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Apocalypse on demand?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The line between truth an fantasy


What is HAARP

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an investigation project jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to investigate the ionosphere and establish whether some of its properties can be used for communication or surveillance purposes.

It has 180 antenna units, organized in 15 columns by 12 rows, yielding a theoretical maximum gain of 31 dB. A total of 3.6 MW of transmitter power will feed it (roughly the power of a residential street block or office building), but the power is focused in the upward direction by the geometry of the large phased array of antennas which allow the antennas to work together in controlling the direction. As of March 2007, all the antennas were in place,. The facility officially began full operations at its final 3.6 MW status in the summer of 2007.

Global facilities

In the United States, there are three ionospheric heating facilities: the HAARP, the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, and one at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. 

The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility, capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø, Norway. 

Russia has the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk near Nizhniy Novgorod, capable of transmitting 190 MW.

A fluxgate magnetometer built by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute is available to chart variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Rapid and sharp changes may indicate a geomagnetic storm. A digisonde provides ionospheric profiles, allowing scientists to choose appropriate frequencies for IRI operation. The HAARP makes current and historic digisonde information available online. An induction magnetometer, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures the changing geomagnetic field in the Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) range of 0–5 Hz. 

Reasearch goal

HAARP's main goal is basic science research of the uppermost portion of the atmosphere, known as the ionosphere. Essentially a transition between the atmosphere and the magnetosphere, the ionosphere is where the atmosphere is thin enough that the sun's x-rays and UV rays can reach it, but thick enough that there are still enough molecules present to absorb those rays. Consequently, the ionosphere consists of a rapid increase in density of free electrons, beginning at ~70 km, reaching a peak at ~300 km, and then falling off again as the atmosphere disappears entirely by ~1000 km. Various aspects of HAARP can study all of the main layers of the ionosphere.

The profile of the ionosphere, however, is highly variable, showing minute-to-minute changes, diurnal changes, seasonal changes, and year-to-year changes. This becomes particularly complicated near the Earth's poles, where a host of physical processes (like auroral lights) are unlocked by the fact that the alignment of the Earth's magnetic field is nearly vertical.

On the other hand, the ionosphere is traditionally very difficult to measure. Balloons cannot reach it because the air is too thin, but satellites cannot orbit there because the air is still too thick. Hence, most experiments on the ionosphere give only small pieces of information. HAARP approaches the study of the ionosphere by following in the footsteps of an ionospheric heater called EISCAT near Tromsø, Norway. There, scientists pioneered exploration of the ionosphere by perturbing it with radio waves in the 2-10 MHz range, and studying how the ionosphere reacts. HAARP performs the same functions but with more power, and a more flexible and agile HF beam.

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The ongoing mystery

Can the HAARP, or any of the similar families in the world, of which HAARP is actually the least powerful, be abused to artificially create earthquakes on demand for political purposes, or accidentally by the nature of the type of research? Countless people have been asking these kind of questions since in modern times all of the great earthquake events occur closely timed to critical political events, and also considering that terror has been routinely used by the historic masters of empire to protect any weak flank that threatens the very existence of empire. The USA has been under attack for this very reason ever since it was born. The masters of empire tried to use slavery as an issue to break the American Union, but it failed. Then they tried to break the USA by grabbing hold of its financial system. They stole it from under its nose with the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Day in 1913. They succeeded with that after 130 years of hacking away at the U.S. society. And even for that they had to hack their way in through the back door. There was strong opposition in the country to it handing its currency and credit rights over to the private empire. Among the opposition where powerful people, including some of the richest of the rich, like John Astor, the man after who the Astoria Hotel is named, and Mr. Guggenheim the famous industrialist, and also the owner of Macys's Department Store chain. They all stood in opposition. But they were too big to be simply bumped, off like President McKinley was bumped off. Nevertheless the empire had its ways to deal with that. The three big men were one by one lured onto the maiden voyage of the Titanic, and then the ship was sunk in an ice field in the North Atlantic. And in case somebody didn't get the message that resistance to empire is futile, the Titanic was sunk on the anniversary date of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Resistance if futile! Yes, the message was understood. The Federal Reserve Act was promptly passed. This pattern was repeated many times. When the masters of empire were in trouble financially in 2001, they set events into motion that blew up the Wold Trade Center and in New York. The world quickly became aware that this terror act signaled once again the start of a New World Order in which the empire tolerates no resistance. Then in 2004, when Indonesia didn't get the message and kept the Strait of Malacca closed to the empire's war machine, and didn't sign on with the war of terror, the empire's HAARP (whichever facility the empire 'owned') was made to sing. It triggered an earthquake, the largest ever recorded, at 9.3 magnitude. It caused an immense tsunami in which 150,000 people were killed in Indonesia, and tens of thousands in India and Sri Lanka and 1.5 million people were displaced. Indonesia got the message and complied. The empire-HAARP sings a deadly song, as many prople concluded. It became seen as a weapon of mass destruction, covertly controlled and played by the empire. The American, European, or Russian people, whose facilities might have been abused, only pay the bill.

