Mankind: Children of the Universe (Life - part 2)


The evidence is visible in the Giza pyramids

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Giza Pyramids seen from the Ikonos satellite.


What is critical about Giza?

A great deal of evidence exists that the Giza Pyramids were constructed as a single unified complex and much earlier in time than Egyptology claims - in the timeframe of around 12,500 years ago. The evidence is amazing, though a lot of this evidence is secondary for the consideration here, except for one overriding factor, which is the great precision with which these pyramids were built. The Great pyramid is the celestially most perfectly aligned structures ever built, to the present day (in East/West - North/South alignment). Also its baseline, that is extending over 700 feet, is identical on all sides within a few inches.  And the ground on which the pyramid was built, was made level to within two inches. 

In its design, the great pyramid is a geometric marvel. Its height in respect to its base reflects precisely the Golden Mean ratio. (A circle with the same area than the pyramid's base, would have the radius of the pyramid's height.) The Golden Mean ratio wasn't discovered until the 16th Century AD, but it was evidently known 12,500 years ago. The placing of the pyramids themselves reflects precisely the positioning of the stars of Orion's belt. If a photograph of the stars is superimposed on the satellite image above, the positions of the pyramids match those of the stars, and their size correspond with the relative brightness of the stars. In addition, the alignment of the pyramids with the Nile match the stars of Orion's relative positioning to the ecliptic of the Milky Way galaxy. And the Sphinx that is facing due East (located east of the Great Pyramid), carved into the bedrock in the shape of a lion, matches in its outline the constellation Leo, which is the constellation that would have appeared aligned with the Sun at the sunrise at the day of the Equinox 12,500 years ago. 

Also the physical quality of the pyramids' construction is said to be vastly superior to the rest of Egypt's pyramids, built around 4.500 years ago, when all of the pyramids where once deemed to have been built. The Giza Pyramids simply don't fit into this frame, as they are of a vastly superior class. In comparison with the Giza structures, the rest of the pyramids are primitive in almost all respects.

The obvious fact that the Giza pyramids are of a much higher qualitative class, though there were built 8,000 years earlier, presents a great paradox. They speak of a cultural regression that occurred between the end of the last Ice Age when the Giza Pyramids were evidently built, and the supposedly advanced Egyptian culture that strangely no longer reflected the same cognitive quality, as it the clock of cultural development had run backward in stead of forward. 

A possible solution to the paradox presents itself in an amazing coincidence that pops up time and time again whenever dramatic cultural differences have occurred. And, surprisingly, this takes into the exotic world of nuclear physics, and the now recognized physics that stands behind the ice ages. According to the most advanced perceptions the ice ages are recognized as events of climatic cooling that are directly related to the intensity of cosmic radiation reaching the Earth. The cosmic radiation is considered a chief cause for the ionization in the Earth's troposphere where the weather is created, and where most of the cloud formation takes place, which in turn reduces the water vapor in the atmosphere that is the main contributor to the greenhouse effect (up to 97%) that moderates the climate on Earth. Modern research has revealed that near the end of the last Ice Age (the earliest period for which comparative measurements have so far been possible) the cosmic radiation had been twice as intense than it is today.

While these comparative measurements support the now leading-edge theory that the ice ages are caused by cycles of increased intensity in cosmic radiation, or the lack of it during the interglacial period, the great difference in cosmic radiation between these cycles appears to have also another effect, and possibly a more profound effect on mankind than has ever been suspected before, including on the development of life itself. This effect pertains to the nature of cosmic radiation.

Cosmic rays are not coherent beams of radiating power as "rays' are perceived, such as rays of light. Cosmic rays are singular events of electrons, protons, and nucleonic clusters, moving at the speed of light, or nearly so. While many cosmic ray particles are stopped in the atmosphere, some penetrate to the ground. But being as 'small' as the are, they pass right through the human body. On the atomic scale, what we call matter, is mostly empty space. The smallest atom, for example, is 100,000 times larger than the particles (an electron and a proton) that construct it. The rest is empty space. It is extremely rare, therefore, that a cosmic-ray particle will collide with anything as it travels through the human body. However, each cosmic-ray particle carries an electric charge, which creates a magnetic field as it moves, which in turn creates a secondary electric effect in the structures that a cosmic-ray particle flies through. While all of this has the flavor of a far flung science-fiction tale, it is nevertheless reasonable to assume that the neurological processes that do to a large degree involve electric action, including the cognitive functions, are to some degree affected by the secondary electric effects of the cosmic radiation passing through the human body. Unfortunately, empiric evidence for such an effect is impossible to compile due to the lack of measurable parameters. However on the wider horizon some evidence seems to be recognizable.

