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locating the 16 elements for healing civilization onto the foursquare pedagogical structure developed by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science


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The Origin of the Structure

In began with the dawn of the scientific age: the Greek classical era from Homer to Plato and beyond, and its reflection in the Egyptian scientific culture at the time, which all together staged the background for the Christian era. While we find few references to science in the Christian historic record, a profound concept was presented at the very end of the Christian Bible that records a people's dawning spiritual awareness in a context that is rooted a scientific background. Here, at the end of an era, the Revelator, who looks forward to a new age past the end of all evil, presents the image of the new world as a foursquare geometric structure "ascending" from the Intelligence of the Universe onto mankind.

The idea of a foursquare structure representing aspects of civilization appears to have many expressions. One of the most famous example is found in garden of the Taj Mahal in India.

Everything about the Taj Mahal is foursquare, especially its garden, which is divided into 16 parts, and the building itself is perfectly aligned north, south, east, and weat.


Many centuries later, America's pioneer of spiritual science, and scientific mental healing, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), picked up the foursquare structure as platform for her own ordering of the processes involved in mental healing. She defined the structure, her pedagogical structure, in terms of four rows, respective to four distinct levels of thinking, and in terms of four columns in which development takes place according to the four progressive levels. 

She defined the four columns in accord with the natural cycle of the Sun, beginning in the North as dawn, sequencing on to the sunrise in the East, the heat of the day when the sun is in the South, and the golden glow of the sunset in the West.

But she didn't leave it with that. She divided the for lower rows into half, an upper half and a lower half, thereby creating a vertical confrontational structure. She labeled the three levels, the domain of the spiritual and scientific (top level), the moral domain defined as transitional (in the middle), and the domain of depravity at the bottom. And she didn't leave it with that either. She divided these three levels into an upper half (light green) and a lower half (dark blue). The line between them thereby becomes the moral line. Everything above the moral line unfolds in scientific and spiritual development, the development of our humanity - and everything below unfolds into the very opposite, such as insanity, immorality, depravity, as is typically found in the operations of empire. The dividing line between morality and immorality is often a very fine line, including when it comes to modes of government, such as Republic vs. Democracy.

She further defined the four columns in accord with the four great aspects of civilization, the aspects of loving; living; understanding and acknowledging universal truth; and the development of science that enables one to go beyond the leading edge.

In order to make the individual development channels more perceptual relevant she divided the four columns into two groups, a right group and a left group. The right group might be seen as related to the concept of Temple, a place of celebration, and the left group might be seen as related to the concept of Church that symbolically reflects the struggles for the development of civilization. The topics for this website were chosen to reflect this basic design.

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Mary Baker Eddy has divided all of her major works into 16 parts (ten in total), which are applicable in a similar manner towards a large and comprehensive pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development. I recently recognized that my own work, the series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose, can be applied in a similar manner, together with its two associated novels. 

The series was not written with this application in mind, but it fits nevertheless. The two lead-in novels are on the bottom row. However, the last two elements on the bottom row are not covered.


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locating the 12 elements for healing civilization onto the foursquare pedagogical structure developed by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science

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