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Ralf E. Juergens


Pioneer of the Electric Sun model

 by author Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Ralph E. Juergens is honored  for his notable to of the ever-widening unfolding of Electric Universe concept. His Electric Sun model is an extensively developed hypothesis in which the Sun and stars are electrically powered, contrary to the standard view that the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion. While the "Electric Sun" hypothesis has received countless unfavorable reviews, it has nevertheless become a core component of the Electric Universe hypothesis that is gaining ground for the simple fact that it provides a far greater compliance in perception with the observed evidence than the mainstream consensus cosmology affords.

Ralf Juergens was an electrical engineer from Flagstaff, Arizona. From his background of expertise he provides he provides the engineering studies that prove from the standpoint of practical electrical engineering that the Electric Sun model is a rational possibility. 
Link to his 1972 paper

What he theorized back in the 1970 has in essence been confirmed by NASA spacecraft data. See link below:
- The Electric Sun confirmed

The great value of the pioneering contributions of Juergens is found behind the doors they open to vistas in electric cosmology that were not possible before, but have brought a whole new world into view for us now.
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