The link between cosmic radiation and the development of life

It is interesting to note in this context that most of the great turning points in the development of life on this planet occurred during the great ice ages which would also correspond to periods of higher levels of cosmic radiation, such as the Ordovician period and the Permian period (450 and 300 million years ago).

While these period were also periods of great extinctions, the redevelopment of life after each extinction took a turn towards a higher order of life. The last of the great glacial periods, for example, the Oligocene period (30 million years ago), coincided with major advances in plants and in the development of the mammals. The development of mankind, in turn, coincided with the start of the next period of cooling -- possibly the deepest cooling in geologic time, the Pleistocene epoch, that would be corresponding with the greatest influx of cosmic radiation. While this coincidence doesn't prove anything, it interesting to note the coincidence.  It might explain the great difference in cognitive power of a civilization emerging from the last Ice Age 13,000 years ago, and the the cognitive regression that is evident in the early Egyptian culture near the end of the climatic optimum when the later pyramids were built.

Similar effects can also be seen in more modern times. 


The emergence of such geniuses as Socrates and Plato (429-347 BC) and Eratosthenes (276-195 BC) appear to coincide with the cosmic influences that had caused the cooling periods corresponding with the general time frame. Likewise the building of the temples of Kahjuraho (starting in the 900 AD timeframe), coincides with the timeframe of an apparently high cosmic ray intensity, and so does the building of the Taj Mahal that some researchers place into the 1200 AD timeframe based on the carbon dating of wood used in the window frames. 

Earlier, the development of the Islamic renaissance leading into the 7th Century also falls within the timeframe of a general climatic cooling that typically corresponds with increased cosmic radiation. Likewise the development of the Golden Renaissance in the early 1400s, coincides with a major cooling period, that corresponds with a period of increased cosmic radiation.


Even closer to the present, a strong coincidence is evident. The big overturning that led to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, the only peace treaty in modern history that left no one vanquished -- which set the stage for the great cultural renaissance that followed (Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, for example) -- were coincident with the Maunder Minimum, a period of low solar activity, and consequently a period of higher levels of cosmic radiation.

Quite a few the great historic geniuses emerged during this general timeframe of high cosmic radiation, which of course corresponds with the little Ice Age centered on the Maunder Minimum. Here we see a mass of great names located: Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), Albert Girard (1595-1632) who originated the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, and Rembrandt (1609-1669), Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz (1646-1716), Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). And later again, another genius emerged on the scene, Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) who gained his fame during Dalton Minimum. These are just a few examples.

It was also during the period of the Maunder Minimum when the greatest modern advances in civilization occurred in the political context. It started with the Mayflower voyage in 1620 that brought the first settlers from Europe to the New World to create a free society there, a society free of the yoke of empire and its repression of the human spirit. This started the phenomenal rise of the republican spirit. Ten years later, in 1630, John Winthrop arrived with 300 skilled men from England to start a viable agro-industrial society, followed by 800 more men, people of all kinds of skills. During the thirty years that followed, and for the first time in history, a republican society was established that pioneered all the essential principles that enable a society to defeat the rule of empire. It started with compulsory education, preparatory academies to get children ready for school, and the founding of Harvard College. It started a society governed by natural law, which became tralnslated into the forming of a governing assembly and the defining of a charter of freedoms, the first real Constitution, which the empire instantly tried to destroy, but which the Pilgrims firmly defended.  In 1643 a 'confederation' was created for the society's self-government, with a president, for the purpose of protecting  and defending the cherished charter of freedoms, and to promote industrial development. In 1647 the building of first integrated industrial complex was begun, the Saugus Iron Works, which in full production were able to produce 8 tons of iron a week. In conjunction with the unfolding industrial development and increased farming development, the first credit-oriented currency was created in 1652, the pine tree scrip.

