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The defense of mankind in the 4th column


The defense of mankind the 4th column:

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Here we deal with the empire-process of erosion, which is designed to grind civilization down into the dust of impotence, aiming to cause its internal collapse. This goal is not rooted in conspiracy theory. It's an openly stated policy of empire, formally put on the table in 1884 with the founding of Fabian Society, the policy arm of the then British Empire and remains to the present day the policy center of ruling oligarchical power structure. Also it remains centered in Britain, the host of a vastly expanded empire, while its front-men around the world determine the policies of nations.

The root of the name, Fabian, is located in Roman history. One of the founders of the Fabian Society, Frank Podmore suggested that the group should be named after the Roman General, Quintus Fabius Maximus, whose claim to fame is his military strategy of weakening a superior opposition by harassment operations rather than becoming involved in head-to-head battles. Fabius had aimed to circumvent the military superiority of the Carthaginians when Hannibal invaded Italy. Instead of facing Hannibal head-on in battle he kept his troops just close enough to prevent Hannibal from functioning. His strategy was to stage a war of attrition, to harass the Carthaginian foraging parties, to limit Hannibal's ability to wreak destruction while conserving his own troops. In an over-all sense he was implementing a "scorched earth" policy designed to prevent Hannibal's forces from obtaining grain and other necessities of life. The policy succeeded in grinding Hannibal down, grinding him down into impotence. This policy saved the fledgling Roman Empire back in in 200-BC. It became famous by its success. Thus it became the modern policy of empire in the war of empire versus civilization.

Military professionals have associated Fabius' name with this unique strategic doctrine known as the "Fabian strategy," The imperial Fabian Society believed that capitalism, as practiced by the American System of Economy, which also had rapidly spread in notoriety across Eurasia, had created an "unjust and inefficient environment" (an increasingly impossible environment for imperial rule) so that the Fabian strategy would therefore offer the only possible hope for the continued existence of any empire. They agreed, hiding under the socialist garment, that the ultimate aim of the group should be to reconstruct "society in accordance with the highest 'moral' possibilities" (as laid out in the doctrine of empire, such as extreme private monetarism and private militarism). This doctrine became expressed in official strategy, a coordinated strategy of empire. With the founding of the Fabian Society the march was on towards 'permanent' war that shaped the world-scene of the last century extending to the present.

In real terms the Fabian policy isn't anything new. It is merely a coordinated extension of the old Venetian policy that had been developed in response to the Golden Renaissance that spread from Italy all across Europe, with major transformations happening in France and later in England. Only one big dark spot had remained on the European landscape in the Golden Renaissance environment. This dark spot was the Venetian Empire, the slave trader and financier-looter of the old world. A military alliance was eventually set up to rid Europe of this dark spot that the Venetian Empire had become. However, the forged alliance, The League of Cambrai (app. 1508), was eventually betrayed by the Pope by which it fell apart in 1516. Thus the black empire, the Empire of Venice, was saved. Recovering from its shock it promptly set out to destroy the Golden Renaissance that had threatened its existence. It developed a political scorched-earth policy, staging religious warfare. It created the Reformation and then the Counterreformation. The latter was implemented by the Jesuits (app. 1534) the "foot-soldiers of the Pope - "soldiers for Christ." The end result was an 80 years-string of war, ending with the Thirty Years War that was finally shut down in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia after a third of the population had been killed and the economies of Europe lay devastated. 

In the shadow of the religious-war devastation the Venetian Empire (its oligarchy) found a new fertile ground for its 'foraging' in the Netherlands from where it eventually extended itself into England with the invasion of Prince William of Orange, who became William III  in 1689 and set the stage for England to become an oligarchy. The ruling power thereby became the private financier oligarchy, which though the infamous East India Trading Company became an effective private world empire from 1763 onward. Backed by the world's foremost sea power (in Venetian tradition) the Empire's looting reach became global, reaching from India to the Americas.