The acronym HAARP stands for, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. This defines the global research. The keyword is "active research." Passive research is when I look you in the eye to observe your reactions to the world around you. Active research begins when I take a stick and poke you in the eye to discover how you can scream. That is what HAARP-type research does to the ionosphere that surrounds the Earth. It pokes it with a billion-watt stick (IESCAT) to discover how it squirms in the heat of this power. The research is to discover what one can do with the resulting phenomena. The HAARP-reseach has been accused of using the squirming ionosphere to focus a follow-up power beam into the Earth that make the tectonic plates sing and squirm, and the Earth tremble. That's 'active' research, too. It is poking the planet with a big stick to see how it reacts. This is the same kind of 'active' research that one of the British agents who controlled the Vietnam War referred to, by saying, 'What interests me is what one can do with power.' To this man the war was a game for 'active' research. When one adds factors of political timing to the HAARP-type active-type research, the concept of 'active' research expands even further. 

For example, in July 2007, the infamous month in which the empire's finical cesspool began to break open, the masters of empire were furious and scared. In order to save its pitiful existence the global empire wanted to cease control of Japan's national financial system to privatize it, so that it could use it to prop up its dying junk heap, that was collapsing, and thereby save the empire from its self-created mess. Japan refused. Consequently Japan was 'threatened,' so it is said. It wasn't threatened with a gun of course, but with the earthquake machine. While Japan still refused to yield, three days later, July 16, 2007, it was hit with a big earthquake, close enough to affect its biggest nuclear power complex that is also the world's largest. It was hit with two separate quakes half a day apart. The first one was a shallow crustal earthquake. It was followed 13 hours later by a deeply focused 6.8 quake roughly 330 km to the west, 350 km below the Sea of Japan. The two earthquakes were generated by different mechanisms. It appears that the message was understood. Japan complied. Note: The Japan quake coincided with HAARP starting up its full-power operation.

Then another deadly thing happened a year later. The military government in Myanmar published a roadmap towards elections in two years time. This was too far distant for the masters of empire to wait for, as a means for taking control of the country. The house of empire was crumbling. It was crying for war. It started agitating China for this. In order to get at China more easily the empire wanted to get control of the famous Burma Road into China. For this a huge Category 4 Typhoon was created, the worst in Burma's history. Many people suggest that the typhoon was set off by the HAARP-type system that is said to be designed also for weather-warfare. The chaos that resulted in Myanmar killed 100,000 and left half a million homeless. The crisis was intended to open the door for the empire taking the country over in the shadow of the chaos. The empire even cried for an invasion of the crisis ravished country. This time the game was soured with the help of some courageous U.S. patriots.