Here a principle was put in place for the first in history that enabled a society to develop itself independent from the empire's monetarism. It appears that every prior renaissance in history had failed, because the credit society principle had not yet been established, so that society remained bound to empire-centered monetarism. The breakout from this stranglehold was pioneered in 1652 in the Bay Colony of Massachusetts. For the first time ever, society had established itself a platform that gave it the power to live outside of the stranglehold of empire, and do away with it.

 Naturally empire saw itself threatened, and took steps to squash the republican development. It fought to destroy the Charter of Freedoms of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and to outlaw its script-credit financial system. The empire never really succeeded in destroying the Charter of Freedoms. Only from the late 1670s on under William of Orange a lot the freedoms were taken out of the Charters, and the scrip system wasn't totally squashed until the 1680. Thus, during the Maunder Minimum, a revolutionary development began that the stage for all future times to the present day. This development drive carried through right into the early 1700s. At this time Jonathan Swift carried forward the republican organizing drive. With it started the drive for the interior development of the New York and Virginia territory through which the independence movement started. 
(See: NYC Class: How the Culture of a Republic Defeats The Empire - Sat, 02/06/2010 - 10:00am)

All of that happened during the period of the Maunder Minimum. 

Also the later, big intellectual movements that are associated with final establishment of the USA as the first true nation-state republic, occurred during another solar minimum, the Dalton Minimum. This covers the period in which the U.S. Constitution was written and was voted up to replace the colonial articles of confederation. It was also the time when Alexander Hamilton wrote the Federalist papers and when he reestablished in expanded form the credit-finance principle for industrial development and founded the First National Bank. All of the great early republican movements occurred during the Dalton Minimum. Especially between the years 1800 and 1815, when a handful of patriots, most notably John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and Mathew Carey, defended the republican ideals against the subversion flooding in from the empire, and thereby probably saved the United States from becoming divided and being reconquered by the British crown that had never really accepted defeat. It was this early period that was critical for the new USA to stabilize itself and defend itself. (see: The American Patriot series )

While there may never be a rigorous proof possible that there exists a pattern that shows a link between the qualitative development of life and increased cosmic radiation, whereby the great cultural achievements that we have now available to us to build on, were to some degree the effect of the developing complexity of the Universe itself, it appears nevertheless that a striking coincidence exists that should not be rejected out of hand. While the origin of cosmic radiation is poorly understood, it is believed that some of it originates from our Sun, and by the same token from every other sun of the up to 400 billion suns that populate our galaxy, which are also reflective on the vastly larger scale, of the star-creating processes that are deemed to be happening at the center of our galaxy. By this link that is evident between the flux-density of cosmic radiation, and the advanced development of life in a very broad sense, the development of mankind appears to be a direct reflection of the ongoing development in our galaxy, and evidently also in the Universe. It further seems to indicate that the dreaded ice ages are power points in the larger development chain of life, so that the start of the next glaciation cycle that statistically stands on the horizon, promises yet another profound new increment in human cognition and the quality of human life.

Let's not cry over the potential return of the ice age, but celebrate the potential development-process it promises.

If this promise has substance, then current cooling trend that presently is coincident with a 20% increase of the high-energy-electron component of the cosmic radiation, should be reflective in a general increase in the cognitive power in society, which may already reflect itself in political trends that could potentially revolutionize the political makeup of the planet and lift us out of the swamp of empires. While the principles for the much-needed new renaissance have been placed within the domain of human culture by the pioneers of the peak periods of human development, the advanced ideas and principles have found little response in the general society, especially in modern times, a period may nevertheless have begun in which the receptive power in society, to advanced ideas, is rapidly increasing. Already we see a gradual collapse happening, of the chokehold that empire has had on the general society of the world.

The modern cooling trend began in 1998, which was first measured at the Institute for Solar Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk, Russia. We are now eleven years into this cooling cycle, and empire is fast loosing ground. More and more the most desperate efforts of empire are becoming unglued. The global warming hoax that stood tall since 1974 is fast evaporating. The lies behind the fraudulent front are suddenly being recognized. The huge effort to shackle Europe with the Lisbon Treaty (which finally was rammed through) is fast failing to keep the lid on the financial chaos for which austerity is demanded around the world. Every leading-edge effort by empire seems to be failing. There is a new spirit of humanity unfolding with a dawning response to it coming from Russia, China, and India, and other places, even a dawning political response in the USA, cutting the chokehold that empire has had for a long time on this nation. It appears that more and more, the great cultural achievements of the past, like those that the LaRouche organization has put forward for decades already, are stirring a response in society. If this trend continues, the doom of empire, in the near term, is assured, and a whole new era is about to begin in the world. Nuclear power will soon be in the foreground again worldwide, which has already begun in Asia, with a new thrust towards manned space flight, such as building a base on the moon, which China is already talking about for the purpose of industrial-scale extraction of helium-3 on the moon for advanced nuclear fusion power systems on Earth. It appears that the first page has already been turned towards a new era, opening a page in which empire no longer plays a role, which it absolutely won't in the unfolding new era.

