouse function amplifies the global cooling effect caused by the increased cloud formation (step 1). The global carbon dioxide (Co2) has an effect on the greenhouse function, though a minuscule effect that rarely exceeds 3%, of which the manmade portion is itself only 3-4%.

3 - The intensity of cloud formation is primarily the result of cosmic radiation...

Cosmic rays are not rays in the standard sense, but are singular incidents of protons and electrons moving at near light speed, entering the Earth's atmosphere. Since protons and electrons carry an electric charge, their interaction with the water-vapor molecules, ionizes the molecules. It makes them electrically active. The electrically charged water-vapor molecules become thereby 100 times more attractive to one another, causing the cloud formation process. Changes in the intensity of the cosmic radiation, has thereby a large effect on the intensity of the cloud formation, with corresponding effects on the climate on the Earth.

4 - The intensity of the cosmic radiation varies with the energy dynamics in the solar system...

Intense cosmic radiation pervades interstellar space. All, but a small portion of it is filtered out by the electrodynamics of the processes within the heliosphere of the solar system. The heliosphere is determined by the solar winds. The solar winds are constant streams of protons coming from the Sun that are accelerated to speeds reaching above a million miles an hour. The winds slow to subsonic in a zone called the termination shock, and come to a halt at the heliopause at a distance typically twice that of the orbit of Pluto. But the heliosphere is shrinking, and with it, its shielding effect has been diminished. Some suggest that helisophere has been shrinking for five decades already. A 20% increase over the last decade, in the high-energy electron portion of the cosmic radiation, has been reported. This increase covers the timeframe in which the global cooling has been in progress. But what causes the changes in the energy dynamics surrounding the solar system?

5 - The energy dynamics of the solar system is not determined by the Sun itself... 

This one is a hard nut to swallow in consensus science. The consensus is, upheld apparently under political pressure, that the radiance of the Sun is powered by a nuclear fusion furnace, deep within the sun, ignited by gravitational pressure, whereby the Sun causes its own influence upon itself, such as having caused the cooling that began with the Pliocene Epoch when Antarctica began to freeze over, and later with the additional cooling in the Pleistocene Epoch that has caused Greenland to freeze up and the major ice ages to begin.

 However, there exists also a large body of credible evidence that suggests that the Sun is not internally powered, but is electrically powered by an energy source that acts upon it, which is supplied from far outside the solar system. In fact the evidence for this is so strong that it would be amazing if the Sun was not externally powered by this natural process that is actually unavoidable. Likewise would it be amazing if the science for this phenomenon was not suppressed, considering the impact this would have on the entire dynamics of empire-dominated science.

6 - The science of the Sun as a gravity-fed electric engine... 

This is credible science. One would call it leading edge science if it was not for the simple fact that the phenomenon observed, agrees with the inevitable result that one would expect from the action of gravity on plasma, and the interaction of electric forces. It is widely accepted that 99.999% of the mass of the Universe exists in the plasma state, and only one tenth of one percent exists in the bound-up state as electrically neutral atoms. Plasma exists primarily in the form of free flowing protons and electrons, the natural building blocks of atoms, but existing in their natural state, not bound into atomic structures, though containing the same mass and gravitational attraction as they would bring to the atomic structures. Thus, being free flowing, they are affected by gravity, individually, and in the case of the solar system, this gravity comes from the Sun. The gravity of the Sun is a thousand times greater than that of the Earth. Now, with the plasma particles carrying a natural electric potential (the protons +1, and the electrons -1), vast flows of electric currents flow into the Sun. As the density of the electric plasma increases, the principles of the electric force come into play. One principle states that particles of unlike charge attract each other. Still, they never cancel each other out, because the second principle states that at close approximation they repel each other. In the shadow of these principles a general charge separation occurs in high density situations resulting into a double layer phenomenon, as it is called in plasma physics, with the polarities separated to either side. The Sun's chromosphere is perceived as such a double layer, with strong electric arcing taking place across it, acting onto the thereby illuminated surface of the Sun, that is in this case the functioning anode.

7 - The predictable nature of the externally powered solar system... 

