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The defense of mankind in the second column


The defense of mankind in 2nd column

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 In the second column we face the mythology of empire, that the human being is not human, much less reflecting the divine. History gives us an interesting example.

The American Independence was declared in 1776. In 1783 the British Empire's first war was lost that it fought in a desperate attempt to recapture its colonies. The military defeat  was officially acknowledged by the Empire in 1784 with the Treaty of Paris, which acknowledged the existence of the USA as an independent nation.  Five years later, in 1789 the USA established itself internally as a brand new nation with a new constitution. 

The US Constitution was adopted in 1787. While the Constitution was being ratified by the individual States, near the end of 1788, the old Congress that had been still operating under the Articles of Confederation, voted for its self-termination and adjourned. The Articles of Federation no longer applied. In 1789 the new government under the most advanced Constitution ever created began its operations.

In this timeframe in which revolutionary changes swept the world, with the curtain fast falling on the Empire, the Empire began to retaliate through the back door in typical Venetian fashion. Its retaliation began with a scientific fraud by the Venetian monk Giammaria Ortes (1713-1790) who conjured up the image of a dying world, caused by overpopulation. In the last year of his life, Ortes published a raving attack on the human population under the gentle sounding title, "Reflections on the Population of Nations in Relation to National Economy." In his attack on humanity the fraudulent notion of the earth's "carrying capacity" was put on the table, for which he set up an an absolute maximum of 3 billion people. It was a fraudulent notion even then, because it was well demonstrated during the Golden Renaissance and onward that the development of mankind was not a function of the good graces of the Earth, which were rather meagre, but was a function of the creative power of the human being, reflecting scientific and technological progress, a metaphysical trend. 

The publication of Ortes' attack on mankind was launched in 1790, the following year after the U.S. Constitution was enacted. The timing suggests that with the publication of this scientific fraud a new phase in the war of empire versus civilization was launched.

Ortes' hoax was certainly a clever fraud. He compared mankind with a herd of cattle that is limited in size by the size of its pasture so that the herd must be culled in order to protect the pasture form being overgrazed. With this comparative fraud on the table, the Empire gave itself the mandate to do the culling of mankind. The worst atrocities, of which there were many, now were said to serve a benign purpose. Of course the fraud remained a fraud. 

If Ortes  had been correct in saying that the "carrying capacity" of the Earth was a function of the quality of the Earth, like a heard of wild cattle is dependent on the quality of the land that an animal herd cannot improve with its own resources, then mankind would have lived in a totally different world than the one in which Ortes found himself. If Ortes had been correct the world population would would have remained limited to the low population level that came out of the last Ice Age because the Earth itself hadn't changed dramatically in those 10,000 years. However, mankind had changed. Mankind had developed the technology of agriculture, irrigation, land cultivation, fertilization, and evermore energy-intensive agricultural methods. At Ortes' time mankind had developed the means to support a world population of 800 million. That's a far cry away from the 5 million population that the Earth by itself had been able to support in a primitive fashion.

Unfortunately Ortes' fraud has been surprisingly successful. The fraud created a world in which society has been 'educated' to hate its own development, to even curse itself as a cancer on the earth, and to slavishly follow their demoralizing leaders like so many  sheep lined up to the slaughter. 

Ortes evidently knew that his "carrying capacity" song was a fraud, and so did all the Empire's stooges and all the Empire's so-called geniuses' who tirelessly continued singing this fraudulent song. The British Empire's infamous pimp, Parson Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834), the author of the Essay on the Principle of Population (published in 1798) extensively plagiarized Ortes and invited the whole of society to his depopulation whorehouses, the infamous workhouses that used people up. All of Malthus' arguments for depopulation, especially the depopulation of the poor, were already contained  in the writings of Ortes. Scholars point out that the entire school of the ensuing British Philosophical Radicalism from Malthus onward regurgitates Ortes. This trend of philosophical plagiarism includes the 'works' of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1732), James Mill (1773-1836) and John Stuart Mill (1806-1873). Thus, the most honored British empiricists (possibly by their lack of freedom to speak the truth) saw themselves forced to slavishly plagiarize the ranting of a decadent defrocked 'Venetian' monk who might therefore be recognized as the original master of all modern 'scientific' liars. 

Perhaps the Empire's most honored scientific geniuses in the barnyard of Ortes was Charles Darwin (1809-1882). By his own admission, he was 'inspired' by Malthus, the disciple of Ortes, the original author who was defining the human being as basically an animal instead of as a unique spiritual being with an intellectual quality that no animal has ever come even close to in the entire billion-year history of the proliferation of life on this planet. 

