The dimension of Life (part 1)


Celebrating Life,
 the crown of the Universe

Is mankind the Universe's gift to itself? 
Is life a powered function on a higher order?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The temples of Khajuraho
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Life the Unbounded

The Universe is forever developing, broadening and expanding from its infinite basis. At the leading edge where this progression is truly boundless, unfolds the dimension Life. Life is dynamic. The more we celebrate it, the more powerful it becomes. Every renaissance speaks of it. The Principle of the General Welfare is a celebration of it. The founding of the USA is a testament of it. But when the celebration ends, civilization dies. The temples of  Khajuraho stand as a testament of this death. A vast complex of temples had been build in Khajuraho a thousand years ago, all in a short span of time. The resulting achievement speaks of an economically powerful civilization that evidently had been built on a conscious celebration of life. Then, suddenly, for reasons unknown, the renaissance ended, the celebration stopped, and the civilization that created these wonders fell into oblivion.

Life is unbounded by its very nature and thereby distinct from the merely physical world. Life is a higher-order phenomenon. In living processes, the chemical and molecular dynamics that we see in the merely physical dimension, unfolds in a vastly different and higher-order dimension that has no equivalent in the non-living world. We see principles coming to light here that cannot be found anywhere else except in living processes, by which structures are created that, while they still use the same basic building blocks that everything else is made of (the 90+ basis elements that exist in the Universe), these building blocks unfold into structures with such complexity and profundity of creative invention, that the end-product bears no resemblance to those building blocks, either in form, or in functionality. In life, a higher order of physics comes to light, of Intelligence reflected in progressive manifests, to the point that the progressive manifests of Intelligence have an intelligence of their own whereby the development of life becomes increasingly self-directed, and self-advancing, and self-healing.

Mental healing has long played a role in mankind's developing, and increasingly spiritual culture, such as shamanism in its many forms, which merely reflect the ever-advancing nature of the dynamics of life, and the effect of intelligence on it. Mankind is presently standing at the pinnacle of life, and is in the process of a cultural and spiritual self-awakening and self-healing. Monetarism, empire, war, poverty, are all already standing in the shadow on the way to oblivion as counter-culture and counter-civilization relics, without a hope of survival in the face of an awakening humanity with a progressive sublimity and an increasingly recognized 'divinity' as the tallest manifest of Intelligence in the world in which we live.

Unlike the common perception of it, human life isn't for survival. Sure, the politics that assure survival rest on moral ground, but this leaves us far behind in the dust in comparison where the power unfolds that creates monuments of beauty, art, literature, music, and freedom. Great works are not the work of those who merely survive. Those who aspire to merely survive may be termed the living dead, because their having lived hasn't enriched anything, not even themselves, so that the end-result is the same as if they hadn't lived at all. All facets of empire fall into this trap. Monetarism has this effect. There has never been one instance in the history of mankind when anything grand came out of the stalls of empire. Nothing that came out of this sewer ever inspired the celebration of Life manifest in great works of art, in uplifted civilization, in a profound  abundance of living, in festivals of joy, in 'festivals' of education, quality housing, health care, cultural optimism, security.

To the contrary. Every period of renaissance in the world were periods of relative freedom from empire and everything the term includes. There is no possibility for mankind to be profoundly creative and fully alive in a world overshadowed by empire. The shadow of empire that hover over everything creates the living dead who aim to bring the entire world to their level, advocating genocide. So, what empowers us to turn the tide? What causes us to raise ourselves above being merely alive, and also above being merely living?

Who will help us? Will it be the priest who gives mankind a noble name? Or will it be the scientist who gives mankind an understanding of what the noble name implies? Or will it be the politician who sets the stage on which the priest can speak, and the scientist can advance human knowledge? Or will it be the poet who guides the politician's heart? Doesn't the abundance of living come from the heart and soul? Isn't the idea of a temple at its clearest expression, expressed as the celebration of the abundance of living?

This has a profound meaning. Whenever mankind tolerates poverty in any form, or hunger, or slum living, or unemployment, or slavery, and so on, it blocks its own path to the abundance of living. No scientific and technological progress is possible where these detriments are tolerated. This means that the immediate goal has to be to create world where none of these detriments can be found. At the present stage the need is so great that nothing less will suffice than nuclear powered automated manufacturing of high quality housing using high-temperature processes such as processing molten basalt for casting ready-made housing units that can be produced so inexpensively that they can be given away by the millions. Hunger can be stopped with ease. The world food production can be tripled with a small input of mechanization, fertilization, and irrigation. There is no excuse for hunger. Nor is there any excuse for slavery. Slavery is the most wasteful use of the human resource. The development of a quality culture is also essential, including health care, power development, transportation infrastructures., and free quality education.

A abundance of living, in short, is the outcome of the most efficient development of the most precious resource that mankind has, which is itself, the creative and productive capacity of the human being. On this platform mankind will achieve wonders in living. Attitudes will change towards one another. Even the cognitive powers of the human being will advance in the dynamics of living abundantly.

However, another factor may have a great influence on the power of life for the advance of cognitive processes. This factor stands at the boundary between the physical and the spiritual, but is entirely physical in nature. It remains to the present time completely in the hands of the Universe. Also it may be far more powerful than we care to acknowledge, if we can acknowledge it at all. Nevertheless, it holds an immensely bright promise for us, beyond anything we can yet imagine. 

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In fact, it may be the key factor why the development of mankind began, roughly 2.5 million years ago and not earlier in geologic time, and set the stage for living abundantly - which literally makes us the children of the Universe, and life being actively powered by the Universe, rather than it being a passive process of accretion. Of course, this is a story all by itself.

The Temples of Khajuraho

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