The Higher Order


Between the Infinite and Finite

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


...and above all stands the absolute and universal
the higher order - the sublime


Spirit Life   Principle Mind

The absolute and universal is what we see reflected in the Universe, and also in us, in mankind, for us all being a part of the Universe. Here we find our resource in every respect. The German poet Friedrich Schiller appears to have referred to this higher-order that reflects evermore of the absolute when he spoke of the sublime. 

Ancient cultures have referred to the absolute, as the divine. The modern scientist might call the absolute the fundamental: that which IS; that to which we are bound: the infinite that we begin to take hold of to some degree, and begin to understand and make our own, which thereby becomes increasingly finite to us, even as we become increasingly infinite ourselves.

There are four higher-order qualities of the Universe, without which the Universe and us would not exist. The Universe is a marvelous place, from the tiniest speck to infinity but none of it really exists in the small and isolated from the whole. Even the tiniest atom is a miracle of interacting forces governed by a complex array of harmonizing principles without which nothing would exist. Not a single aspect of the Universe would exist if as little as a single principle would be counteracting and not harmonize. The, atoms would disintegrate. In fact they would have never existed. Would one be justified then to call the harmonizing Spirit, by which the Universe exists,, Love? 

Indeed what is Love? No one can quantify it. Poets, artists, and musicians aim to define it. But will there ever be a final definition possible? We only know for certain that if it was to vanish from the human landscape, our civilization would collapse and mankind with it, just as the Universe would collapse without its harmonizing Spirit that might be called Love. But we can get a sense of the indefinable, the higher order, that we can bring down to Earth and thereby begin to define it, by looking at four of its main constituent dimensions, Spirit, Life, Principle, and Mind. And each one comes with a big surprise reflected in unexpected examples.

Spirit: Beyond the Apollo space program - Why is NASA's assigned mission 3 sizes too small?

Life: Is mankind the Universe's gift to itself? Is life a powered function on a higher order?

Principle: Is the standard of economic principle - as expressed in the Universe - expressed in a 100,000-fold gain?

Mind: When science is doomed to fail, as with nuclear fusion power, it opens a higher order power that gives us the Universe.

In the universal sense the four great concepts: Spirit, Life, Principle, Mind, are as One, unfolding laterally, side by side as it were, so that none is greater, while each defines the whole and the whole defines each one in return. 

And this in a nutshell also defines the absolute of our humanity. It defines us as one lateral whole, standing side by side, each with its boundless individuality, reflecting the Universe that is One..



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Spirit Life   Principle Mind
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