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Looking beyond the

Cultural Climate Change 

From the ice house of imagined global warming,
to the real global warming of human hearts and minds
- a great victory for humanity was won -

 by author Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Light beyond the horizon of lies

Light beyond the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

The four stages to (real) sustainable development
from climate fraud
to climate gate
to climate science
to climate renaissance

we are between the second and third stage and are moving forward

A celebration in honor of mankind's pioneer-contributors to real climate science

Russia's Mikhail Budyko -The great pioneer climatologist and a opponent of the global warming doctrine.
Honoring researchers involved in cosmic-ray influence on terrestrial climate   
Serbia's Milutin Milankovitch
- pioneer of the (Milankovitch) orbital cycles
Norway's Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland
- pioneer of modern space electricity research.
Sweden's Hannes Olof Alfven - pioneer explorer of solar plasma physics and the electric sun.
America's Raph Juergens - pioneer of the electric sun model.
Australia's Wal Thornhill - founder of the electric universe concept.
Germany's Johannes Kepler
- "father" of modern science.

Consensus Science is the universalization of mediocrity and lies

 A true global warming is dawning. Some call it the explosion of the skeptics. In real terms it is the dawn of the age of scientific honesty; a faint dawn as yet, of truthfulness, rousing a change in the climate dynamics in thinking; heralding the coming ice-free world of the humanist fire in economic development, scientific and technological progress, infrastructure building, industrialization, a credit society for building a new world with free education, healthcare, quality housing, floating bridges linking the continents, indoor farming, a humanist renaissance of such intensity that the return of the Ice Age that is already on the horizon, hidden by lies, will be a non-event when it grips the Earth in the present century or the next.

Supplemental references

Author's Supplemental:

Science's Mass Opposition
to climate change doctrine

Cultural Climate Dynamics

Manmade Global Warming?

The Coming Ice Age

The Electric Universe 

The Electric Climate

The Intercontinental Floating Bridge

Apparently great pressure is being used at the Copenhagen Summit -- from incredible bribes of leaders of nations, to incredible threats to both individuals and nations -- to force submission to the climate agenda, and the authority of the "new world order" that is to take shape in the form of at least 700 new environmental bureaucracies, to be set up all over the world, including invasive compliance laws and military enforcement -- all to be paid for by a 2% tax on every nation's GDP and on all financial transactions.

Every item was dropped. (Dec. 18, 2009) ...

Political Action:

Viscount Monckton on Climategate:
They are Criminals

Cancel Copenhagen (Video)

The Four Powers Solution 
and The Eurasian Land-Bridge

Africa: Mankind's Moral Test (Video)

EPA Claims Dictatorial Genocide Powers For Obama
...carbon dioxide, a harmless gas essential to life, "threatens the public health and welfare"

The "Danish Text" leak
... new world dictatorship against the poor

Kesha Rogers Denounces Global Warming Fraud as Imperialist Genocide, Offers Alternative

Copenhagen climate summit: Blindfolds are hiding the crucial issues at Copenhagen 

Copenhagen: The Crime of Mr. Sarkozy

The president said he met with leaders from India, China, Brazil and South Africa, and "that's where we agreed ... to set a mitigation target to limit warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius."

Now the door is open wider to real climate science.


Science Community:

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Protest Petition Project
31,000 American scientists signed the still ongoing protest declaration against the genocidal global warming assumptions

'Copenhagen Climate Challenge' Open Letter to Ban Ki-moon, Signed By 150 Climate Researchers, Demands Real Evidence

'Unprecedented Warming'? - Science Shows Total Fraud

The coming climate of truth invariably opens the scene to the new renaissance, beginning in our time, that is by its dynamic nature, inevitable. How soon we will get there, and climate fraud ends, depends on all of us.


 More... for truth in Copenhagen


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