The Circumcision by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Spiritual healing of civilization, exploring the worldwide effect of the circumcision and the foundation for healing it


It's like Living in a world without color




It was said by one of the few who subjected themselves to the circumcision later in life, who have experienced the difference,  that living with the circumcision is like living in a world without color. 

However, here the tragedy only begins.

The Circumcision

Modern research, that is still only in the beginning stage, presents some rather surprising discoveries of deep-reaching and often hidden effects. The effects are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, lost of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of psychosomatic disorders that only now becoming associated with the Post Dramatic Stress Disorders caused by the sexual mutilation that is most often imposed on children. 

 In later life, the diminished sexual sensitivity leads to further debilitations in the social context as it inhibits the normal deep-reaching social bonds, and social trust that would normally be developing between children and parents, and between one another, that has an impact on the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind. 

The diminished in sexual intimacy becomes reflected in diminished social intimacy that is reflected in all other related areas as well, such as the intimate sense of a nation, or the process of an intimately cooperative economy. When this normally widely expanding intimacy becomes cut away, relationships become hard and hollow. The national identity becomes artificially forged. The death penalty begins to reign. Economics becomes replaced with stealing. That is where we are today. Any society that imposes this tragedy on its people on a national scale, or universal religious scale, is destroying itself from within. 

Of course, if the goal of rulers is to impose domination, via a process that forces a society into slavish obedience, the circumcision is the most perfect pathway to get there. It is a power-tool for ending universal loving. 

While the circumcised wear no badge, the long-term victims are recognized by researchers to generally suffer from what some call, "culturally inherited mass psychological disorders." The victims are recognized by typically having a grandiose sense of self-importance; by being preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideals of love; by believing that they are unique and "special" above all other people, cultures and races. They are recognized by seeking excessive admiration with a strong sense of entitlement - but even as they almost demand this slavish attention, they are interpersonally exploitative and lack empathy to the point of being arrogant and haughty in their behaviors and attitudes. 

It appears that the diminished sexual sensitivity, which the victims are rarely aware of, inhibits the normal deep social bonds and social trust, and the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind. The bottom line is, that any society that imposes this tragedy on its people is destroying itself from within. It thereby becomes a failing society to a degree that remains yet to be fully recognized and has the potential to be extensive.

The circumcision has become widespread. Sexual mutilation, or amputation as some call it, has disabled or otherwise deeply victimized more than 750 million men and over 120 million women worldwide, affecting possibly as many families, thereby directly affecting a third of mankind, and indirectly entire countries and large portions of entire continents (Circumcision maps - green and gray are the regions where the circumcision is rare). 

The consequences are somewhat apparent by the notable coincidence of the of the predominantly circumcised regions in the world with low levels of economic development and humanist qualities, and corresponding high levels of social and political tensions and and gross inhumanity. Nor is the result surprising.

Circumcision is an act of torture. What worse thing could anyone impose onto a baby in the very first week of its life then imposing the immense pain that is associated with the circumcision? Babies are often deemed too young for anesthesia, consequently they are operated on without it. It is deemed that babies are too young to feel pain. The opposite is true. They feel pain more intensely. The reason why they don't scream in pain is simple. They go into shock, into a coma, but this has lifelong consequences. It demolishes the deep sense of intimacy the baby would normally feel towards its mother and later towards society. Instead of the natural closeness and comfort it now feels torture. And why shouldn't it feel the torture of this invasive process that is so severe that even the modern surgical procedure in some cases has caused death? Also, in the few cases when anesthesia is used for the circumcision, the torture is still felt severely by the infant, because anesthesia doesn't cover the weeks-long healing process. The Post Dramatic Stress Disorders tend to become a lifelong burden with effects that are even now barely understood, but are so widespread that they are having an effect on global culture and are undermining the foundation for civilization. 


From Cause to Effect 

The cause is mutilation, the effect is correspondingly deep. But why would anyone intentionally rip into the integrity of the human system that has been developing and self-developing over millions of years across twenty ice ages with an 'economic' strength that has enabled mankind to overcome the greatest obstacles that the natural world has imposed. The tempering with the integrity of this highly successful system is evidently not done for the purpose of improving it, but to subdue it for social, political, and economic control. This tampering appears to take us back almost to the very beginning of the recorded history of civilization.

