The Coming Ice Age

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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No novel - The Coming Ice Age
13 - Teaching Christian Science
Christian Unity - part 2
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Nothing is likely to affect the living of mankind more deeply than the return of the Ice Age whereby agriculture becomes nearly globally disabled. Only one factor would have a greater impact on mankind, and this factor would be mankind's self-mobilization in scientific, technological, and economic development that would render the return of the Ice Age an insignificant event. We have the capacity to do this, but will we rouse ourselves to apply it?

The current trend is to do nothing in preparing the world, as the scene has been covered over with global warming lies. "In lies we trust" is the imperial watchwords, or should I call it a lullaby? The foundation of empires is and always has been a society asleep on a bed of lies, crippled by apathy and perceived impotence. On this artificial platform of social degradations the masters of empires build their elitist supremacist movements on, and a sleeping society puts itself under their feet. The global warming lies are rooted in this background and upheld by elitist supremacist movements in which science becomes corrupted to become a servant of lies. the whole thing, of course, is rooted in perceived impotence on both sides. Lies are an aspect of impotence in every way, and the return of the ice age is intertwined will all of these interrelated aspects. Unless we can deal with all of these issues simultaneously, and do it currently, mankind is doomed to have no future. Fortunately we can meet this challenge, since all its aspects are interlinked as aspects of a universal denial of the sublime nature of our humanity.

For an estimated two million years the earth has been in an Ice Age environment that gets interrupted in 100,000-years cycles with near 'clockwork' regularity. The current interruption from the cold - a kind of holiday called the Holocene Epoch - has statistically run its course. The holiday is about to end. The interglacial warm period typically lasts a bit over 10,000 years. All known history, in terms of what we call civilization, unfolded during this brief period. Mankind came into this post-glaciation period with an estimated 1-10 million world population. This was all that the meager earth had been able support. Should the utilization of mankind's creative capacity be blocked as we enter the next glaciation cycle, mankind will likely fall back to this primitive level or become extinct in the resulting wars over food. The task for rescuing ourselves from this looming potential tragedy involves a phase shift in society's thinking that presently seems almost unachievable. Society is smothered with a thick blanket of lies that is inducing dreams of global warming. Ironically the lies are also used for profiteering. The masters of the lies earn huge profits, for which people are dying while food is being burned as motor fuels in automobiles. Love for mankind is not even on the agenda anymore, much less for future generations. The healing of this world of emptiness of love is possibly the greatest challenge that mankind has yet to face. Right now, instead of facing it, mankind is gripped with a near total denial of itself, of its strength, and of its very nature as human beings.

Politically the road is blocked in the service of profit and power. Scientifically the path is blocked by lies served up by the elite. Socially the road is blocked by carefully managed public opinion. None of these roadblocks can likely be addressed on their own home ground. But there is a higher ground that spiritual Science can address and bring healing to. The fact remains that one spiritual idea cannot be at war with another as all reflect the one harmonizing Spirit that is the heart and Soul of every aspect of the universe. And man is not excluded from this reality. The division, isolation, and perversion of the spirit of mankind has no basis, no legitimacy, and no actual reality. It is an artificial dream that scientific perception can lift mankind out of. 

The unity and love of mankind does not need to be build. It is already built into the spiritual nature of the human being. The spiritual Science that unfolds this reality is the Science of the Christ or Christian Science. This is the one science that is native to each human being. It may be taught and presented in lectures, but ultimately it just brings out what a scientifically alert person already knows, for a divine idea of infinite Mind is not isolated from divine Truth that is reflected in all forms of consciousness. On this basis all the blocking factors against creating an Ice Age renaissance fade into dust and float away.

It is said by scientific researchers that the transition period to a new Ice Age may be short, a few years perhaps. With astrophysical forces driving the changes a short transition period could be quite natural. But equally short could be the mental transition in society freeing itself from its self-strangulation. A far greater power stands behind this spiritual kind of mankind's self-uplifting transition. Every chronic seeming failure in society is not a natural one. Insanity has no power to perpetuate itself. If it appear chronic, it does so because the false foundation that results in failure is constantly created anew. 

While the Ice Age cannot be halted, the currently perpetuated cycle of insanity can be halted in a single day with a profound spark of Truth coming to the understanding in divine Science. Teaching spiritual Science and public lectures on spiritual Science could light this spark that lights up the world. The scientific fact remains that a divine idea, including man, contains not a single element of error. This fact remains valid and remain to be demonstrated. If it wasn't for this fact, that is already being demonstrated to some degree, civilization would not exist. By stepping forward on this unfolding humanist platform the Ice Age challenge can be met.

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