A Picture Worth a Thousand Words - by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Empire Objective: Depopulation

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What you don't see...

Uranium Wars 

A process of vaporized uranium, radioactive gas warfare with global debilitating consequences on genetics, increased diseases, and starvation.

Attempts to Silence Civilization

Food Wars

Devastating the global food supply - a war on food is being waged with  potentially irrecoverable consequences. 

Seeds of Destruction - The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

The 'Doomsday Seed Vault' in the Arctic

The Hidden Agenda behind the Bush Administration's Bio-Fuel Plan  (which still continues).

Insane S 510 ' Food Safety' Bill Most Dangerous EVER?

Goodbye To Farmer's Markets, CSAs & Roadside Stands

Wars against the oceans

On April 20, 2010 - explosions and fire destroyed the off-shore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, licensed to BP, which sank with 11 workers missing, 17 injured. The rig was drilling beneath about 5,000 feet (1,525 meter) of water and 13,000 feet under the seabed. A blowout preventer, intended to prevent release of crude oil, failed to activate. 

Was it caused intentionally? What happened should not have happened. Too many of the multiple-redundant safety features failed. The blowout didn't even happen during the drilling itself, but afterwards. 

A wide variety of intentional 'errors' could have caused the disaster that engulfed the entire rig in flames 300 feet high, creating an inferno that caused the rig to explode and critically melt to the point that it sank. It makes no sense for these things to happen during the post-drilling cementing operations that was intended to temporarily seal of the well after the drilling was done. 

But as a typical empire-arranged terror attack, it would make a lot of sense. With a huge oil leak that might have been intended to be continuing for an indefinite time, leaking nearly a million liters of muck a day into the Gulf of Mexico, the disaster could have the political effect of driving up the oil price worldwide with a profit-bonanza spewing forth for the empire, possibly also for an indefinite time. At the same time the catastrophe would likely be destroying the fisheries along the path of the Gulf Stream that flows out of the Gulf of Mexico, affecting both the American East Coast and Europe, and to some degree also North-West Africa. 

If this disaster was intentional, no better location for it could have been chosen by the masters of empire to serve their global objective, including their political objectives to create chaos and large scale economic losses for the world, advancing the project of worldwide depopulation. Whether the disaster was intentional cannot be determined as the evidence has been destroyed. However, the flow of the catastrophe follows the previously established patters for terror operations by the masters of empire at the time when empire itself is threatened by the collapse of its own insane financial looting system. So it all falls within the general framework of the empire's long-promoted depopulation demands, aiming for the removal (death) of over 4 billion people towards a world population of less than two billion, which empire believes it would be able to live with, meaning dominate, in perpetuity. But it won't work. A technological answer is possible and will likely end the crisis soon. However, these types of attack on mankind will no doubt continue for as long as empire rules and claims the financial wealth through thievery to carry out terror and sabotage operations of all types on an ever-widening horizon of horrors. 

Special Report On Oil Rig Disaster - Photos

The Oil Mess - The Takedown Of World Economy?

 Halliburton Likely Caused Oil Disaster

Catastrophic Oil Spill Possibly World's Worst

ocean currents

BP to try unprecedented engineering feat to stop oil spill

The looting of mankind into impotence

Empire has three enduring features: It lives by stealing, with which it destroys what it feeds on, and when the destruction leads to its collapse, it aims to take down mankind with it, lest a new renaissance erupts by which empire would be doomed forever. Thus empire is a system that is self-doomed by its very nature, while mankind is destined by its developing intellect and scientific self-recognition to rouse itself to prevent the collapse of it into depopulation that empire has in store for it. We are close to this stage when empire ceases to be. Right now, the calls for ever-greater financial bailouts on the shoulders of the world's taxpayers is pushed forward, to delay by a brief period the collapse empire that cannot be prevented, which in fact hastens the final end of empire as the grand looter of the nations, that even now can no longer be hidden, no matter how much the masters believe this to be possible.


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