A near-invisible thread binds all the facets listed in the title into one interlocked tragedy that has enormous economic, political, and social consequences. Nor does this thread have a single beginning. Circumcision, the practice of male sexual mutilation by means of cutting away the foreskin of the penis, appears to have originated independently in ancient Mesopotamia and in the early Egyptian dynasties of the Pharaohs as far back as 2,500 BC. It is believed the Egyptians circumcised their slaves at first and that the female mutilation came out of that much later. The aboriginal Australians are also known to have circumcised in distant times, long before they had any contact with the larger world. Likewise some aboriginal cultures in the Peruvian Amazon had practiced it, together with the infibulations (female mutilations) that were practiced there long before the Spanish conquest. In either case there is no known trace that one can point to that leads to a single source of origin for these practices. It is amazing, however, that these practices have persisted for so long spanning many cultures and religions, considering the deep-reaching damage they have caused with enormous consequences for society across the world.

Most empires, going back in time to almost 4,500 years in the past, including most of the great religious empires of the later millennia, have used the circumcision to develop a slavish society. A vast range of myths have been created by the 'enslaving' rulers to justify their desired demolition of the integrity of the human system. Even a lot of medical myths have been created for this purpose in order to justify it, such as for the purpose of hygiene. 

It would be surprising if the modern rulers of empire wouldn't impose this time-honored social demolition process on modern society, especially in America, since they have been trying to destroy the USA as the greatest threat to empire from the very day the USA was formed. So, should one be surprised that circumcision in America has become increasingly universal in the postwar period, to the point that it is barely optional anymore? No one should be surprised. Should one be surprised that now 100 million American men have already been sexually mutilated? With the empire bearing down on America, this is not surprising. Should one be surprised that in some cases the saturation has reached over 90%? No surprises here! The effects are clearly visible. We see America's industries destroyed, while nobody stops the still ongoing process. We see millions thrown out of their homes while the leaders protect the system that tears the social and economic fabric apart. It appears that any atrocity is now possible in the name of private profit or private property, no matter who is hurt, and virtually no one protests. There are no strong protests, because most people don't feel themselves as being a part of a nation anymore. The connecting intimacy is gone. The American society sees its Constitution torn to shreds and trillions poured into war to destroy foreign nations, while nobody holds the criminals accountable. The American people have become isolated from their humanity and their sense of society. It seems the reason why the rule by terror is so effective in America may be that it reawakens the dramatic terror of the circumcision. America now sees its soldiers coming home from war so deeply physically and psychologically disabled that more veterans commit suicide at home than are a killed on the battlefield. None of these are normal symptoms, but they are symptoms of a mutilated society subjected to war, the very symptoms the masters of empire desire.

The reason why the effects of circumcision are so dramatically visible in the USA appears to be due to the stark contrast between its debilitation in modern time and the nation's historic success when the USA illustrated to the world what a normal society is able of accomplishing. America was once the bastion of freedom, the technological innovator, the economic pioneer, the moral giant that stood against slavery, the champion for the general welfare. Having been there, the loss of that great achievement is more visible as if it had never been seen what a normal human society can accomplish. 

Many other societies did not have the kind of history of humanist achievement that the USA has had in its days of greatness. In Judaism circumcision became a religious command in distant ages already that assured the near 100% compliance that has been the norm over long periods. With this in mind, should the world be surprised that Judaism has had a rocky past with its people becoming victims of persecution for countless reasons, and is now being the master thereof itself while it rarely has been a champion for economic development. Judaism, of course, is loved in the halls of empire, if indeed it didn't become the driving force of empire itself and at the same time also its victim.

