Seascapes and Sand

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 7

The novel: Seascapes and Sand
Textbook: 7 - Physiology
Metaphors: Christmas Morn
Manual elements: Relations to Pastor Emeritus

Second row: Morning - The Christ, the spiritual idea of God - divine omnipotence

2nd column: Christ - eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus - sunrise - God is divine

River: Gihon - The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.


At the 'Christ' level in the second column the novel, Seascapes and Sand, comes into play in conjunction with the textbook chapter, Physiology. Oh it is easy to say that God is good, but harder to take footsteps to follow that good. Christ Jesus suggested that the way to do this is to separate the wheat from the dross, one to be gathered onto storehouses, the other to be burned. The process involves the development of a level of intelligence in society that enables society to distinguish the one from the other. At the Christ level, the question at to what is true is a scientific puzzle. Here the determining factor is centered on what is spiritually true or erroneous.

Is sickness built into the system of harmonizing intelligence that is reflected in every aspect of the biological sphere? In divine Science the human being is perceived as the compound construct of spiritual ideas taking form in complex processes that are far beyond in their scope and harmonizing perfection for the present scope of even the most advanced form of biological science to give us anything more than just a fain glimpse of. It is reported that Mary Baker Eddy once asked her secretary to reach out his hand. "What is it?" she asked. "It's my hand," he replied. "It's spirit," she said to him. When we approach the sphere of the infinite, common terminology becomes inaccurate, too small to convey the reality of of our own being. Mary Baker Eddy explains that man is not physique but the reflection of the function of divine Mind. Experience has shown that a false human sense of this profound resulting order that expresses the divine design of infinite Spirit results in a loss of its expression, whereby the system breaks down into conditions of disease, but which can be restored by correcting the false sense that caused the breakdown condition.

This reflection of false perception has vast consequences in the human realm to go far beyond mere physical disease. False perception are often immensely damaging in the economic, political, and social realms. There, too, the question needs to be asked, what is the reflection of divine Spirit, the reflection of good? On this front one of the most puzzlesome questions that come to the foreground is, what is sex? As a sensual entertainment center it trends towards rape and often becomes rape in countless forms. On the other hand, the available evidence in the world is such that when the sexual sensitivity is forcibly removed to block the unfolding intimacies between people, the social scene becomes hard, starved of caring, love, and degenerates into inhumanity, violence, and also economic and political rape. This loss by surgical intervention to block sexual intimacies, puts sex on the table as a benign spiritual process that proves itself as an uplifting element for civilization and not just an essential element in procreation. It becomes a moral stepping stone towards the higher-level sphere of absolute Spirit. Isn't the guiding principle in sexual intimacies the Principle of the Advantage of the Other that historically set the stage for the Principle of the General Welfare that is reflected in every great renaissance.

The critical point is how to distinguish the dimension of the harmonizing Spirit of divine Intelligence or Mind, and the false perceptions that are often accepted mistakenly and are now widely promoted for goals of social control and dominating objectives. The health of society and civilization as a whole therefore hinges to a large degree on mankind's scientific development in the land of Spirit and Love and its readiness to let go of the lower forms that no longer apply as elements of our humanity, having been proven to lack substance and validity. However, letting go of the old, and moving away from it to the beckoning light of divine Spirit, Mind, Truth and Love, seems to be one of the hardest things to do until the trust in good is fully established.




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