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Element 9

No novel applies here. An age without Spirit = A Dark Age
Textbook: 9 - Creation
Metaphors: Christian Science Healing - part 2
Manual elements: Guardianship of Funds

Fourth row: Night - Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar. - divine omni-action

3rd column: Christianity - southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, - the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union - the heat of the day - God is supreme

Hiddekel - Divine Science understood and acknowledged


Divine Spirit, Mind, Love, is the creative animus of the universe. The creative process is the divine Principle reflected the universe, which is also manifest in mankind . This is the truth. 

Money creates nothing. Money gains its value from what is produced in the creative processes of society for the advance of civilization. The process of economics is a spiritual process, reflecting the harmonizing Spirit of the Principle of the Universe, of God, divine Love, reflected in man. This is the basic postulate of economics. Mankind is a creator, and the expression of human creativity is the heart of and soul of economics. The role of money is minuscule. It is not wealth, but is the harmonizing tool to maximize the productive and creative process from which society derives its well-being and its wealth. The productive and creative process is purely spiritual as it rests on a platform of intelligence, science, and the Principle of Universal Love that channels the process to uplift the universal welfare of mankind. Anything less does not qualify to be regarded as an element of economics for it fails the test which is located in the universal welfare of mankind.

The basic postulate of economics is that a society can't have what it doesn't create or produce. 

Great choruses of protests are heard here, all proclaiming the opposite in countless variations, but they all dance around the central basic fact that a society isn't enriched by stealing from one-another. Sure, they all sing, stealing is glorious, getting wealthy is glorious, being an efficient thief is what everyone admires, the multi-billionaire is king. The empire-man says, why should we produce. The high-minded live off other people, not off the production of goods and commodities. They boast arrogantly, "Why till the soil if one can live off the tiller. Let others toil. Let us exploit the fruits of their production and creativity." 

That is how billionaires are made. This glorified theft is hailed as a particular act of genius. The reality is in the opposite. This now vast, globalized crime, which is technically called, looting, should be deemed as a crime against the future. Globalized looting drains the resources out of the productive processes of society, by which the world collapses physically, and thereby the measure of its real wealth drains away. 

The value of the currency of a society that produces nothing, adds up to nothing. Whatever value is assumed that differs from this equation, is fictitious. The act of stealing from one-another hasn't produced a single house, a single car, a single bushel of wheat, while this theft is depleting the real resources of society, including its scientific and productive potential. Every step forward on this road to hell is a crime against the future, because the vital resources that are needed by mankind to build the infrastructures for it to survive in the coming ice age with indoor agriculture are being blocked by the imposition of poverty that is now widespread in countless different way. By this failure, which is the mark of the current world, 90% of mankind is committed to death by starvation once outdoor agriculture becomes disabled by the cold. This could happen in a thousand years, or a hundred, or ten, or the transition could have already started. With astrophysical forces controlling the clock as they have for the last two million years, putting mankind at risk, who would gamble that the clock runs late?

To snub the principle of economics is a crime against the future, because mankind won't have one if this crime isn't halted and the process is reversed into a new renaissance. Ironically, the coming ice age isn't actually the key factor here, because if the process isn't reversed the whole world will disintegrate into chaos, poverty, and starvation long before the ice age transition even begins. With the principle of economics being turned upside down, as we have it today, what we call civilization is already fast blowing away with the wind, with the wind of lies. Close to 100 million people are presently starving, and this is the case while the planet enjoys an idyllic warm climate.

The measure of economics is really a measure of our humanity. Money is only a yardsticks to measure it, if it reflects the dynamically expressed creativity and productivity of society. If the value of the money is high in terms of equivalent created physical values, then the principle of economics is in operation and society has a healthy existence. By this measure society can measure itself. The guardianship of its funds must therefore rest in society's own court, not the court of the thieves. This makes the guardianship of funds a critical issue for all mankind, even an issue that incorporates in it all the other issues of economic principle.