Russia, as the perpetual target of empire, has had more than its share of the social consequences that result from the circumcision mutilation, far more than most people may realize. The historic genocide surrounding the massacre in the Ukraine is a case in point. Should one be surprised? No. However, it is surprising how Islam became infiltrated. The holy Koran demands neither male nor female mutilation.  It appears that the practice became gradually adapted in the Muslim world as a religious edict built on the long standing Arabic tradition that goes all the way back to the Pharaohs.  Of course we have no way of knowing if or not that sexual mutilation was imposed at the time of the Pharaohs for the enslavement effect that the sexual mutilation brings with it, which the rulers of the early societies might have valued, and which the modern masters of empire still value. Researchers suggest that the sexual mutilation was applied primarily to the slaves in ancient Egypt. In any case, the general pattern appears to be fairly simple. 

Homosexuality and Lesbianism

Strong evidence suggests that the male sexual mutilation, the circumcision, developed as a means for social control and domination by means of inflicting injury, both in the form of the 'surgical' drama and in the subsequent loss of sexual sensitivity. The sexual loss has been dramatically described by persons who chose the circumcision later in life, who were therefore able to experience the difference: One person described the loss, 'like living in a world without color.' Another said that he would give anything to get back what he lost, so great was the loss. He would even give away his house. But this loss cannot be restored. It is permanent. What has been cut away, cannot be replaced. The resulting loss of the natural intimacy that comes with it and with the corresponding rise is social isolation together with related factors, appear to have given rise to the widening phenomenon of homosexuality, lesbianism, and pedophilia. All of them appear to be prevalent where circumcision is prevalent. Then, as if the resulting tragedy wasn't tragic enough, the victims of it are slandered in addition to their tragedy, which makes the tragedy worse and the face of society still more shameful.

Researchers suggest that lesbianism is a related 'safety valve' that enables the female expression of intimacy to continue between women that had become diminished or is no longer available in the disabled male-world, affecting the heterosexual world. It is further suggested that the accompanying female sexual mutilation, all the way to the complete infibulation of women, was imposed as the increasingly insane response in the male dominated world in an effort to suppress the 'escaping' intimacy among women, especially in the harem. The evident purpose of infibulation was (and still is ,so it seems) that the women would be kept under male domination and enslavement. The historic pattern tells us that wherever male circumcision is prevalent, homosexuality and lesbianism are also prevalent, and wherever this prevalence is extreme, female sexual mutilation is added to the darkness of the scene of the social mutilation and enslavement.

Infibulation, also called "Sunna."

"Sunna" means tradition in Arabic. The 'tradition' for women is sometimes called the "Pharaonic" cut for reasons that the operation was already recorded in Pharaonic times in Egypt. But it is not just a simple circumcision for women. Even the process for merely removing the prepuce of the clitoris is a very delicate operation. And this is more critical when it is done on a child. It requires great surgical skill, good light, surgical tools, an anaesthetized, motionless body, and of course a good knowledge of the anatomy involved. But that's not the prevailing condition in rural Africa and the Middle East. The scene there is a scene of struggling and screaming children held down by force, often onto the ground, with the cutting being performed with crude knives in dark huts and without anaesthesia. And the operations carried out there aren't the simple ones. The most frequently done operation throughout Africa consists of the removal of the entire clitoris, usually together with the adjacent parts of the small lips and far too often also all of the external vulva with the exception of parts of the large lips.

Typically such an operation would be carried out in the home in the presence of several women, mostly relatives and neighbours. There was a time when all girls, without exception, were required by tradition to undergo this mutilation. It was a requirement for marriage. In many countries the mutilation is now forbidden by law, but is rarely persecuted. This means that in many cases the operation is shifted back from the hospital's operating room the 'wood shack.' The operation there is never a ceremony. It is torture. It is butchery. 