However, with the principle of the Treaty of Westphalia a new platform for civilization was born -- the institution of the sovereign nation state -- the opposite of empire. This breakthrough in cultural development paved the way for the founding of the USA as a republic on a platforms that is totally divorced from empire and with an opposite practice, especially in economic practice, a practice built on the pioneering renaissance principles, the principle of the sovereignty and of the dignity of the human being. 

Thus the USA became the number-one enemy and the prime target in the war of empire versus civilization. However every military attempt by the British Empire to recapture its American colonies ended in failure, with the last failure being the Civil War that ended in 1865. It probably became apparent that a nation built on high moral principles could only be disabled from within. 

It must have come as a shock then to the British Empire when Christian Science was founded in America that once again raised the moral platform and lifted it higher than anyone had for centuries, and established the identity of man on a spiritual platform with an amazing potential for healing. The dawn of Christian Science must have shocked the British Empire as much as Christ Jesus had shocked the Roman Empire. It appears that the empire reacted.

The Specie Resumption Act in 1875 might have been response to the new situation, and possibly in response to the first edition of Mary Baker Eddy's textbook, Science and Health, that was copyrighted in 1875 but which was evidently completed before that time. The rapid expansion of Christian Science with its textbook already in its 9th Edition in 1884 might have led to another imperial response in the form of the founding of the Fabian Society in 1884. The Fabian ideology was evidently already in the development stage for some time prior to the society's actual founding, which appears to be evident by the fact that all of the 20 names related to the Jacob's story, the story focused on the debilitating effect of inner emptiness and the healing of it (see the previous chapter) were already in place in the Glossary in 1884. It appears thereby that Mary Baker Eddy's treatment of the developing imperial policy structure towards creating inner emptiness in society was incorporated quite early into the design of her foursquare pedagogical structure.

The Fabian ideology is an ideology focused on the "scorched Earth" strategy of creating inner emptiness by grinding down its support structures. We see this policy-direction now reflected evermore in many places around the world in the grinding down of science, education, art, health care, infrastructures, industries, finance, social support structures, including the grinding down of culture itself in a project started in 1951 with the Congress for Cultural Freedom (meaning freedom from culture, since culture is freedom). 

In the aftermath of the American Revolution, which had been to a large part inspired and supported by the leading-edge intellectual elite of Europe, the empire responded with a "scorched Earth" strategy against the intellectual elite of Europe for which the French Revolution was staged primarily by the empire. While a few Aristocrats also lost their head in the unfolding hubbub, the major thrust of the Jacobin terror operations was to eradicate the intellectual foundation of society, a policy that Napoleon carried forward against all of Europe in his more than twenty wars. The thrust was then, as it is still, to create an empty society. Mary Baker Eddy's thrust in the last column of her pedagogical structure is to counter this trend towards emptiness through the offices of Lectureship, truth in journalism, Church-building, and the recognition of the Manual as a model for natural government to advance civilization and to obsolete the war of empire against mankind.

The fundamental fact that all the Fabians in the world, and all their horses and all or their men, cannot touch, much less assail, is the scientific divine fact that man is a spiritual metaphysical being that cannot be diminished, just as God cannot be diminished by any means or any power. Whenever the physical evidence suggests otherwise, we look at the wrong evidence, because the real evidence lies in the spiritual which supersedes the physical. The only means by which we can diminish our life-experience is by subjecting ourselves to the pathetic practice of smallness in thinking, the kind of thinking that one of the great pioneers of the Golden Renaissance called, Learned Ignorance. Mary Baker Eddy provided a definition for it that applies here (that applies to the 4th column). This is the last of four definitions for the name Adam respective of God. She writes in the Glossary, "The name Adam represents the false supposition... that the one God and creator entered what He created, and then disappeared in the atheism of matter." If we bow to this sophistry of learned ignorance the Fabiens have their day and all hope is lost. But if we look deep into the heart of reality -- our native air: Holy Ghost. Divine Science; the development of eternal Life, Truth, and Love -- then our future will be as Mary Baker Eddy defined the 4th column: westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony. (S&H 575)

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