Glass Barriers

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Element 10

The novel: 5a - Glass Barriers
Textbook: 10 - Science of Being - Platform
Metaphors: Father I thank thee...
Manual element: Publishing Society

Third row: Evening - Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history - divine omnipresence

3rd column: Christianity - southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, - the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union - the heat of the day - God is supreme

River: Hiddekel - 
Divine Science understood and acknowledged


The chapter, Science of Being, is the second-largest chapter of the Christian Science textbook. The subject was evidently of great importance to Mary Baker Eddy, and so it is to us, including in the sphere of economics. Economics begins with the Principle of the General Welfare, decking a festive table for a feast that symbolizes, an actually demonstrates, the riches of our humanity. Economics has nothing to do with poverty. Poverty results from the habitual lack in spiritual perception. But old habits, axioms, believes, and traditions can be put aside with a childlike exploration of the sunshine in the bright new day that divine Science opens up for human living, lifting the human living up towards the realization of our native air: divine living. The barriers that we face here seem to be dark, cold, unmovable, but in the celebration of universal Love, what is apparent become transparent like panes of glass that cannot resist the force of a profound spiritual ideas, and shatter and fall away.

Many of the vistas in the novel, Glass Barriers, are symbolic, though the historic periods of renaissance that some of the stories touch upon were quite real whose testaments, in the form of monuments built in stone, still stand. They have weathered the ages. They urge us to understand and acknowledge that divine Truth spans all ages, all times, and that what we call progress, even scientific progress, is but a new, and perhaps an advanced, realization of the profound spiritual dimension that has always existed. False education, dogmas, customs, political manipulation, narrow perception, may have darkened the human scene for many a period, but the light remains, and so does the option for society to step into the light, acknowledging the power of the human being to take the requisite, divinely appointed, steps.

The greatest acknowledgement of the divine idea is found in the 'monuments' that we 'publish' in the flow of our living as a testament of the brightness of the divine idea that we understood and have lived with. For example, a thousand years ago more than 80 great temples were built in central India, all in one general area and in essentially a single century, the Temples of Kajuharo.  An economic achievement on this scale (which actually cannot be achieved with slavery) speaks of a powerful renaissance that reflects the power of a spiritual idea. With these great achievements we publish the majestic dimension of the human being. We crossed the earth-bound and stepped onto the moon. In the sphere of Christian Science healing society has published a flood of monuments to the power of divine Love, and still does, and will continue to do so. And sometimes the footsteps are still small, a few daring pioneering footsteps in a still dark landscape, footsteps towards the light as the novel, Glass Barriers, aims to exemplify, even if but symbolically.


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