The naked girl is put on a stool. A number of women spread her legs apart, wide. Then one of the elder women sits down facing the child with a kitchen knife in hand, separating the girls outer and inner lips. She pierces the hood of the clitoris and cuts it open. Then she begins to cut the clitoris out. Another woman wipes off the gushing blood with a rag. Then the older woman puts the knife aside and digs with her sharp fingernail a hole the length of the clitoris to detach it and to pull it out while the little girl screams. Scream is all she can. Being held down, she can't move. All she can do is scream, but no one pays attention to her pain. Every one of the women in attendance has been on that stool. They know that the procedure must be done no matter what the cost, and they know why. They know that the pain must be endured somehow, and will be endured though it seems unendurable. Several of the other women keep wiping the blood away while the elder woman finishes her job, pulling and cutting the detached clitoris out of the girl. Finally she is making the last cut to the bone with her knife. Once this is done she removes the remaining flesh, digging with her finger to remove any remnant of the clitoris among the flowing blood. At this point other women are invited to put their probing fingers into the bleeding hole to verify that every piece of the clitoris has been removed. But this isn't the end. The most important part of the butchery is just beginning. The woman cuts off the inner lips of the child's vulva and discards them as the helpers continue to wipe the blood away with their rags. Next the woman begins to scrape the skin away off the inside of the large lips of the vulva until the bleeding lips, now a giant wound, can be tied together and be held in place with thorns that must remain in place until the wound is healed. The operating woman leaves only a tiny opening, kept open by a small tube of bamboo, just large enough for urine and later the menstrual flow to pass through. At this point the girl can't scream or cry anymore, being too exhausted, but merely vomits. A concoction of plant juices is forced down her throat. In the end the tortured girl is made to sand up. A woman in attendance pours water over the wound and wipes it with her rags. As the final step other women immobilize her thighs by tying them together with ropes and apply a bandage from her knees to her waist, which must remain in place for two or three weeks while she remains lying on a mat till the wound heals.

This kind of torturous tragedy has been the fate of many of those hundred million girls and women that are now living in a sexually blinded world, with many of them struggling with various complications that frequently leave them crippled and disabled for life. The mortality is evidently high, but no records are kept. Death in childbirth later on, due to obstructed labor, is never admitted to be caused by the mutilation, nor will the depth of the women's psychological trauma, which is lifelong, ever be known to anyone but the the women themselves, if indeed they can fathom the depth of it. 

Many of the countless reasons that are given for this supreme sacrifice are as cruel as the procedure itself, which deepens the psychological trauma even further. It is said that a woman is considered dirty and polluted unless she has been mutilated, and also that a woman is incapable of controlling her sexuality so that a girl who is not mutilated will run wild and disgrace her family. Women who have not been mutilated are considered prostitutes. It is further said that women's external genitalia are ugly and must be removed to make her acceptable to a man. It is hard to imagine this added mental torture, adding insult to injury.

While some progress has been made to halt the practice, much more needs to be achieved. Too much secrecy, too many myths and games of status, and plain economic pressure still prevail that keep the blood flowing. Female genital mutilation has been outlawed in some countries. As the result the frequency and also the extent of the procedure has become reduced. Many forms of mutilation that are practiced today are far less radical, although the full infibulation is still on the agenda and is generally regarded as the only guaranteed means to make unauthorized sexual intercourse impossible. Because of the importance that Muslims attach to virginity, infibulation continues to be performed primarily to guarantee that a bride is 'intact' when purchased. The smaller her opening is, the higher will the price be that can be demanded at the sale of a bride. The girl is often inspected before the price is paid. Many African men continue to refuse to marry girls who are not excised, at least in part, and for many women being married is still the only career available in most parts of Africa.

Obviously, the mutilation is absolutely insane. Why would anyone want to marry a severely damaged girl? Would anyone go into a car lot and say to the car dealer, you have nice cars here, I like the red sports model over there; I'll buy it, but first you have to go and hire a street gang of thugs with baseball bats to get them to mutilate the car - do it, and I'll pay the price; do it thoroughly and I'll pay you double - though the warranty must still apply. Nobody would buy a car like this. However, a hundred million such mutilations are on the streets in human form. A broken car maybe useless, but a broken person makes a willing slave.

So, it is a case of 'economics,' isn't it?

