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Hannes Olof Alfven


Pioneer of plasma physics cosmology and climatology

 by author Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

Hannes Alfven wrote in his book, The New Astronomy, speaking about cosmic rays: "How these particles are driven to their fantastic energies, sometimes as high as a million billion electron volts, is one of the prime puzzles of astronomy. No known (or even unknown) nuclear reaction could account for the firing of particles with such energies; even the complete annihilation of a proton would not yield more than a billion electron volts."

Nobel laureate Hannes Alfven, a Swedish plasma physicist who became known worldwide for his work on the theory of magnetohydrodynamics, may be termed the father of the Electric Sun model. From his research in plasma physics he advanced a theory of how prominences and solar flares are formed electrically, and how the Sun itself is powered electrically. While his discoveries are largely denied in mainstream cosmology, just like the fact that the Earth is a sphere was once denied in religion, Hannes Alfven created a breakthrough in mankind's perception of the universe with a far richer science than that of the doctrinal, that has no rigid disciplinary boundaries, and at that same time furnishes rational for physical observations for which consensus astronomy affords no explanation.

Alfven's breakthrough discoveries of the Electric Sun model, occurred in parallel, though without an apparent connection, with the work of the American electrical engineer Ralph Juergens, who likewise theorized an Electric Sun model in the early 1970s.

Since Alfven breakthrough perception was made a new discipline in science began to develop, that became known as the Electric Cosmology. He ushered in a revolutionary way of looking at the Sun, and what powers it, thereby offering a new insight into the processes that also have direct connection with the climate on the Earth, and a connection with dynamics of the galaxy as an influential factor on the Sun, and on the terrestrial climate.

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