Then less than a month later, in the same year, Russia, India, and China dared to form a defensive alliance against the empire's insane political strategies, war threats, and economic attacks. Guess what happened. Two days before the formal conference for this alliance was held, China, which become a formidable economic power by then, was hit with the largest earthquake in its recent history, a 8.0 magnitude quake. The quake happened may 12, 2008, two days before the conference was set to start. The empire-HAARP sang in a big way that day. The empire did sent its message loud and clear. Nevertheless the alliance wasn't scrapped. It couldn't be scrapped. Too much was at stake for the remaining free world for this conference not to succeed. The Chinese people stood their ground and went beyond all expectations at the conference. The empire appears to have flipped out of its skin, and its HAARP sang again, as some people suggest. A powerful aftershock on May 27, toppled 420,000 more houses. A total of 42,000 aftershocks have been registered. Aftershocks of this type don't likely happen. All in all, 90,000 people were killed, 300,000 injured, 15 million homes were demolished  and all of that, just to make a point. But was it that? What seems so self-evident can never be substantiated with ironclad empirical evidence. And so it remains a mystery. However, if it was a political game, the mystery enables the game to continue. 

And the mystery does continue. On Jan 12, 2010, right in the middle of potentially the biggest financial swindles in modern times, and a growing campaign that threatens to eradicate the grip of empire on the USA, a giant (7.0) earthquake hits Haiti, the biggest earthquake there since the 1700s, that will likely be causing the death of untold numbers, possibly as many as 100,000, possibly several times that. And even as the horrendous consequences still unfold, to judge by the financial tremors in the world of empire, the era of the really big events, with potentials to dwarf the tragedy of Haiti, appears to be just beginning as the forces of empire react to what has become a string of defeats for them. 

But why would they hit Haiti, if this was an intentional event? Well, the answer is simple. Haiti is a nation that has a special place in the heart of empire. The Haitian Revolution, between 1791 and 1803, with the help of American abolitionists and patriots, had achieved the elimination of slavery and the establishment of Haiti as the first republic in the world ruled by a people of African ancestry. It also became the only revolt against slavery at this time that had achieved permanent freedom. The Haitian Revolution thereby marks a defining moment in the history. And if a message is to be sent that warns about the current movement in the USA towards scraping the financial and political slavery to empire that had shackled America for almost a hundred years, the focus on Haiti might just be enough to deliver the message that cannot be openly voiced. Vastly more deadly games have been played in the past by the masters of empire, and this in times when less was at stake.

Quite a few people seem to suggest that the recent earthquake in Haiti was an artificial event. If this should turn out to be the case, it was likely staged for the above stated purpose in typical empire fashion, as a warning to hold back the now brewing revolt in America, against America's slavery to imperial monetarism, saying loud and clear to America's leadership, your intended breaking with empire will not be tolerated. "Resistance is futile!" And so, the question remains, could the forces of empire do this? Do they really have the means to cause earthquakes on demand?

Earthquakes are, apparently, easily triggered. It has long been known in the oil industry that beaming radio waves into the ground at varying frequencies causes the underlying mineral formation to resonate. The formations resonate like a guitar string does, that is plucked. That's how the oilmen find oil-bearing layers. However, they only need thirty watts of power to get the layers in the ground to resonate at the frequencies characteristic of their makeup. The oilmen sent a faint radio signal into the ground that plug the strings of the various layer and listen to the tones coming back. That is how they can tell what is in the ground. It's an active-type of exploration. They ping the earth and listen. The empire-HAARP might do the same thing with a billion watts of power, which the the EISCAT facility is capable off. The resulting resonance may cause the tectonic layers to become 'fluid' and slip, and release built-up tension. Huge earthquakes might be triggered that way as the friction release occurs along a wide front. Normally the tectonic plates slip only in small steps, a bit at a time. M7 events are rare, and more so the 100 times larger M9 events, like several hundred times larger 9.3 event that triggered the tsunami on December 26, 2004 in the Indian Ocean 160 km off the western coast of northern Sumatra, at a depth of 30 km  below sea level. The fault line that had been assumed dormant, ruptured along a 1600 km front with a tectonic plate shift of up to 20 m. If this was artificially triggered, the alteration of electrostatic stress might have been a factor, which can be manipulated by altering the ionosphere that is a key component for the electrostatic field that exists between it and the earth. Electric stress has been identified as the cause for several spectacular breakups of meteors that had been observed in recent years and had puzzled astronomers. In the light of this observation the triggering built-up tectonic stress, to cause an earthquake, appears very much a possibility. It is also possible that in addition to this phenomenon radio pinging might have been induced as well. When a critical anomaly becomes located over a target area, it might serve as a deflector of pulsed radio waves traveling within the ionosphere, for which the anomaly becomes the breakout point. If this capability exists, then the HAARP and related facilities do indeed constitute an active weapon system for which the HAARP was built in the first place as an offshoot of the Star Wars missile defense system idea, that was cancelled, except for the HAARP.

