Endless Horizons

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 12

The novel: 6a - Endless Horizons
Textbook: 12 - Christian Science Practice
Metaphors: Christian Unity - part 1
Manual element: Board of Education

First row: Day - the Word of Life, Truth, and Love - the North Star, the Polar Magnet of Revelation - divine omnipotence

3rd column: Christianity - southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, - the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union - the heat of the day - God is supreme

River: Hiddekel - 
Divine Science understood and acknowledged


One of the chief postulates in divine Science is that one divine idea is not, and cannot be, at war with another, all expressing the same one, harmonizing Spirit that is God, the one Principle that empowers good, the one Love that is the light of the universe, the one Mind that is Intelligence. Christian Science heals on this foundation. But when private thought says no to the divine order and puts itself outside the sphere of Spirit and at war with it and regresses into idiocy and experiences of discord and the loss of satisfaction and the harmony in living. Disease is one our come, violence and social collapse is another. Greed is a state of being at war with the divine order, a private war the results in emptiness. If this course is not reversed civilization collapses into this emptiness and society into the chaos of a new dark age that few might survive. The scientific platform for healing is the same as in this case as in the case of disease. The divine order is good. One divine idea is not at war with another. If human living does not reflect this erroneous postulates have been interposed. By their resulting emptiness and collapse of good, such as the loss of health, the causative errors can be detected in Science and be replaced with the Truth inherent is spiritual ideas. The process is simple, but in the wilderness of conflicting private mortal thought the simple concepts become convoluted with layers upon layers of errors. In this complex, one stands alone with God, and more so at the leading edge of Science.

The manual element, Board of Education presents an interesting point here in that it represents a limit to what formal education can convey. The highest degree that the Board of Education can award is a bachelor degree. Beyond that one invariably alone with God, the source of all right ideas and the perception of them. Mary Baker Eddy suggested that a doctor-type degree can be taken in the Massachusetts Metaphysical College that she founded and had made an auxiliary to her church, that she remains the President of in perpetuity, but no person teaches there. Wouldn't personal teaching limit the horizon to what a teacher would see? So how do we advance in the infinite realm? The teacher here can only be limitless Mind. All human advances have unfolded in the court of infinite Mind reflecting the Intelligence that is reflected in the universe, and us included. Doesn't this open endless horizons. But how to implement this in a human world? If the footsteps are taken honestly and the unfolding world is boundless in nature we tend to be on the right course. Spirit is boundless. Mind is boundless. If we find our being in these dimensions we are on course. Christ Jesus gave us a good example, but like an Olymic runner on a relay course he has handed the torch of divine Science to us. Today, its highest manifestation in this limitless domain is Christian Science, and it is our task to keep it limitless..

Mary Baker Eddy's textbook chapter, Christian Science Practice, is the largest chapter in the textbook. This fact may reflect the scope of the challenge, and also perhaps the severity of the spiritual challenge in the dimension of economics where mankind is determined to pursue a course apart from the substance of Spirit placing its economic foundation into the swamp of monetarism. No structure being built there can stand. Thus, civilization is disintegrating. Sure, countless efforts are being made to rebuild the collapsing structures as they fall, on the same foundation. If this goes on long enough society disintegrates in the cataclysm of this failure, or it takes some 'daring' steps and builds on the foundation of Spirit. Of course, we will find that when these steps are taken, the actual footsteps will turn out to be rather simple and amazingly workable, and creatively effective.


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