Darwin put the scientific stamp on the fraud of Ortes. With it he opened the door to the perception of lesser human beings and superior human beings, as a kind of extension of the fraud of Ortes, that became known as social Darwinism. While Darwin didn't go as far on this trail as Aristotle went to justify slavery as a good thing -- Aristotle insisted that the slaves benefit from the naturally superior virtue of their master and are ennobled thereby -- Darwin nevertheless went that direction and inspired his cousin Francis Galton (1822-1911) who added his own invention. Galton advanced the science of social Darwinism into a new science, called Eugenics, the science (of the genetically impure that Hitler latched on) that justified the sterilization and eliination of the unwanted populations like the immigrants and the poor. 

Since permanent sterilization rarely ever happens truly voluntarily by the victims, Eugenics should not be labelled a science, but a crime, a crime against mankind and against God. This crime is still being carried out under the original doctrine of Ortes, but with a new political twist as a policy to limit Third World economic development so their their raw materials can be preserved for the needs of empire as was spelled out under the 1974 U.S. National Security Study Memorandum 200 doctrine, which names 13 nations as targets for depopulation measures, including Brazil. One of the lesser-known crimes along this line is that inflicted onto the Brazilian women of the poor with a policy of mass sterilization under NSSM 200. The Brazilian Health Ministry discovered that an estimated 44% of all Brazilian women of child-bearing age have been permanently sterilized by private imperial institutions, with double the figure (an estimated 90%) of all Brazilian women of African descent having been sterilized. That's huge genocide by any standard in a nation with a black population that is the second largest in the world, second only to Nigeria's. (see: Seeds of Destruction and 1994 - STERILIZATION OF WOMEN IN BRAZIL)

"The Earth has Cancer and that Cancer is Man," proclaimed the banner headlines in the late 1960s when the masters of the modern world revived the terrible lie of Ortes in a big way. The so-called "carrying capacity" hoax was then, and still is, being dragged before mankind for it to swallow as a poison. And a poison it is! It is served up by some of the most noble and respected institutions, including the U.N.,, whose leaders in the service to empire have prostituted themselves to singing Ortes' fraudulent song, some demanding a combined world-population reduction by 85%, even 90%. And they sing that song well, since society now cheerfully dances to the tune played by their pipers. Doesn't anyone agree that there are too many people in the world? 

The great lie of Ortes is a lie against God. Mary Baker Eddy defined this lie under the term Adam in respect to God. The portion of this definition, for the second column, reads: "The name Adam represents the false supposition... that the infinite enters the finite, that intelligence passes into non-intelligence, and that Soul dwells in material sense." If we bow to this lie, which is prominently reflected in the sophistry of Ortes, then we have no hope, for in joining the traitors against God we have nothing to celebrate in the Temple and thereby all hope vanishes with it.

The brainwashing with the Ortes-type of sophistry is strong. It has worked so remarkably well that hardly anyone is even interested in hearing the truth. And the truth is, the world needs ten billion people to build the infrastructures and technologies to get an advanced society through the next Ice Age, supplied totally with food resources from indoor agriculture. The truth is that as human beings we have that kind of capability to fully meet this vast kind need, and much more so the little needs of of today. The truth is that we have every justification that one cares to name to celebrate ourselves as the brightest stars in the heaven of life, and to accept that nothing less would reflect the infinite God. The truth is, mankind is a metaphysical society with unbounded resources in its spiritual dimension where the physical factors are determined by the spiritual factors that are expressions of God. Mankind is limited only by its subjection to empire that defines mankind as a cancer on the Earth instead of a creator of resources for the unfolding of life. Once the factor of empire is put out of the way, the sky is the limit and all of its stars, or as Mary Baker Eddy defined for the second column: "eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus."

Jesus demonstrated to some degree that there are no physical limits standing in the way of mankind's unbounded development. Only self-imposed limits stand in our way. This is a spiritual fact, a divine reality. This is what the Church services are instituted to celebrate in the Temple; providing a continuing platform for celebration. The spiritual fact is that the divine idea man is inherently complete, whole, and substantial, because God is complete, whole, and substantial; and that therefore man is unbounded, including all right ideas, because God is unbounded and includes all. This fact defines man not like a wind-up toy that has spent all its energy, but as a spiritual being with the quality of life that is ever expanding from its boundless base. Once this quality becomes recognized as symbolic with the sun and is accepted as the reality of our being, then our individual reading rooms will be filled with light. Then we cannot hesitate to take on the mission of the sun that the Pastor Emeritus exemplifies, a mission defined by the Christ in which we find our 'sonship' with God. That's what we bring to the Temple, the place of celebration in recognition of the completeness of man and our acceptance of it in our celebration of the universal sovereignty of all individuals, societies, nations, and churches as it is spelled out in the Manual for the relationships of The Mother Church and Branch Churches.   

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