The evident pattern in recent years suggests that empire uses the process of active intervention, timed to the flow of political events, to study the reactions of the targeted nations, or to shape their reactions. That's typical for the operations of empires. One of the empire's leading agents, in organizing the madness of the Vietnam War, is quoted to have said about his involvement, 'what interests me is what one can do with power.' He should have said, 'what interests me is what sheer insanity can accomplish.' He turned the Vietnam War into a laboratory of active intervention, but nothing good came from it. It never does.

It's like the old song says, which became famous during World War II, that whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. The empire-HAARP, in whatever organizational shape it may exists is well hidden in secrecy, and is likely played in secret by criminal elements within empire, appears to be nevertheless designed to play its tune openly. The tune needs to be played quite openly for the intended purposes, so that one wouldn't need to be a Kepler to recognize the evidence for what it is. That's what makes blackmail effective. If the empire keeps its stick too deeply hidden, it couldn't conduct a war of terror with it. For a people to be properly terrorized, the people have got to understand that the catastrophe they squirm under, is intentional. This may be the reason why the cover-up of these things is always thin. Why else would the masters of empire allow the 911-Truth movement, for example, to uncover the plot as an inside job, even its policy of intention? Knowing the truth, while seeing behind it the callousness of the masters of empire, and feeling unable to do anything about it, terrifies people more than the event itself. The truth movement shows boldly how big the empire's big stick really is, and how protected the stick is. And so, the empire sits back and smiles and watches society squirming and tearing its heart out in fear, which is always the intended effect of terror.

The empire-HAARP is set up that way. It is officially a research tool. How convenient! It even has links to universities. Then, when the big earthquakes happen in which tens of thousands are killed and hundreds of thousands of houses are destroyed, leaving millions homeless, it becomes impossible to prosecute the empire for the lack of a smoking gun. The deniability is built into the project. The HAARP is a research project by name. And so, it can be played again and again with impunity. Of course the victims will be made to understand that they have no recourse. That's the new type of warfare that preempts retaliation for the lack of a smoking gun. Then, how is a country like Russia, China, or India to respond in such a case of hidden blackmail? They see the timing. They hear the message. Of course they are told that earthquakes also happen naturally. But deep inside they know that these relatively rare natural events, especially the super-large events, do not likely happen precisely timed to critical political events of world-shaping significance. The odds against such a coincidence are astronomical. The uncertainty factor nevertheless makes any retaliation impossible, including accusations. An empire-HAARP event, especially when it involves several facilities, no matter how clear the pattern may become, can never be prosecuted for the lack of the smoking gun. 

And this takes us back to Ptolemy. Ptolemy would have never been able to suggest that the orbits in the heavens are anything other than based on perfect circular patterns, because the notion that circles are perfect and the heavens are perfect, was a doctrine imposed by popular belief. The world still is moved by similar doctrines, which precludes to the rational mind the occurrence of irrational events. The more unbelievable a crime thereby becomes, the more likely it will be committed. And so the empire-HAARP plays on; and the blackmail behind the scene goes on without end. It is no secret, evidently, that the HAARP is also designed for weather warfare research, and underground mammography for locating deeply buried military installations.  Triggering typhoons and hurricanes, and earthquakes falls thereby squarely within its design capability. A billion watt radio-wave, for example, can easily alter the delicate balances in atmospheric ionization that create our weather pattern. By utilizing the natural amplifying effects a weather modification machine can become thereby more destructive than an atomic bomb. Of course nobody is able to point a finger for the lack of a smoking gun. That feature makes the empire-HAARP, if it exists as the evidence suggests, the most powerful blackmail tool ever devised.

