Empire - Depravity


Victim of permanent war

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Starved girl in Africa

 hunger is the gravest single threat to the world's public health
 malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to child mortality
starvation currently affects more than one billion people (1 in 6). 




An old German poem comes to mid. It speaks of the four great winds -- the North Wind, the East Wind, the South Wind, and the West Wind -- who in conversation are plotting as to where they should meet for their next spectacular dance. "Let's meet at the canyon," says the North Wind, "Oh yes, let's meet at the great bridge there," says another. "Ah, and let's meet there at the midnight hour when the last train is crossing," says the third wind. 

"Hurray," says the fourth wind, "what a wonderful dance this will be, a whirl-dance of fire, mingled with shrieking voices and breaking steel." 

And as they had conspired, so it was done. As the poem ends, the first question is repeated. "Where will we meet again?"

The poet speaks of a bridge that has stood rock solid for ages and has weathered many storms, but not all of them coming together from all directions. He speaks, as if he was speaking of today's age, where we are increasingly threatened with the relentless force that combines all that is inhuman. And so, we in this age, if we care to survive the storm, find ourselves challenged to heal our world of this threatening and increasingly unfolding nightmare. 

Today, as in the poem, there are four horrific forces coming together which are poised to destroy all life, love, and civilization. Sure, we can halt the four violent winds in their track, but to accomplish this, and to protect our world, we first need to heal ourselves. And this we can do, because as the poet vaguely points out in the poem, the obvious fact is that the destructive four winds that challenge civilization are after all but "winds." Thus, the poet defines the nature of empire, as but puffed up boisterous winds. He bids us to realize that the power of empire is but a ruse, because mankind, having stood its ground for countless millennia, is ultimately not that easily blown off its foundation. There is a power in man that can command the winds, and cause them to cease.



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