The economics are in a different context than one might expect. Just look at the parts of the world where this is happening. Female mutilation happens mostly in North Africa, the Southern Sinai, and in Indonesia. Look at the economies in those areas. You are looking at crisis territory. A mutilated civilization does not function well. It has been hollowed out and made unproductive. Then look at male circumcision in the same way. You will find the major male mutilation again in North Africa, the Sinai, with additional territory extending north to Turkey and all the way to Kazakhstan, including the entire Middle East, and again including Indonesia. There is a complete overlap. The female mutilation falls into the same area where the male mutilation is prevalent in a big way. The entire area where this is happening is economically barren or nearly so. The only difference is that the male mutilation is over six times bigger in scale and covers more nations including the USA, and covers more religions and tradition. The most male-mutilation victims are Muslims, some 500 million of them. The USA comes in second with 100 million. The USA is still at the beginning stage. Its mutilation began rapidly, unfolding primarily from the Cold War onwards. The Philippines are third in the world in total number of cases, amounting to roughly a quarter of the U.S. total. South Korea clocks in with 14 million cases, and the Jewish community with half of that. And guess where all the political trouble spots are and where the economic breakdown cuts deepest. You will find that the mutilation of society and the decay of civilization are going hand in hand. There is a parallel rise in the political and economic disintegration of America with the rise in the ratio of society's mutilation. The loss of the natural intimacy appears to be reflected in a corresponding loss in national and economic intimacy. The intimate sense of being connected to a nation becomes thereby diminished and the sense of the general welfare looses its foundation in the same trend and falls by the wayside. And so the foundation for economics becomes increasingly lost, and the same loss is seen for political integrity, with the corresponding loss of freedom.

And still, the disintegration goes deeper. In the shadow of the mutilation that cuts deep into the fabric of society, especially its intimacy with its humanity, a trend towards ever greater brutality begins. The sheer brutalities that history has recorded from ancient times, of the barbaric empires, are becoming back to the surface in so-called civilized nations. Just look at the holocaust in Palestine and who supports it logistically. Look at the holocaust in Iraq stirred by so many hands, and so on. A whole new era of brutality is unfolding, and it isn't all imposed from the top down. Sure, a broken people are far more readily enslaved by today's ruling empire than a whole people, but once the mutilation has been imposed its consequences carry forward the torch of horrors by its own momentum. The U.S. Constitution and its principles have already become scrapped, housing, healthcare, industries, infrastructures are all allowed to disintegrate as if people have lost their intimate connection with their own humanity as human beings. The general welfare simply falls by the wayside. Depopulation becomes the new song. The brutality has become so great that food is being burned while 980 million people are starving, and whatever food remains is so insanely jacked up in price that it becomes unaffordable. People think they know why they are doing this and the imperatives for which this is done, but really don't have a clue. It is almost a cheap excuse to blame the financial controllers over the U.S. Congress and Senate for the insane legislation that is being enacted there, and for the stalling of legislation that should be enacted. But this excuse wouldn't even be possible if society would still be whole and not be robbed of its social, national, and economic intimacy that a normal society values and defends. We may not see the infibulation of women on the agenda in America (yet), but we see the equivalent of it in countless ways, too many to be listed here.

That is how the USA has been lost, and how Africa has been so easily turned into the imperial playground that it became over that last centuries. 

And so one must ask what happens when the next glaciation cycle of the still ongoing Ice Age (the Pleistocene Period) begins with its next start already overdue? Will America have the strength to survive? The evidence stands against that. Will the Muslims have the strength to survive, or Israel? That's highly doubtful. Then look at the map again and observe where you won't find that mutilation of society in progress. This gives you Europe. It gives you Russia, China, India, Malaysia, South America, Mexico, and possibly also Canada and Australia. That is where you will likely find the economic strength in society that will enable it to survive the next Ice Age cycle, provided that these countries won't be destroyed beforehand by the madness of the masters of the universal circumcision, who are projecting their raging emptiness in waging wars across the world. The USA doesn't have any strength left. At present it only famous for torturing and killing, instead of building and uplifting civiliation. A 100 million mutilated males in the USA adds up to 70% of its entire male population, and that covers all those who should be economically active. The uncircumcised male population is dying out in the USA. The circumcision is now nearly universal. It is often automatically applied at birth. Only the consequences remain the same and their effects are mounting up, especially the economic and political effects. Deep incisions into the integrity of society have already destroyed much of its once tall civilization. The circumcision is seen reflected in many non-biological ways that reflect the underlying tearing apart of the integrity of the delicate complex system that our humanity is. The infibulation is also reflected in countless cultural end economic aspects of destruction, such as the free trade fascism and looting globalism - the very forces that tear away universal protection and demand an end to the integrity and sovereignty of nations and their self-rule and self-development.