Are we surprised?

Indeed, why would one be surprised. Blackmail is the key to the empire's wealth.  It's called the market system, a system that is designed for looting, which runs totally on a platform of blackmail. For example, a barrel of oil costs $3 to produce. Society pays $130, because society cannot exist without oil. The final price is determined not by cost of production, but by the power to blackmail. The tune is simple: You pay or you starve. Thus, the blackmailing masters of empire succeed. They say, the price difference of $127 that we are able to demand by this open blackmail becomes our profit. We've earned it. It is the profit that is due to our speculators, the agents of empire. In an empire-free world, the price difference between cost of production and the price for sale, would be minuscule, and even this small difference would be used to develop new energy resources, such as clean nuclear power and so on. But that's not done in the empire-world. This renaissance-type development is prevented, because it doesn't help the blackmail process. It's the same with the food prices. Society must pay what the blackmailers demand. It is called the "market practice." As the result, the blackmailers rake in huge 'profits' or whatever they call the proceeds from their crimes. In an empire-free world those floods of 'profits' would be but a trickle that would be used to improve the productivity of agriculture with expanded irrigation, mechanization, transportation, fertilizers, and improved storage. The world's food production could be easily doubled with the proper capital investment in agriculture. Food prices would be a fraction of what they are today. But this isn't allowed, is it, because it would hinder the blackmail process, which is mistakenly called economics? What we call economics today is a carefully crafted misperception of what economics really is. In real terms there exists only one principle of economics. It is the principle that develops the potential of the human being as the core creative and productive power on the planet, which gains, through technological and energy inputs, the maximum effect derived from human labor to enable the greatest freedom in life, and freedom from the need to labor. Blackmail doesn't apply here, but takes us the other way. Blackmail is the platform of empire, the platform of slavery. It would be surprising if the platform of blackmail wasn't applied in politics too, to force political slavery. In politics, of course, the blackmail is counted in terms of the threatened destruction of civilization that is put on the table, and in the masses of people being killed. But the game is essentially the same.

The killing of 100,000 people for a political objective, appears like sheer madness to any normal human being, because the process is insane, as no one can imagine that such horrors might actually be inflicted on purpose, as have been inflicted. And this is so, because the nature of fascism is be design irrational and incompressible, and is psychologically devastating. Of course, to those who live in the sphere of empire, who see the human being as a cancer on the earth, threatening empire with its inherent renaissance powers, to them the killing of 100,000 people means nothing, who are scheming for the genocidal population 'reduction' in terms of four or five billion. And indeed, intentional killing of 100,000 people is a small thing in comparison with the larger forms of genocide that has been going for decades, like that resulting from the DDT ban, or from the bio-fuels hoax that is presently killing upwards to 50 million people each year. There are presently over a billion people locked into chronic starvation, while the bio-fuel production has 'stolen' agricultural lands and resources on a scale that would normally feed 50 million people. And that just one aspect. If the currently forced underdevelopment around the world would be lifted, the global food production could be easily doubled. The billion people who are presently forced into chronic starvation are the collateral damage that the masters of empire place their existence on. Wherever empire rules, fascism reigns, and genocide flows from it in flood tides of horrors.

Conspiracy theories are ultimately counter productive.

Regarding the theory behind HAARP, Tesla was quoted in the New York Times (Dec. 8, 1915) as saying:

“It is not a time to go into the details of this thing. It is founded upon a principle that means great things in times of peace; it can be used for great things in war. But I repeat, this is no time to talk of such things.

“It is perfectly practicable to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible, and have described it in my technical publications, among which I refer to my patent number 1,119,732, recently granted. With transmitters of this kind we are enabled to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace. Through the universal adoption of this system, ideal conditions for the maintenance of law and order will be realized, for then the energy necessary to the enforcement of right and justice will be normally productive, yet potential, and in any moment available for attack and defense. The power transmitted need not be necessarily destructive, for, if distance is made to depend upon it, it’s withdrawal or supply will bring about the same results as those now accomplished by force of arms.”

