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 Research for meeting the Ice Age Challenge

The Electric Universe

Discoveries in the Academy

Electro Astophysics

Overwhelming Electric-Universe Evidence Everywhere

More physics related articles

Acknowledging the Electric Universe Pivots on Love

Strategic Defence of the Earth: Asteroid-Collision Defence

Ice Age Articles

Will Canada, Russia, Europe, and China, cease to exist?

Ten-fold CO2 Increase Needed

NAWAPA 22 for World Development

Cultural and Political Articles

The Discovery Range

Freedom From Money with Glass Steagall

2010 Political Explorations

empire - universe - energy - NASA
- NAWAPA - music - world

#1 Individual - #2 National
Universal Dawn - #4 Scientific Age

Pictures worth a thousand words - A bird on two wings

City of God, Science, Man

2011 Science Explorations

- Free Electric Energy - Nuclear Fusion Power Delusion
 - Ice Age & Renaissance - NAWAPA -Industrial Revolution
 - Universal Love - Empire Religion - Empire Wars - New Science
 - Christian Science

Christian Science

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Christian Science Healing

Loves Landscape

The Lodging for the Rose

Flight Without Limits

Brighter than the Sun

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