Two faces of Zion

Like a Samson who was deceived, America, as countless people of many regions in the world, was by deception shorn of its strength. But unlike the solution that Samson resorted to, by bringing the house down on himself and his deceivers, an intelligent society has better options available. 

The American spiritual pioneer, scientist, and 'economist' of the 19th Century, Mary Baker Eddy, defined an ancient term that perfectly describes the modern world in terms of its still increasing inner mutilation. She defined the term, Zion, and defined it in two parts. The first part she defined as "emptiness, desolation." This definition describes well the gradually discovered effects of the circumcision. It also describes equally well the contemporary world scene of empire aiming to subdue all nations and draw them under the thumb of its coveted World State dictatorship, a world without true democracy, without sovereign nations, without national self-rule and national self-development, bound to the force of elitist rule and corporatist power. In humanist terms, this adds up to emptiness.  Many nations are already feeling the emptiness and desolation of this universal Zion becoming expressed, as the world is increasingly becoming a world without hope for billions, and a world of poverty, unemployment, political madness, perpetual war, unbridled economic thievery, such as the current oil price blackmail operation that is pure fascism, and the growing universalization of hunger and starvation that is already affecting 980 million people while vast amounts of food are being burned in the form of biofuels and the world is dancing to the lies of manmade climate change. 

In addition the world is being set up to witness the escalation of this far-spread universal Zion of emptiness. The world is set up for a firestorm that is staged to be spreading worldwide from the Middle East. There the three great circumcised cultures - Israel, America, and the Muslim world - are facing each other with rage, just as the masters of empire wish it. The prepared-for conflagration promises to become a war that no one can win, which the whole world is set up to loose. It is prepared as a triple 'fire' for which nuclear war is already on the table, as well as the spectre of modern biological and  radiological warfare, and also vaporized uranium (DU) warfare that the world has tasted only a tiny bit of until now while apparently millions are are already suffering. Healing is needed, not war. Should this war unfold, and should history not end in the wake of it, then the war that is now being prepared may in future ages become known as the Triple War of Universal Emptiness, a war between the great powers of the emptiness of Zion, not its healing face.  The triple war of the champions of emptiness is designed to burn down the house of civilization.

That's what's in store for us all as the mutilation of mankind continues. But who knows the reason why it continues? Should it not have been stopped long ago? It continues, because the science has not yet been developed to stop it, the science that can lift us above the mutilation, that can make us aware of what really stands behind the madness and enables us to shift our humanity to higher ground.

Just as the woman who squats at the feet of a little girl - knife in hand, ready for the infibulation to begin - thinks she knows why the torture has to be done, but really doesn't know, so the modern legislators who vote for free trade, for looting globalism, and for pointless endless wars, don't really know either that they are voting for. The woman who infibulates another only thinks she knows, but is in fact completely ignorant about what really stands behind the process. The same must be said about most of the modern legislators that are evidently all ignorant of the deceptions that have ensnared their thinking and is expressed in their torturous and even murderous actions. From the woman to the legislature and presidents and 'kings,' all who live in the environment of the mutilation of the human system, who have lost their their intimacy towards one-another as people and as a nation and with themselves, are ruled by the resulting emptiness and by the manipulating hands of empire that have created the emptiness to disable society and to eradicate the functionality of nations.

