Structure of the 
Christian Science Church Manual

The horizontal correlation between
 "Temple" and "Church"

presented by Rolf Witzsche

"The Mother Church and Branch Churches" (8)   "Church Manual" (16)


"Church Manual
"The Mother Church and Branch Churches"

On the top level we have a similar connection unfolding, this time between the section "Church Manual" pertaining to Church, and the section "The Mother Church and Branch Churches" pertaining to the Temple. 

The section, "Church Manual," limits the use of the Manual as an exclusive structure of the Mother Church and assures its endurance without amendments, deletions, and alterations. The provision acknowledges its self-completeness requiring no external improvements. It stands as a monument for the homosexual principle explored  seperately. Likewise, it counterpart in the Temple, the section "The Mother Church and Branch Churches" acknowledges that each individual expression of Church is sovereign, distinct, and unique. It assures that there can never be any 'cross-border' controls or imposition between churches of Christ Scientist, including the Mother Church. 

Can you imagine what the world would be like today if this simple law of the Sublime was heeded in the political sphere? All the wars would stop. Indeed, all the world wars of this and the last century would have been avoided, from World War I to the present, which have claimed well over 100,000,000 lives. Even the current Bush-Wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, which accomplish nothing for civilization and cause 30,000 deaths a months (conservatively), wanton destruction, and are costing America $500 million a day (conservatively) that the whole of mankind is paying for, would simply not have been thought of.

On the political platform this single bylaw would assure that every elected member to the U.S. Congress and Senate, for example, would stand as a sovereign individual. It would eradicate the rule of political parties over them (which are not defined in the Constitution); and the rule of the money bags, the financiers, the hedge funds, and the cartels (that have no place in civilization); as well as the rule of the lobbying power groups, industries, the media, and so forth; and the rule of the White House manipulators (that are detrimental to culture). It would bring freedom and honesty to government. Of course it would also close the door to the rule of empire, and that would in itself be ample cause for great celebration.

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