Healing of the world

Political healing of civilization, the universal task of all mankind


Alternate Healing

Development vs a New Dark Age

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

We build our world,
the world we wish to have,
we tend it,
we make it rich ,
we make the portal,
the stock but grows the rose,
still, we must obey what no one may mock
with arrogant will,
the principles that support the universe,
and us,
in tending our gardens,
in building our worlds,
we are creating portals,
to life.

Rolf A. F.Witzsche


The LaRouche Political Action Committee
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The study has been created in memory of the critical year, 2010, on the political landscape, with the LaRouche organization interveneing to help raise the platform of sanity in politics

Only Four Powers Cooperation Can Avoid Mid-East Trigger for WWIII (vid)

Crisis in the Gulf

Towards a new Glass Steagall

The global enemy is empire


2010 - A year to behold. It starts with amazing fireworks

Leading into the new year:
The masters of empire suffered two major defeats as a healing trend in the world has begun. The attempt to crash the U.S. dollar was foiled when China, rather than dumping its dollars as it had been demanded (that would have caused great damage to the world), China retained its dollar reserves and used it as a backing for financial credits to engage in vast infrastructure development projects, together with Russia. In the shadow of this beginning a number of Asian countries announced ambitious projects of their own, for nuclear power development.

The masters of empire also suffered a second major, in mid December, when the Copenhagen Conference failed to persuade the world to submit itself to an imperial world government dictatorship with a binding mandate for world population reduction to reduce the human carbon footprint, coupled with global taxation and deindustrialization, which was to be enforced with penalties -- all based on the global warming hoax that was beginning to unravel as the conference unfolded. Mankind saved itself from this tragedy too, as its healing continued, while the field of empire became an increasingly desperate scene. In Copenhagen the heart of the empire's global warming doctrine was revealed as a fraud, both in the form of a leak of scandalous e-mails, and by the Universe in the form of a radically colder winter erupting. In Copenhagen the empire's global warming game of 35 years in the making, which was a fraud to begin with, was essentially buried.

From this background the stage was set for huge events to come, as the end-phase of empire, which won't die easily, is unfolding. Against this background, not surprisingly, the "Detroit underwear (airplane) bomber" incidence happened, which heightened the terrorist tension around the world.

In the last days of 2009:
Prime Minister of Canada suspended the country's parliament till March 5.
The U.S. Senate voted up a 2000 page Hitler-style health care bill with perpetuity clauses inserted, so that no legislature will ever be able to challenge, discuss, or overturn, the key provisions of the bill. Fascism, of course, in whatever form it unfolds, is the mark of empire raising its ugly head. LaRouche's answer was a warning, at the close of the year: Emergency Message from LaRouche: To What Are You Loyal?

As the new year begins:
The U.S. President puts all discussion for the conciliation (House and Senate versions) of the U.S. healthcare bill behind closed doors.
Within days the giant AIG scandal breaks, revealing massive financial fraud involving top officials, shaking the system at its very core, as AIG is being covertly used as a vehicle to bail out the empire's "banking" system (derivatives gambling system) around the world, with U.S. taxpayers' money. 

Jan 10, LaRouche issues a 4-pont legislation proposal for the impeachment of the President ( The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama ). The LaRouche Political Action Committee subsequently introduced LaRouche's impeachment proposal at the National Press Club, together with the introduction of three candidates for Congress, from the LaRouche Youth Organization, who declared their commitment to the LaRouche Plan to recover the nation and the world.


The LaRouche LPAC Campaign of 2010 
a turning point to save the world and to create a new renaissance in our time.
Campaign Videos

The LaRouche Plan for Economic Recovery, Now! (video)
A New, World Credit-System: The Question Before Us (by LaRouche)
Kill The Bill... Or Hang? (vid)
Obama: Tantamount to Treason
Obama: Tantamount to Treason (by LaRouche)
Weekly Update 01.14.10 (video)

Down with the Traitors: Campaign 2010 (special video)

-- by LaRouche --

The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama  


LaRouche Democrats For Congress

Rachel Brown - Kesha Rogers - Summer Justice Shields  (candidates)

Candidates Press Conference at the National Press Club Jan. 10, 2010 (special video)

Down with the Traitors: Campaign 2010 - 01.17.10 (special video)

Sat, 01/23/2010 - 3:53am
LaRouche Pre-Recorded Message to Boston Town Hall Meeting

Down with the Traitors: Campaign 2010-01.24.10

Down with the Traitors: Campaign 2010-02.07.10


(OTC) - Off the Cuff  - videos and specials

OTC: AM Report Monday January 11, 2010

OTC: PM Report Wednesday January 13, 2010

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LPAC  - (special video and articles)

A First Look: The AIG Cover-up & Health Care  - (special video)

Asia's Nuclear Renaissance - (special video)

Tue, 01/19/2010 - 8:45pm - (behind the AIG criminality)
Incestuous Spit-Swappers Laid an AIG (article)

OTC: AM Report Wednesday January 20, 2010 - (a start... Victory Day!)

