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"Committee on Publication."
"Reading Rooms."

For example, on the second-lowest row we find the Manual-section "Committee on Publication." In its specific form it pertains to the functioning of the Church of Christ Scientist. In this context it is the function of the committee is to correct false statements in public literature about Mary Baker Eddy and her discovered science that she named, "Christian Science." It is the committee task in this context to assure that false statements in the public media are corrected and that the truth be published. While the committee is set up to serve a useful function in this context, in the universal sense Mary Baker Eddy established with this provision a model that is of critical importance for the functioning of civilization. It becomes a model for universally assuring truth in journalism and related aspects. 

In today's world truth is largely omitted, up to 99.9% of it in the most critical areas of published journalism. This drifting away from the truth creates a dangerous environment for society. Frank Herbert said in his "Dune" series of novels, "Who controls the spice, controls the universe." In the imperial world it is being said, "Who controls the oil, controls the world." It is also being said in the modern world that, "who controls the media, controls the mentality of society, and thereby owns society."

For millennia civilization has been under the gun of the war of empire versus mankind, and as Hitler's propaganda minister had pointed out "who owns the media does own the nation." Guess who owns the media today? The modern empire has its banners that boldly proclaim, though thinly concealed, "In Lies we Trust." 

It is not an understatement therefore to say that truth in journalism is one of the great pillars of civilization. It is actually more than that. To underscore its critical importance Mary Baker Eddy assigned the highest salary in her church to the manager of that function related to her church, almost twice the salary that she assigned to its directors. In time society as a whole might institute such a function for its own self-government as a necessary step for its self-defense in the still-raging war of empire versus civilization. 

We assume that the news media presents the truth faithfully and fully. In real terms we are extremely far from that happening. One day we may get to it if we care for it enough for the truth. In the mean time we suffer the dire consequences. A people who don't care to protect their mentality, allowing the truth to be discounted to zero,  loose their humanity and with it their culture and civilization.

Also there is again a correlation apparent between the two sides for the specific element-position. For example, the focus on truth in journalism and related aspects, which is focused on in the section of "Committee on Publication" is focused on is a similar manner in respect to the public domain, in the domain of the Temple. We find this correlative aspect in the section of "Reading Rooms." 

Specifically for her church, Mark Baker Eddy established the institution of the Reading Room that is designed to function as a quiet place for reading and contemplating, and as a publicly accessible library facility where Christian Science literature is made available for purchase, loan, study, and perusal. It is designed to provide as an oasis of peace and enrichment in the busy world of the fast hubbub of commercial competition and cultural pollution. As a universal model the concept of the Reading Room becomes more than that. It symbolized the responsibility of each one of society to maintain its 'reading room' -- its mental environment -- free from the raging world of cultural warfare that imposes itself under the banner, "In Lies We Trust!" 

Society needs to maintain in its daily activities a state of spiritual peace and carefully guard its mental sanctuary against the flood of lies that flow in the world around it, lies that are glad in garments of sophistry, false environmentalism, racism, corporatism, fascism, destructive political and social structures. Maintaining ones 'reading' room therefore becomes as crucial for the welfare of individuals as it is crucial to achieve and maintain truth in journalism and associated aspects, such as truthfulness in the sciences, education, and politics. 

An example for the process of maintaining ones 'reading room' is found in a recent cooperative project of a group of youth made a major effort to help their fellow youth to keep the mental environment from becoming destroyed by the currently unfolding cyber revolution. The title of their alerting project is: Is the Devil in Your Laptop? The research results were published in a mass-distribution pamphlet that was distributed by them by the hundreds of thousands across the major campuses in North America. While the project touches only the fringe of the problem, it nevertheless sets a direction that reflects the direction that Mary Baker Eddy had established a hundred years ago with her model for the "Reading Rooms."

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