If this solemn responsibility is allowed to drift out of sight, the process of economics ceases. Then a dark age results. When the light goes out in the world, the world becomes dark indeed. It is wise therefore to be alert not to allow this to happen, and for society to become a guardian of funds, of the quality of its currency. And this guardianship included the entire range of the creative and productive processes that stand behind the value of currencies. 

If mankind's creative Spirit is lost sight of and the Intelligence that stands behind the creative and productive processes drifts out of sight, which it is our privilege to express as human beings, then nothing really remains in the end that supports human life. Naturally society's experience will reflect this. The result will be genocidal, and that's not a pleasant experience to go through. We are presently at the threshold of this happening. Spirit, Mind, and Love have been largely banished from the human world. Consequently the productive and creative processes are diminishing, whereby the world is collapsing. How many steps we may have left before the collapse it total is as difficult to predict as the exact year of the start of the next ice age. However, we do know with certainty that for as long as the principle of economics remains banned, the total economic collapse of the world is inevitable, just as the start of the next ice age is inevitable as seen in the historic records of previous cycles.

It appears that on both fronts much needs to be accomplished before we can see any light at the end of the tunnel in the current crisis. And the deepest need is the recognition of the spiritual power of the human being as discoverer, builder and creator. Without this spiritual development there won't be any economic development possible. In fact, the most precious resource that a society has, is itself, its people, its humanity. Everything that supports civilization is a human creation, built on the resources within. The process of economics is therefore a process of maximizing the effectiveness of this resource, the only true resource a society has. Typically this is done with the application of technology in industrial processes and the utilization of advanced energy production to power these processes. To support these society requires an infrastructure for its self-development, such as education, science, culture, efficient transportation, quality housing, food, health care. Since these are vital universal infrastructures the goal should be to have society provide these to itself for free or as free as possible, just as it provides itself highways for 'free.' If these goals are ignored, or disabled for the sake monetarism as we have it today, the economic process doesn't function.

Slum living, for example, not to mention homelessness, which are both symptoms of imperial monetarism (misnamed economics) are factors that destroy a society from within. They are factors of cultural warfare. They disable the human potential. They block the development of society's creative and productive power. Since the most precious resource that a society has, is itself, its people, its humanity, this resource must be protected, cherished, universally developed, and be scientifically advanced. Slum living, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, are some of the worst injuries society can inflict on itself, akin with slavery and cultural devolution.  But how can we upgrade, for example, the current state of housing and revolutionize the welfare of society on this vital front? This question, ironically, is not a question of resources or technological capability. It is a question of commitment to our self-development as human beings as is illustrated in the article (below)  From Housing Crisis to Housing Revolution. The resources literally lay at our feet, but to utilize the existing resources in a question of universal 'competence,' and not just in governmental leadership, but also in society. An extensive exploration of this factor is pursued in the chapter "The Incompetence of the King" in my novel "Winning Without Victory.

The economic development of society is also a question of our perception of the nature of the universe that we are a part of and its mode of operation. Nuclear physics tells us that  Without Love the Universe Would Not Exist. Ironically we seem to be totally committed to prove to ourselves that we can live without love, even while we suffer the expected chaotic consequences. We live in a world of endless wars, wars of empire versus civilization, including the wars of monetarism that are looting the world; the wars of greed-based rape, misnamed economics. The rape of monetarism is a misuse of money. There was a time when money was issued as credit by society to itself to build the necessary infrastructures for its living, by which its living was improved. Here money got its value from the wealth of living in society. This wealth has been stolen by the looting processes of empire, whereby the value of money was stolen as well. Now the masters of empire scream to the governments we want to have the lost value restored, bail us out! This, of course, is not possible. Value cannot be printed. 