Wed, 01/20/2010 - 9:09am - (LaRouche on the 'victory')
Will Nero now murder Seneca?: The Charade is Ending

Wed, 02/03/2010 - 4:57pm
The Destruction of NASA
- LPAC video 

Sun, 02/07/2010 - 4:26pm 
From the Moon to Mars: The New Economics - Part II
- LPAC video

Mon, 02/15/2010 - 8:47pm
The Octopus Known as Banco Santander

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LaRouche specials

"The End of the Obama Administration" - January 30, 2010 Webcast

LaRouche outlines the powers needed to escape from the presently menacing collapse into decadence, into which the old Trans-Atlantic order has fallen—we may hope, only temporarily.

LaRouche's ongoing statements

Why Obama Must Be Impeached
Wednesday, February 03, 2010 10:27 AM

Obama's stated intention, to shut down and destroy the NASA program at its root, when added to the Hitler-like health-care policy, and the general, destructive features of all other leading Obama policies, is one step too far.

LaRouche's New CCC: Bring Back Skilled Workers to Train the Youth
Monday, February 01, 2010 1:41 PM

Franklin County, Ohio auto union official: "I hope we can re-open the auto industry to build infrastructure and nuclear power plants. How can we do that?"

Tue, 02/09/2010 - 11:03am
Saving the Planet Now!: A Global "Glass Steagall"

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The MOST fundamental question:
Entropy or Anti-Entropy

Haiti, giant (7.0) Earthquake Jan 12 2010 (in memorial - YouTube)

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While political actions to defend a nation or the world tend to unfold in a reactionary mode, the power of true political action lies not in opposing things and violent revolution, but in uplifting and building, and in laying the foundation for a richer civilization, elevating in its course, science, music, literature, economics, statecraft, and the perception in society of advanced universal principles and a higher sense of society's own humanity. This is the power that nothing can hold back.

The LaRouche organizations have contributed immensely over the span of roughly four decades, to not only providing the critical choices for mankind's survival and peace, but more importantly so, to advance the face of civilization towards a freer, richer, and more powerful state of living, and a new renaissance. LaRouche points out in many ways that life culture and civilization do not exist for mere survival, but for the development of humanist power in society's living, even to 'reach for the stars.'

It would be surprising if the vast range of contributions from the LaRouche field, that have been forthcoming, would not have had an elevating impact on my own work as a researcher and writer, just as other pioneers in scientific development, past and present, have contributed to the advancement of my work in exploring the great Principle of Universal Love that historically stood behind every renaissance in history. 

In honor of LaRouche's contribution, I would like to present here one chapter from my series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose, as an acknowledgement of the mental background that has been created with his contributions, in which the series of novels became possible. The presentation is not intended as an exemplification of LaRouche's work, which requires no such exemplification, but is intended as a testament, on my part, of the quality and depth of LaRouche's work that stands laterally as an equal with the very best of mankind's pioneering achievements, past and present.  I find myself blessed to have been able draw from his achievements, as I have drawn from the achievement of other pioneers. The chapter that is resented here is from near the middle of the series of novels, and represents somewhat of a turning point in the story that ties the entire series into one. The title of the chosen chapter is:

Love Letters

The chapter is from the novel, Seascapes and Sand  
- free online access is provided, and also a free online audio-book version

Special feature presentations


Crisis in the gulf
A series of LPAC video presentations

Sat, 06/12/2010 - 12:15am - Crisis in the Gulf Part III

Towards a new Glass Steagall
A series of LPAC video presentations


LaRouche: The global enemy is empire
A series of LPAC video presentations

Sat, 06/26/2010 - 5:00pm - LaRouche Webcast: June 26, 2010 - "Change is a'Comin' "

Thu, 06/24/2010 - 11:25pm - Lyndon LaRouche Keynote address, Diplomats Luncheon 06.23.2010

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 12:09am - An Extraordinary International Dialogue with Lyndon LaRouche

Sat, 05/08/2010 - 4:30pm - LaRouche Webcast: May 8, 2010 - "The Greatest Crisis in Modern History"

Wed, 06/30/2010 - 8:51pm - Weekly Update: 06.30.2010 - LaRouche guest appearance


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Political healing of civilization, the universal task of all mankind

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