Nevertheless, people are human beings, with a spark of Soul that can never be really extinguished. It is highly likely therefore that some of the woman who perform the infibulation on a helpless little girl, sense deep in their heart that their actions are terribly wrong. When the little girl screams as the knife cuts into the living clitoris the woman must feel some of that immense pain. Any human being would. She must therefore see herself as a betrayer of her humanity, of herself, even as a butcher, a torturer. But having lost so much of herself in the environment of the shredding of human integrity she shuts off of this cry of guilt. She puts it away with the notion that it isn't really she herself who is doing the torturing, but the cruel religion, or tradition, or whatever system or 'machine' is demanding this to be done. Thus she proceeds guiltless and the tragedy deepens. She banishes her own human pain as irrelevant, and carries out what is demanded by the system she serves, the 'machine.'

She is not alone in her fantasy of being guiltless in such crimes. Some of the world's most famous imperial financiers claims the same freedom from guilt for the same reason.  When their home country was overrun by the Nazi war machine, he denounced their national identity and became a part of the Nazi machine and its crimes against humanity. They participated to stay alive. They probably did whatever crimes were demanded, which were likely small. Some said in later years that they could live with their deeds without guilt since it wasn't them who were doing the crimes, blaming the Nazi machine, which they merely served. One of them said that those years in the Nazi service were a revelation to him. They became the happiest years of his life a life of guiltless servitude. Some continued their guiltless servitude after World War II ended, and remained happy in their craft. Movies have been made about them, such the recent film, Inside Man. Only the names of the machines have changed that they now serve, and the magnitude of the pain that they inflict on the world in the service to their masters has increased without bounds. This type of song, is the same as the old 'woodshed' song that had disabled so many girls in hours of immense pain. This type of song is now sung by the mightiest of the rulers of the vulture funds, and the grand masters of speculation, the masters of the greatest rings of organized crime the world has ever seen, and the architects of the greatest now impending economic and financial collapse in history. So, it is not an innocent song, and there are many who are now singing it.

The spiritual and human face of Zion

Mary Baker Eddy's spiritual definition of the ancient term, Zion, is: "Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength." Society's spiritual strength can be rebuild with the resources that are its spiritual foundation. The debilitating effects of the still growing biological circumcision, which itself cannot be reversed, can be negated by overcoming the loss scientifically as people begin to reclaim their natural humanity on a ground above biology. The deep cuts into the integrity of the human system can be overcome by society recognizing how deeply it has been deceived and injured in the war of empire versus civilization, thus making the requisite scientific efforts in stepping up to higher ground for the recognition of itself as human beings no matter what, seeing itself as a society of workers, artists, engineers, creators, builders, the builders of civilization on a platform of intimate sharing, cooperating, manifest in mutual support and the principle of the general welfare. 

This higher platform has always been the traditional platform of mankind and a constantly expanding one. The tragic exceptions from this rule that are presently endangering the whole world are the anomalies. The science for rebuilding the platform of humanity is a spiritual science that stands on higher ground than mere intellectual proficiency and is therefore within reach for all mankind to recognize, to acknowledge, and to express, uniting and uplifting all religions, cultures, and aspirations. Ultimately there is but one Truth, and one Soul and one Love. The Truth that we are all human beings, the tallest development of life on this planet with an integrity, honesty, and economy, second to none, cannot be disputed. The Soul of mankind, not the emptiness of a trashed Zion, defines the future on this planet, expressed in intimacy, sovereignty, and a spiritual understanding that comes from the heart. Our Love is forever a principle that eradicates poverty with generosity, injury with healing, and the world's countless form of imprisonment with freedom.

No blight, no broken wing, no moan, 
Truth's fane can dim; 
Eternal swells its music-tone, 
In heaven's hymn..

(adapted from the last verse of the 1897 poem, Christ and Christmas, by Mary Baker Eddy)

We know beauty and love,
but do we know truth?
We uplift whom we cherish,
but do we cherish peace?
We fight to protect,
but do we care to build?
We reach out for knowledge,
but do we aim to understand?
We strife to live in comfort,
but do we strife to survive?

We are soldiers,
sworn to obey,
not to think,
to cherish lies, not life.
When sanity becomes aborted
we are ruled by lies,
we become soldiers of lies,
with all our hearts.

But this can be healed,
can't it?
 as we create in the mind our own color,
and cherish our humanity,
the undefeatable.



(George Soros, Your Enemy, by LPAC)

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