Sword of Aquarius

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 15

The novel: 7 - Sword of Aquarius
Textbook: 15 - Genesis
Metaphors: The Way
Manual element: Church-Building

Second row: Morning - The Christ, the spiritual idea of God - divine omnipotence

4th column: Divine Science - westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony. sunset - God is infinite

River: Euphrates - 
Divine Science encompassing the universe and man...


The novel, Sword of Aquarius, coincides with the highest element of development in divine Science.  Mary Baker Eddy's metaphor for this element presents the crown of divine Science focusing a beam of light that touches the base of a cross that is home to nine dark birds. The metaphor suggests a connection that unites all ages, from the earliest to today's age of the dawn of the most advanced form of Science. The early age is symbolized by the nine dark birds, which represent the nine names of the sons of Jacob from the pages of Genesis, which Mary Baker Eddy had specifically defined in the glossary of her textbook. But is the metaphor true? Is science really the crown of human development? A chorus of voice is rising today with cries that this is not so. Science has given us technology and technology has given us the atom bomb and countless other things of war that are still worse. Aquarius is the cup bearer, and cup he bears has all too often proven to be a bitter cup. The novel is about such a bitter cup. But with it emerges the question of whether mankind's development from its cradle to the crown of civilization has really been a futile one. This question is not answered in the novel, though it presents both sides of the coin. The question is left for us all to answer, for the answer has not yet been given. 

The overriding answer is that science and technology are the substance of the reflection of infinite Mind. They give us the power to make the coming Ice age to have no effect on human living. The worst that the coming Ice Age could throw at us, even its total elimination of outdoor agriculture on which mankind's food supply presently depends, could all be met with scientific and technological achievements if we stopped throwing this 'gift from heaven' into the trash can. No miracles are needed to get us through the coming Ice Age, as we already have everything that we need within our grasp. But are we willing go this human route? Every misuse of science and technology for destructive purposes is nothing less than a crime against humanity and against God - a crime against the empire of Mind. It is also a crime against life.

If the advance of science and technology are prevented under the mantle of fear for any of the countless reasons that are applied today, human life may cease on this planet or be reduced to very low levels and to a most primitive state. Only a miniscule population of one to ten million people came out of the last Ice Age. That was all that the primitive earth could support during the long 100,000-year deep freeze. Some earlier human cultures apparently didn't survive the kind of transition we presently face for our near future. Eight of them died out and vanished; one of them after over a million years of existence. We have the potential today to break the historic chain and master the Ice Age imposition, with the only power we have, the spiritual strength of our humanity.

The textbook chapter that applies here deals with the spiritual development of mankind. Its path is from Principle to Love, with every other element of the divine included along the way. I would like to think that the achievements of the past have taken us beyond the point where a regression into temporary insanity can deprive the empire of Mind of its sovereign expression. Millions may fall on the road of insanity, but insanity is not a power to defeat the empire of Mind. Insanity defeats and  consumes only those who are mired in its swamps, and fail to rescue themselves. And this is not the universal nature of mankind that lives on higher ground, for whom the future is bright no matter what comes its way.


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