Angels of Sex in Queensland

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 14

The novel: 6a - Angels of Sex in Queensland
Textbook: 14 - Recapitulation
Metaphors: Truth versus Error
Manual element: Committee on Publication

Third row: Evening - Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history - divine omnipresence

4th column: Divine Science - westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony. sunset - God is infinite

River: Euphrates - 
Divine Science encompassing the universe and man...


The novel for this element is, Angels of Sex in Queensland.  Are you shocked by the title? Maybe you should be. If sex is sensuality you definitely should be, because then it would be rape no matter how you clothe it to hide it. But if it is a spiritual idea, to hide it would be synonymous with hiding the face of God in shame, and more so would be the radical step to surgically remove it. A quarter of a billion people have undergone the surgical procedure and now live with the consequences, while society as a whole is affected by those consequences and often in the most tragic manner for the detriment of civilization itself. So, where do we draw the dividing line?

Well, I won't invent any doctrine here. Truth requires no doctrine. Spiritual ideas are known by their harmonizing and enriching effect, and the counterfeits are known by the emptiness they create. Rape never satisfied anything, but love, fulfilling the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, brings joy and happiness and caring to the human scene. However, the scene changes when a quarter of a billion people surgically remove an element of their humanity to invade the question and and impose consequences onto society that is detrimental to its very civilization. Where is the line drawn here between love and sin? When the healing of civilization is needed, the evidence suggests that there is something spiritually lacking. In this case something of value is thrown away, perhaps erroneously so, which make the case a case of misperceived value. If one throws the diamond out with the garbage that reaches of the house becomes eventually depleted. And that is what we see on the worldwide scale.

The novel, Angels of Sex in Queensland, isn't intended to solve the puzzle, but is intended to explore what is lost when vital elements are spiritually lacking with critical consequences for society as a whole, and how to get them back. It is interesting to note in this respect that the novel coincides sequentially with the textbook chapter, Recapitulation, together with an element of metaphor that puts the sexual dimension at the very center of it. 

The metaphor is in the form of the painting with the title, Truth versus Error. We see a white-clad representative of Christian Science who is seeking entrance to the mansion of society. She stands at the door and knocks. Her hand is at the door knocker, which is shaped in the form of a human being with its hands folded to serve as a clapper. In this configuration the clapper hits at the genitals. This coincidence doesn't seem to be unintended. The representative of Science is shown with her fingers at the very spot where the genitals would be, and her face is turned directly towards it. 

As with all metaphor the onus is on us all to solve the puzzle and gleam the meaning. For this she provided the chapter, Recapitulation. Here 24 questions are asked and answers provided, twice as many as I have novels in my series that covers the same identical ground. The logic seems to suggest that the entire series is needed to answer the question, and perhaps even then the emerging answer will likely be symbolic with the symbolism becoming constantly refined as the nature of spiritual ideas unfolds to human thought for evermore.

The reference to sex in the metaphor may also be symbolic. The human society seems to be not only sexually divided into men and women, but also by the 'sex' of religion that society responds to in the same narrow manner with stereotyped notions, dogmas, traditions, rituals, cast into the garments of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Zionism, Buddhism, and so on, and with ritualism displacing the deep spiritual factors by which we are actually united as human being. Take away the superficial and limited, and what is left at the core is the human being as a beautiful spiritual reflection of our central 'sun,' infinite Mind. In this we find our third and undivided sex. We may have a long road ahead of us to get there from where we are at, but as we move forward we will find that already more factors unite us than we may care to acknowledge. For example there are similarities existing between Christian Science and certain elements in Hinduism, as evidenced in Taj Mahal. There are also similarities existing between Christian Science and Islam, even is symbolism. Mary Baker Eddy's Cross and Crown seal features symbolically the factor five for a scientific imperative. I have been alerted by a kind gentleman that in Islam five prayers are offered each day, generally grouped into three,, which has become a ritual over time, but which most likely had a profound spiritual imperative standing behind it that is no longer in the foreground, just as the factor five in Mary Baker Eddy's seal is regarded as of no great significance. The point is, that if one looks deeper, each religion is built on profound spiritual principles. After all, there is but one Truth and one central 'sun,' one divine Mind manifesting itself.

Since it is a vast task to map out the back alleys of religion as where the diverge in principle, it is a more manageable task to step beyond the narrow stereotyped notions, dogmas, traditions, and rituals, cast like a garment over sex, with an eye on our third sex. The novel,Angels of Sex in Queensland, is intended for that.

Another interesting thing happens at this point of the foursquare matrix that all of this is associated with. The corresponding element from Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual  establishes a Committee on Publication that is mandates its officers to detect and cause to be corrected, "impositions on the public in regard to Christian Science," and "injustices done Mrs, Eddy and members of this Church by the daily press..."

The wording suggests caution, an alertness to be aware of the trap of slander. Slander does not hurt the divine Principle of scientific mental healing, which Mary Baker Eddy termed Christian Science, nor does it hurt its discoverer, but slander would hurt the public by robbing the public of its trust in Christian Science and its healing efficacy. However, a much more sacred task is imposed on the individual to be alert of self-slander. Whatever is spiritually lacking in human thought and is remains unfulfilled is a form of slander upon the self with tragic consequences. Christ Jesus presented a parable of a man who came before the altar of God to offer gifts, but the priest suggested he should go away and first reconcile with his brother and the offer his gift. If society is in need of healing as it is today, that healing must supercede all other consideration, for Love demands healing where healing is needed.


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