Well, this was then, and since then power beam weapons have become increasingly abundant in the science fiction world of exotic dreaming. Some of these dreams are evidently becoming real. The HAARP project may be the modern entry point into this exotic world. As a weapon, the HAARP project is exotic indeed as it utilizes the modification of astrophysical forces to cause large-scale effects on earth. Yes, the HAARP is a research facility, but it being a military facility, the focus of the project is to develop new military capability, both defensive and offensive. This much has been admitted.

"In a document prepared by the government, the U.S. Air Force claims: 'The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations... Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches of security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare. In all of these cases the EM (electromagnetic) systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective. Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that they can provide coverage over large areas with a single system. They are silent and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop... One last area where electromagnetic radiation may prove of some value is in enhancing abilities of individuals for anomalous phenomena.'

Do these comments point to uses already somewhat developed? The author of the government report refers to an earlier Air Force document about the uses of radio frequency radiation in combat situations. Note that HAARP is the most versatile and the largest radio-frequency-radiation transmitter in the world.

The United States Congressional record deals with the use of HAARP for penetrating the earth with signals bounced off of the ionosphere. These signals are used to look inside the planet to a depth of many kilometers in order to locate underground munitions, minerals and tunnels. The U.S. Senate set aside $15 million dollars in 1996 to develop this ability alone -- earth-penetrating-tomography. " see:


Is it reasonable to say that it might be an earthquake-capable weapon? Reasonable, perhaps, but not proven. The assumption is reasonable, because HAARP is primarily an ionosphereic heating facility. The heating is designed to lift designated areas of the ionosphere to higher altitudes.. Since the ionosphere is electron rich and carries a large electric potential, it creates and maintains thereby also a large electrostatic field between it and the earth. Since the field strength changes with distance, raising and lowering a the ionosphere, changes the electrostatic field. Such actions consequently also change the electrostatic stresses within the mantle of the Earth and between the tectonic plates. 

Earthquakes normally happen when small changes trigger a cascading stress release between the plates. This triggering may be artificially induced, by effects that change the electrostatic tension, which the ionosphere asserts. If the electrostatic changes can be made large enough, it is not unreasonable to assume that earthquakes might be triggered in areas where large tectonic stresses have already been built up. Normally the tectonic plates grind against each other slowly and slip in small increments, but when the artificial triggering is used, and is large, the slippage would be much larger than normal, which might explain the unusually high intensity of the quakes that are suspected to be artificially triggered. While this reasoning in itself proves nothing, evidence suggests that unusual conditions of some sort did exist a few hours prior to the big quake in China on May 12, 2008. Rainbow colored lights were seen in the sky in China, some hours before the big quake. -- see and The colored light-show in the sky may have resulted from ice crystals in the air, splitting the sunlight into rainbow-colored bands. Obviously some rare unusual conditions had caused the phenomenon, and it might have been related to the quake, but whatever cause might have existed could also have been natural.

Could a HAARP event really have affected China, so far distant from Alaska? Theoretically, yes, but extremely unlikely. Considering that the ionosphere is not rotating in exact synchronism with the earth and with its 23.44 degree tilt of its spin axis, seeing that the atmospheric density is extremely 'thin' at the super-high altitude of the ionosphere, so that a large amount of slippage occurs, if it is rotating at all,  it might be possible, considering all of that, to create anomalies in the ionosphere that will by the Earth's rotation become located over a targeted area before an induced anomaly dissipates, or even while its effects develops. It obviously takes time for a heated area to rise, while the earth spins underneath it. It would take a miracle for anomaly to remain in existence that long. Whether such 'miracle' technology exists is not known, nor would one expect it become public knowledge if it did exist. Leading-edge military technology tends to be kept secret for obvious reasons. Thus one's conjecture invariably ends with considering what is theoretically possible. Naturally, the constraint leaves a big question mark in the wake and a wide-open field for conspiracy theories. 

