Winning Without Victory

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 6

The novel: Winning Without Victory
Textbook: 6 - Science - TheologyMedicine
Metaphors: Christmas Eve part 2
Manual elements: Reading Rooms

Third row: Evening - Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history - divine omnipresence

2nd column: Christ - eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus - sunrise - God is divine

River: Gihon - The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.


At the 'moral' level in the second column the novel, Winning Without Victory, comes into play. The novel carries a moral story, but the moral line is thin and only vaguely delineated. It is the gray zone that is neither completely right, scientifically, nor completely wrong. One can stand with one foot in the moral sphere and with the other foot in the sub-moral without being certain about either stand. In the nuclear world uncertainty spells doom. Being slightly right might be tolerable when the consequences are minuscule, but when the consequences are so huge that survival is at risk, standing in gray zone becomes a crime against humanity. Safety requires certainty in perception, even scientific certainty, total unshakable proof of principle, reliable outcomes, demonstrable understanding. But who can claim these?

We are not used to think in such absolute terms. Take the case of sickness, which of the three to do you trust with your life? Will it be Medicine? Will it be Theology? Will it be divine Science?

The logical answer would have to be that in order to end rightly one has to begin rightly. But how does one do this when the world is a wilderness of conflicting forces? The critical point is an axiomatic one. The critical point is that one cannot find peace in the moral domain, that one makes every effort to step out of it to higher ground, towards the Christ on the path of divine Science. When the world hangs in the balance it is no longer enough to be 60% right and 40% in error. This problem is solved in the divine Mind, in discovering God and how God moves. Isn't that what Christ Jesus has put on the table? He said in essence, I give you peace. In the realm of peace, the concept of achieving a victory falls away. Peace is the price, and the means to it do not exist apart from it, but as an element of it. Does a climber who reaches the top of the mountain claim victory over it, or does the climber not rather relish the wider view that standing on the mountain enables? In divine Science each step of progress is considered a proof of the care of divine Love as a never ceasing universal principles. The higher we climb, the more of these lesser things that we have agonized over, sometimes for long periods, will fall by the wayside on the road to greater experiences and wider vistas of good.

Christian Science is a healing religion, but it is not victorious over medicine, theology, and physical science. Rather it elevates each concept into the light of Spirit. Its medicine is Mind, its theology Love, its science Truth. Peace in the world, socially, economically, and strategically, means to we step into the divine light as much as we are able, and then pull the world up behind us. The battle is won when the scene of the battle is raised to new high level, far above the level where the problems are created and the war is raging.



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