All the phenomena that have been observed, correspond with the nature of what one might expect from an externally powered solar system. The big glaciation events of early geologic times, and the later Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs (5 and 2 millions years ago), are all readily explained as simple plasma-density fluctuations, but are difficult to imagine in the consensus cosmology as affects of fast changing conditions within the solar fusion furnace, which is itself essentially built onto the Big Bang theory that, incidentally, omits the existence of plasma totally from its considerations. However, the contrary, modern advanced scientific reasoning, puts us into a quandary. The prediction of Ice Age cycles would be much easier if the solar forcing of the Milankowich cycles were the cause of it. Unfortunately the observed reality doesn't match the mathematical prediction. However, there is a natural 100,000 years cycle built into the plasma flow pattern of our galaxy. The flow pattern are observed along the center of the galaxy arms, with the plasma flowing towards the center of the galaxy, the star forming region, and from there, perpendicular to the galactic disk in a jet-like stream that expands into a fountain to provide a return path to the outer edge of the galaxy. With our galaxy being 50,000 light years in radius, a complete electric circuit cycle would have slightly over 100,000 year cycle time for its propagation, matching the current dynamics of the Ice Age cycles. The historically observed pattern, is therefore the best yardstick that we've got to explain the Ice Age cycles, and this yardstick tells us that the Holocene warm climate is about to end. Something is coming down the pike. While we cannot see the changing cause, as it is invisible and too distance, we can, however see significant affects already unfolding. The heliosphere is shrinking. The cosmic radiation is increasing. We don't know whether these trends will be short term, or whether they will continue to escalate over the next 100 to 150 years, or even more rapidly. But we do know with certainty that in a typical Ice Age climate, agriculture diminishes to but a trickle. This means that the world food supply comes grinding to a halt during the transition period, unless technology provides a new resource, such as scientifically optimized, and artificially powered indoor agriculture, or synthetic industrial food production that seems too remote at this point, as we barely understand the inner dynamics of living processes.

8 - Do we want to gamble with the future loss of mankind, possibly as a species, by not stirring our stumps today to prepare our world for the coming cold climate? 

This is the big question before us. Do we respond to the future in the present? The probability is extremely great that if we enter the coming Ice Age unprepared for it, the world population would dwindle back to the few million that existed at the end of the last Ice Age. We know from historic ice core samples that large temperature swings occurred in the transition period, sometimes lasting for decades. While insane gambling has become the modern trend, the insanity involved is not a human trade. It is a human quality to think in terms of a common, universal, human future. In spite of what we see today, it is the nature of man to see itself as a part of the Universe, instead of passive spectators. As the changing Universe is posing a significant challenge for us, we find ourselves with the capacity for meeting this challenge. This is not to say that the challenge is easily met. The physical challenge is huge. But far greater is the social and political challenge for staging the required cultural renaissance, especially the political challenge. We should not forget that the global warming hoax erupted in 1974 against the background of a growing concern in the scientific community over what steps should be taken to prepare our world for the coming glaciation cycle. The global warming hoax was the response of empire to prevent the dawn of the great renaissance that would be required to build the infrastructures, technologies, and energy systems for global indoor agriculture. In comparison with today's economically and culturally collapsed world, the needed Ice Age preparation renaissance would have been easy to start in 1974. We lost more than a quarter century by this hoax, and we have become so entrenched into its muddy waters, that even the best of society don't dare, or care, to face the challenge for which the entire historically destructive circus of madness began, which aims to prevent the very thing from being realized that is most essential in this age for the long-term survival of mankind.

9 - Facing the phase shift of cultural and scientific degeneracy. 

The modern world has become peopled with trained moral cowards and scientifically blinded deniers of the truth. When Benjamin Franklin raised his kite to test the electrical potential of storm clouds he did so in an environment of scientific openness. Now, 200 years later we can see where the electric potential comes from. We have the instrumentation today to visibly see the sprite-like glowing plasma filaments electrically connecting the top of the thunderclouds with the ionosphere that interfaces the Earth with the galactic electric current flows. Ironically, we close our mind to what we see. While the minuscule gravity of the Earth is not sufficient to cause the entire planet to light up, as the sun does, every lightning bolt testifies to us that the Earth is afloat in a densely concentrated field of galactic electric energy that is begging to be developed for practical uses.

Facing the Ice Age renaissance, if it is honestly pursued, opens up a breakout potential that far supercedes any political potential today. It would break open the bottle that has captivated the genie of mankind for far too long already under the Wellsian and Fabian doctrine of scientific and cultural devolution. Whether the breakout potential will be realized remains yet to be seen. The ongoing cultural and economic collapse in the world has already put the noose around our neck. Sure, we protest, but do we acknowledge why the noose is there? Just imagine that the currently prevented Ice Age renaissance would actually unfold, and truth in science would actually become a factor again. Can you imagine what this would mean?

10 - The shift to an Ice Age renaissance.