In their insanity, as a desperate effort to save their dying system of theft-based monetarism, the masters of empire invented ever wilder games of stealing whereby the physical economy of the world has been drained dry of its power to provide wealth in creative and productive living. Instead of society supporting itself and its creative and productive potential with better and more abundant housing, it allows itself to be thrown out of its housing by the processes of greed based fascism that have become the total inversion of economics. And this destructive game is accelerating. In today's world the games of insanity have become so wild that the monetarist gambling orgy has mushroomed into a parasite that has already passed the quadrillion (a thousand trillion) mark by a long way. This tragedy hangs like a mushroom cloud over the global economy that measures barely forty trillion dollars in gross domestic product and is fast shrinking. And still, the gamblers cry, bail us out. The bailout attempts cannot work of course, even as governments bent under pressure and yield to the insane demands to print more and more money. The monetarist game cannot be saved. Only society can be saved should it decide to save itself by putting the world into bankruptcy reorganization, thereby shutting the monetarist games down and with it ending the scourge of empire that hung like a millstone around its neck for far too many centuries already. Without this decisive step society is doomed to collapse into chaos and a new dark night of poverty, starvation, and genocide that will take away the last chance it may still have to save its existence by preparing for its needs in the coming ice age as the end of the current interglacial period is already on the horizon. Imperial monetarism is an impossible platform for creating the vast infrastructures for global indoor agriculture that become necessary when the coming ice-age cooling disables outdoor agriculture on which mankind's food resources presently depend.

The demands of this immanent future require a quantum increase in mankind's creative and productive power, possibly in the order of several magnitudes. Nothing less than a return to real economics can get us there, and a return to the scientific and spiritual development in society that had sparked the renaissance periods in the past, but which have been repeatedly smothered by the masters of empire. What this means in terms of economics is obvious, especially in terms of energy infrastructures. The quantum increases in the needed power production necessitates nuclear power development on a scale not yet even imagined. Today's nuclear fission power systems need to be upgraded, possibly a hundred-fold, and be superceded as fast as possible with nuclear fusion power, which is presently being put to sleep by funding starvation. Ultimately we will develop the means to simply tap in to the vast galactic electric currents that power the sun and also pervade the space surrounding our planet (see: The Electric Universe). In very real terms, our future is infinite in scope, and we as human beings with our grand capacity in scientific and spiritual development have the power to create for ourselves this infinite future. The key element in this is evidently our spiritual development where progress has been slow at the bidding of empire. Nevertheless the Principle of Universal Love that is beginning to break through the blockade promises a bright new age of good beyond anything yet imagined.

With all these elements considered, the process of economics is primarily an element of mankind's spiritual self-discovery as human beings and society's self-development along this line. Herein lies the immediate challenge ahead. Below are a few links to explorations of this process.


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The workers, unfortunately are few who labor in the field of universal Love, even to some degree, enriching the world with their productive Spirit, and creative Mind,. Among those few is one man who devoted 40 years of his life to this vital cause of promoting real economics, which is ultimately a spiritual issue, on which the future of mankind depends if not its very existence. For many of those decades in which the man was active as a fighter for universal good and universal humanity, he was showered with slander, persecution, assassination attempts and was subjected to incarceration, but like Christ Jesus in ancient times, who had remained undeterred, the modern economist still stands against the powers of the world fighting on the side of humanity, presenting critical choices, choices of policy that reflect economics as a spiritual process that cannot be let go. 

The man's name is Lyndon H. LaRouche, an American economist, statesman, scientist, historian, and patriot for a new dawn of humanity. The following web-links are links to LaRouche's international webcasts on the subjects of the worldwide economic collapse and the needed processes for a recovery.

The webcast links cover just the most recent events going back to the Summer of 2007, the time when the global collapse was beginning to unfold that LaRouche had forewarned would happened and had fought to prevent as far back as the 1960s.

LaRouche's contribution in his fight towards igniting a spiritual renaissance development in the thinking of society fits logically into the sequence of the novel in the space between the end of episode 4b that leads up to the Summer-2007 correlative timeframe. The logical coincidence in the sequencing also matches Mary Baker Eddy association of the 9th element with the subject of economics by labeling the 9th element in her Church Manual, "guardianship of funds."

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September 8, 2009


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