A Picture Worth a Thousand Words - by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Easter Celebration - 2010


Easter is not a season for celebrating defeat
but a season for celebrating
 the overcoming of defeat

The critical choice: Overcoming deception

It is a choice, and the choice is reflected in everyone of four major areas, the individual, national, universal, and scientific. In all of these areas we do have a choice to overturn the deceptions that have nearly defeated civilization. The deceptions have reached so deep that they have created a culture of belief in false axioms and outright lies. The outcome is tragic in every arena, while the deceptions have become so credible to be widely regarded as the truth, and are thereby hard to combat, especially when the name of science is attached to it, as in the lead-in study below that serves as an example of the traps that open up when universal principles are quietly pushed out of the way. 

The frontier beyond 'consensus science'
Science deception?
nuclear fusion-power deception?
economic deception?

In the four-part series that follows the dimension of the challenges posed by the deceptions are being explored in conjunction with the liberating dimension of classical musical composition both in music and poetry (poetry set to music), even 'dark' music in some cases, as is needed to explore the irony of the challenge. (see the list of the music below)


Spheres of Political Action
Freedoms and Responsibilities

#1 Individual


#2 National


#3 Universal

(British Empire)

#4 Scientific



The above four parts of this presentation are focused on:

Part 1 - The Common Aims of all Mankind

Part 2 - Dynamics of Revolution and Betrayal

Part 3 - Celebrating the Inevitable Destiny of Empire

Part 4 - A Dawn for Mankind is Unfolding - the New Song



Incorporated Musical 'Pictures'

The Winterreise 
(winter journey)

The Erlking

Carmina Burana


Jesu Meine Freude

Appassionato Sonata

Ode to Joy

Ave Maria

From the New World


For celebrating the occasion, 
a Bach Fantasia & Fuge

click on the above link to play - right-click to download


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