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The Empire of Mind

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Are we touched by a central 'sun,' divine Mind, and moved by its volition and its power? Is there an empire of Mind, one single empire that governs all existence, all phenomena, all aspects of life, that is also reflected in man and in the movements of all mankind? It appears that the answer is in the affirmative, in the evidence that supports such a perception.

It appears that the term, 'empire of Mind,' is rarely used. Mary Baker Eddy used it only once in all of her writings. It came to light in the flow of her discoveries of "the divine Principle of scientific mental healing," that she termed Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy uses the term "empire of Mind" in her textbook on Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, where the term is found in the chapter, Christian Science Practice. She writes:

Disease is not an intelligence to dispute the empire of Mind or to dethrone Mind and take the government into its own hands. Sickness is not a God-given, nor a self-constituted material power, which copes astutely with Mind and finally conquers it. God never endowed matter with power to disable Life or to chill harmony with a long and cold night of discord. Such a power, without the divine permission, is inconceivable; and if such a power could be divinely directed, it would manifest less wisdom than we usually find displayed in human governments. (p. 378)

By her description the operation of the empire of Mind is forever intact and sovereign, and any opposite claims can be annulled. Its purpose is good, its Spirit all-harmonizing, its Principle all-powering, its Love all-embracing, its Soul all-beautifying, its Truth all-pervading, manifest in Life that is illumining the universe. Oh yes those are big words stating huge claims that seem to be far distant from daily experience. On the other hand we can find proof of this claim in countless different ways in 'small' experiences in the ebb and tide of human living. In these countless 'small' proofs the proof of the whole becomes established, contrary to general perception of the world.

In general use, the term 'empire' refers to the rule of force, the right of might, the power of terror, the practice of greed in a process of looting entire nations, destroying industries, staging wars, diminishing culture, subduing science and education. But this travesty that is termed empire is a total perversion in which the divine reality is overturned, turned upside down, and its claims relegated to the trash can. However, the willful inversion does not alter the principles of the universe and the divine reflection in man. The empire of Mind, the only real empire that exists or ever existed, remains intact and continues to exert itself. We can experience its reality by stepping in its light and becoming moved in its flow in ways that are amazing and take us far beyond the small scope of our willful designs that become enriched thereby. But how does one know that this is happening?

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