For one thing, the blocking factor against energy development would vanish, and with that a whole raft of blocking factors would fall by the wayside. The effect on space travel would be enormous. Why wouldn't we be able to utilize the electric principle that accelerates the solar winds to speeds in excess of a million miles per hour? Why wouldn't we build a floating bridge across the Atlantic to Africa, and across the Pacific to China, at the ice-free latitudes. And why wouldn't we, as a side show, engage ourselves in automated industrial production of snap-together high quality housing, made of basalt, that can be produced inexpensive enough to be given away as a necessary cultural infrastructure? Why then, wouldn't we also use the developing capability for building indoor-agriculture facilities fifty stories high? The reason why our world is collapsing is simply put, that we stopped building our world up. And the stumbling block for that doesn't lie in a lack of resources, or in a lack of manpower, or in a lack of technological potential. The lack lies in ourselves. We have become small people. We have lost our vision. We look at our future and at the Universe with our eyes squeezed shut.

11 - Has the empire already won?

The offensive that the masters of empire had won in 1974, with the dawn of the global warming hoax, has never been countered in any serious fashion, so that the game that was started then, may well play itself out to the bitter end as the impending next glaciation cycle catches the world off guard. In this case 99% of mankind will likely perish, just as countless masses have perished from crop failures in the shadow of the minuscule cooling event following the 1814 Tambora eruption. Also, before this time, the world experienced another minuscule cooling event in 1315 -1322 that lasted for only seven years with a temperature drop of only one degree. This happened in the opening of the last Little Ice Age. The one-degree drop in global average temperature that has occurred during this seven year cold-spell, wasn't huge, but large enough to have caused changes in weather pattern that resulted in droughts and swamps, and other upsets, that were big enough altogether, to eventually collapse the entire European economy. Financial looting had already overstressed the economy at this time. That's the kind of thing we are facing again.

The cold spell at this time had killed 1.5 million people by starvation in Europe. In Iceland this little seven-year cold spell killed half of the entire population. In North America, it caused the greatest migration of Native Americans in history, that of the Iroquois, to escape the cold in the north. In Europe, which had a fragile agricultural economy overloaded with debt, the impact of the cooling on agriculture eventually collapsed the entire system, including the biological system, so that the Black Death Plague was able to explode and wipe out half the population. At this time the infrastructures of civilization had been too far eroded to prevent this horrendous collapse. It is interesting to note that the financial collapse in 1345, followed by the Black Death plague in 1347, came just a few years in the wake of the horrific cold spell in the years 1315 to 1322 from which Europe evidently hadn't recovered economically, which, with its one-degree drop in global average temperature, was nevertheless minuscule in comparison with the 9 to 20 degree cooling swings that have been registered in ice core records that were laid down in the transition stages leading into the last glaciation cycle.

12 - What happened to the age of truth and creativity?

In 1974 the scientific community was concerned with the writing on the wall, that the mind could see in the complex domain of scientific discovery. In the shadow of the overturning of this concern, with no effort having been spared to put mankind scientifically to sleep, the success has been so tremendous for the masters of empire that even the most advanced guard in science in today's world is dreaming the dream that the Holocene may yet continue for another thousand years while the writing on the wall to the contrary is becoming visible evermore strongly. So, how do we respond? Do we gamble with the very existence of mankind on the chance that our dreaming will come true and the next glaciation cycle won't start for another thousand years? Or do we respond to the potential demands of the future and consciously begin to create the Ice Age renaissance in our time, even though there exists a slight chance that this renaissance might not be needed? Indeed, what would we loose if we erred on the side of caution and created a giant renaissance before its critical need arose? But more importantly, what would we gain by responding to what it takes to live as human beings? The economic and political implication is huge.

The needed Ice Age renaissance poses a huge challenge. The task for shifting the bulk of the global agriculture into indoor facilities is on a scale of human enterprise and creativity that boggles the imagination. Pursuing this task would bring us closer to what we truly are as human beings, and it would come with the imperative to put aside the childish games of empire, monetarism and profit-motivated pursuits. The needed Ice Age renaissance puts a goal before us that is an order of magnitude larger and more challenging in every respect than what is presently being pursued as a goal. The Ice Age renaissance comes which a necessity that forces critical choices on us on a scale that we might otherwise not consider, and that by keeping our goals too small, we might ultimately loose.

Ultimately, the option not to pursue the goal of an Ice Age renaissance, would be paramount to a willing commitment to the greatest fascist genocide in history. And this is not a human response, is it?

In his 11/11/09 webcast, Lyndon LaRouche, poses the challenge for mankind to come to discover its potential as human beings in the expanse of its imagination, and to search there for the limits we cling to and ways to exceed them, to create new frontiers on this platform, and to explore them, without which we will never know what it is to be human.

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