These are countless theories floating about, of course. The biggest kink in the theories is that anomalies created by atmospheric heating are short lived, and dissipate as fast as they are created, sometimes within seconds. It is possible of course that naturally occurring anomalies can be exploited. It is far more likely, however, that the great rush of large quakes in recent years is related to natural conditions within the earth and possibly also changing astrophysical conditions that affect the static electric stresses on the earth as is evident in the changing intensity of the sunspot cycles that are reflected in changes of electric intensity in the ionosphere..

Global Warming Art.

Three major earthquakes of 9 and greater in magnitude occurred the timeframe of the greatest modern solar flux changes; the Kamchatka quake in Russia, (9.0) in 1952; the Chilean Quake (9.5) in 1960; and the huge Alaska quake (9.2) in 1964. A number of big ones (over 8.0) also occurred in the early 1700s at the end of the Maunder minimum, and another large one (9.0) in 1833 during the steep flux change at the end the Dalton Minimum. See: Obviously these had nothing to do with the HAARP, which didn't exist unto 1993. The modern big quakes follow this pattern see Figure 1 that indicates the quakes that are often blamed on the HAARP occurred during periods of large relative (not absolute) flux changes. 

Does any of this prove anything? Not really, but it hints at a seldom recognized fact that astrophysical factors have much larger effects on earth than we care to acknowledge, as these effect the conditions in the ionosphere. Historically, earthquakes happened more predominately in periods of low solar activity where small absolute changes cause relatively large absolute changes, or during the major transition periods. Does this mean that the HAARP can be ruled out as a causative factor? NO, it doesn't mean that either, but it suggests that the ionosphere is a powerful natural component in the earthquake triggering dynamics. And this is what the HAARP is playing with. While it has been said many times that the 3.6 megawatts of radiated power is minuscule, which the HAARP pumps into the ionosphere to heat it up for the purpose of causing deformation, in comparison with the incoming power flux from the Sun, the manmade highly-focused influx is nevertheless noteworthy, and comparatively dramatic. This is easily demonstrated. If you stand at the edge of a placid pond and throw a rock into the middle of it, a circle of rings will form around it that quickly propagate across the entire pond to its very edge. Then note how minuscule the mass of the rock is that caused this phenomenon, in comparison with the mass of the pond that is affected by it. 

Can anyone really say that the HAARP does not have a similar effect as the rock. Its focused electromagnetic 'shock' evidently has an effect on the ionosphere, which is a delicate electric system. Nor is the HAARP in Alaska the only HAARP type facility casting its rocks into the pond. The United States has three ionospheric heating facilities in operation: the HAARP, the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, and one more at the Arecibo Observatory  in Puerto Rico. The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) also operates an ionospheric heating facility, in addition to four pulsed radar transmitter capable of transmitting in the multiple GW range of effective radiated power (ERP), operating near Tromsø in northern Norway and in Swalbard near the arctic circle. Russia, too, has an ionospheric heating facility in operation; the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk near Nizhniy Novgorod, which is capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP into the ionosphere. With so many facilities throwing their stones into pond, the ripple pattern can become rather complex, and will likely converge for magnified effects, which may either be unintentional or perhaps indented. Since the effects have been studied for over a decade already, certain powerful capabilities might have emerged. As one of the masters of empire had said in respect to the Vietnam War, "what interests me is what one can do with power." It is unreasonable to assume that this mentality is no longer predominant in the halls of empire, so that powerful capabilities that present themselves, would not be used.

And so society is inclined to look for the bogyman when dramatic events occur. In considering the secrecy and the power-plays that are cherished in the halls of empire, the bogyman cannot be ruled out, who may indeed exploit the natural vulnerability when it offers an opportunity, and gives nature a 'helping' hand if it serves political purposes. Thus, the HAARP keeps surfacing again and again on the horizon of suspicion, together with other mysterious evidence, and a lot of faked 'evidence' too, fuelling the foul-play that the conspiracy theories themselves often become. Here are examples covering both types:

(UFO??) sighting caught on tape the night before the Haiti Earthquake 2010 (HAARP ??)