What about the current period going into 2010?

Were are presently in a period of a deep low in solar activity, with an acknowledged 20% higher than average cosmic radiation density. Solar cycle 23 is so far the longest in the last 180 years, hinting at the possibility that we might be heading into another Maunder Minimum. The potential might exist that the mass strike phenomenon that began in 2009, including the 'mass-rejection' of the global warming hoax in Copenhagen, might be a mobilization in society that was conditioned to some degree by the current increase in cosmic radiation, corresponding with low solar activity. If so, we might see a lot more of the mass-strike potential unfolding, that is thereby conditioned to occur ever stronger. The above referenced study of solar cycle 23 suggests by following the current trends in the decrease of the sunspot magnetic fields, which began in app. 1996, the sunspots might be gone completely by 2015. We see a phenomenon unfolding here that is overlaying the solar cycles, which is also corresponding with lower solar wind speeds.

The point is, that if the previously noted coincidence of increased cosmic-ray density with intellectual mobilization in society is a real factor, we might be in the beginning phase of a trend in the political mobilization in society become possible to an as-yet unprecedented level, to the point that empire, which is already collapsing by its own folly, will vanish completely from the face of the planet. Empire can only flourish when its lies are believed, which give it dominance. On this ground the economic collapse in the Euro Zone, and the financial collapse of empire, are no guarantee by themselves that European nations will pull themselves out from under the empire/Lisbon-Treaty dictatorship and recover their sovereignty, but that the larger trend of an intellectual awakening might tip the balance to the side of freedom and create a stabilizing factor centered around republican ideology as we have seen in the early 1800s in the USA by the efforts of notably John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and Mathew Carey. 

It may well be that we are children of the Universe and develop in step with the universe

We are creators, sovereign beings, sovereign with the Universe. What the Universe has laid before us as a principle of Life, that may be key to its development, might possibly lead to a process that will some day enable us to willfully apply this process to our further self-development. Since the Sun is known to be a modest contributor to the "cosmic radiation" reaching the Earth, and the Sun is also known to operate as a high-powered electric arc reactor which generates it light and heat, it might become possible to artificially generate comparable free proton streams and electron streams, which cosmic radiation is. Electric arc lamps have long been utilized for health-promoting processes. A few decades ago, before and during World War II, electric carbon-arc devices were household items in Germany for irradiating children and families on a regular basis during the winter months to prevent health problems caused by vitamin-D deficiency. The devices may have created more than just ultraviolet radiation. Even today, electric arc lamps find their use again in medical procedures for healing chronic wounds. It might be that in the not-so-distant future the principles that the Universe has established in the support of life in general, and for its advancement, can become intentionally utilized by technological means for the advancement of life and for advanced medical healing. The lowly arc lamp may yet find a place again as we find ourselves, and all life, more intricately linked to the processes that operate the Universe, than we presently imagine. 

The builders of the Giza pyramids may have been more intimately aware of the existence of such links, and it might have been for these links that the pyramids were build in the first place. Indeed, countless books have been written with stories describing amazing properties attributed to pyramids. Most appear to be mythical in nature, as anything unexplainable invariably is to a tightly confined mind. However, one thing appears to come out of all this in the end, that life is far more than an automated process of cellular division. It appears to be a powered process, and in combination a directed development process, and also a process in which we will likely find ourselves taking on an increasingly greater role in directing its development than we presently imagine we might. If all of this holds true, we may yet find that the approaching transition into a new Ice Age will likely unfold in combination with a rapidly advancing development in human cognitive and creative capacities that enable the creation of the requisite technological and economic infrastructure that enable us to meet the Ice Age challenge in a progressive manner, and to move beyond it. 


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