Coffee Sex and Biscuits

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 11

The novel: 5b - Coffee Sex and Biscuits
Textbook: 11 - Some Objections Answered
Metaphors: Healing the Sick
Manual element: Teaching Christian Science

Second row: Morning - The Christ, the spiritual idea of God - divine omnipotence

3rd column: Christianity - southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, - the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union - the heat of the day - God is supreme

River: Hiddekel - 
Divine Science understood and acknowledged


Coffee Sex and Biscuits - what an odd title for a novel focused on scientific and spiritual development. Maybe it isn't. For one thing, in a world in which society is fast asleep in the spiritual context, coffee, sex, and biscuits, are symbolically the circumference of the general concern. Doesn't an economy exist to meet the human needs? But can the human needs be so narrowly confined. For example, health needs to be added. But we really can't stop there, can we, when the biggest need of the sleeper is to awake. Who wants to live in a coma forever? And so we need to raise the bar and redefine those lower needs and bring them up to a higher platform. This poses not a small challenge. We can't throw out those lower things that support the corporeal body that serves us well. In fact we meet those needs with love, even while knowing that man's existence is entirely spiritual. And so we bring to the body also the fruits of Spirit, the harmony of Truth and Love, the beauty of Soul, the power of Principle, the freshness of Life, the boundless nature of Mind. Living in the world of Spirit, the human body is enriched, society is enriched, civilization is enriched. But can we meet these challenges with divine Science? What else, but divine Science, have got that brings the dimension of Spirit into its own light for us? The movements of Science reflect the movements of infinite Mind. Science is of God. Christ Jesus, the greatest Exemplar of divine Science, has put the scientific thought squarely into the court of God, translating the human dimension into its divine original. Now, that's a challenge! Formal Christian Science teaching cannot really meet this challenge for us, but it resets the direction and points it toward Spirit. To walk the road is our task. And so we do this, as much as we are able and never stop, and widen our journey as we go.


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