In a normal world, 'active research' that plays games with one of the most vital systems that protects our planet, would have never been contemplated, and its facilities like the HAARP would have never been built as a matter of principle. Active research should have ended with WW II. It became infamous in the Nazi camps were such games were played. Reports tell us of cases in which a woman and child were each given a switch to deliver an electric shock to the other. If one would refuse to deliver the shock as demanded by a researcher, the refusing person would be shocked itself. And the game would continue until one of the two would die. That's active research. It should be outlawed in principle, but it still continues. The torturing of people in military torture facilities is still very much on the agenda, as the highest ranking defender of human rights in the USA, the President, has recently stated in defense of torture, that any military personnel or suspected combatant should expect torture as a normal consequence, becoming thereby a non-person with no rights, an object for extracting information, as a kind of collateral consequence of the military game. And evidently, this is what empire is saying to humanity as a whole, that it must expect devastating consequences as collateral damage in the globalization of the geopolitical games of empire, such a triggering earthquakes on demand. For as long as empire rules, the bogyman will have its fingers in the pie in some form. And that's not theory. That's stated fact. Depopulation is the stated game of empire, and the avenues in the game are many, though they remain hidden to increase the terror effect.

Ironically, the existence of exotic conspiracy theories, some of which may be fake, while many are deadly real and closely timed with cataclysmic events, like the Haiti quake might be, tend to create the very effect that the masters of empire desire to achieve with such theories, or tragedies, or both, especially when obvious fakery is added in some cases on top of the tragedy. Deadly conspiracy theories tend to have a terrifying effect on people and generate mentally and socially numbing consequences that are similar to the effects that are generated in religious groups who are captivated with apocalyptic mysticism that closes the door on the future, and thereby disables the power of the individual to contribute to the advanced development of civilization. Indeed, if there is no hope on the horizon, why would one bother to create a richer and more secure world? Fear, terror, hopelessness, a sense of impotence, are all effective mind-killers, and we see a lot of those in modern times.

The other effect that is created by terrifying science-based conspiracy theories, is that science itself becomes slandered thereby, to the point that scientific development, on which the future of mankind depends, becomes halted or diminished. The end result of this train that runs against scientific progress, is evidently many times more terrifying than the worst conspiracy theories is likely to be. And this too, might be an intended effect.

While it cannot be assumed that the forces of empire do not engage in whatever conspiratorial actions advances their goals, and that those might not be more ugly than anyone realizes, it is nevertheless possible for society to deal with the entire mess that the forces of empire stand at the center at. And this required action is, to shut empire itself down, to end the long era of empires on our planet. 

Terminating the existence of empire is ultimately the only real option mankind has for any real long-term security. Anything less is futile. To do less is ultimately suicidal. Following the trail of potentially deadly conspiracies, the kind that empire is known to be built on, is counterproductive, because for more than enough evidence is right out in the open that the forces of empire are counteracting against civilization, even to the point that demands are now heard ever louder for the massive depopulation of the planet, to below the two billion mark. Mass-depopulation is an openly stated goal. It was high on the agenda at the Copenhagen conference, under the guise of the global warming hoax. The existence of the majority of mankind is at stake by tolerating the existence of empire. The idea of empire has run its course. It it time to let it go, to put it into the pages of history. Society's getting lost in exotic manmade earthquake theories as the result of operations of empire, as reasonable as such a pursuit may seem, doesn't help to solve the main problem, but detracts from it. And here is where all the roads converge. All the solutions for securing mankind future, even its present welfare, come together at this one point where empire must end or else civilization will end, and mankind will largely end its journey with it. Empire has set itself up as the sworn enemy of the renaissance spirit of mankind, poised to suppress it wherever possible. If this suppression is not stopped, and the greatest humanist renaissance in history is not created before the next ice age cycle begins, few people in the world will survive the resulting loss of agriculture. The greatest genocide ever, will then be the inevitable result.





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